Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OMAN IS ONE!!! (Part 2)

That chubby lady in the photo above is me, Momma Oman. (Owh! look at my arm!! Penuh!! :() Issokay. Tunggu 2 bulan lagi. Eceh!

It was captured by Miss Diva de Vass, Mel on the day we went to Balloon Buzz Party Center , Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. It's actually a day before (memang last minute) Oman's Birthday Party that i 'forced' her to company me hunting for Oman's party items. (Abg Kaunter 12 pun ade sekali tapi dia semayang Jumaat :)) TQ bebeh!! Love ya!! Seriously, kalau u jadi PA kan, mesti boss u sayang gilerr kat u! hehe :)

Little bit on Balloon Buzz. You could find A-Z party stuffs there. Balloons, mask, hats, goodies, blower, clamper, gifts, macam-macam ada!! Be careful when you started to throw whatever things you like into the basket, You'll end up paying kacing!kacing! like me. Malu betol 2 kali kene cucuk duit ok. :p I must plan and do better listing next time. Ni x, rambang mata!! Ampun to my savings. Hehe.

It's started to be a merry night when my parents & siblings arrived in our house in Shah Alam. Though it was towards midnight when they ting tong ting tong the bell, they were so excited nak terus prepared for tomorrow's event. Thanks to Bangah's wife who was the champion blowing up the balloons. Terharu sangat... my mama kan, she dah awal2 prepare the ingredients for Mee Kari from Perak such as chicken meats, all the veges, siap dengan rencah kari babas lagi di bawaknyer dari jauh. Hehehe.. nak perli la tu ma! :). The whole goodies pack thingy, i was packing them my own. Seronok tau! Cute2 la!

Goodies pack.
Inside: mini clampers, blower, noise maker & mask. Outside:Party hat.

The next day, early morning, me and my hubby went to Pasar at Seksyen 6, Shah Alam. Selalunya, kami pegi Hero, Tesco, xpun Jusco nak beli2 barang basah ni. This time sebab nak cari kerang segar punya pasal, sampai jugak kami ke sini. Best!! Cause the veges, the fishes, meat, fruits, all memang fresh!!

After that we went to Seksyen 8 to pick Oman's Birthday cake. I was excited + plus nervous how it would look like. By the time it reached my hands and i opened the box.. Yes!!!Yes!! We love it!!! Though it's the first time for Ana to design a soccer ball cake, but she did it very very well. Perfect!! TQ Hana. :)

Image grabbed from Ana's blog. Butter vanilla(base)+moist chocolate(ball) football cake.
TQ dear for make it real!!! :)

My hubby was the AJK for party's decoration. Hehe. While the ladies were chopping and cooking in the kitchen, Him and my Bangchik turned the hall simply colorful!! yey! Muahs!

It's good when all of us were busy preparing here and there, the prince was sleeping safe and sound. Sonang Achik. Oman woke up at perfect time. 1/2 an hour before the party started.

Wajah-wajah prince charming bangun tido :)

"Ha! elo! Ha!... mana u all??".. hahahaha

At 4.30 pm, guests started to show up. We invited families, relatives and neighbors next door. Kawan-kawan next kay? :)

13.02.10 - The Little Oman!!

After all expecting guests arrived, the event started with simple speech from dadda Oman. Momma oman mmg fail bab-bab ni. So, i was just standing next to him, holding Oman and smiled. hehehe. My hubby thanked everyone for joining the party. Also expressed our loves & thanks to both his and my families for helping us full hands. Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless us, segalanya di bawah Redha Ilahi. The speech ended with my abah, Tukbah Oman, recited the doa memohon keberkatan.

Baju putih Tukbah Oman. Baju Oren Gpapa Oman.

Waktu yang dinanti telah tiba, momma brought down the cake with candles "Awww, cried the audience" (drama sket). Hehe. Oman was clapping together when all of us sang the Happy Birthday Song. Hehe, he didn't know how to blow the candles yet so me helping him. During the cake cutting, Oman was bit moody sebab his niat to cut the ala-ala ninja ditentang momma habis-habisan. Mana x nya, he was aimed to demolish the dome. Haha.

Haip!! jangan siapa berani datang dekat!! Hehe..

