Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trolley boy!

Oman was never prefer to 'duduk diam' in his stroller. He would cried out his lung and struggling himself to be buckled-free. When he was a baby, he all the time preferred to be hold and when he achieved toddler, dukung pun tanak dah.. dah dapat kaki lah katakan.. :)

There were the times, mostly, momma and dadda willing to take turn holding him for hours whenever we went for shopping or outing. Contohnya, when we went to the zoo last month, i was holding him for 4 hours non-stop. cayok! But there were also sometime, we hoped that Oman would be like the other babies we saw around us, ontok je dalam stroller, siap tido nyenyak-nyenyak lagi. hehe.

Oman? Walau senyenyak mana pun he was sleeping in my arms, by the time we transferred him to the stroller, he would automatically awake, maka bermulalah sessi drama swasta. Lots of Oman picas were smiling, sleeping soundly in the stroller, which we called it 'lucky time!'. Reality, 20% percent je. :) hehehe..

Oman first stroller was a Graco Travel System which consist of Cleo Infant Stroller (Truffle in color) and Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat. (For infants and children up to 4 years old & less than 40 lbs). The specs are;
  • Stroller weight: 8.4 kg (Height: 41.7", Width: 19.7")
  • Car seat weight: 3.3 kg
  • 3-Dimensional, space-saving fold
  • Two parent cupholders
  • Multiple-position, reclining seat for child’s comfort
  • Accessible storage basket
  • Combination 3 or 5 point harness
  • Removable child’s tray with two cupholders
  • Protective canopy with window flap and parent storage pocket
  • Ergonomic handles rotate to your desired position
  • One touch cable brakes
  • Automatic storage latch
  • High performance suspension gives baby a smooth ride
  • Accepts Graco® SnugRide® and Infant SafeSeat™ car seats
  • Maintenance: Removable seat pad may be washed in cold water on delicate cycle and drip-dried. No bleach. To clean stroller frame, use only household soap and warm water

Graco Travel System

I am agreed that it's so comfortable for Mom and baby, with it's sleek, stylized frame, tailored premium fabrics, anodized aluminum tubing, and soft- grip adjustable handles. We were first fall in love with the color and the look. Macho! ahaks!

Cuma... considering that our families love to travel a lot, 8.4 kg doesn't seem suitable for hand-carry. huhu..

Jangan terpedaya dengan kemanjaan penuh makna Oman duduk in stroller in this photo.
5 minutes after that dia mengamok nak dukung. Hehehehe

When the first time we traveled with Oman to Bandung, we desperately bought another stroller, by local manufacturer, My Dear.

My Dear Baby Buggy

This buggy is light and easy for traveling. But still Oman never like to chill in it. hehe.

kejap je bolehla :)

Dadda: Bebi, stroller cemana lah yang Oman suka ek?
Momma: Apa-apa pun dia x suka Kidd. Belilah yang tip top cemana pun. hehe.
Dadda: I know a thing, kalau kita beli mesti Oman suka.
Momma: Ha? apa? apa Kidd? (teruja gila nak tau)
Dadda: Trolley. Kakakakaaka. Kita tanya Jusco nak berapa dia jual.

Ikea: Nov 2009

Jusco Sunway Pyramid: February 2010

Momma: (angguk)
Dadda: Ok, let's buy a trolley, we fit the bedding (mattress, comforter & bumper).

It is so true, peeps!!! Oman akan saangat bekerjasama!! :) reti pulak dia nak duduk diam kalau dalam trolley tau :)

hehehe.. Tapi takkanla dadda and momma sampai hati to make it real. Tolak anak bujang tu dalam trolley. kekekek. It's not the correct way.

Rule of thumb: Keep practice him. Oh yess.. he would cry, he would crank, but to achieved it we have to tahanla sketkan dengar dia rengek-rengek tu. We think it's still not too late to restart right?

So, for his birthday, dadda and momma bought a new stroller for him. :P Semangat baru!!
We bought it from Baby Cottage, Sungei Way Outlet. It is Trip by Inglesina, the lightest Inglesina Stroller.

Red or black xde stock. Only this color available during our visit. Dadda suka jugak this one, so, we think it's cool! :)

Dirasmikan during our Penang trip last week.

