Saturday, January 31, 2009


I had my 37th week doc visit today. Congratulations to the little man as he has achieved his full term!! Horay! :)

Check-up results were good for both momma and baby. My baby gained another 0.2kg from last week which makes him now 2.8kg. It's on par!! :) He is estimated to be delivered between 3 to 3.5 kg weight. Okla. Senang sket kot nanti i nak push. Hihi. Momma pulak, i lost 0.5 kg from last week, but it's still ok. Overall, from the 1st day i knew that i'm pregnant, until today, i dah naik 10 kg. Hihi.

I had my cervix checked and was told that I was 0 cm dilated! Hehe..maknanya belum lagi lah masanya. Fuhh.. it's not that i don't want him to cepat-cepat keluar, tapi my mindset dah stick to 18th Feb. :) If it's earlier pun, seminggu sebelum la kan..hehe bolehtak??
Cemana pun, doc adviced, althought i haven't feel any contractions yet, i should be aware from now on or to be specific from 4th Feb, that it could be anytime ok!!!! :) So i said, "OK doc", and my heart masa tu dup! dap! dup! dap! takut nih..mujur ada si suami cam cool and so supportive!!. Eheh..terlembikla pulak. :)

Next visit is next week Saturday (7th Feb 09). Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! :) Ntah sempat ntah tidak ek. Hihi.


Well well well! Dengan bangganya i berjaya fulfilled aktiviti melipat and mengiron baju little man.
To be frank, dalam banyak-banyak kerja..mengironla i paling kureng sket.. so that could be the reason why i took 5 hours to finish them. Heheh. Lembap sungguh! :)

Another achievement was, my hospital bag + little man diapers bag has been 99% packed. (Eventhough xde dalam list semalam). Wehoo!!! ape x nyer, since everyone dok cakap mcm ni;
- Mr Hubby: "Hello Bi. Wat per tu? Ok tak? Ada rasa ape-ape tak? Baby aktif-aktif tak?"
- My parents and siblings: "Kak Yung! dah sakit-sakit lom? Kamu jaga-jaga tau. Ape-ape call ok!"
- My parents in law: "Nuurill ok? It's getting nearer, take care tau!"

- Irma: "K.nuurill gerak byk sangatla! Nak suruh baby keluar cepatla tu! :)"

- Peah: "Dah start cuti lom ni?...cepat ah beranak!"
(baru diedit..hehe)
- Prima: "Dup Dap Dup Dap! Miya mesti tgh berdebar-debarkan?"
- Chris: "Hi Nuurill, how are you keeping? Any sign shows yet?"
made me think that i should be prepared by anytime. Cuak seh! lagipun mmg dah patut pack dah kan..:)

So, as a proof, i took pictures jugak. Eksen sikitla kan :)

Oh ya! about ubat-ubatan during confinement, i finally decide to use Nona Roguy. I think Sendayu Tinggi pun good tapi ntah, my heart mcm directs me to try NR more. Lagipun, my hubby's aunty ade membership, so leh dapat cheaper sket :) Tomorrow i'm gonna meet Aunty Norehan at U One Futsal, get her membership card and by early next week, i should have it already!!


Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's 5 pm now. I do nothing!!!!. My eyes are glued to the TV since this morning.. tapi show kat tv xdela best pon.. Oh no! inila yang dinamakan penyakit M. MALAS. Hehe. There's a mountain of little man clothes which i should lipat, konon-konon my yesterday's wish list for today la kan..hihi.
Sorry yer baby, nanti momma lipat ok :)
Erkk..nanti tu bila?? Okla okla, momma put it into my tomorrow's wish list pulak :P

To do list (300109)
- Lipat baju-bajuan little man (HARUS!)
- Beli set obat for confinement period.
(But i haven't decide yet..which should i take. Nona Roguy or Sendayu Tinggi ek?) hmmmmmmm...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Haaaa...Since i'll be off working til Sunday, i'm gonna do some mommaholic activities starting today!

Owh actually, it's started yesterday (270109), where me and my hubby unpacked all the plastic and paper bags of what we bought for the little man so far, and organized them ok ok la. :) Here are some pics before and after the kejadian.


Back to today...
Early in the morning, dgn semangatnye, i did laundry to all baby clothes, blankets, swaddler, binder, hats and bonnets, towels, mittens and booties. Ahhh.. letih jugak rupenyer..but when i hung them just now, they looked so cool! cute they are. So, i took my camera and snapped them. Ade 2 phase. 1st phase, all white colors baju-bajuan and 2nd phase, colors baju-bajuan. Pics are below;

Fuuh... masa tengah tulis this i baru je lepas angkat all the baju-bajuan yg dah kering. So i just left them on bed.. Bila nak lipat? that's tomorrow's target!!!


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