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Dutch Lady Friso GUT - Growing Up Together


Oman and I has turned three recently. It is so much wonderful to see him growing up handsomely in front of my eyes, as well as to see the growth of motherliness in myself.

Refreshing the whole journey, the excitement starts immediately after I saw the 2 red lines from the pregnancy test kits. Since then, I did everything believable to protect the safety and health of this miracle. I did also prepare and equip myself to be a good momma. I browsed the internet, I read books, I learnt from others experience and I also received free tip-top consultation from none other than anyone else, doctor mama & doctor mama in law. (Hello ladies! Ahem! :P)

I still remember his first kick that made me half hysteria. It was really an awesome hello from him. Day by day, I was so looking forward to receive more and more of his kicks and movements. Sometimes I just placed my finger palms onto my belly or just called him ‘baby.. baby’ and he would respond to it by doing somersaults in there. That’s how mother- baby communications are developed and it was beyond amazing!

Oman’s arrival to the world is the beginning of my parenting story. There were many chapters in this book with different expectation, findings and implementation.

First few days and first few months.Get to know his body, mostly showing-off. :P Oman was also introduced to some colorful friends.

A month before his first birthday, we went to visit Zoo Negara. Of all the animals, he was only interested with the fish. Like this we should bring him to the fish market instead. Haha.

Left: The second time he’s having fever, I have acknowledged that I should keep tepid sponging him to bring down the temp. He didn’t mind to be wrapped like makcik-makcik.
Very cooperative.

Right: At one year and three months old, Oman and I handmade a special Father’s Day Card to Dadda. He was not only painted the cards, he painted his leg, the floor and the slippers too. Too hardworking.

Last Ramadhan, we made Kuih Cuk Keria together. Very easy to recognize which ones made by him.

I asked myself what I really want as a mom, and what do I give to my son, for more years to come?

Apart from continue watching my son grows up positively, healthy and be happy, I would also want to explore, to keep learning and experience many things as I could do together with him. For me, this togetherness is an important key to an excellent parenting.

Well, I am feeling impressed when I got to know that there is a campaign who all behind this concept where the activities are created to allow parents to team-up with their kids. And because I am very much confident that there are many modern or progressive mommies out there who enjoy playing an active part in the growing up process, who inspire to physically, mentally and emotionally raise our kids in holistic manner, let me share with all of you what I was talking about.

Click HERE and you will get what I mean.

Growing Up Together or GUT is a concept driven by Friso, a company who is very committed in providing a balanced nutrition and protection from the inside to children growth. With the main objective to light the journey of motherhood, the joy of growing up together with our children, and to realize that experience is the children’s best teacher, FRISO believes that with a strong and good GUT, our children will be well equipped with the necessary strengths to fight off diseases and develop a healthy mind and body.

Diarrhea and Constipation are common childhood ailments which we mothers, at our best, need to ensure that the immune system or our children is strong and functioning properly. Friso has done many researches to continue developing best dairy nutrition that increase the good bacteria count and become the booster for children defense system. They called it Friso Gold which contains DHA, AA3 and SA to speed up information relay between brain cells, which aid a growing child’s overall development.

Friso Gold specially formulated with P2 Dual System. These combinations of 2 Prebiotics and 2 Probiotics protect the children from the inside and help increase intestinal bifidobacteria.

Don’t worries mommies. Cause this is a healthy live bacteria that helps in reducing diarrhoea cases.

Friso Gold

So, what’s GUT campaign offers us??

Besides comprehensive articles for mommies and daddies to read, many fun and interactive activities have been planned for you. Pregnant moms could learn on Prenatal Yoga and Kegel Exercise while toddlers, preschoolers and school age kids will be very entertained with the games, musical art, and craft activities. This is the perfect world where our small nucleus family would learn to appreciate each other, besides learning how to live healthily and happily.

Among the activities which will involve us, parents and our children are;
Interactive Tunnel
Jump into Friso virtual world! Mums and Dads are supposed to team up with their little ones to play the interactive games projected to the walls and floor of the tunnel.

Craft Stations
Parents and children are able to get their hands dirty at the craft stations where they can customize their very own T-shirts, badges and hanging mobiles or create their own toys whilst having fun together. (I personally loike this one!! :))

For many more information on the activities of this campaign, kindly visit this page:

To show our full support towards this campaign, you may also LIKE its FB page, Friso Growing Up Together Malaysia at;

In collaboration with The New Straits Times, Friso GUT Days Event has been launched with a BIG BANG on an innovative platform, which is the "Talking Newspaper". You may really want to check this out;


So, let us together participate and enjoy this program. There are four GUT activations nationwide;

Week 1 : 22 – 26 February : 1 Utama, Klang Valley
Week 2 : 9 – 11 March : Sunway Pyramid, Klang Valley

Week 3 : 13 – 18 March : Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru

Week 4 : 5 – 8 April : Queensbay Mall, Penang

And Last but not least, don’t forget to come and redeem some freegifts for our little ones by bringing the tin foil or barcode from one of Friso Gold 3 or Friso Gold 4 pack!! :)
Kid, book your mum’s weekend!! Mum, be your child’s playdate!!

Hope to see you guys there!!

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post!



  1. Nuurill, Oman dah tukar susu eh..bukan previously dia minum Mamex Gold ker?..ok ke friso nih? :)

  2. the best post ever dear..!

    bestnya dpt jadi mommmy
    i really want to be one too.
    soon ;)

  3. wow..Oman dah 3 years old.Mcm2 dah oman belajar kan.. :) Ingat lagi dia kecik2 (I am your follower since Oman baby lagi, tp bukan stalker okey :p). Memang makcik2 sungguh gambar demam tu.hehe..

  4. Ibuhana: Oman sekarang dah tak minum Mamil. Dia suka susu coklat so he's on Sustagen now. This Friso looks good too, so Nuurill x kesah nak try :)

  5. Mel: Soon babe? yey!! X saba nak tengok lahirnya mini Diva or Divo. hihii :)

  6. Ninie: Tau takpe. Hihi. Tapi Oman rileks je momma dia bungkus dia macam tu. hihihi. Anyway, dah x lama dah lagi, u gonna experience all the joy being a parent!! :)



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