Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Salam and Hi to everyone.

Sorry for keeping away quite a while. I was in Bandung for the whole last weekdays.

Everything's there was great except for one tragedy. I will tell about this perhaps at the end of this entry or maybe next one. All i want to say is that, I really bersyukur that Allah still permit us to breath until today and may Him keep all of us in His beloved Shelter. Amin.

24th January 2011
Me and a colleague safely touched down Bandung Airport at 1.10pm local time (2.10pm Malaysia). Comel jer airport kat sana. Masuk-masuk jer dah jumpa immigration then terus collect baggage. For those who has never or has not visited Bandung over a year, just to let you know that the immigration is now more strict and they are using the system that almost similar like US (jari jemari kiri kanan semua kene scanned and recorded).

It wasn't hard to get a taxi in Bandung. There's a taxi counter at the arrival hall, you just tell the man the place you're going and he will gift you a receipt with the taxi number and fares written on it. Unless you'd already contracted with any private driver a.k.a Pak Supir, then he should had been waiting for you out there.

The hotel that i resided in Bandung was Aston Tropicana. It's located on Chihampelas Street, just a walking distance from a busy commercial place, CiWalk. In front of the hotel, berderet-deret FO for jeans okeh. I felt blue. :P

Gambar standard bila masuk bilik hotel. Kah Kah.

my Room sweet Room.

The meeting would be started the next day so me and my friend planned to visit some outlets out there. After refreshed and solat, we started venturing the streets in front of the hotel. We entered two jeans outlet but we ended up couldn't find anything to buy. Masing-masing x budget nak beli jeans pun sebenarnya.

The most interesting street with full of outlets on it is Jalan Riau. Serius sapa yang datang bandung tapi x pergi this streets memang nak kene tarik telinga tau!. Besides shopping, you will be amused by every decorations of each F.O. Ade yang siap ada kolam ikan bagai. And of course, some of you might be having slight mental problem because too many things to see and buy. Kah kah. Ladies, beware!!

From Chihampelas, we went to Jalan Riau by taxi at cost of IDR12,000 (~ Rm4.00). We're not visited every and all F.O since we're running out of time. Those we managed to cover were The Secret (cantek weh dalam dia!!), Branded Club Boutique (ade kolam ikan!!), The Oasis and The Summit.

Hasil tangkapan semua baju Oman.
Baju sendiri semua x jadi walaupun kemain try lagi. =D

It was dark outside and we decided to discontinue our hunting and go back to hotel. Sigh, i missed to check out The Heritage. Not really because of the shopping but the building is so so pretty. Suka weh masuk building cantek-cantek ni. :)

We then had our dinner after Maghrib at a Nasi Padang Restaurant just a few block from the hotel. Sedap and murah! :) Somewhere at 11pm, when everyone was about to sleep, i decided to get my body pampered with the Balinese Massage at the Rose Spa serviceable in Aston. I was quite surprised when they told me that the spa would open until 2am in the morning. Wow!

Sekali sekala buat body massaging mmg best! :)

25th January 2011
Ho yeah Good morning. I was jumped high of my bed when i opened my eyes and saw that it was already bright outside. It was my first time to chair a meeting and only God knew how nervous was i. Hihi. Phew!! saspen je tau. Baru 6.00 am dah memang dah terang benderang kat Bandung.

An hour before the meeting started, i was ready to get my breakfast. Do you want to know a secret? I really love to eat bread and butter kat hotel. kah Kah. Ntahla xtau napa. The bread macam lembut bangat. :P

Pergi breakfast pakai biase-biase jer dulu. Xmo baju bau asap la konon. :P

Remember on my previous entry on Egypt? I did share with you guys on the casual business attires? Let's have another round. Again with humble, i would like to express here that i'm not a fashion consultant or a staylista. I'm just sharing, kay. Kalau x suka, xpe. :)

Day 1 Meeting Attire

Day 1 Lilitan shawl

The meeting was ended at 5.30pm and i was really really couldn't stop smiling after that. Some of you might have known the reason already. Yes, the boys would be arriving to Bandung that evening. Yeeha!! Hubby told me that this trip considered an advance Birthday present to Oman. Actually, that was not his first time. Oman was in Bandung when he was 6th month old.

