Monday, March 29, 2010


I am currently residing in Legend Resort Cherating.. cant't stop thinking bout him.

Oman demam panas since Friday. It was 39 degrees. I took urgent leave immediately. Tukar job jadi doctor pulak. I was hoping that he would recover very fast.

Yesterday's morning, when we woke up in the morning, muka oman mcm bengkak-bengkak tapi it was not that obvious. Oman meragam-ragam, buat itu ini semua x kena. Kalau makan, he would only welcome liquid into his mouth, yang solid bagai, semua sekian terima kasih. Siap buat-buat muka lagi. Punyala momma buat special presentation carrot bentuk stars tau letak atas porridge. Dia buat dek je.

Towards noon, Oman's fever dah mild but we noticed the appearance of red dots on his body, face, and back of his ears. Oman mmg x selesa with that condition. He kept rubbing his skin. He would cry whenever i dissapearred from his eyes. Menyusu jangan cakaplah, memang he totally refused bottle. The pattern of that redish pinkish rashes nampak macam 'campak' so we went to visit a doctor at TTDI. Owh how i wished yesterday was not sunday so that i could bring him se his paed. His 2nd doctor's clinic pun close on Sunday. huhu

We have been told that it's still early to tell if Oman kene measles or not. Sometimes, high fever and medication reaction could cause rashes too. Doc gave Oman calamine cream. He advised me to keep monitor Oman for few days.

Last night, Oman sangat resah. I attended him all night long til this morning. When he fall asleep, i slowly packed for my working trip where i am now. Oman woke up every half and hour and cried. It's killing me deeply. How i feel so damn guity. At his condition that he needs her mother to be with him so much, i have to leave.. He kept hugging me tight until he slept with his head on my shoulder.

Maafkan momma, Oman..

When i left him this morning, his rashes dah makin menebal. Memang sahlah measles. Pity my baby. Owh! I really can't wait for tomorrow. Nak balik. Mujurlah this trip 2 days 1 night only. Oman bertahan yer sayang...

Me and hubby dah plan nak cuti on Wed, nak bawa Oman jumpa Doc Maziah. Paling penting, can be with him 24 hours!!!! Pesakit kami paling special :)

A testimonial to the most special person,
How on earth i'm so lucky that i have somene who is always being so supportive to me. He deals positively and sportingly with my mobility. He is my hubby, who also my best buddy on earth, my everything. Everytime i told him about my next trip, dia x pernah merungut. Cuma dia join club 'Suami2 selalu ditinggal isteri' je dengan kawan-kawan yang senasib dengan dia. Ade tau club tu. ;p

Several times, i asked him about his true feeling towards my working obligation, He keeps telling me to focus and praying that everything will be fine and smooth. Thank you so much, Kidd for having such the greatest heart.

"Ya Tuhan, sekiranya memang inilah yang telah ditentukan padaku. Maka dekatkanlah ia dengan hatiku. Permudahkanlah segalanya. Tapi sekiranya tidak, jauhkanlah ia... berikanlah petunjuk. Agak ku dapat mencari sesuatu yang lebih baik.. yang telah Engkau tentukan.. Aamin."


  1. owh strong!
    Ada hikmah disebaliknya InsyaAllah..
    At this moment I believed Oman dah kt sisi u..he's doing well rite wit ur hubby..kan?

    just go and see his paed..tak silap I Oman dah ! yr++ and dah take MMR kan..most prob susah nak dapt measles..but anythings can be happen..and I'm not a rite person to talk bout this too..see the paed!

  2. hmmm kak nuuril sabar eh =(.neena doakan semoga semua berjln lancar n oman cepat sembuh!!! oman : be a good boy!!! =) syg oman (mampus kalo bf neena bc.hehehe) i know both of you are strong!!! =).ajaja fighting!!! =)

  3. darling...sabar ek..
    semoga oman cepat sembuh.


  4. get well soon oman.

    nuril, jgn risau. oman tahu momma dia kena kerja. mungkin sekarang dia tak paham and mencari2 momma. in future insya allah he'll understand.

  5. sedihnya bc entry ni..sian kt oman..sbr ye nuuriil..

  6. Baru je semalam I told Fadzil that next 2 weeks we need to bring Faaz to see his Paed for the chickenpox vaccination @ 15 months..Oman kena measles la pulak. Siannya. Dia dh amik MMR ke blum dear? I pray Oman will get well soon, so that he will be fully recover for the upcoming event, which I believed soon, kan?

    Btw, since you were in Flex lg I admire you yg slalu travel abroad alone... To be frank, I dont think I can be in ur shoes..tinggalkn hubby and anak..huhu. It takes a great courage to do so, lagi2 bila anak tak sihat kan. You should be proud of urself that u managed to get through all of these, darling. Im sure both of ur men are too!

    Happy Nursing, Mea :)

  7. beautiful prayers :)

    mujur its only a short trip. dont worry oman's a strong boy. he'll get through this. meantime, u concentrate on ur work, and get home as fast as u can!

    praying for oman's speedy recovery. amin.

  8. Dear all,

    Tq for the prayers, spirits and supports you gave me. They helps me a lot. You guys are so sweet. I will update about Oman in my next entry ok.

  9. Momma Oman, Oman and Dadda Oman sume strong... ;) You're the chosen one.. Tak semua org bleh handle this.. But you guys did it well... Hope Oman cepat sembuh ye.. ;)

  10. Eh mcm mn Izu bley miss n3 ni..:(

    Nway, kesian Nuurill..sbr ye dear..dworry mmg mommy sume mcm tu klu ank Nuurill be strong's work bknnya pg suka2 kn..i'm sure Armi understands..hrp2 Oman dh sht ye..sian plak dia kne care k!:)

  11. Babe? Oman mcmana? dah ok? Or still demam..ish risau pulak. Harap2 semuanya ok babe. "Hidup kuat" ye.



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