Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Haaaa...Since i'll be off working til Sunday, i'm gonna do some mommaholic activities starting today!

Owh actually, it's started yesterday (270109), where me and my hubby unpacked all the plastic and paper bags of what we bought for the little man so far, and organized them ok ok la. :) Here are some pics before and after the kejadian.


Back to today...
Early in the morning, dgn semangatnye, i did laundry to all baby clothes, blankets, swaddler, binder, hats and bonnets, towels, mittens and booties. Ahhh.. letih jugak rupenyer..but when i hung them just now, they looked so cool! cute they are. So, i took my camera and snapped them. Ade 2 phase. 1st phase, all white colors baju-bajuan and 2nd phase, colors baju-bajuan. Pics are below;

Fuuh... masa tengah tulis this i baru je lepas angkat all the baju-bajuan yg dah kering. So i just left them on bed.. Bila nak lipat? that's tomorrow's target!!!

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