Thursday, October 18, 2012


Al-Bustan. That was the place we had our dinner last Sunday's evening.

Super breathtaking! :)
Photo Courtesy of Google

We reached there quite dark so i didn't manage to capture all those life magnificent view of Al-Bustan with my camera..  :p.

The most not-blur photo captured that night out of others. Imagine the rest. haha.

I am definitely would love to come to Muscat again, and witness those beautiful beach and mountain  and definitely get my own focused photo. :)

If there is next time in Muscat, I would really love to explore more of its famous market, The Muttrah Souq.
Muttrah Souq
Omani at Souq
Because of tight schedule, we only manage to visit this market for half an hour slot. Jangan tidak ye dok?

Souvenirs, silvers, textiles (those that i had discovered and I believe many more could be found there) that represent Omani culture. Kindly prepare some Omani Riyal and bargaining skill. :)

The same evening,  our amazing host brought us to visit Al-Alam Palace too.

They told me that these 2 palaces, Al-Alam and Al-Bustan are where official ceremonies like the Coronation of  The Sultan is held.

Syukur. We had a great dinner that evening, we also covered 3 must visit places in Muscat,  courtesy of the host. Thank you so much!

Well. I'm gonna get to pack my luggage now. Yes, I'm coming home ..coming home.. tell the world I'm coming... home :)

So, its a farewell to Muscat, Oman. A beautiful, clean, organize, developing country. The citizens here are nice too. Thank you to the host for your kind hospitality. :)

Till then, i see youall later k.



  1. yey... balik malaysia, boleh jumpa oman chinta hati pulak... :)

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  3. the views...breathtaking sungguh. ur one lucky person lah babe. travel all over the world! :)

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  5. Fidza and Nadine:
    Sorry sangat dah lapan tahun baru nak reply comment you all. negara Oman sangat cantik!! tapi seminggu je cukupla.. pastu kena balik nak jumpa Oman chan pulak. hihi :)

  6. Oman ,Muscat is a beautiful country and perfect place for vacations last time I have visited with my friends it was a great fun Hope I will come again by Next month.



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