Then, it's makan time!!!! Many love my mom homemade Mee/Bihun Kari. Hehe, yess.. it's her signature. I hope one day i akan mendapat bakat itu. Aamin. For kids, mama sempat lagi cook prawn fried rice. Desserts we had doughnuts, cupcakes, fruits, sweets and chocs.

The group photo part was so exciting that everyone of us memang pelik2 when it comes to camera. Haha. Sangat banyak to upload in facebook, lemme share some here;

We would like to express our thanks to parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, cousins & neighbors who join us that day. Oman received banyak hadiah. Thanks to all. Also, to handsome boy Imran, Anne and Ikhwan, who came to our house the other night before ,to drop Oman's present. So sweet of you awak!! :)

Not to forget, a BIG thank you to my brother in law, Amri for being the Official Photographer and to my Bangah&Bangchik for being 2nd & 3rd photomen. :) Kelass gitew!!

Right: Adik Amri, Left: Bangchik&Bangah

The party ended with upacara membuka hadiah. Yang adults excited terlebih sebenonyer. Hehe.

Happy Birthday again, Oman!!

p/s: Dadda Oman.. OOoo.. Dadda Oman... Thank you to you too laling. This would not happened if you're not there with me. Muahs!!!


  1. comel nye oman. :)
    admire sangat dgn shawl kak nuril :D

  2. Wah merianhya bash Oman!! sgt2 cute, suka aunty tgk Oman dressing...smart n handsome spt sll..hehe...

    Happy birthday Oman! the cake sgt marvellous izu tgk..n the deco in the hall was also stunning! congrats!:)

  3. Best gile birthday party Oman! tp penat kan Nuurill? Ada birthday party Oman yang lain ke untuk kawan-kawan pulak? yes yes..suka suka..hahaha..

    huspa pon owe birthday party utk hazrat. maybe this year kot..hehee..tgk keadaan economy mcm mana. Ngeeeee...

    To Oman, happy birthday handsome! Misti confuse nak main toys yang mana sbb byk dpt present.

  4. wawee...

    beshnyer si oman dpt birthday party.
    i pon tak pernah ade birthday party (sila buat tok i pasnih) hahahahaha

    really2 like the ideas and decorations. next time nak try la hana nyer cakes since u super recommended it :)

  5. wah... sgt happening... congrats nurill, manage to organize party yg sebegitu meriah.... kek sgt cantik.... birthday boy sgt cute...

  6. omg nuurill, LOVE the bday bash! love the deco, love the house, love the ideas! thanks for the post. i mmg tgh kumpul idea & sources for aydein's bday thats coming up this May! :D

    oh oh, the cake is GORGEOUS! i think i pon nak order from her jugak lah nanti heee :D

    and u looked super beautiful too, as always! :D oman dearie, bile nak hanta cake sket dkt auntie thara ni? :D

  7. speechless tgk birthday party oman!!! =) sgt2 nice and everybody look so happy!!! =).rasa nk wat birhtday party je.hehehe kak nuuril, u look so sweet in red =).oman mestilah bertambah cute!!! lagi2 bila dier pakai spec bola tu... hehehe comel nyer!!! =)happy family!!!=)

  8. sungguh meriah! happy bday little man.....

  9. Awakku,
    You went to the right shop! saya pun beli party packs from balloon buzz.. they sell the cheapest party packs tau!..
    Honestly, Oman's party look way better than imrans.. lagi organized and full of lovely decorations.. good job awak! :)

  10. TQ all of you!!

    TQ Shakirah :) My sister in law ade jual scarf tu tau. Nanti bila dia dah onlinekan, i'll let u know k. :)

    TQ izzu.. Semua deco tu last minute plan. Nuurill pegi je beli ntah apa2.. hehe... Alhamdulillah it turned out to be successful. :) Oman biasala, momma and dadda dia punya keje. hehehehe...

    Huspa, memang penat!!! tapi enjoy. Huspa tau, mula-mula ingat nak ajak friends sekali 1 event.. tapi kira2 campur semua dekar 200 orang. Sebab Nuurill ramai kawan, Armi lagila. So, tu yang buat family dulu. Insya Allah, ade rezeki lebih sikit, ajak kawan2 pulak. :)

  11. Hihi, I went to Baloon Buzz too (tp kat dpn rumah je, @ Taipan)to get some stuff for Faaz's party dulu. Geram kan tgk all the cute2 things. Rasa nak borong je sume!

