Wednesday, February 10, 2010


2 days ago, i received a call from Jakarta that made me half paralyzed. Someone informed that me & my boss were requested to attend a meeting at Bandung on 11 to 12 Feb 2010. I should depart on 10th and coming back on 13th. Oh No!!!!

10 FEBRUARY 2010??
It's my Little Man's day!! I 'm supposed to be with him, right? Maybe for some people it doesn't matter. No! it does for me!It's gonna be his 1st. Mothers, u all know how is the feeling!

13 FEBRUARY 2010??
It's the day we plan for a family gathering to celebrate his birthday. Takkanla all the preparations i have to let my hub, my parents, my in-laws to handle alone kan? Takkanla...

I did ask my boss, "do we still need to go?"
"Can i excuse this time?.. it's my son Birthday on 10th!". (yang ni i tanya dalam hati)
My boss told me that it's an important meeting. it's a 'Maybe'.

Yesterday, we had a conference call with the other party. 1 of the agenda was to discuss about that meeting. I was berdoa all the way that nasib menyebelahi i. Even my hubby, an hour before the, he texted me; "Good news or bad news?". Gosh! i know he's also hoping that his wife would be by his side, together celebrating our son birthday.

Due to short notification, i was informed that management are unable to secure our internal approval, thus unable us to attend the meeting. As a way forward, it is proposed that the meeting to continue via tele-conference. Phew!! Berkat doaku, doa Kidd, Berkat doa Melin and mr H! :)

So here am i today. On my son's birthday. I am around. Alhamdulillah!! :)

Dear my son, Roman Anaqhi,
Happy 12 months, Happy 1 year old!!

Momma is so happy that we could celebrate it together-gether.

I promise you,
I'll try hard to be the best momma for you to proud of.
I promise you,
I'll improve myself in every aspect, dunia and akhirah, so that you gonna see in front you, the best example to follow.
I promise you,
I'll love your dadda forever (eh tetibe :p)

If momma fails to be the best,
I want u to know that i'll never stop trying.

and one day, If momma's not around you,
whenever you need me so much, remember,
my pray is always there with you, baby.

Love u too much!!

Today's morning. Playing. :)

Happy 1 year old, Oman Chan! :)

p/s: I know one day i have to face it though. Where i was somewhere, not attending him. His first day at school? his 5th birthday? his graduation? ... i leave it all to the Almighty. He knows best.


  1. happy birthday oman dear :). dah setahun aunty baca cerita psl oman rupanya. cepat betul :).

    nuril, hadif pun ada satu pics cam oman tu. ahahaha. but hadif with the letters "HF".

  2. babe, your entry this time brought tears to my eyes! especially your message to oman.. sighs. sgt touching ok. :) (mula lah nak buat drama hindustan ni!) :P

    anyways. im glad u were there for oman's first birthday! nanti upload loads and loads of pictures of oman's 1st birthday celebration tau! and for the little man, happy birthday boy! may u grow to become a smart, and good son to your parents, and a good muslim to the society!

    ps : bile nak buat gathering with all the mamas pulak? :P

  3. Phew, nasib baik ye xjd gi Bandung..tak dpt izu byg kn klu Nuurill tade on Oman's big 1 day smlm..mst Nuurill sedih punye. Tp Alhamdulillah momma ada dcc Oman chan kn....hihi.

    Happy birthday Oman!mst dpt hadiah byk nih!;)

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Oman..:)
    Be a good boy to ur momma and dadda..

    Terharu sungguh baca Nuurill punye wish kat Oman..
    Sedih and sayu rase..
    Nadia pun selalu remind myself to be better mother…!!

  5. happy birthday oman syg..
    dah setahun dah tapi aunty still tak dpt nak jumpe oman ni

    asik dok tgk gamba2 yg super duper comel sajo :(

    (nuril...tak reti2 ke nak bwk oman dtg ofis?) heheehhehehe

    yes...doa i and Mr h akhirnya ditunaikan...have a blast party this sat!

