Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trudy & Teddy Boutique Opening in Pavi - by Oman

8 May 2012.

When I woke up that morning, i saw a white shirt, grey pants and socks neatly laid on the bed next to me. I knew if momma arranged my apparels like that, means we have an occasion to attend.

Then I called her. She came, kissed my forehead an...
 "Quick, Quick, we are late!"

In a few minutes, i was all refreshed and dressed.

"Kita nak pegi kenduri ke Momma?". (Amboi, asal dress up jer kenduri :p).
Momma told me that we're going to Pavilion,
"Yes dear, ade kenduri dekat rumah Trudy & Teddy".

Arriving Pavilion, we walked to the Center Court and took the lift near the Dome Cafe up to the 5th Floor. When the lift door opened, we walked further to the right where i saw a lot of people gathered at a very beautiful boutique.

"Ha, ni lah rumah Trudy & Teddy, Oman. Rumah ni rumah baru tau!. Dalam rumah ni ada jual baaaanyak baju2 Oman and Zyva", momma told me so.

Wow! It's really a beautiful house of Trudy and Teddy here!!
I gave myself a tour with momma.

Here we go...



Hey!! suddenly I realized that the shirt, pants and socks i wore that day has the same brand as the apparels inside here!!. It has the Trudy and Teddy writings :)

Me in Trudy and Teddy shirt, pants and socks :)

 Not long after that, momma carried me out for the official opening ceremony of Trudy and Teddy's House. I saw few kids very handsome and pretty in T&T apparels line up for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Look at them!!  Very the European look. :)

I remember now.
Actually last year, i did attend a Tea Party by Trudy and Teddy in Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya. 

And it was really a big surprised to my momma, when one of the T&T's ambassador, the beautiful Zara, her mom recognized me. oh wow! She noticed that my hair has grown longer than the last event. 

Zara. She's beautiful. :)
Me in T&T - 2011.
Later on, Momma asked me what would i want from this 'house'.?
I said i want a shoe. So i chose one.

 It happened that the one i wanted selling very fast (Its too cute, that's why!!)  and my size was no longer available, so i changed my mind to get myself a cap.


Tadaa! :)

Mom also got me a belt with the assistance from T&T personnel. Owh! they were very helpful and friendly. I was the one who's too shy especially with the ladies. Even when momma asked me to be in the photos with her friends, i refused.

Aunt Nadine twinnies sangat cute. Sangat Geram!!!!! :)
Aunt Nadia  with his son, Ryan. Pun geram!! Pipi Dia!! :)
and  Look at me???... ahahaha.. Dadda says the shyness to ladies coming from him.  
(Yelah tu! Momma slaps her forehead many times already :P)

Mommy bloggers. 
From Left: My momma, Pinkertonic, Gorgeous Thara from Nuffnang, MommyNadia, Merryn, and Sumijelly

On behalf of my momma, i really would like to extend her great feeling about Trudy and Teddy to all mommies out there. 

Each piece of Trudy & Teddy apparel is beautifully finished and harmonizes with detailed embellishments. The design is very clean cut and neat. The material is very soft and comfy. The color and style is very modern classy. Come and check Trudy and Teddy Boutique in Pavilion and you'll experience a new fashion arena for the kids. You gonna love it! :)

and Last but not least, momma & I would like to thank Nuffnang and Trudy and Teddy for this invitation.

p/s: T&T, we will come back later. I still want that shoes. :)



  1. Alahai malu ye Oman..boleh geng dgn kak Zahin la mcm ni. hihi.

    Wah aunty suka la topi Oman tu..so stylish! :)

  2. wow... cantiknya momma oman.... i like i like... from head to toe gojes...

  3. salam perkenanlan...

    mommy chantek ank cute!!! me sgt like ur blog..*wnik*

  4. Zahin pemalu jugak ye Izu? Onan ni malu ngan pompuan je. Ngan laki ok jerrrr. Pulak! :)

  5. Fidza & Berry : Tq so much! Korang laaagi gojess tau! :)

  6. yup oman looks shy2..tapi looks smart too... :)

  7. Hola Nurill & Oman...oman, u looks hensem & momma Oman so pretty^_^. Nurill, i bought my kids T&T outfit masa mula2 in the market dulu,masa tu ada kat Jusco, not that much choice. Now dah ada boutique, dah tak tau nak choose pulak 8)....



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