Saturday, April 25, 2009

UP, UP, and AWAY

I am in the middle of my 2 boyfriends now :D.
On my left, BIG man's sleeping soundly and on my right, Little man's just got back to sleep again in his cot after milk-milk time. I am so grateful to have them in my life. Love them!!

I am not yet sleepy. Siang nanti kalau mengantuk padan muke i. :p
We are actually in my in laws house. Everyone's here. Mama, abah, irma, adik and us.

But soon, at 4.30 am, my hubby and his bro, adik will make a move to Batu Pahat. Photography jobs for solemnization and reception events to catch there. Congrats to Zen and his soon wife-to-be, Nur Ilyana (aik, sama namala pulak :)). And to Kidd and adik, have a safe journey pegi & balik, and shot fantastic pics ok. 7.00am pulak, my MIL who is a teacher has to go to school. Not sure what's ocassion the school organised on Saturday. Then my FIL will checkout for his weekend routine, golfing. Irma also will not be at home as she works on Saturday.
SIGH..... me and Oman will jadi penunggu rumah until late evening when everyone's back. :)

So, i'm thinking of what's new activity to introduce to Oman. He is now 2 months old, week 3. He is getting more and more excited to learn about the world now. Thanks to my fav consultant, BabyCenter for the idea. Me and Oman are going to play Up, Up and Away.

"As your baby gains control over his body, he loves games that involve "flying" through the air. Guide him through new maneuvers (and give yourself a workout) with this dynamic ground-crew exercise.

Skills developed: gross motor
What you'll need: no equipment necessary

Start by sitting up with your knees bent, positioning your baby with his tummy against your shins. Then, holding him steady, lie back on the floor, simultaneously raising your legs slightly into the air. Your shins, with your baby lying comfortably atop them, should be parallel to the floor. If you can spare the breath, say, "Airplane up, up, and away" as your little one rises into the air. Depending on your level of fitness, you can zoom him around by moving your legs forward and back and side to side before bringing him in for a landing."

I still remember that I used to play this with my abah when i was kid. Budak-budak memang suka. Oman baru 2 bulan...xtaula dia suka ke idak..hehehehe. Hopefully he will enjoy the fun.
Jangan momma dia yang syok sendiri sudah. :D


  1. hai nurill...waa..mesti best kan bile dpt buat cenggitu dgn oman..rase bahgia kalo dia senyum lebar or dgr kekek kekek gelak..
    asmaa kalo di ayun2 mmg mengekek dia gelak sampai ngences ngences..hihih good luck ek!

    p/s:i link ur blog ek..;)

  2. hi Jannah. :)
    best!! Oman masih tido ni..jap lagi dia bangun, try game ni. Takut dia gayat jer..hihihi

  3. ok cakap kat Oman...

    hari senin - makan sedap
    hari selasa - UEFA cup.
    hari Rabu - Satow
    hari Khamis - Wira Tangkis( bukan bulu tangkis)
    hari jumaat - futsal
    hari sabtu - tengok bola
    hari ahad - chill.

    boleh ganti uncle. Uncle Peah dah tak larat dah nak follow time table nih!!!

  4. wakakaka.......
    bulu tangkis?? malu giler momma oman.
    jangan citer kat sesape plis!!! :D

    Oman boleh je ganti uncle peah tapi yg pengsan nanti momma dia..

    minumla power root, uncle!:)

  5. :) sure Oman loves it..kte pon bley syok..apalagi babies. ye tak? heheee.

  6. He loves it so much! :)
    Siap xnak stop lagi..padehal dia dah penat..hihihi



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