Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I am invited to a fashion show by BDA/ MIFW 2011!!

Yes, I'm super excited!! :)
Selama ni, i only heard their names, adore their designs in the magazine, but tonight, is difference!! (mana tau dapat bertentang mata kan..paling best dapat lihat sendiri their latest collections..awww..)

The main reason of this excitation is, one of my friend, Nelissa Hilman is going to debut her first runway collaboration / collection. I am so proud of her!! Her passion and storyline in shoe-making is really really inspiring. I believe Nelissa Hilman Fine Shoes will have a bright future locally and internationally. Amin! :)


At the same time, I feel bit worried on what i'm gonna wear for this show. So far, i only attended something like this once. It was last year for MBMJ 1oth years anniversary party.

Simply me

Full house!

Liyana Jasmay and Juliana evans were there.
They're superbly gorgeous! :)

Terasa comot sungguh i berdiri di sebelahnya.

Suami Nicole Richie

I met with CuteCarry.
Sangat friendly!! :)

This is Ika. Kalau pergi MBMJ cari dia. She's good! :)

The show's about to start.

Presenting the models..

After the show finished

Bolehla kan??. :P

Well, i found 10 top useful tips for what to wear to a fashion show. You need to read them all sebab memang best. Lawak pun yer!! :) I adopt it from here.

The writer says;

Keep it casual. You’re not trying to compete with the ladies up on the runway, so don’t feel you have to wear an outfit worthy of a thousand camera flashes.

Get thee a tailor. Your best kept secret for looking like a million bucks should be a tailor who knows your figure and your wardrobe. Don’t just grab something off the rack and assume it will look amazing. Make sure there aren’t weird pocket bulges or sleeves that are too long before you get to the show.

Save your money. Unless you are a super celebrity with an eight figure salary, there is no reason you should drop an entire month’s rent on a new outfit for the show. Sure – buy a beautiful investment piece that stands out and is re-wearable. But don’t go overboard on designer wear just for this one show.

“I wear my sunglasses…” Put on your best diva pout and wear your big ol’ sunglasses while you’re cabbing it to the show. But…you are not of such elite status that those shades should stay on your face during the duration of the event. Pull them off, let those peepers see everything and remember that those who are trying to stay incognito are just cheating themselves anyway…those fashion shows are always dim as it is!

These shoes were made for sitting. Most of the time, I’m all for functional over fabulous. But honey this is no time for ballet flats. Put those comfy shoes away and realize this is one of the only times your most decadent, beautiful shoes will have a reason to exist besides being beautiful in your closet.

Your best accessory. If you’re new to the fashion scene, then you probably won’t have gobs of people to commiserate with and chat up during the dull points of the show. Bring an equally fabulous and fashionable friend who you can whisper to when a model almost falls down or a particularly heinous creation passes your eye. I bring my Kidd tonight. Hehe.

It’s in the bag. Remember when I said don’t go designer? I didn’t mean your handbag. This is one area where you shouldn’t skimp out with a pleather replica of a popular design. Buy (or borrow) the real thing and wear it with pride.
Basic black is oh so boring. Don’t cheat yourself and fall back on a basic black cocktail dress. All the uber fashionistas around you will see right through this coy “conservative” play. A pop of color never hurt anyone – and you will certainly appreciate the extra boost in confidence once you’re surrounded by the chic elite.

I said sophisticated, not slutty. Put the girls away, pull down that skirt and have some decency. This is not the time to leave all the goods oLinkn the table…you want to exude elegance, not ‘easy’. Anything that might be appropriate for a frat party is not okay for a fashion show.

and the most best part is.... Who are you again? Remember…you’re you. Most people are going to be so focused on snagging a celebrity sighting or their own outfit that they aren’t going to even notice what you’re wearing. Stay calm, have confidence and enjoy yourself instead of worrying so much about stray threads and whether or not your shoes are from last year’s collection.

When i read this, i smiled. It's so true, so why i need to worry much?? ( padahal .. Mel je yang tahu).. hahahaha..

And finally for tonight, i come out with these combination;

Can't wait to put on that shoes. *wink*

Hope they're gonna be ok.
My opinion, It is always better far to be under-dressed than over-dressed. Kan?

OK. I got to go now. Those who're going to the same show tonight, I'll see you there ya! :)

p/s: Dah la tengah Cerry Berry ni. Cepatla baik! Amin.



  1. awww...... yang masa pi MBMJ tu cun... malam ni mesti lagi cun.... have fun, nuurill!!!!

  2. Good luck n enjoy urself babe!!!
    Esok pg terus update blog,boleh?pllsssss..
    *eksited jgak*

  3. Babe...jgnlar pakai legging or jeans ketat...pakai long skirt ka...canteks. Yang lain2 tu dah cantek dah....

    Err...jgn berkecil hati pula ye...

  4. Fidza: mlm tadi semua yang dtg semua cun cun!! Nuurill jadi kategori biasa jek. haha. Cemana pun i really enjoy the show :)

    Nadia: Tq Nadia. I mmg plan to update some photos today, unfortunately, huwaaa.. Hari ni pc buat hal. langsung LCD x nyala. Langsung xleh nak transfer gambar. Kene tunggu diorang repair dululah jawabnya. Tunggu ek :)

  5. Wawa: Aish!! Che' x kecil hati haih :) Really appreciate the reminder babe.
    Semalam i pakai jeans biasa. Harap2 xla ketat and harapnya baju cukup panjang untuk melindungi apa yang patut. :)

  6. nuril mana penah fail bab fashion ni... im sure u look gojes cm selalu.. ;)

  7. Kakak memang cantik!
    By the way, naper sumer gambar tu pose senget ke tepi? hahhahahhah....*teeeeeettt*

  8. waaa, cantiknya nuril! i bet smlm pun mesti cun habis ni. cepat2 upload gambar tau.

    eh, nelissa hilman tu yg dulu simedarby's scholar tu kan. kitaorg selalu satu group masa kalau ada team building apa2 untuk scholars. hehe. kem salam kat dia k. dia kat mana skang?

  9. Zura:
    Oh Zura, jangan ngomong gitu dong. Selalu je fail tau. Zura je tak tau. hihi :)

    Perluker Odah?? Perluker?? ciss!! hahahaha.. Akak takkan amik gambar tak senget selagi berat tak turun 10 kg lagi. haha :)

  10. Che' Dee:
    Gambar2 dah upload dah. Banyak tul gamba. hihi.

    Yeap!! Dulu Nell with Sime Darby. Now, dah ada company sendiri. Best sungguh! :)
    Nell sekarang office dia dekat atas Empire Subang tu.

  11. apsal u baru nak post pasal MBMJ tuh?

    btw, sgt best tgk fashion show tuhhh..
    teringin nak pegi....kalau u la designer nyer...sbb sah2 la kan i duduk baris paling depan skali !




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