We love to be unique, lain dr yang lain (konon).. Mclaren, Graco, dah selalu dengar, so, we decided to be one of Italian product fan. hehe.

What makes us choose Trip;

The ultra light stroller for holidays and quick journeys, extremely handy and with a captivating character.
• Practical umbrella folding system and compact for easy use and storage.
• Ergonomic soft touch handles.
• Backrest reclining in 4 positions.
• Soft insert in quilted fabric.
• Adjustable safety belts with 5 anchoring points and with soft padded shoulder braces.
• Adjustable footrest.
• Standard canopy totally waterproof and removable, adjustable with practical open/close compasses and equipped with a rear pocket for storage.
• Window made of krystal on the hood.
• Equipped with a safety hook to avoid accidental opening of the stroller once it is stored.
• Capacious storage basket, approved up to 3 Kg of weight, with refractive inserts.
• Raincover as standard.
• Cup holder as standard.

Technical characteristics:
- Closing type: umbrella
- Size when open: height 109,5 cm, depth 76,5 cm, width 49,5 cm
- Size when closed: height 105 cm, depth 37 cm, width 28 cm
- Weight: Kg. 6.6 including canopy
- Materials of the structure: aluminum
- Materials of the internal and external lining: polyester

Accessories Optional :
Coordinated bag with changing pad
Stroller bag
Winter muff for stroller (kot-kotla nak gi winter country kan :P)

So, banyak lah stroller Oman skrg!! Xperlu kot banyak-banyak!!. That's why we plan to sell his first Graco Travel System, a complete set (stroller & car seat). Anyone interested? :)

The second stroller, It can be spared in our 2nd car. Cause we kejap2 outing with the 1st car, kejap2 with the 2nd car. But if anyone interested with My Dear Baby, it is considerable. Hihi.

Oman has been 'friend' with Trip about a week. So far, he x banyak ragam la pulak. Tido kemain nyenyak lagi. Maybe it's new, maybe he's changed, a lot of maybe. But we gonna make him love this stroller by hook or by crook. Aamin! :D

p/s: Next plan, a new car seat for Oman. Any suggestion, parents? :)


Today, 3rd March 2010, is my Abah 60th Birthday. Abahlah segalanya. May abah dikurniakan segala yang baik di dunia and akhirat. Aamin.

My abah with my sisters and my Oman :)


  1. uncle peah boleh pimpin jalan2...dalam 10 minit.

  2. Oman dah kenal uncle peah dia. Bagus untuk masa hadapan. hehehe :)

  3. hello mommaholics,
    i dont have a baby, on the way pun tak and not even married yet :) but i love reading your celoteh about your little man, he is such a darling!

    keep on writing ya :)

  4. Rajinnnye Oman tolong Momma did groceries shopping ye, siap susun barang lagik. Rajinla Oman!Hihi.. ;)

    Faaz kalau dalam trolley duk ngadap I...nampak cam baik je kan tp sbnarnye...tangan dia duk gapai things. Bila sampai counter je mesti ade brg extra. Hihi..

    Our gift to Faaz for his b'day will be a new car seat yang sampai skang belum beli lagi :P Until now we cant decide which one to buy...bagus jugak you tanya orang, leh I dpt tips. Hihi..

  5. eh, eh. oman sebijik la mcm hadif. tak boleh nak duduk dlm stroller. and memang we do envy bila tgk baby2 lain elok je duduk dlm stroller siap tido nyenyak je lagi. lagi satu, it's magical kan. dah sedap2 tido kat tgn kita transfer je ke stroller terus melalak cam kena cubit. kitaorg pun dah takde idea cemana lagi. adakah perlu beli trip juga? hehe.

  6. Dear Cicayanki, i will :) Really appreciate you encouragement. I have give my eyes to your blog. I link you kay :)

    hehehe.. So cute Faaz. Pnadai pulak dalam diam dia tambah barang ek. You pun nak beli car seat? Ok, nanti kita tgk if ade mana-mana recommendation kay :) kalau ikut Armi dia nak recaro je. haha. Tapi tula, Oman tanak car seat jugak. selama ni i send him to baby sitter house pegang dia tau. What a dangerous!!! tu yang kalau boleh as soon as possible, nak get a good car seat.. buckle him. hehe. :)

    Che'Dee,Kalau dah fesyen babies kita mcm tu, brand ape pun dia x layan kot. hehehe. But i think as time goes by, if we determine to train them. Insya Allah kot. kene tahanla sket kot. Part ni yang belum tentu pass. hahaha.

