Friday, April 24, 2009


Fuhhhhh... after spending 2 hours surveying about nursing cover from various page, i finally found 2 pages that caught my heart. Still pening nak pilih yang mana.

But lemme first clarify why i need this.
Well, I am not really expert nursing in public. I only have few nursing tops which i wear them at every outing. If i dun wear them, I don't want end up with ada yang mata terbeliak sebab nampak my 'tuuutttt'!!!. Sungguh x malunyer i!! Even x pernah terjadi so far, but eloklah ianya diresolve sebelum it really happens. :).

Until today, top2 kesayanganku (yg xde button kat depan) masih elok tergantung di wardrobe x berpakai because of this. I miss them so much. Ditambah pula, sometimes, bila angin datang, Little Man refuses to drink my milk from bottle. Nak yang itu jugak. At this moment, my eyes will melilau-lilau cari suitable port/mother room, but kadang-kadang belasah je kat mana-mana sebab si Little Man dah menangis-nangis kuat x sabar-sabar. So, maybe nursing cover can help me to cover ape yang patut ;P

I've gone through few pages and the main criteria that i was looking for -> the design and pattern. It must be cantik di mataku & hubby. Mata orang lain xkisah. :) So kedua-dua calon adalah;

Owh it has several corak yang memang menawan hati!! This brand is the most widely worn nursing covers in US. It's from US online. I tried to search if any Malaysian online sells this brand but failed. Anybody who knows, trigger me ya. If this is chosen i'd go for Yoko Print.

This one also not bad. It could be blanket, nursing cover and bag. Few patterns are available and I fall in love with Rory.


  1. ohh.. i love the 2nd one! style....

  2. *Nodding* :)
    I'm thinking the same. Ok now;

  3. ibu2 dalam gambar kat atas tu single lagi tak?

  4. nuuril, try bf oman on the way off to the mall. i usually do this and i will also tell my heydi, "Nenen kenyang2 dgn mama tau, coz kita nak jln2 lps ni.." she seems to get it and no fuss at all masa jln2kat mall ;)


  5. Hi Syiqah,
    I'll try that. Thanks ya. I think it may works for short outing. :)

    But i do still need this for long journey of outing/holiday. But if Oman can stand longer, lagi bagus :)

  6. Nurill, i bought one of those before i gave birth tapi sampai A'mmar dah 5 bulan, i only used once. Sebab nya sangat leceh ok. Plus you do not need to spend money just on that because kan ada shawl. And the weather in Malaysia sangat tak mengizinkan baby untuk bernafas di bawah pocho tu.

    Most of the time bila nak ke mall, ill brestfeed hin bila dah nak sampai (itu of ade driver). If im alone, before keluar rumah ill breastfeed him. If the mall ada nursing room, bila A'mmar nak susu i just go and if the mall tak ada nursing room, i just duduk tepi and put on my shawl and breastfeed him.
    Lantak la org nak pandang ke tak sbb we are breastfeeding. Jangan malu malu babe. Be proud yarr..Hihihihi

  7. Nuurill..cantiknyer nursing cover tu sume..but if me, i like the last one..stripy n colourful gtu..hehe...

    Baguih ni izu dh biasa cover ngan sweater or bby blnket jer...heee..

  8. Hi Hana,
    Hehehehe... i memang berbangga sgt bf ni. Selalu tu i x bawak la pulak shawl ke blanket ke. Tu yang kadang-kadang risau jek org ternampak :p Betoi jugak kalau guna shawl je...tapi hatiku sudah terpikat. Xperla beli 1 je...kekeke :p

  9. Hi Izu,
    Kalau Nuurill pun, Nurill berat kat yg no 2 tu. Stripes dia colorful and concept :)
    Nuurill beli la je kot 1..see whether it's practical or not to me :P

  10. Nurill, ok ok. Buy Buy!!! hahahah..nanti post up your photo k

  11. Cantik NC tu, blogs sis pun nampak kemas. Ibu-ibu yang nak cari NC boleh jugak visit Tq sis.



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