Time ni Oman belum boleh jalan lagi. :)

My hubby's friend aka our private driver in Bandung fetched me at 8.00pm sharp at the hotel 's lobby. Serious x saba okeh!! :)

Setibanya di Arrival hall, anak bujangku tgh busy nose-picking dalam stroller, sabo jelah!

Oman was kinda shocked when he saw me standing there in front of them. Pelik agaknya nampak momma tiba-tiba. hihi. We were then headed to Suis Butcher Steak House to have our dinner (oi, pegi Bandung makan nasikla! xpe xpe, steak kat sini memang sedap! :)). After dinner, we went back to the hotel and xlama lepas tu the boys dah dibuai mimpi indah. hihihi.

26th January 2011

What a great morning i had that i woke up in the middle of my two beloved boys (Oman tido dalam cot belah kanan). Too bad I couldn't follow them jalan-jalan that day. Ape nak buat, kan momma kelija. Hihi.

Day 2 Meeting Attire

Day 2 Lilitan shawl

When the agenda was about to end, the host of the meeting announced that there would be a dinner organized for all delegates at Restoran Raja Melayu. Family members were invited too. I immediately called the boys to pass the invitation. Pak Nuurill (gelaran kawan-kawan to my hubby. haha) pemalu rupanya. Penat tau i nak pujuk dia join. He only surrendered after Amir convinced him that Raja Melayu's foods were delicious. kah kah.

Since the meeting was ended about 3 and half hour before dinner time, so, the boys picked me at the hotel and we went to visit Rumah Mode. Ish Ish, this place is among the most famous factory outlet in Bandung. Huge, variety, lengkap dengan restoran, Surau pun ada and the buildings are very nice. Again here i shopped for Oman. Oman lagi!! Hihi

Sempat tukar shawl yer. Harap maklum. :P

Oman fell asleep. Momma and dadda pun nak berlakon tido jugak. Haha.

After Rumah Mode, Amir drove us to few more shops which sells local brands or might be imported underground brands. Honestly, me and hubby prefers this kind of shop more!! Encik hubby suka design2 t-shirts kat sini. Kalau kedai untuk girls tu lagila menarik. They deco the shops very 'concept'ly. Some with polka dots, some with stripes, some with very English look. Even they're smaller compared to F.O, but their selections are much more interesting to us.

At 8pm in the evening, Amir sent us to Rumoh Makan Raja Melayu for the dinner. Masuk-masuk jer restaurant lagu Siti okeh. Some of the locals told me that Siti is still no. 1 in Indonesia. :) Raja Melayu Restaurant is spacious with great selections of menus. Bila, Tuan rumah kata, pilih aja dong mana yang suka, kemain lagi sorang-sorang. hehehe.

Petai pun ade tau!! :)

Yang topi Purple tu malu-malu pulak. :P

27th January 2011
Oman woke up so early that morning!! X sangka dia tuntut janji kat dadda nak mandi 'colam' (swimming pool). Lantokle kome. Hidung masing udohler berlari-lari. =D

Good morning everybody!! :)

Sekali lagi momma x dapat nak join the boys bercanda di swimming pool. Haip.

Day 3 Meeting Attire

Day 3 Lilitan shawl

I was again very nervous because on the management meeting that day, i would be the presenter for the output of my working group's discussion. Op coz dub dab dub dab sebab my General Manager was in that meeting. Alhamdulillah, i managed to get it done , so did the other working group and the meeting was ended fruitfully. Lebih seronok sebab meeting habis awal :)

Someone snapped my picture during the meeting. Wanna see how serious was i?? :p

focus.. focus..

After the meeting i quickly changed my pants to jeans and ran to get my boys who had been waiting for me in the lobby. Amir wanted to bring us to more places like the day before. Weeha!!

