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Hello everyone! This is Oman. Ahem!

Momma doesn’t always THIS sporting to allow me to write here, but since there is a super important thing I would like to share with all of you, then she said yes. :D

Last weekend, I followed my dadda and momma to One Utama Shopping Center. Momma told me that we went there not for shopping but we gonna do something very unique.

It’s FRISO Growing up Together (GUT) Days Event!

View from the above.

Now, let’s follow our journey, friends! :)

First, we had to register ourselves at the registration counter. It was very fast and easy. Upon completion, we were handed with a packet of FRISO Gold 3 sample and also 10 ringgit voucher for FRISO Gold product purchasing.

Cool right? =D

Here the sample sachet of Friso Gold 3 for me!

As you can see from the first photo above, there’s a huge tunnel set up, where my momma and I had played very nice interactive games inside it.

I was in the queue and so ready to play!

What is interesting about these games is the technology behind it. It looks simple but it has encouraged my momma and me to interact, help each other to form a very good team. You and your parents should really experience this. Like me, I am sure you gonna love the games because they are full of colors with cute animations too.

The Lilypad Hop.

It really felt like I was going on a pond adventure with my momma. I hopped on the Lilypad and I could see colorful fishes swimming happily surrounded us. I even tried to catch them with my hands. They looked real! :)

The next game I played with my momma was 'Fly, Butterfly, and Fly’. There were really a lot of flying butterflies for us to touch them as fast as we could. I scored 52! I am sure you guys can do better!!

You should know that there is also virtual painting booth which is super interesting. For your information, this had been my favorite activity among all.

Why is that?

There’s a camera to snap the photo of our family.

My Dadda supposed to be in the photo but he’s too busy with the click click and click click. That’s completely normal :P.

We were then been given with some selections of virtual background and colors so that we could paint whatever we want via the touch screen.

Emmmm.. what do i paint ya??

OK. I know!

R and..

...O M A N.

R O M A N.
Hey that’s my name!!
Yes i could write my own name. :)

To add the amusingness of this virtual photo booth, it really creates our very individual photo. It would be printed out for us to take it home along.

We plan to frame it afterwards.


But that’s not just about it.

During this event, we can also enjoy the activities at the craft stations where we could customize and design our very own T-Shirt, badges, toys and hanging mobiles with our parents, like our friend and his mother below,

All this for FREE!!

To the parents who need to know more about FRISO products, or would like to purchase them, attending this event will be a good platform to know more, and perhaps to have a face to face Q&A session with the FRISO team.

To all friends, aunties and uncles out there, the next sessions of FRISO Growing Up Together (GUT) Days event will be at;

Sunway Pyramid - 9 to 11 March 2012
AEON Bukit Indah – 13 to 18 March 2012
Queensbay Mall – 5 to 8 April 2012


Before I end this, I would like all of you to know that I truly enjoyed the bonding experience between myself, my momma and Dadda during this whole activities conducted at FRISO GUT Days event. It has been a week since I attended it at One Utama, we are still talking about it every day!

So, you are coming, right?


* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post!


  1. bestnyaaaaa. rasa cam nak g je. tp tatau la hadif boleh dengar instruction ke idak. dia suka nak melulu buat dulu. hahaha.

    oman boleh tulis nama sendiri?
    wow! terer la oman ni. cd mmg kagum ngan nuril tau. pandai ajar oman menulis. i tried with hadif tapi tak boleh la. share tips boleh :).

  2. hehe cutenya Oman blogging! Aunty like!!
    And Ur Spontaneous post ada Sebut psl technology, multimedia component such as animation then dh pndi tulis nama seniri which is amazing ;) then ur painting ada ciri2 Science ada roket tu hehe so fantastic la! Well done, ok! :)) xoxo

  3. Faaz and aunty pun enjoyed virtual painting! Tapi we all tak pegi space, we all pegi jungle spent time dgn froggies and butterflies..hihi :)

  4. wah macam best jer..tapi sayang tak anak kecik ..tahniah dapat sp yer

  5. Oman..pandainya berblogging.. :) Oman dah pandai tulis nama sendiri.handwriting pun cantik. Syok eh oman gi Friso GUT tu,nampak sgt enjoy. :)

  6. Hi Che' Dee:
    Insya Allah Hadif boleh punya!! kalau tak boleh pun xpe. Asalkan Hadif enjoy kan. Nuurill rasa since Hadif dah banyak exposure with art activities mesti dia suka sangat activity2 by Friso nanti. :)

    Actually since Oman dah boleh write A to Z, dia start hafal nama dia and nama Zyva. Dua tu je la. hahaha. Actually, Oman banyak belajar from youtube and puzzle yang Nuurill beli. Mula-mula bagi dia ikut, sambil tengok, sambil tulis. Nuurill beli kan pencil caler or crayon yg colorful biar dia enjoy sikit. Rasanya diorang ni memang ade memory yang amazing, tak lama lepas tu alhamdulillah, Oman dah boleh tulis tana refer to the puzzle. :)

  7. Aunty Izu, thank you very much :) hik hik. Oman tiru ayat momma je. :P

    Aunty Nadine, rocket tu momma yang pilih. Oman x sempat nak buat pilihan pon. muahahaha. Kem salam kat Faaz k! :)

  8. Aunty Ninie:
    Manyak syiok ooo!! Oman mmg suka melukis, apetah lagi menconteng.. :P tu yang Oman enjoy tu. haha



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