    Well done to you, Momma. Everything was perfect...I love the football theme. Nice!!
    and the birthday boy...handsome bangat!! cair aunty tau, Oman :)

    p/s: tunggu 2 bulan lagi...u pegi slimming world eh? :)

  12. Mel, u are the one who sangat good u know. Dengan adanya u bersama i, senang betul i nak buat decision. I suka giler!!!! TQ darling. Meh nanti kita organize birthday party untuk diri sendiri nak?.. x kiralah kita x sama bulan pon. wakakaka
    p/s: Kek ana sedap2 u. I dah try 1. U tryla yang lain.. nanti comment k. She'll appreciate it so much! :)

    Fidza, TQ dear. Birthday Sumayyah pun best! Suka tengok gampar dia yang macam pari-pari tu tau!! Hehe

  13. Thara, jangan puji selalu sangat..nanti i makin kembang ok!!! hahaha... TQ dear. Idea last minute macam tu lah you. kelam kabut jugak. i x plan pun nak buat theme bola.. but then bila pegi balloon buzz.. terus get the idea. Dadda Oman lagilah suka kan. :)
    Weeee.... Birthday aydein nanti mesti u excited tau nak plan!
    p/s: Nanti kalau momma oman order lagi cake, Oman post kat Auntie k. hehehe :)

    Neena, aggree with the spec. X sangka boleh jumpa spec mcm tu tau. terus je grab. Hahahaha. It's super cute!!
    TQ Neena, Oman memang comel. Momma dia biase2 je. Hehehe

    Hana, TQ Hana dearie :)

  14. Awakku.. untuk goodies pack saya mmg beli yang cheapest pack tuh. Tapi terover spent dekat ntah apa2 yang lain ntah. huhu. Saya igt cucuk rm500 cukupla.. dang!! lebih rupanya. erk!! saya over spent ker or mmg mcm tu harga organize party ek? hehehehe
    Nope wak. Imran's party was great and fun too!! saya suka sangat!!! jadi inspirasi untuk Birthday Oman. Plus the food varies!! paling hebat awak masak sendiri the kids food. 2 thumbs up wak!!!

    Hehehe.. TQ Nadine. Nak kata football theme tu sebenarnya it was unplanned. Hihi. Lepas masuk Balloon Buzz tu nampak banyak pulak items design bola.. terus got the idea. :)
    hahahahaha.. ikut hati memang nak u pegi Slimming World. I cakap 2 bulan tu nak sedapkan hati sendiri je sebenonye.. hahahaha.. Yerla.. dari 2 bulan lepas konon nak diet.. hasilnya sama je.. hehehe.

  15. Ala dear, I usik you je. InsyaAllah...tak lama lagi ade la hasilnya tu. I know u can do it. go Nuurill, go!! ;)

  16. TQ dear.. i memang memerlukan doa-doa dari semua orang.. Sedih betul..sekarang i dah boleh pakai t-shirt.. TAPI.. t-shirt my hubby!! boleh?? hahahahaha

  17. Nuuriil ~ bestnya bday party oman tu ;) utk damia pon lum buat party cmni..1st bday dia thn lepas celebrate b3 je..pastu balik kuantan nenek dia wat bday party simple2 hehe..thn ni xtaula dpt buat x..huhuu..
    Oman mmg sgt hensem on the day ;)

    P/S: baru je nk tnya soalan sama ngn nadine..hehe..tapi klu agak2 nuuriil nk g slimming world ajakla wani skali k...wani pon dah besar sgt dh ni..huhuu...

  18. Alhamdulillah..the party went smoothly..the deco superb,food pun mesti nyumnyum kan..lega momma Oman kan..??
    Adam b'day bash pun my mom masakkan mee curry,siap bwk serba serbi from Trg..kihkih..bila nak menurun ilmu nih?..:)
    neway I luv the football theme and Oman so cute..mesti lil Oman suka bola ek..??the cake sgt cute..to Hana,next Nadia nak tempah jgak..:)
    ohyea dekat Seksyen 9 pun ada Balloon Buzz jgak kan..mmg complete kat ctu..

    lastly..I tot the same way wit others..ingat Nuurill dah sign up with slimming centre..:)