Tukar yg bawah jer. :P

Before dinner, Amir brought us us to Toko Coklat. Again i fell in love with the building here in Bandung. Kenapala cantik sangat?? :) it's such a great and cozy place to hangouts with friends sambil menikmati air coklat dan coklat-coklat yang sedap. Mel, this place is just right for you. hehehe.

While Dadda and Uncle Amir borak-borak tentang EPL, me and momma having a good time with the phone camera. Say Cheese!!!! =D

Before we called it a day, we had the dinner at Nasi Kalong. Punyala ramai orang beratur. Kalau kat Malaysia ni ala-ala Nasi Beratur dekat Jalan Kapitan keling, penang la. It's opened from 7pm to 3am in the morning. Nasi Kalong ni special because the nasi is black in color. Lauk istimewanya is Kacang Buncis Bakar. Pergh!! terbaek bai!! :) Sorry i x sempat nak amik gambar nasi Kalong ni but i found a blog that about this specialty. Oh my, my tummy was so full that night.

..... Readers, it's been a very long entry already and i'm thinking of stop writing right now. The are a few more to share on our last day in Bandung and the tragedy that i told at the beginning of this entry. I promise I'll write about very the soonest possible okay.

Till then, have a good day, everyone :)


  1. suka shawl kak nurill masa 1st day meeting.cepat update tau..nk tau apa jadi..:o

  2. darling betapa panjang n byknyer gamba u dlm post nih..

    mata i still tertumpu pada beg u (its the MJ kan)!
    n oman n dadda oman (i cant help it)

    suke la u wat post pasal ur meeting outfit. afterall u are THE fashion icon in our office right?

    hehe ;)

  3. Oh awakku, i love everything that you wore!! pergi meeting dgn sungguh stylo ok!! kalau pergi utk bid tender, sumpah dah menang sbb all eyes were on you.. good job momma oman.. you sure didn't lose your mojo on dressing up, unlike us, most mommies, who lost fashion sense once the little one came out.. hehhe
    Sy pun tertarik dgn sling bag awak tuh.. adalah MBMJ?? :)

  4. Wah terus tingat trip ke Bandung last yr...(tk hbs update siap. ;p) Nway, mmg went crazy shopping bju2 ank kt sana kn..uuh tk thn, nk beli, bk beli je lg..dh siap2 budget tp tover budget gak shoppping kt sana..! isk2. hee..

    NWay, mst byk momma shopping utk Oman tu,, i truly agree, izu pun tk shopping sgt utk diri seniri kt sana..th knp tatau la..:p

    Lastly, momma Oman mmg stylista la! sgt cantik hokey..;)

  5. whoa... best... best... seronok membaca episod pertama ni... tak sabae nk tunggu next ep... :-) cepat hapdet taw..

  6. Adoh...sekarang pukul 12:56am. Nurill asyik cerita pasal makan. LAPAR!!!!

  7. Kak Nana:
    TQ very much dear. I'm loving them too! ahaha. :)

    TQ dear. Kaler shawl tu susah nak jumpa. Tu yang bila nampak terus rembat. hihi. :)

  8. Mel,
    fashion icon lah sangat! :) u jangan samakan i dengan mr H kita. Dia dah tahap tertinggi!! hihi

    Ahahahaha. Mata u kan, memang tau!! I dah masak dah dengan can't help it you tu. Kah Kah kah. Hihi. The bag that's the one yang i kacau i mandi babe!! hihi

  9. Hahaha. TQ Awakku. Xdela bergaya mana pun wak. Mana yang termampu jer. Hihi. Memang tiap kali meeting saya rasa nak tak nak diorang kene tengok saya jugak sebab selalu saya sorang jer lady. ahahahah :)
    Yes dear. MBMJ designed for work wear. Jatuh cinta pandang pertama wak. Hihi.

