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As i mentioned before, the main reason of my excitation to this show was to give my full support to a friend of mine, NELISSA HILMAN. Allow me to give a piece of introduction to this beautiful young designer;

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Nelissa Hilman graduated in Chemical Engineering before attending the Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, Italy where she studied shoe-making. While she has always wanted to study design, like many parents, thought practically should come first. Even thought it seemed like a constraint at the time, she is grateful that her background in engineering has turned out to be instrumental in her approach to design. She believes that design is in everything we make, but it's also between those things - it's a mix of craft, science, storytelling and philosophy.

She is passionate about her role as the CEO (or rather Chief Energy Officer) for Nelissa Hilman Fine Shoes as she is working towards her debut women footwear collection and strives to make her brand appealing and unique, finding the balance between art and science.

"I love what i do. I love the craft of shoe-making. I want to celebrate its traditions at the same time as i push forward the boundaries"

Nelissa Hilman fine shoes is created for sophisticated adults who are not drawn to extremes, but rather an urge to refine classic silhouettes to perfection.

I am sure once your read her website;, you will be blown away by her journey in shoe-making and falling in love with her productions. Launching in the market, i dream to get one! :)

First pair of handmade shoes by Nelissa Hilman

I personally love this one. Nell, how much?? =D

Me and Nell. Satu ketika dulu :)
My friend is a designer now!!

I'm so proud of you, Nell! :)

So now, let's resume the photos from the BDA/MIFW showcase 2011 with....

WanPa & Nelissa Hilman Fine Shoes

Love Love Love Nalissa Hilman shoes collections!!
and WanPa collections are great too!

Noni Reynders & 'Saku' by Tengku Nadia

Amir Luqman

The first face for Amir Luqman's was our Miss Malaysia 2011, Kimberley Leggett.

BDA Award

Appreciation to all designers for that night

Our cute Nell!! :)

Most Promising Designer 2011: Sandra Azwan

BDA Designer of the Year: Amir Luqman

Habis sudah :)

I found out that one of my favorite blogger, Vivy, was also attending the show. Seriously excited sangat-sangat!! Setelah di tolak-tolak dari belakang oleh En. Armi, akhirnya i beranikan diri to say hi to her. Omai!! She's a very soft-spoken girl, very humble, very beautiful in her Radzuan Radziwill Kaftan and AzuraAzwa's headband.

Malam tu i tido sambil senyum. :)

Dean was also there. Encem! :)

I met with CuteCarry too!

and sudah pastinya.....

The CEO of Nelissa Hilman Fine Shoes!!!! Peewit!! :)

p/s: sebelum balik, i sempat rasa how is it feels like standing on the fashion show runway. Sumpah tak layak weh!!

*kenyit mata



  1. pewwwitttt gojes!!!

    mesti best bangat kan!!
    specially can meet in person wit all those young talented designer..

    I love Azuraazwa headband/turban too..Azura was my sister's - Mimi scoolmate back in Trg..she so talented!!
    Azura tu mmg budak sempoi n trendy,teringat all those funny story when they were young..tak sangka dah femes..;)

    btw,congrats Nell!!She make all the engineers proud..

  2. WOW!!! Nuurill!!! Ur shawl sgt nice n classy! Beli mana? N u look gojasssss! Ur makeup is sooo simple n natural! Pweeeeetty! :D

  3. Whoa...! kasut yang gojes. Nak juga!

    Babe..U kalau nak jalan kat runway tu tunggu I slim balik...kita jenjalan sesama sambil kejar anak-anak...ekekek.

  4. Whoa...! kasut yang gojes. Nak juga!

    Babe..U kalau nak jalan kat runway tu tunggu I slim balik...kita jenjalan sesama sambil kejar anak-anak...ekekek.

  5. oh shoes! *Drooling*

    Bestnya, bkn senang nak dpt pegi the show kan, by invitation only. And yeah babe, I love ur scarf too! Sgt cantik, sama cantik dgn you mlm tu. meletops! ;)

    p.s: sweetnya Vivy!!

  6. Mmg awesome la shoes dia. Hihi. Ur fren NH is very talented. Malaysia needs someone n more ppl like her. All the best to all.

    Again, u n Armi pon dh mcm celbrity tau ;)

  7. Nadia:

    Yes babe!! memang best and inspiring sangat-sangat!! Rasa macam nak ada my own brand jugak je. :P hihihi

    AzuraAzwa headband memang cantik-cantik.. Tambahan kalau Vivy yang pakai. Lagila cantik! :)

    Right!! Nelissa Hilman really makes us Engineer proud!!!!!!

  8. Amrina:

    Darling!! I pakai dua shawl malam tu. One is a short silk shawl yang my sil hadiahkan from Cambodia. Lagi satu, is the common satin shawl i beli kat Giant jer. :)
    Make Up sendiri babe. Seh bahek jadi!!!

    Thanks dear. Huggs!!!! :)

  9. Wawa:
    I tak jalan kat atas tu Babe. Berdiri selama lapan saat tu pun i dah rasa rendah diri sangat-sangat. hahaha. Tapi demi you, nanti i tunggu ek. Kita runway kat pentas sekolah Ananna nak? ahahaha

    Ala i tau, ni yang macam Pakcik yang selalu nak ngorat you tu buat kat you kan? hehe

  10. Nadine:
    I was initially blank nak pakai cemanala malam tu. I don't want to be too much but i want something yang outstanding sikit from my usual wear. Ntah cemana dapat idea nak combine those 2 shawls. Sekarang kalau cuba buat balik confirm tak jadi!!!! hehehehe.

    Thanks babe.

    p/s: Vivy mmg saaaaaaangat sweet. Cair!! :)

  11. Izu:
    Amin!! That's so true, Izu!! Malaysia needs more Nelissa Hilman, kan? :)
    Alhamdulillah sekarang pun, dah ramai young designer with their own unique production. Proud of them!!

    Izu, tang mana la celebrity nyer kitorang. kitorang yang paling sempoi tau that night! :)



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