Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm so sorry :(
I promised to update the second part asap, kan?
Minta maaf sangat-sangat because i was fully occupied for the pass few days.

I hope now i can really get myself free.
here we go.....

28th January 2011

We arranged ourselves to check out from the hotel as soon as possible that morning, so that we could have enough time to visit a few more places before we caught our flight back at 3.30pm. As soon as 10.00 am, we had already in Amir's MPV headed to Pasar Baru.

Pasar Baru is a place that our moms gonna love it so much! & tingkat xsilap and everything could be found here!!!! The best of it, you can really bargain for the price. We went straight to the level that sold prayer's uniform (telekong) and i got headache straightaways. There were too many choices from many type of materials, colors and design. Iman juga harus kuat sebab bila dah semuanya menarik maunyer jadi overspent. hah! Finally, i bought 3 pairs of plain white cotton made. Suci gitu! Two for my mom and my mil, and another one for me.

Those were all i wanted to buy in Pasar Baru. Before we moved on to the next destination, i sempat to visit textile's floor to check on prices and all i could say was Omaigod!! hihi. Banyak giler kain, ladies and harganya mantop!!. Seb baik raya lambat lagi. Haha. Last year, we were here and borong laces for Irma's wedding. Memang berbaloi-baloi.

Next, we were headed to Kartika Sari Complex. Mak datuk besar giler!! It has it's own building with basement parkings and 3 floors for bussiness purposes. Having the biggest name in bakery line, it's Cakes are the best!! I love Tiramisu cake yg kukus punya!!! mmg sedap x hengat!! :) Amir did mention about Amanda who also having the same speciality in this industry but we didn't had much time to get it.

Before we called it a half day, :p, Amir brought us to taste Sup Buntut at this restaurant called Dapur Dahapati. Amir asked us to try Sup Buntut Goreng which is the specialty of this restaurant. Sup dia mmg terbaik bai!!! Uppsi!! wait, buntut here means ekor okeh. Sup ekor. hihi. But the goreng part was a bit sweet for me so i prefer for Sup buntut biasa than goreng :)

Anak bujang saya makan ayam lagi and carrot. lagi-lagi ayam :)

On the way to the airport we had another stop at this kedai who sold segala macam jenis kerepek. Nak beli keropok Malinjau kat sini ler. :).

We then reached the Bandung Airport at 1.30pm and all departure process was flowing smoothly, until the flight was about to take off. That was when the scariest thing ever happened in my life.........

Everyone had buckled up the seat belt including Oman. One seat in our row was empty so Oman could be seated in the middle of me and my hubby. As usual, the plane moved slowly to the point where it would speed up to generate the right momentum in order for it to take off. Then, we heard the captain voice, "We're ready for take off".

The plane was at it maximum speed and when it reached the top speed where it should be taking off, then suddenly it couldn't, the plane was immediately on emergency break. Bayangkanlah, masa tu tengah laju ya amat and then break tiba-tiba?? Macamana kapal terbang tu bergoyang-goyang to control the sudden stop? Tuhan je yg tahu. I just couldn't feel my leg at all at that moment. Sejuk. Kaku. I put my hand on Oman's chest and i could feel my son hb was beating so fast. Pity us. Pity everyone in that plane. That such thing was never happened to any of us before. :(

Alhamdulillah, the plane managed to stop betul-betul dekat hujung landasan. Masa tu memang dah mengucap panjang. I dah terbayang explosion lagi. Nauzubillah. Tuhan masih panjangkan umur kami. No one was injured and masing-masing berjaya menenangkan diri masing-masing. Syukur.

The lead flight attendance informed us that there was a fuel warning alarm occurred immediately when the flight was about to take off just now. That's why it was failed to do that. Then he said no need to worry anything as their technical team will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Uish.. maunya x worry!!!!.

45 minutes later.....
Our heart couldn't stop beating fast when we heard that we were still gonna fly using the same aircraft. :( Owh even they said the problem had been fixed but how on earth they assured that the same thing would not be happen again for the second take off????

However, i really should give the credits to all the FAs for really trying best to control the situations and maintained their smiles all the times. macam xde pape jer berlaku.

I was really berserah and holding my boys' hands tightly. Mujurlah Armi sangat tenang. I think he was trying to calm me down by showing his cool face. berjayala sikit-sikit. Tapi dah kalau i memang penakut tiap kali take off and landing.. xde maknanya.

Alhamdulillah, take off and landing was succeed after that. Masa 2nd take off i could hear ramai yg mengucap Syahadah.