  10. Izu, i'm not fully qualified to be a stylista la dear. Not everytime my outfits go right. Hihihi. Anyway, TQ dear. You're more beautiful inside and outside :)

    Sangat betulla Izu!! terover budget. Nuurill xdela shopping sangat sangat. Tapi mmg lari budget ah. Hihi. Check check semuanya ke Oman. Hihihihi :)

  11. Fidza: Akan dicuba secepat mungkin. Tgh busy balas comment kat FB. hahaha :P

    Wawa: Kalau i mulalah rasa nak makan maggie. Kekekeke :)

  12. i sukaaa tengok u lilit ur shawls! more more more styles on how u wear ur hijabs, babe! kalau rajin nanti, buat lah jugak tutorial utk each of the styles u wore ok :D

    ps : bandung looks funnnn! i tak penah sampai lagi, but i hope i will one day! :D

  13. bestnya entry kali ni. u work and ur boys were with u. meemang seronok :). i love ur lilitan shawl on the 1st day of meeting :). tp mana2 pun still ok juga for u yang memang cantik ni.

    bestnya bandung. teringin nak pege tp fariq always ask me "bandung ada apa?". and my answer "shopping la. org kata murah kat sana." than he'll said "takat shopping tayah la. malaysia pun boleh." urghhhh. hehe.

  14. love to read ur blog...;) nice sharing....

  15. cun melecun la mama oman ni....i yg pompuan ni pn xberkelip2 tgk gaya u....love ur top ms day 1 tu.shawl tu xyah ckp la....its really suits ur face!!!tp btul la nurill....ms outstation la peluang nk melaram lebey2 kan.

    irra pn xpenah lg sampai bandung...teringin gak nk soping baju gegirl.huhuhu

  16. Amboi2...kalau tak kaitkan dgn sesiapa boley tak ?

    Congrats for the successful meeting! Fesyen takyah komen, sentiasa superb seperti kata Mel.

    Mmg super best kalau family bole dtg join kat hotel masa kita meeting. You are so lucky.

  17. Thara: The most i love about bandung is the way every outlet is being presented. Masing2 ada concept masing2. especially the small small one. Teringin nak transfer rumah i jadi cam kat sana. Ahaks.

    Dear, i malu ler nak buat tutorial. Hahaha. Mesti 20 kali kene cut nanti. Asyik silap jer :P

  18. Owh Che' Dee, don't puji2 so much sebab makin kembang Nuurill nanti. Anyway, thanks a lot for your compliment dear. Everybody is beautiful in their own ways kan. :)

    ahahaha. Shopping untuk anak2 kat bandung best! Cakap kat Fariq kalau gi Bandung boleh buat stock baju Hadif untuk setahun! :)

  19. sitit:
    Tq dear. TQ for reading this blog :)

    Masya Allah. You're beautiful too my dear. :) Nuurill kalau pergi meeting mmg akan agak lebih presentable sikit compare to hari2 go opis. hahaha. Xtaula napa.

    One day kalau berpeluang, visitla Bandung tau. Shopping baju anak2. :)

  20. abahwafi:
    Amboi!! nak pergi surau ke bang? ahaks :)

    You, successful in a way that apa yang patut di discuss telah didiscuss dengan jayanya. Tapi banyak jugak yg nak kene follow up. Added few task lagi. Macam biasa lah kan :)

    Alhamdulillah Bandung consider dekat jugakla dengan Malaysia. Tu yang diorang boleh nak follow. Kalau jauh2 belum tentu jugakla you. What's your next destination. Kalau dekat boleh bawak the family jugak :)

  21. Best nyer gi bandung....i vote for day 1 & day 3 outfit...comel oman....hehehehe...

  22. Hi Little Bluebird:

    Gi Bandung mmg best!! U should go :) hihi. Day 1 outfit, first time i pakai bbluse mcm tu tau. ahahaha.
    Thanks dear.

