Sunday, February 5, 2012



The placed i stayed when i was in Colombo named Cinnamon Grand Hotel. It's really a huge hotel with huge chandeliers at it's atrium.


I think this hotel's doing a very good business in event management. There was wedding going on every day in the huge lobby atrium.

Sempat lagi hakak snap sepatah dua photo :)

My deluxe room was neat and spacious. What i most liked about it was the 4 little cute compartments in the bathroom for the body shower, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. My mom siap pesan suruh bawa balik 1 set for her :)

The room

I did also admire the mirror in the function room's area. It'd reflected my whole figure less 3 inch than actual. I know it's a big lie but how kind! :p

There's one evening where all delegates were invited to a Welcome Dinner by the Tuan Rumah. Located not far from the hotel, we were brought to another Cinnamon Hotel group in Colombo named, Cinnamon Lakeside.

Our private dinner was held on a floating restaurant. The 'boat' is called 8 degrees on the lake.

Let's see some photos k!!

Ready!! :)

8 degrees on the lake.

On the last day in Colombo, i tagged along my colleague to a shop who trades stones, gems and jeweleries. There are so many types of these beauty pieces ranging as low as 1 dollar per carat, to thousands per carat. Phew!!

Kalau i pakai yang besar tu mau pengsan Armi. :p

Last but not least, please also enjoy few photos that i took before the night i left Colombo to Malaysia.

Ramai orang chill kat sini.

Pokok kelapak di colombo :)

The end.



  1. Hehe mmg cantikla mini toiletries set tu..kaler dia gojes! Untung mak nuurill ;)

    Btw, bestnya tgk jewelleries tu esp yg bsr tuh least dpt jg nuurill pki ke trus beli? ;D

  2. i pun geram tgk ur toiletteries casing tu. mmg cun!

    how's their food? actually what is their type of food eh? similar like India/Pakistan?

    wah, bnyk jewellery u borong? :)

  3. Puan nuurill ni..,pakai apa pon comey! Hehehe...

  4. Nice blog keep this and how was Sri Lanka for you?

  5. Izu: Takdela nak belinya Izu yang besar gedabak tu. Takut ramai yang tercedera. hahaha :)

    Nadine: memang comel sangat-sangat!!! Tu yg i collect everyday nak bawak balik. hihi :)

    Food kat sana i would say mcm India jugak you. Eh tapi, i x tau sebenarnya nak bezakan Indian and pakistani food. hihihihih :)

    I x banyak pun borong jewellery. Belikan for my both moms je. :)

  6. Farah:
    Puan Farah pun sama!! :)

    Che' Dee:
    Sumpah tak berani tanya! hihi

  7. Unique:
    Thank you very much for dropping by. I was hoping i could spend more time in Sri Lanka next time. It was such a nice country. :)



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