Sunday, October 14, 2012


Salam and a very good Good Morning.

It's 7.30 am now  (4 hours behind Malaysia) and my third day here on my son's land, Oman =D  for another working assignment. Just whatsapp the boys in Malaysia and they're having a good Sunday breakfast. Aww! :)

Look at that!! Subhanallah. I snap this just before the aircraft arrived Seeb International Airport
Merasa jugak Momma naik kapal terbang kamu, nak. :)

Part of Seeb Airport

Owh what a nice blue sky

Community advice. :)

In Oman, Saturday and Sunday are not weekend. Weekend falls on Thursday and Friday. Thus, momma gonna have to work today, bebeh. :)

It is foreseen that I'll not be having much time to visit this country. Remember i was sent here for working? That's the main responsibility right. :) (Today's Subh prayer, I prayed that Mr Chairman will end one of the meeting day at 5.30pm sharp, so that we can go to the Souq. hihi).

Anyway, there's a hypermarket nearby the hotel known as Lulu where Kak Marina and I had spent a visit on the first day here. Tempat ni ala-ala giant / tesco kat Malaysia. A friend of mine who lives in Dubai (Hi Ana Zainuddin!! :) ) , told me that Lulu is a place for Asian. No wonder i saw so many Filipinos, Indian, Indonesian shop the groceries in there. And No wonder i saw Indo Mee and Ayam Brand Sardin!. :).

Apple Fuji , about ~RM4.50 per kilogram

My traveling partner. Kak Marina Comel!! :)

Mineral Water, Plums and Cadbury Roses

Add caption

Tentatively, there will be Welcome Dinner tonight but it all depends on the progress of the meeting. If time permits we gonna have it at a very beautiful & special place in Muscat!!! I can't tell you now until it happens.

alalala banjerrr :)



  1. owh, sangat terharu melihat "oman air" ittew...

  2. teringat masa mula2 u perkenalkan roman anaqhi into the world as Oman. Terus teringat pasal negara Oman. Sampai jugak u ke sana kan. Mesti Oman bangga je tgk photo2 u yg penuh dgn nama dia :)

    tell us more abt Oman. I have very limited knowledge abt it :)

  3. Fidza:
    Terharu betul Fidza. Kat Seeb Airport banyak betul kapal terbang anak i. hahaha :)

  4. Nadine:
    I pun tak sangka i dapat chance to visit Sultanate Of Oman. Syukur sangat. Cantik you Oman ni. The gunung ganag, the Gulf, sangat2 menakjubkan!! I hope ona day i can bring Oman here. :)

    Insya Allah I'll blog more about OMan. I sebenarnya tak banyak chance nak visit pun.. most of the time dalam hotel sebab meeting.. tak pun i pegi Lulu hypermarket kejap beli roti. hihi

  5. pls update more bout oman sis...what a very beautiful place..masyaAllah..

  6. faraMommyUmayr,
    Insya Allah, dear. If time permits ya! :)



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