  23. I mmg suka tgk u pakai inner with scarfs. Terletak cantik n kemas je. Kalau I pakai je mesti terkemek la inner tu, takpun skejap je dh senget. urgh! mmg tak sesuai :P

    agreed with the previous comment, u pakai blouse on the first day meeting tu cantekla mea. Nampak very ladylike n very slim ;)

    Wah wah bestnya Oman! Mesti stock baju cantek cukup setahun! mcm ni tak kisahla Oman nak tido pakai baju jalan, dh ade stock banyak ;)

  24. Oh Kakak, tops kamu semua cantik2 belaka..mana beli? :)
    Oh, juga happy birthday!! Pastu Oman punya beday..pastu da bleh start proposal utk adik Oman plak..yeay!!

  25. Nanti I kena minta checklist kat you prior going to Bandung.

    Nervous gila tau mak ni, takut tak cukup masa shopping!

  26. Everyone is right dear..
    U mmg cantek bila lilit shawls..mmg sgt kemas n with ur muka bujur sirih tu,terletak aje..

    Nuurill,buat la tutorial lilitan shawl no 1 tu..teringin nak bergaya mcm tu,tapi takdan nak cr youtube how they lilit that shawl..hehehe ;)

    onemore nak tanya,inner tu u pakai najjah/hani nye ker..
    camane jadik cantik aje..I beli najjah free size nye, longgar tak kemas..but the material nice...komen sket dear!!

    neway, mesti enjoy kan meeting trip this time..almaklumlah 2 hero bawak skali...;)

  27. agreed dgn all the comments above.. mmg cantik nurril pakai tudung camtu.. bila i pakai, takmau pulak inner tu tarik sampai bawah.. terus tutp dahi, maybe dahi i sempit kot ;) by the way nak tanya la.. nurril beli inner kat mana? inner ni cam best aje, sbb ada awning kecik, tak melekap terus


  28. Nadine, i give the credits to the inner yg i beli dari ArkedSyria. Memang terletak dear. Paling best, boleh buat muncung. tehehehe.

    Aah, i pelik tgk gambar 1st day tu yg i nampak slim. Nampaknya kenela beli baju mcm tu banyak-banyak, hahaha. Tapikan, kalau sebab baju, xbestla jugak nadine. I nak slim betul betul!! hehehe

    Purposely i mmg beli banyak baju fav Oman kat bandung so that kalau tetiba angin dia nak pakai baju tido pun 'Hosh' bolehla diberi muka. ahahaha. :)

  29. Odah cayang:
    Time kacih banyak-banyak.
    Meh akak list kan ek.
    Baju masa hari sampai and 2nd day meeting from ZARA. Baju day 1 meeting from Forever 21 and Baju last day meeting from Raoul.
    Perlu diingati,beli time SALE tau! hihihi.

    TQ dear. Insya Allah. Doa-doakan ek. ahaks :)

  30. Su: Busa aja dong ah. Biar 3 hari you kat sana memang full. hihihi. Kalau u nak masuk semua tempat CONFIRM x cukup 3 hari babe!! :)

  31. nadia: You're so sweet. I rasa, mmg inner tu banyak membantu, dear. The material sangat terletak. Cubalah dear. I beli dekat AkedSyria :)

    Owh tutorial? Gulp! macam sgen gilerla pulak. ahahaha. I pun masih dalam process belajar and to fine the smartest way doing it. I suka kemas2.. nanti kalau dah jumpa the best way, Insya Allah. Tapi i x janji tau. Kita jumpala, i tunjuk kat you. hihihi

    Inner najjah dengan Hani best jugak dear. Ikut bentuk muka sikit. Yang i beli tu like i said, from AkedSyria. :)

    Yes i enjoy that trip babe..but at the same time.. i bersyukur yang kami semua selamat dari ditimpa bahaya. Alhamdulillah.

  32. Hi Fea dear. Nuurill beli anak2 tudung tu dekat sini: http://akedsyria.blogspot.com/2009/07/anak-tudung-syria.html :)

    Untuk yang second day Meeting, Inner dia was from Arzu.

    Happy shopping, dear :)



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