Monday, September 24, 2012



Salam and Hello everyone.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had a day off. A few colleagues and I  made a 2 hours trip to Jatujak weekend market and 3 hours in Mega Bangna Shopping mall. No photos of those places at all. Boo me!!

Naaah.. I did bring my camera.... but what did not was the SD card. *wipe tears*. hehe. Clumsy pot pot again!!!

Wau! Jatujak market was really a place for shoppers. I even see people carrying huge luggage bag to store what they purchased. Em Gee!! Just name anything that you want, they are there! Sapa-sapa nak buat bisnes boleh la datang sini. :)

Anyway, it's good to reach this market as early as possible. At noon, this place would be very pack and you have to bear the traffic of the crowd & heat of the weather. By the way, it's now raining season in Bangkok which usually falls in the evening, you better plan your movement early. Don't forget to bring your umbrella. :)

Mega Bangna was next. Located quite near to the International Airport, this shopping mall is special as it is attached to the most popular Swedish home furnishing solutions, IKEA. We had lunch at Mega Bangna food court, The Food Republic. Here where i noticed a couple of super positive routine practiced by most Siamese;

1.  Drink plain water. (Mamat2 hensem pun selamba je bawak botol air k. Cool aje nengokkan)
2. Eat ulam (even with mee/meehoon/steak) - I ordered prawn fried meehoon and they gave me ulam jantung pisang and taugeh as sides. Wah lau wei!  :)

No wonder they have a very good skin. :)

And i immediately promised myself, that  I'm going to exercise this routine (drink a lot of plain water, and eat ulam/vege a lot) not only when I am in Thailand, but also when i got back to Malaysia and no matter where i go. Insya Allah! For better skin and healthy body! :)

Okaylah u ols. Jomla kita hidup secara sihat bersama-sama Jom!

Dengan Ucapan,

Jangan lupa baca Bismillah dulu sebelum tu. :)



  1. hahahahaha.... kenapa kat sini, susah nak cari ulam?.... haih

  2. Nak pergi Bangkok jugak please? huhu.. Maybe if I go there then I can develop this habit of eating ulam too.. which is not my thing. Unlike Shahir. Dia mmg hantu ulam.. haha..

  3. Bab Ulam mmg sentiasa sejak teens - my favourite sayur kot. Tapi bab plain water tu, masa bfeed je sgt discipline. lepas tu back to old habit. asik terlupa nak minum je :(

  4. Fidza:
    Rasanya tak susah kot. Tapi kita yang tak rajin pergi pasar. tett! hahahahahah :)

    Ajak shahir datang. Oh my! shopping! :) I suka jugak ulam dear tapi takla semua. You cuba yang paling tak hardcore dulu such as TIMUN :). Masa pregnant kan Oman.. I ratah timun dengan tomato mcm makan twisties. hahaha :)

  5. Nadie:
    samala. Kadang-kadang lupa. Tapi mujur i memang dah biasakan hari-hari untuk bring a bottle of warm water with lemon to office. letak depan mata. Insya Allah tak lupa, hihi. :)



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