Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Good Morning peeps! =D

Salam dari Bandung semua.

Untuk pengetahuan, ini udah hari ke tiga gue netap di sini. Bandung nyaman sekali dong ah. Cewek dan cowoknya juga lucu gitu.

(Perlu ke, Nuurill ??)

Via the first Air Asia flight from LCCT on last Sunday, I arrived here at the very early in the morning.

(When the plane touched down and the seat belt signal is off, immediately put yourself in the queue, climbed down the stairs and RUN to the arriving hall. Hihi. There are only 3 counters with 2 custom officers. 1 counter to validate local passport and the other one is for foreign. They will ask you to make 2 lines for foreigners. Hmm.. imagine, both lines to be handled by only 1 officer. If you're the 30th person in your line, then you have to times two, because the officer going to check alternate line 1 and line 2.  So, why you need to run? to ensure that you among the earliest reach the immigration so that your leg will not cramp for standing too long before your turn) =D

The standard taxi fare from Bandung Airport to Cihampelas Street, where Sensa Hotel is located is IDR 40,000. I booked the taxi at the counter outside the arriving hall. The taxi number was written on the receipt given to me.

(Don't be shocked if some taxi drivers will ask for additional IDR 4,000 (RM1.50) for you to pay the parking fee. Pelik tapi benar. It's good also if you reserve few pieces of IDR 10,000 to pay your taxi fare. There is possibility the taxi driver has not enough change. In my case, I should received IDR 60,000 for the balance, but he only had IDR 30,000. Xpela i took that half and the other half, I anggap sedekah. :). (Kene ikhlas you, kalau tak mesti my traveling jadi x best.))

I reached the hotel at 8.30am but I can only check-in at 2.00 pm. To kill time, I spent more than 5 hours in Cihampelas Walk or CiWalk, known shopping complex connected to the Sensa Hotel.  

Having my breakfast here

Tu Goreng Pisang Tau! :)

CiWalk mall (not yet open masa ni.. Pagi sangat kot! :))

Jonas Photo Studio. Love the settings! :)

Meet with a new friend. Her name is Lala. Sweet girl

Food street

My room in Sensa Hotel


Ops!, meeting is going to start very soon and i must get ready. Till i write again k.


p/s: Miss Oman and his Dadda so much! T_T

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Happy Reading!



  1. love your outfit. kasi zoom sikit on the next entry boleh? hehehe

  2. hye suri!
    I thought u were going there for a shopping trip ;)
    how much is the rate for the Sensa Hotel room? looked through on the website, but no rates written. i'm going there in the mid of may.
    Have fun at Bandung!

  3. bestnya tgk Nuurill jalan2..tak sabar nk gi jln2 Europe mgu dpn ni..hehe..kepala sdh tepu skrg, need the vacation so much. :D

  4. Anis Dear:
    Ala. Itu lah gambar paling besar ada. Kalau enlarge, pecah-pecah pixel nanti. hihi. Xpe xpe, next time if pakai lagi, akak amik gambar k :)

  5. Hello Airin:
    I wished and I want to! hahaha.
    But alhamdualillah, dapat datang kerja sambil lihat negara orang pun dah best kan? Well, about the rate, it depends and varies with season. IF you check in Agoda, the rate is around USD 101 to 160++. :)

    You too have fun in Bandung k! :)

  6. Izu darling!! lagi bestnya nak pegi Euro Trip!! ke mana tu? upload banyak photo tau nanti! :)

  7. chaq! jubah ke dress? u look so kurus! i like! hihhihiii jeles2..share tips nk kurus :)

  8. Jaja ku sayang!!! :)

    It's actually a cotton dress Jaja. Aku beli dekat ThePopLook. It comes with a belt tapi aku tak confident nak pakai belt. Almaklumla.. HAHAHAHAAHAH.

    Anyway, mana ada kurus Ja. Aku je letak gambar mana yang aku nampak kurus. mauahaha :)

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