Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Esok cuti yeah!! esok cuti yeah!!!

(I'm so happy.. even though I was probably the last person in KL got to know that tomorrow is Hari Wilayah (I baru tau semalam)) :p

Oh by the way, Mr Google have told me that the weather forecast in Tokyo, Japan for the end of Feb and early march is to be at average of 4 degrees to 8 degrees. Nice!! That's where and when my next overseas assignment will be at and on. (Nice there means 'wohoo-sejuk-kot!!!')

I'm singing "I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo".. again :)

For some of you, it's maybe nothing, but for me, the coldest weather I've ever experienced was 14 degrees. It was 3 years ago in Amsterdam. Itu pun hakak dah x tahan, apetah lagi when below 10. What about below zero?? :P

Therefore.. I think, I should start planning for coat, muffler and boots. Kann?


On top of my list....

(Bila verangan dah tentu model nya adalah celebs kegemaran hakak)

Jessica Alba. The plaid coat.
Omg I'm so in love with the color of her boots!!!

Rachel Bilson.
A simple coat to match with an outstanding muffler.
Beautifully Effortless!

Gisele Bundchen. The men-style coat by Esprit.
She match it with sport shoes.
Terasa diri cool yo!

Miranda Kerr.
Look at the collar of her coat. Aww! Where to get like this huh?
and her boots so gorgeous!

I couldn't resist to put her photo here because she's too beautiful!.
Wonder if her type of princess coat available for adults or not. Hehe


the most i Verangan to have and kalau-jumpa-mungkin-beli is...

Rosie Huntington.
Her long wine color coat is so amazing!! and orange lining of the coat is so chic!
I really like this one!!

(The photos are grabbed from Google Image)

Of course, all of them up there, with the height and features, pakailah apa pun, or tak pakai apa pun, confirm cantik.

Ok now let's get back to reality.. hahaha

Firstly, I should berdoa harder, for my winter clothing allowance to be approved... Amin. :)

and In the mean time, i should do some window shopping.
ZARA sounds logic. I've viewed the collections here and have one or two to try on. (I will buy only 1, i promise)

Where else ya?
Your suggestion is highly welcomed and appreciated!!!!

Til then, take care




  1. ya ALLAH... sejuknya nuurill... fidza malam malam dalam aircond noombor 25 pon sejuk menggigil... asyik bergaduh ngan en hafiz... kerja fidza dok off.. kerja dia dok on... hehehe...

    nak suggest coat mana, saya tak reti... good luck dlm pemburuan mu, nuurill!!!!... :)

  2. kt sini byk butik like next, dorothy perkins, peacock, primark offers at good bargain..cantek2 jg n the quality coat/jacket pon baik..but Zara is undeniably cantekk, klu msk Zara mmg akn rambang mata! Tatau nk pilih ygmana satu. Klu loaded bley beli je mana yg suka kn. Tade hal. hehe. so happy shopping dear! Kt tokyo mst ada snow kn? Kt sini br start snowing blk tp skjp sgt..mlm ni the temp. Will be dropped as low as -3deg, er tk tahan!

  3. yeah,we are minus 1 tonight kak nurill..dahla asik nak 'terkench' je.haish..hope u're lucky enough to get snow in Tokyo coz we still haven't got any. :(

    tak tau nak suggest,i slalu online shopping aje.tapi saya vote for jessica alba's green boots (awwhsome!) and that purple coat.nanti hambek gamba byk2 k. :)

  4. Bestnye can go jalan-jalan to Tokyo..
    Must be one 'fun' trip. hehe.
    I am very bad in winter season. Mase pergi GC aritu pon even summer malam da x tahan cos da sejuk. haha.
    I think Zara is the best choice for winter collection. Better spend on one better one.

    My favorite will be this one :


    and This :


    Better to take something yg labuh kalau xnak beku bontot. haha.

    Alaa.. what ever it is, I think you can nailed the look :)


  5. Fidza:
    ahahahaha.. kita SAMA!! Nuurill boleh tolerate aircond sampai 26 degrees jer. Pastu kalau tetiba rasa semacam je sejuk tu, sah sah orang kat sebelah ni dah turunkan lagi suhu dia. Siap pasang kipas lagi. Sejuk tulang-tulang hakak tau!

    TQ dear. Tolong doakan request for winter clothing approve ek? ahaha. Kalau x, mmg sekadar verangan je la!! :P

  6. Izu:
    Nuurill x sure if dekat Tokyo ade snow ke tak by end of February. Kalau ada, it's gonna be my first experience!! :)

    Dekat sini x banyak pulak pilihan macam kat UK. Yelah, kat sini paling sejuk kat Cameraon je la kot kan. hihihi. Tapi Nuurill nak check kat Peacock jugakla! Hari tu tgk boot-boot dia. Not bad!!! :)

  7. Ninie: Pagi tadi i showed my preference to Encik hubby. Boot JA my husband approved design dia. Tapi long coat Rosie tu dia kata takut akak nampak pendek. But the wine color memang awsome, he agreed!! (Kemain tau hubby I, macam Fashion Police!). :P

    By the way, akak dah boleh imagine kat Tokyo nanti, memang asyik nak terkench aje. T_T


  8. Shaza dear:

    Dua-dua you suka tu cantik!!! And definitely suit you sebab you tinggi and slim!! I ni, memang kene pergi and try. Takut some design lagi buat I tebal. miahahahaa.

    I did have some preferences too from Zara like;

    1. http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/my/en/zara-W2011-s/163006/488027/WOOLLEN%2BCLOTH%2BCOAT

    2. http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/my/en/zara-W2011-s/163006/553507/DOUBLE-BREASTED%2BCOAT

    3. http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/my/en/zara-W2011-s/163006/387758/DOUBLE-BREASTED%2BCOAT

    4. http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/my/en/zara-W2011-s/163006/387758/DOUBLE-BREASTED%2BCOAT

    Nak letak semua , boleh?


  9. i've experienced minus 2!!!! but i actually love winter. cause dapat melaram coats, and boots and scarves... lepas tu stress bila gi shopping cause i've to take them off and wear 'em back. hahahah!

  10. woweee bestnye!!
    mesti sgt excited, dah survey detail dah tu..
    btw, tak sabar nak tgk mommaholicsuri in winter coat ;)

  11. Tokyo again, bestnya!!

    I am sure you'll look fantastic as always la dear. Cant wait to see mommaholicsuri in action!

    btw, the long coat tu really made me drooling. Just love how soft the material is bila kena tiup angin flowing...cun habis :)

  12. Suria:
    Miahahaha!! Beauty is pain. TU belum nak kene bukakkan anak bujang kita punya coat and all (kalau travel sekali la). Mau triple times I stress sebab Oman kemain payah nak handle dalam bidang pertukaran baju. :p

  13. Nadia:
    When it comes to what actually have in boutique, dah tak banyak pilihan :( Tapi i tak berputus asa!! Harap jumpalah yang berkenan di hati before i fly to Tokyo. Hihi.

  14. Nadine:
    If i tinggi and slim and sharp features, mmg fantastic la babe. Hihi. Btw, Tq very much. Harap-harap i dapat jumpa yang i boleh carry the look. :)

    Yes, that long cat mmg macam style gilerr bila ditiup angin kan!! Tambahan pulak si pemakainyer tu, Rosie, memang gorgeous!!



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