  19. Hye..i suka bace blog u...& suka tgk cara u pakai shawl...very nice..:D

  20. Wani, mula2 mmg plannyer nak celebrate ber tiga je. Tapi tulah bila parents dah dekat, sanak saudara pun dekat, masing-masing dah sebut2, x sedap pulakkan.. hehe
    p/s: Wani punya besar 4 kali ganda kecik dari Nuurill Wani. Hehe. Wani xyah risau sangat, Nuurill ni ha dah mmg kene do something. Tapi, nak pegi slimworld tu belum lah lagi kot. Lainla kalau Encik Armi nak sponsor. :P. hehehe

    Nadia, mmg lah sangat lega tau. Mula2 pening jugak menu apa. Nak order kat mana. Kalau nak masak sendiri kang takut salah budget untuk ramai. Cemacamlah pikir. Mujurlah ade mama tersayang kan. Diorang lebih berpengalaman. Dah expert dah. hehe. Tulah tu, harapnya menurunlah kat kita, kalau x, wek malu yo. Hahaha.
    Balloon Buzz mmg ade dekat Shah Alam, tapi kebetulan office Nuurill dkt dgn Bangsar, so, ke sana lah jawabnyer. Mmg best!! :) Oh ye, Yeh Nadia should try Hana's cake. She got the talent.. cantek and yummy!! :)
    p/s: kekekekeke... mmg Nuurill ade plan something dear. But not slimming center la. Xde budget untuk itu. Hopefully lehla mendisiplin kan diri ni ha. :p

  21. Hello AA. Welcome and Thank you dear. So sweet of you. Do visit here again kay :)

  22. kak nuurill...kim salam kt paton..hehe

  23. Ni kawan paton ke? hihi..
    Ok Nanti jumpa akak sampaikan.

  24. Meriahhhhhnyeeeeeee ;)

    Seronok tengok party oman, well organized, colourful, and full with LOVE! ;)

    comel lah byk ball party ni.. oman tak kick ke kek ball tu nuril? hahaahah.. kalo zaim ape2 yg ball sume HARUS di tendang... ;P

  25. hehe...haah le..mase kt za'ba dlu. yg anta surat kt akk dlu tu.scret admire la konon2..ekeke ^_~ smpai paton majuk kate "akk aku pn x bg alamat uia die kt aku"..hihihi
    paton jgk yg cite psl duit syiling jatuh golek2 kt ade kaki sorg mamat tu..pastu tetttt..ngeee agkny hsband akk la kot..hihi

  26. Zura, Kalau Oman sampai panjat meja tu, confirm dah kena kick jugak cake tu rasanya. Tapi dia ni asal dapat je pegang pisau kek, ha , mulalah nak bersamurai. hahaha.. Kalau boleh dia nak cincang2 kek tu tau. Tu yang muka dia moody sket tu masa potong kek.
    TQ dear, Nanti birthday your boys mesti meriah jugak!! :)

    Liyana, hehehehe.. Owh! malunyer akak pasal citer wit syiling tu... but yes he is, he is my husband now. :) Bagi akak apa yg terjadi tu adalah sangat miracle. hehe.
    Well, liyana ade contact paton lagi x? dia rajin study wo sekarang. Almaklumla best student. Hik. Rajin2 la singgah blog akak lagi k. and thank for admiring me once dulu. ahaks!! :)

  27. hehe...skrg pn still admiring lagi.. xtau la mane pegi surat akk tu..hehe n x sngka jgk akak keje kt tm jgk..hihi..sungguh cantik la kakak paton ini..ngeee ~ ade hrpn dpt mcd x?...ekeke ^_~
    bkn stkt wit syiling je.mcm2 die cite psl kakak die yg sorg ni.syg sgt kt kakak die :)
    x cntact la paton. lame da x jmpe.die ade fb x?

  28. Wonderful...colourful...Selamat Hari Lahir Buat Oman, semoga Oman membesar sebagai anak yg soleh...Amin !

  29. Happy Belated Besday to encem boy Oman!!..

    Nurill...aimy pon duk terngidam nak wat football theme for eimran besday nanti...pasai kat sini jersey budak2 murah...boley la ingat nak sponsor anak2 buah + close fren sepasang sorang jersey tu..(opss..mommynadia jgn perasan k..) mak ngan bapak die tak minat football pon actly...

    anyways...overall the party looked well organized..cayalah momma oman!!

  30. perfect birthday party! sangat best tgk all of the pics specially the birthday boy :).



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