  7. hye there..i just browsed iglesina website..drooling sgt momma..berapa ye price stroller u beli?im searching for my new addition too.i love the pram..classssss...

    mommie anna

  8. part oman fav naik trolley tuh yg tak tahan tu,, hehe agaknye sbb takde buckle tu dia rasa lega sket.

    by the way i like your choice, utk snag maneuver and also senang mobility better buy yg light weight nyer kan.

  9. hurm...
    u ckp jgn terpedaya ngn muke oman..
    tapi muke die sebijik cm muke u kalau u wat muke ala2 comel kat ofis.
    n i terperdaya jer slalu !


    what a journey to find this stroller kan...i dok dgr la u call semua mothercare kat masia nih..haha

    yg i tak tahan...ade canopy kat stroller !

  10. Untung betul Oman, umo br setahun jgg, stroller dh ada 2-3..hehe..

    Nway, nice catch Momma n dadda..Nmpknya Oman sesuai, selesa n serasi in Trip tu..Zahin n Iris pon xlekat lama dok dlm stroller, tp lani Zahin lekat jgk la..cuma Iris dia prefer baby carrier better.:)

    Lastly, happy birthday to ur dad..sgt sporting pki spec bola tuh.:D

  11. Wahhh oman dah jumpa a new ride nampaknya.. hehehe.. the stroller really does help kalau nak gi shopping or travelling.. jenuh ok kalau nak dukung diorg yg dah lebih berat dr 10kg beras.. hehe
    So far imran can still sit in his stroller.. tak tau kalau dah dpt kaki nnt kan..
    Anyway, for birthday imran hari tuh we gave him a new carseat.. sy beli safe n sound Chiara.. carseat to mcm buaian to imran sbb pantang naik kereta and letak dlm carseat, die mmg tido.. ari tuh pergi terengganu tido straight for 4 hours!

  12. hi Nuurill..
    Adam ok duk dlm stroller,but kalau konon2 mommy baik kuarkan dia..habis la..tak nak masuk kalau dia rengek2 sket,we buat dunno too ada graco,bigger size than urs I so bulky,mmg plan nak usha yg smaller umbrella fold one..tgh plan lagik..
    n for car seat pun,me n hubby really admire takut sb dah tua kan Adam tuh,tak nak duduk kat cr seat..*sigh..

    neway Nuurill..ur new stroller look ok n ringan jgak kan..boley msk my list..:)think I saw at baby cottage SP..the black one..not mistaken lah dear:)

  13. Hello Anon,

    Kan??? mmg drooling habis!! i agree with you that the prams in the website look totally classy and elegance. Awwwww!! :)For Trip, i dun have the exact price with me (my hubby yang bayarkan hari tu :)), but as far as i remember, after 20% less, the price become 750++. Try to give a look at baby cottage outlet at Subang Parade or Sungei Way (kat sini banyak sket) cause tgh SALE sekarang. Happy shopping dear!! :)

    Azi, serious u! Oman mmg kalau masuk trolley taat ngan Soleh sungguh dia. Hehe. Tapi kejap dia berdiri kejap dia duduk la. Bebas. :) yeah, kalau dah every week ade program cam kitorang ni..hehe.. haruslah hangkut yg lightweight punya. Kalau x, xlarat tol nak hangkut stroller ke hulu ke hilir :)

  14. Kekekekeke... I mmg sengaja nak perdayakan u. Tapi u mmg best! Abah pun jugak (kang x tulis kang, mulalah berdoa bagai.. :P)!!!

