Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#sketch #byRomanAnaqhi

My 3 years and 9 months old Little Kidd, Oman, is currently having an ultimate passion in sketching/drawing.

We bought a rim of A4 paper for the printer at home but end up Oman took it all to draw. :)

What's cute abut this Little Kidd, is that we think that he have BALANCE talent from his Dadda and Momma. Of course the drawing part he got from his Dadda, and what he got from his Momma is the "pot-pot" (read: clumsiness) . =D Every time he wanted to draw, he would forget where did he last keep the pencil/pen he  used before that. He would then chase each and everyone at home to look for his stuff, especially to momma, until it is being delivered to his hand. 

Dah la Cari sendiri tak mau. Kekwat sangat!!   (kekwat tak tau ikut sapa :P)

What ever he draws is precious to us, even he draws a worm :p thus, we do keep each and every of his artwork. I plan to frame some of them, and bound the rest to be his milestone booklet. To those who follow me on Instagram (@mommaholicSuri) you might know that I do captured and uploaded some of his latest drawing, hashtag #sketch #byRomanAnaqhi. 

When i got back from Muscat, Oman excitedly showed me some of his artwork during my one week absence. Wow!

His version of human. The most left is jumping high :)

Front View of either a lorry or a bus

Never forget to draw Volkswagon Combi. Front View. His most favorite of all time :)

Another Combi :)

A bus.
A Milo Van :)
Hard Rock Guitar.
More and more front view of a Combi
How he visualised a Coconut Three. (Among my favourite :))
Front View of Pn. Nabira (Plat No. ikut suka hati. haha)
Front view of Suzuki Swift

Our house :)

And as a trade to the Oman Air mini-Aircraft i bought for him as a present, Oman quickly get a paper, a pen and draw this;

Good Job, dear. Can you see his drawing?
Let me re-post it;

Tadaaa.. :)

Since that Oman has came out with few more Aeroplane drawings. 

I think he imagined how the plane looks like before departure with stairs and all :)

Macam Jet pejuang pun ada. hihi

EEFFGGGH Aeroplane. :)

He drew this after he learned how to spell ABU. :P

My husband and I are not able to predict until when Oman will pursue this passion but DEFINITELY we will keep encouraging and supporting him :)
We love art too! 

Saaaaaayang, Oman! :)

Till then, daaaaaaaa. :)



  1. WoW!

    Good job Oman!

    my 2.7 yo girl pun suka sangat melukis.tapi takda la sampai comel macam Oman.

    currently pandai lukis bas.

    kalau nak hantar Oman pergi art class,ajak la anak I.Kikikiki.


  2. Impressive. it's in the blood, indeed! ;)

    Keep up the good work, Oman! :)

  3. Oman! You are so sweet smart handsome that take my heart away!

  4. Lucky boy with a creative dad and a supportive mom ;)

  5. I think you should compile all the drawings and frame it.

    so cute la little oman.

    u pernah try tak suh die lukis gamba u n armi?

    must be so schweet.

  6. am super duper impressed! kagum kagum oman boleh lukis to that extend. sampai to the very tiny little details pun dia lukis.

    good job oman, harap2 success sampai besar nanti :).

  7. He's really talented nuurill! And looking at his age, it's just amazing! If ever he sells his drawings, i will buy one for keeps. :) terer la oman :D

  8. very creative boy u have there. and soooo cute...

  9. Wow! that's impressive for a little boy like him. I'm sure the parents' encouragement has motivated and will motivate him to be better!

    nice finding fellow mommy bloggers here :) me and my little boy we're newbies ;p

  10. Hi Huda (;

    Memang ramai yang suggest suruh hantar Oman pergi class so I am thinking of enrolling him Next Year, Insya Allah. Still survey what classes or school, transportation..semua tu. Nanti I'll let you know k. Mana tau Oman and your daughter boleh satu sekolah. hihi :)

  11. Salam Izu,
    - -

    TQ very much for your sweet compliment.

    Aunty Su yang gorgeous,
    - -

    Your daughter take my heart away too. Ehh!! haha :)

  12. Aunty YunaYuni (,

    Syukur alhamdulillah. Amin. TQ Aunty. :)

    Melin ku sayang (,
    I takut nak suruh dia lukis gambar kitorang berdua. I takut tak boleh menerima kenyataan. U tak tengok dia lukis bibik cemana. hahahahahah :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Che Dee (,

    Alhamdulillah and TQ so much. Amin for your Dua. So far mmg passion Oman to drawing sangat-sangat tinggi. He could remember all the details. Some says we should enroll him to drawing class. Kitorang tgh kaji-kaji. :)

  15. Dear Suria (

    Awwww.. that is so so sweet. Terharu I. Oman lukis as a hobby now but dunno lah in future if he really serious. Momma dia okay je nak tolong jagakan gallery. hahahaha. AMin.

  16. Salam Masherna Mustafa (,

    TQ so much dear. and you have a beautiful family too. :)

  17. Hi, just stumble upon your blog. Love the drawings. and the other cute stuff you do with oman. :)


  18. nak tahu pasal Collagen Powder yg sgt superb, jom ke blog kami..



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