Until now, I couldn't stop reciting Astaghfirullah and then Alhamdulillah when that tragedy came to my mind again and again. Lebih bersyukur when i heard that they said it's better that they discovered the alarm before take off because if it was after, then no one would knew if we managed to land LCCT safely or else. Owh no!!!

That tragedy makes me appreciate my life more than before. It occurred a few days before my born day, 2nd Feb. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Ya Allah for still giving me the chance to breath and improve myself to be better person in this world. Syukur ya Tuhan, my son and my hubby are still here with me, sharing our loves.

We do not know when we will return back to Yang Maha Esa. It could be anytime, anywhere. Jangan takut naik flight pulak yer lepas ni.

To all, please apology for all my wrongdoings. May all of us be blessed by HIM fi dunya wa akhirah. Amin.


  1. Ya Allah..takutnya.serius takut gila.Syukur alhamdulillah semuanya selamat.I kalau naik flight part landing tu yang masih dap dub dap..phew!

    btw,anak bujang u tak nangis ke?

  2. ya ALLAH, kecutnye peruuuuuuutttt... takut nyeee... alhamdulillah, semuanya, ok..

  3. I baca pun dh boleh bayang how scary it was tgh duk speed to the max tiba2 emergency break. alangkan kereta pun time emergency break jantung dh dup dap..inikan pulak flight. huhu..
    Oman x nanges eh you?..brave boy!

    Lucky semua tak ape2. Alhamdulillah..I pun sama, minta maaf ye you for any my wrongdoings to you or ur fam. take care.

  4. Uhuhuhu takutnya....! Izu pun mmg takut naik kapal terbang sbnrnya..T_T.

    Nway syukur u all sume slmt. Alhamdulillah. Oh izu pun, Maaf Zahir Batin ehh Nuurill..mudah2an kita sume dipanjangkan umur oleh-Nya. Masih tk cukup bekal lg ni nk ke SANA. T_T

  5. tears drop dear...Alhamdulillah sumer selamat...

  6. takut nyer..dah ler kena naik flight yg sama kan...time zura pi jogja pun macam tuh..dah buckel up semua ..tetiba diaorg suruh turun plak..ader problem..lepas tuh dalam 30 minit ingat tukar airplane naik airplane sama...mak aiii tuhan ajerk tahu lah sepanjang perjalanan tuh dup dap2 jantung..anyway alhamdulilah u all semua ok..

  7. Alhamdulillah..masih bernafas untuk mencoret kejadian tersebut kat blog ni. Berderau darah I dah la selalu travel kan..semoga dilindungi and dilimpahi rahmat sentiasa.

  8. mak aiii takutnye Nuurill...
    cannot imagine kalau I kt tempat u time tu..mesti nak cabut jantung!
    Alhamdulillah semuanye selamat!

    tp kan, diorang tak tukar flite ek?
    just continue journey camtu jer ke..tkde buat check ke...bahaya jgak ek??

  9. Ninie:
    Alhamdulillah. Oman mmg x nangis. I think dia pun x taula ape terjadi. Ntah2 dia ingat mmg kalau naik flight kene ade stop2 macam tu. haih. Semrla kita Ninie akak pun, kalau naik flight part take off and landing memang segala surah akak baca.

    Alhamdulillah. Memang kecut perut dia. tercampak semangat semua.

  10. Nadine:
    Nadine, Oman x nangis. But his mmg dup dap dup dap dada dia i rasa. Tapi dia x phobia pun. Lagi nak naik adela. Heeee.
    Okay, Nadine. Sama-sama la kita bermaafan k. Kidd to Faaz.

    Sama-sama, dear.
    Nuurill pun dear. even boleh kata banyak kali lah dah kan naik kapal terbang. Moga-moga kita semua dilindungi selalu. Amin.

  11. RAS:
    Alhamdulillah. Syukur x terhingga.

    Alhamdulillah. Lucky flight Zura x take off lagi masa tu kan. Hopefully benda-benda macam ni xla selalu terjadi kat kita. Amin.

  12. Nurman:
    yes i did. everytime atas kapal terbang selalu sebak tau. Takut jer.. Tapi, Ajal dan maut tu kan di mana-mana. Semoga kita diaturkan untuk pergi bukan dalam keadaan tragedi yang kita x ingini. Amin.

    Alhamdulillah. Bukan jantung je Nad, hati, limpa, buah pinggang semua. huhu. Nope diorang x tukar flight. Tapi xdela diorang cointinue journey macam tu jer. Dalam 45 minit jugakla their technical team bertungkus lumus check the failure. Selagi alarm tu ada selagi tu la kapal terbang tak boleh take off. So, by the time they said, it was ready tu, dah ok la sebenarnya. But still, kita yg baru terkejut ni, rasa x selamat jugak. huhu.



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