  6. happy birthday oman! ;)
    menten cute ye...

    nuril mase zaim first birthday pun zura ade company trip to bali, so memang reject je dengan tekad hati... demi untuk bersama anak tercinta.. priceless!!! ;)

  7. hi Che' Dee, TQ for the wish. TQ for reading my blog too. Hehe. Tulah dah setahun dah ha. Cepatnyer masa.. :)
    hadif pun ada gamba dengan puzzle mat tu? Oman mmg suka cabut2 benda tu. Suka makan huruf pun yer. ish ish ish.. hehe

    Thara, it's my true feeling. Things now happen in a way that we are not expected. I want Oman to be ready to face anything when he grows up. So, nak bentuk dia, i la yang kene berubah dulu kan? Sebab momma Oman ni byk kelemahan ni. :)
    TQ for the wish dear!!!!
    p/s: eh, i'm really looking forward for another gath with mamas. Awakku & Nadia, bila?? hehehe :)

  8. Izu, TQ :) Nuurill sangat takut kalau kene 'paksa' pegi hari tu. Serius x sanggup. :( Nasib baik x jadi. yey!!!
    Hihi.. hadiah Oman momma x beli pun lagi. So far, dia dah dapat fews from atuk2 and nenek2 dia. hehehe.
    Ha, lepas ni Iris pulakkan?.. cepatnyerrrrr kan masa berlalu. :)

    Nadia, Oman kata TQ. Hehe. Bila dah ibu, kita semua mesti rasa nak jadi yg terbaikkan untuk diorang. Nuurill doa kita semua dimakbulkan. Aamin. :)

  9. Melin, TQ for the doa!!!!! and sorry sebab i u all x dapat makanjauh sikit hari tu, tet!! hehehe :)

    i mmg nak bawak Oman gi opis. Habis dia kemas meja u nanti. Jangan nak meletops pulak nanti ok! hahaha. Tq for the wish to Oman bebeh :)

    Hi Zura, Kalau mmg diberi option yes or no, memang nuurill pun cakap no. hehe. Tu yang berdoa supaya diberikan option tu. Alhamdulillah. :)
    TQ for wish Auntie Zura -Oman-

  10. Happy First Bday Oman ;)
    Sib baik xjadi pegi kan nuuriil? phewww...
    Jgn lupa upload byk2 n cepat2 gmbr bday party oman ;)

  11. Alhamdulillah!! so glad for u, babe:)

    Happy Belated Birthday Oman cayang. Smoga jadi anak yg soleh. May u grow wiser, healthier, happier and handsome as ever. Ameen.

    Oman cenyum banyak2 masa besday party ok, nnti suh momma upload gamba Oman banyak2 tau..aunty and Faaz nak tgk! hihi..

  12. sib baik kan nurill... kalau tak, leh meroyan nurilll kat sana... oman maintain kewl n relax je...

    oman, eppi bestday dr cumayyah cekeluarga...

  13. Happy Brithday Oman....and Nuurill, u r the best Mom. We will always pray for U did for us!

  14. Happy Birthday Little Man!

    Syahdu gile la msg Nuurill kat Oman. Make sure he reads this when he knows how to read tau. Sgt2 menyentuh perasaan.

    Semoga kita semua menjadi parents yang menjadi contoh pada anak-anak.

  15. hai kak nuuril... geram tgk oman!!! =) comel + cute sgt!!! happy belated birthday oman =).
    Bc post akak kali ni rasa sebak jer =(. untung oman ada parent cam kak nuuril n abg armi.semoga terus berbahagia selalu!!! =)
    happy party!!! =)

  16. Hepi bisday Little Man...Wah..dah besar skrg..bila nak carik menantu? ekeke.

    Syukur..U dpt bersama2 celebrate Oman's birthday. I'm happy for you babe. I doakan u dapat bersama Oman slm semua perkara penting dalam hidup dia.

  17. cik jannah memang tetinggal kapal la baru arini cik jannah dapat wish hepi belated beday ;)! moga terus membesar jadi anak yang soleh, cergas, cerdas, bijak dan pintar yang bakal menggembirakan hati momma n dadda, dunia n akhirat ek...luv u oman!

  18. apy besday oman.mesti best kan dapat celebrate besday anak kan...:)

  19. Salam all TQ for the wishes. Sorry Nuurill lambat betul reply all the comments.. sangat2 busy mengalahkan perdana menteri. :) Anyway, Birthday Oman hari tu berjalan lancar. Syukur sangat Nuurill dapat celebrate his birthday. Alhamdulillah. Nanti Nuurill blog about it ok. Nak upload gambar pun nak sempat lagik ni ha. Hehe

  20. me too..
    so touching reading ur msg to Oman...
    sob..sobbb... :'(

  21. TQ maniscinta..Let's share the feeling together.. huuuu



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