Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's 5 pm now. I do nothing!!!!. My eyes are glued to the TV since this morning.. tapi show kat tv xdela best pon.. Oh no! inila yang dinamakan penyakit M. MALAS. Hehe. There's a mountain of little man clothes which i should lipat, konon-konon my yesterday's wish list for today la kan..hihi.
Sorry yer baby, nanti momma lipat ok :)
Erkk..nanti tu bila?? Okla okla, momma put it into my tomorrow's wish list pulak :P

To do list (300109)
- Lipat baju-bajuan little man (HARUS!)
- Beli set obat for confinement period.
(But i haven't decide yet..which should i take. Nona Roguy or Sendayu Tinggi ek?) hmmmmmmm...

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