Saturday, January 31, 2009


I had my 37th week doc visit today. Congratulations to the little man as he has achieved his full term!! Horay! :)

Check-up results were good for both momma and baby. My baby gained another 0.2kg from last week which makes him now 2.8kg. It's on par!! :) He is estimated to be delivered between 3 to 3.5 kg weight. Okla. Senang sket kot nanti i nak push. Hihi. Momma pulak, i lost 0.5 kg from last week, but it's still ok. Overall, from the 1st day i knew that i'm pregnant, until today, i dah naik 10 kg. Hihi.

I had my cervix checked and was told that I was 0 cm dilated! Hehe..maknanya belum lagi lah masanya. Fuhh.. it's not that i don't want him to cepat-cepat keluar, tapi my mindset dah stick to 18th Feb. :) If it's earlier pun, seminggu sebelum la kan..hehe bolehtak??
Cemana pun, doc adviced, althought i haven't feel any contractions yet, i should be aware from now on or to be specific from 4th Feb, that it could be anytime ok!!!! :) So i said, "OK doc", and my heart masa tu dup! dap! dup! dap! takut nih..mujur ada si suami cam cool and so supportive!!. Eheh..terlembikla pulak. :)

Next visit is next week Saturday (7th Feb 09). Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! :) Ntah sempat ntah tidak ek. Hihi.


  1. ibu, cantik blog ibu nih...:p

  2. Oh Terima kasih encik buih. Isi lagi kene cantik kan? sila beri tunjuk ajar ye :)

  3. wah...baru perasan blog momma ni....! make sure update selalu yeh...tak sabar dah tgk little man ni...mcm muka sapa agak nyer?hehehe

  4. Wah Cik Nariko. I baru je lepas viewed your blog. Sungguhla mantep persiapan2 menjelang hari bahagia ek. Hihi. Nanti little man dah arrive i update keh. You tgkla nanti muka sapa. Hihi

  5. darling!~ welcome to d blogging world!!! cant wait for u to pop! hihi... wanna read more on ur lil boy tau... keep on updating yeah... ish! ni rase mcm nak cpt ade baby ni! d hanging baby clothes tu cute sgt la... :D

  6. Darling Am!
    Sesungguhnya baju2 baby memanglah tersangat comel. Fast Fast join the group bebeh! Hihi, now little man clothes dah lebih dr baju parents dia.. Haha!

  7. what more wt those branded baby clothes kan... escada pun dah ade for baby n kids! gatal je kan baby2 zaman skrg ni. :D btw, other stuffs mcm mane preparation? avent dah beli x? :D

  8. Kan?? Baby zaman sekarang boleh mendamagekan purse and wallet parents!! hahaha
    Alhamdulillah, so far, everything is in hand. My checklist semua dah tanda 'OK' skrg. Haha..Now..tunggu siren jer...eeeeuuuuuu :)



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