Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OMG... Sorry peeps!!!!!
i've been very occupied lately. VERY THE!!!!
Konon-konon i would update my blog masa kat penang.. ghopenyer, kat penanglah i jadi org paling busy dalam dunia. Hihi.

Right now, i'm in Cyberjaya performing site survey (senyum). Kenapa senyum?? cause boleh ngelat sikit buat keje. Hihihi.. Upss! Mr H and Melin, sila buat-buat x baca ok . :)

I did mention before that i'm gonna share with you my experience travelling with Oman kan?.
OK, Let's do it now.. bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)

When i knew that we're going for a holiday in Bandung, i was pretty worried.
ok ke Oman travel? ape nak bawak ni? macam -macam...

So, with the help from BabyCenter of course, i made some earliest preparation.
There were first few things that i checked and confirmed.

1) Seat arrangement on the plane.
Most of the airlines, they do provide the bassinet on the plane. So during tickets reservation, you have to mention them that you're carrying an infant with you. You can secure the seat which is opposite the bassinet.
However, some airlines (domestic flight/low cost airlines) x provide. Like I went to Bandung with Air Asia, Oman was sit on my lap. Though Air Asia is operating free sitting basis, we paid extra to buy the seat that we preferred. Pegi dan balik. Main concerned was to breastfeed him, so both of us need the comfortableness of our bonding even 'on air' :)

2) The stay
Where you gonna stay ? Hotel? Condotel? Resort? Motel? Hostel? No matter where it is, it's good to properly plan. Actually, to survey if there, providing stove or not? Yeah.. nak masak untuk anak terunaku. :)
But what happened to me, I wasn't check this out, without asking, i assumed all hotel mmg takkan sediakan stove in their rooms. So, i brought along a small rice cooker. I was wrong. Aston's Condotel furnished their suits with complete kitchenette. Naahhhhhsss.. kan dah rugi space dalam baggage untuk sumbat hasil pershoppingan. :p
(Oh.. to be continued...)

(Hello again. 12 Nov 2009)
3) The Baby Mobility
Few weeks before we went to Bandung, i was browsing here and there, researching about lightweight stroller. Stroller Oman mmg dah ade. Tapi yang tu berat and besar. Airlines confirm x bagi hand-carry. Few friends recommended these;

Triumph by Mclaren

Zapp by Quinny

Memang menggiurkan. But then, due to time constrain, and we still couldn't decide which one, finally we bought XXX (bukan model sebenar ;p) Lightweight Stroller from a friend. It was a gift from his friend and he's not using it. Kami pun grabbed. Hihi, the second day at Bandung, 2 screws were loosen. Luckily Oman wasn't ride it that time. Mujurla ada Pak Apip tolong tightenkan all the screws. Fuuhh (moral of the story, belilah barangan yang diyakini kekukuhannya ye. :P)

Selain stroller, we did bring along Oman's carrier. Hihi.. Oman bukan boleh duduk dalam stroller lama-lama. Lama sikit, dia boring. So, the 'carrier' is the savior. :) But.... bukan sepenuhnya :P, if dengan carrier pun dia sula boring ho, maka dadda dengan gagahnyerla pulak yang carried him.

4) Medication
Yes!!!! PCM, ubat batuk/selsema, vicks, mosquitoes bum. All those. Very important tau.


Ok. Done with those 4s. Yang selebihnya, i prepared & packed mmg last minute!!! Again, i got the help from Babycenter. :). Mommies, check the link out k!! :)


Well, i'm adding below some more tips;


-Pack some of veges, fruits, rice (Takut-takut kat sana susah nak cari)
-Bring warmer bag to keep the food warm
-knife (hotel biasa x provide yer)

- Weather check - raining, cold
- If 1 day trip - bring extra clothes/pants
- Sunny - simple clothing
- long sleeves/pants for night trip
- Bips
- Diapers

Extra Remarks
- Change your baby diaper before boarding
- During Take Off and landing - bfeed your baby, make him sleep. Alternatively, give your baby pacifier or lollipop.
-Baby products such as baby milk, sterilised water, baby juice, baby food in liquid, gel or paste form and wet wipes boleh dibawa bersama di atas plane.
-For more information regarding restriction on carriage of liquids on flight, kindly visit here

Not really needed
Baby cot and bath tub - x cukup tangan nak bawak. hihi. During our trip, oman slept between us on the bed. Mandi pulak dalam sink je. He enjoyed it so much! :)


Well, semoga tips2 di atas dapat sedikit sebanyak membantu and membuat preparation travelling with the baby.

Mommies, I'm very sorry if the contents are not comprehensive enough. If anything you feel like asking, i'll give my to answer k, through my experience. hehe.

Ok. Oman dah bangun. Nak play-play with him. Daaaaaaa
(11.21 pm)


  1. i nak report kat en s !


    wah...susah jugak eh nk bwk baby
    kalau i..mesti dah tinggal anak i kat umah sesape..hhahahaha
    ye jek...kot2 nnt i taknak berenggang gila..gi opis pon bwk anak...hehe

    this is a very informational post for travelling mommies~

  2. Huhuhu..kena bagi tips..mcmana nak travel bawak anak perempuan Hyper Active tak reti dok diam??

  3. hi Nuurill..
    very gud n comprehensive info..bolehla nanti refer utk travelling oneday..walaupun agak rumit,tp lagi senang kan cuz semua dah planning earlier..

    by d way,mothercare Bangsar tgh promotion..McLaren stroller tu boleh dapat 15%disc..just info:)..