    Masa call semua Mothercare tuh (lembah Kelang je ye), i was asking bout MacLaren Quest Mode, mula2 hati sangkut kat yang ni.. Tapi akhirnya, Inglesina Trip won our heart! :)

    p/s: lebih dari canopy pun ada u..cemacam bebudak skrg. Kita dulu, stroller pun xde. Keta sorong adela! :)

    Izu, Iris suka baby carrier ek? Oman pun suka dulu compared to stroller.. tapi problem dia bila dia nak tido, susah sangat. Kadang sampai ngamuk2 dia lawan ngantuk dia. Hihi. 2-3 tu kejap je.. Nak let go dah ni. Ade banyak2 pun x pakai pun buat kan.. hehe

    TQ for the wish. Datuk2 and nenek2 Oman mmg semua sporting habis. Demi cucu terchentalah katakan. Hehehe

    yg i tak tahan...ade canopy kat stroller !

  15. 4 hours mmg success betul awakku Anne!!! Seronoknyer jalan jauh cenggitu.. Bagusla Imran nih. hehe. Saya dah check dah SAFE n SOUND Convertible Car Seat - Chiara tu, hmmm.. Imran punya color ape wak? Nampak menarik! boleh masuk ni!! :) hehehehe

    Nadia Dear, Recaro mmg nampak sangat tempting tapi harganya pon!!. heheheeh :) Kira Adam bolehla jugak duduk dalam stroller kan? Oman dulu mmg xkawan langsung ngan stroller..hehehe.. Now, agaknya dah besar, dah letih pandai pulak dia duduk lam stroller tu. hehe. Cuma Graco yang lama tu berat sket.. Momma x larat. hehehehe.. Nadia dah eying stroller apa untuk Adam? :) Last week kitorang gi Baby Cottage SP Inglesina stroller dah xde. Kat Sungei Way pun limited. So, sapa-sapa nak beli Inglesina, better fast!! lagi pun tgh sale.. heheheh :)

  16. Nuurill, byknya stroller Oman. leh bukak gerai nak jual balik yg lagi 2 tu.

    Hazrat punya 1st stroller Sweet Cherry, huspa suka sbb ada 3 roda. pastu baru realize, berat yg amat, tp klu duduk dlm tu selesa la..
    then huspa beli my dear punya buggy, murah je. tp ringan sgt2, klu huspa dgn hazrat kluar berdua, misti bawak buggy my dear tu sbb yg sweet cherry tak larat nak angkat.

    tp betul Nuurill, kena practice baby duduk dlm stroller dr awal lagi. huspa practice dr awal, dan Alhamdullilah, smpi skrg hazrat mmg suka duduk dlm stroller dr di dukung. selamat acikkk...hahaha..

    one more thing, try la jual strollers Oman yg lama tu dlm Mudah. misti ramai yg interested!

  17. babe! im currently using my one and only faithful Maclaren Quest Sport yang mcm u initially wanted tu! and really, its REALLY ringan & easy to navigate! i immediately fell in love with the stroller the moment i tried it out. tapi i tak penah try Trip ni lagi. Trip ni lighter than Maclaren ke u?

    btw alhamdulillah so far, aydein still bole sit still in his stroller for a few hours, kadang2 mmg sampai tertido. tapi kalau lama sgt pon, die nak mengangkat jugak. i think most babies mcm tu kot u. they get restless for sitting too long! :P

    ps : camane Armi bole jadik Kidd u?

  18. Since tahun ni saya suka color hijau.. maka sy beli color hijau ler.. heheheh.. sy beli kat kedai safe n sound kat OU.. sbb mula2 sy igt nak belo Carseat Combo Coccoro.. tp bila compare2 kat kedai tu, sy beli chiara in the end, sbb nampak lagi comfy..littlewhiz tgh buat sale for carseat tu tak silap..

  19. tp betol gal,trolley jusco lg dia suka duduk..hehe..
    thats why..tgu sale 50% tak kunjung tiba for Recaro tu..tu yg tangguh aje..hahaha(haraplah dpt disc bnyk tu!)..ada tak kedai yg bg testing..I tkt beli2 taknak duduk,dia dah besar,suka main2 kat bawah smbil change gear utk papa dia..camane?? *sigh
    ntahlah..Nadia tgk McL Volo paling murah n simple+light,aritu nyesal tak grab sale kt Mcare for Volo tu..:(,myb bila dh ready nk beli,I will do thorough check for it..Nadia pun type suka survey..:)
    think early this year I nmpk kt Baby Cottage SP..:)dah dikebas kut??