  4. Suka, suka suka!
    TQ Nuurill for sharing :)

    You masak kat sana ke dear? How you mashed the vege with the porridge eh? u bawak blender skali ke?

    Erm, one more question, masa nak boarding tu kena inform diaorg ke kita nak bawak stroller hand-carry?

  5. hai kak nurin!!!!
    hehe akhir nyer t`update gk blog ini!!! hehehe
    nice to meet u!!!=)

  6. Melin,
    janganla report kat Encik S. Kang i ngadu ngan Dato' K kang... hahahaha
    Mr H mesti nak tau Dato's K tu sapa. Shhhhhhhhh :)
    hihi... kalau u bawak anak u datang opis.. i pun confirm bawak oman. ngan beskal-beskal sekali :P haha.

    Wawa, i rasa u amik seat sebelah pilot kot baru dia dok diam. hehehehe :)

    Hihi.. kalau ade lagi info i teringat, i'll add later k :)
    waaa!!! sale?????? hihi... kene heret en hubby nih. Hehe

    Yead, dear. I masak for him. Day trip start kui 9, kui 7 i dah tung tang tung tang kat kitchen. hehe. Oman kalau cereal2 ni dia kurang sikit. If porridge, mmg selera sungguh dia. :) to mash them i mmg bawa blender. sanggup hangkut tuh. hihi. Tapi i bawak yg size plg kecil i boleh jumpa. :)

    Pasal stroller tu dear, masa nak check-in luggage tu, u just show them the stroller. sepatutnya kalau lightweight or umbrella stroller mmg confirm leh handcarry, tapi mcm i hari tu kan 1st time travel.. i tunjuk jugaklah..hehe, nak confirmkan jugak.:)
    Oh ye, lagi satu, if u fly with AirAsia kan, even u handcarry the stroller, u xleh hangkut masuk dalam flight, nanti masa nak naik tangga plane, u pass the stroller tu the stewardess/steward, nanti diorang akan letakkan elok2 kat satu tempat ni. Bila dah landing sama jugak, jumpa balik the person tadi, and he/she will pass back to you the stroller safely .:)

    Happy traveling dear!!! :)

    Hi neena,
    nice meeting u too.

  7. Oooh Ic. Rajin Momma Oman hangkut n masak disana. Demi anak tercenta kan, semua rela...tul tak? ;)

    Untung you ade mini kitchen there. The place we'll be staying xde *sob* so I kena cari alternative lain.

    TQ again dear, now confident sket I nak travel. :)

  8. Mr.S la Dato' K la..korang takde singkatan lain ke nak pakai ?

    Guna la huruf jawi plak, eg. Mr.Ba, Dato' Ta. Kan bagus ?

    BTW, best g Bandung kan? Hopefully when Oman grow up, he will remember all the "kesusahan" of his mommies membawak dia shopping kat Bandung.

    Sebagai balasannya, Oman akan bawak Momma and Dadda ke Pulau Mauritius plak utk makan angin. Oppssss!

  9. waaa..bagus nye u Nuurill..hangkut semua equip. nak masak bubur Oman ek..then masak plak tuh..sngt rajin..!blander paling kecik tuh yg philips tu ek..or ada lg kecik..?
    so how many bags u kena bawak?..next time kn cr alternative lain..so that boleh bawak balik brg shopp' bnyk sket ek..hehe..

  10. Nadine, Bestnyer u nak gi celebrate anniversary!!! Happy traveling. :D

    AbahW, Bandung mmg syiok! :) tunggu Oman besar sikit lagi. Leh bawak dia jalan2 kalau ade rezeki. Hihi..
    eh, eh, shhhhhhhhh :)

    MommyNadia, Nuurill x igt pulak model ape blender tu. Rasanya ye kot Philips :) My mil dapat blender tu redeem points c.cards. Hehe. Pegi Bandung hr tu Nuurill bawak i baggage besar untuk nuurill and armi, and another baggage sederhana besar untuk brg2 Oman. Hihi. Then, 1 beg diaper & food. Oman jugaklah punya. :)

  11. Nuurill, it's really good tips!:)
    Wpon dh ada ank dua still izu rse mcm xkonfiden dh nk travel by flight dlm waktu yg tdkt ni..hehe. naik keta nk pi utara pon pkiaq bkali2 inikan naik flight. hehehe...

    Nway, good job!:)

  12. Hihi. TQ Izu.
    Izu pun mesti boleh punya.
    Ketabahan Izu lagi Nuurill respek!!

  13. ohh kak nurilll syg yg shanteq..felt hepy cua dpt info sal nk travel wit lil one...lg excited tang masak memasak porridge tuh memandangkn umair pon x bpe gemarb mkn cereal..huu..btw,tanx a lot hakak..suka2!!!

  14. Mommy Umair:
    No problem dear. My pleasure :)
    Btw, mommyUmair and Umair nak ke mana? Insya Allah everything will be alright. First experience, kita tak boleh nak expect sangat kan. Nanti lepas ni mesti dah expert dah. :)



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