  20. Huspa, tulah, ade member Nuurill pun suh kitorang online kan kat Hopefully adelah yang minat. Sebab kalau simpan je pun..sian stroller tu. Hehe.
    Betui ckp Huspa, kene train diorang ni dul dalam stroller and car seat and baby chair..Oman mmg susah betul nak duduk diam dalam semua tu. sejak ada Oman, kitorang x penah dah makan berjemaah, mesti sorang kene pegang dia, sorang makan dulu..pastu gilir2.. hehe. Kecuali kalau hero tido..Zzzz :)

    Waa Thara, Bagusnya Aydein.. Senang nak bawa jalan-jalan. I minat Maclaren Quest Mode yang ade corak2 tu. Bila tgk Trip.. about the same.. and nama pelik sikit.. terus suka jugak. Haha. Berat dia lebih kurang dengan Quest you.. lebah pun lebih kurang :)
    p/s: hehe..tu nama manja tu. Kitorang kan suka lain dari yang lain (konon).. sayang, honey, baby, darling, semua dah ramai org guna.. Panggil Kidd mcm muda sket kot..hahahah

    Ruzanna, nak ajak Armi gi OU lah jugak. heheheh... :)

  21. Nadia, so far x jumpa lagi kedai yg leh testing dalam keta. testing duduk kat dalam kedai tu leh la kot. Hehe. Oh ye, Volo mmg the lightest stroller tau. Tapi Nuurill x berapa adore sebab dia 1 position je. x bleh nak decline or decline seat dia. Tapi kalau baby tu mmg oleh duduk diam je dalam stroller, nak tido pun x bermasalah (confirm Oman x), Volo gonna be the best choice. nak bawak gi jalan sangat senang.. ringan sungguh! :)

  22. omg nurrill! banyak sungguh! so now i know sape i nak pinjam if i travel...mine is bulky...i nak yang senang nak bawak naik flight..pinjaaaaaaaaaaaaammmm~~~~ hee

  23. wah..bestnya birthday present oman ;)
    betul tu nuuriil, kna practice oman duk dlm stroller. mcm wani, damia pun x suka gak duk dlm stroller..dia lebih suka berjalan2 n mencapai barang2 huhuu..
    tp sejak beli buggy tu dia cm suka..mmg kdg2 xnak duk jugak..meraung nk kuar tp wani buat derk je..(dalam hati mmg kesian sgt kan) tp wani dh tahu apa yg sbbkn damia meraung..bila kita berhenti utk memilih sesuatu brg tu amik ms yg lama, dia cm boring..dia suka klu stroller tu bergerak, klu wani tgh pilih barang, hubby akan bw damia pusing2, klu hubby nk pilih brg,wani lak bw damia pusing2.kalau wani kuar berdua je ngn damia, wani amik dulu brg yg wani berkenan n bawa damia pusing2 sekitar tu smbil cek brg tu,klu x nak g letak balik..hehehe..
    lagi satu bila kt rumah, kdg2 wani kuarkan buggy tu kasi damia main2..dia tolak2, pastu mintak nnk duduk dlm lama2 dia rasa cm buggy tu menyeronokkan..skrg dh xde masalah sgt klu duduk dlm stroller..kecuali klu dia mmg bosan sgt2 hehehe...

  24. hi Nurill, just to share on the carseat. imaan has been using Halford Premier Zeus Plus Convertible Car Seat since he was 10mths old. beli kat MotherCare. so far he's happy wif the carseat. dia boleh tdo sampai 3, 4jam kat carseat dia tu bila travel long distance. Halford ni sgt comfy, with 4 reclination positions. it suits baby up to 18kg. plus, imaan dpt free personal accident insurance for a year. but still x leh lwn recaro lah.. hehe..

  25. Hana, boleh aja dong! :)

    Wani, Oman so far boleh dikatakan 'pass' la duk dalam stroller baru dia. Hihi. Cumanya x lama lagi bila dia ade car seat .. mmg nak kene train la. Rasanya mmg kene buat cam wani, buat derk je if dia menangis. :)

    Shue, Nuurill ade survey yang Halford tu. Mmg comfy sangat nampak. Thanks for the suggestion dear. Skrg kene tgk budget cemana. Hihi :)



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