Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Husband and I really love dressing up our son. Specially when there's an event to attend. Matching top to matching pant to matching shoe. When Oman looks smart and comfortable, it makes us feel great and wonderful. Mulala gamba dia je yang penuh dalam henpon. :)

I believe all parents do have the same feeling ya? Of course subject to how you look at it, necessity and ability.

Recently i got to know a LOCAL brand which their kids apparels' design are totally brilliant! I repeat, local brand.

I fell in love at first sight. It's Trudy & Teddy, an expression of a mother's love for her baby.

Trudy & Teddy has many selections of outfits suitable for basic daily wear, special occasions and accessories for your babies, toddlers, boys and girls.

(Photos from Trudy & Teddy website)

I see loves all around. I feel so much pleasure going through it's website. A round of applause to the designer.

What I really adore is its European style which displays modernity, at the same time the pastel color they used keeps these apparels look timeless and elegant. They're looking so damn comfortable.

Imagine your little sweetheart in one of the outfits now! :)

The one or i should actually say the person to be thanked for introducing me to Trudy & Teddy is Thara from Nuffnang. I'd been so lucky to be invited to a Tea Party with Trudy & Teddy at Parkson Alamanda. You know i love you, Thara and Nuffnang! =D

"The dress code for this event is of "earthy" theme. As such, you are highly encouraged to wear anything from pastel colors that will match your kid(s) during the fashion show." Most of the guest were wearing brown and beige based but we appeared to be a bit colorful. Salah konsepkah? haha.

Where's Oman?? ZzzzzZZZZZZ in the stoller.

It's my first time attending an event by NuffNang. I was a bit shy and nervous. When i reached Trudy & Teddy section, i saw mommaNadia and family. I quickly approached them. Gosh baby Ryan is so cute sleeping in his daddy's arm!! :)

Guest started to come and I couldn't help my eyes from scanning around. I love the interior of this section. Three words; neat, graceful and English!

The tentative of Tea Party with Trudy and Teddy.
Kindly click on the picture for larger Image.

Me and mommyNadia registered our attendance at the registration counter. In the list, we could see the other invited bloggers like The Pink Stilettos,Irin Putri,Ceeramoon, madammondoq, Sumijelly and Submerryn. Wow!! all of them are the famous ones.

The most exciting part of this event was a contest called Dress Up Beautifully with Trudy and Teddy. It's a special occasion where the boys and girls can take turn dressing up in pretty dresses, coat, smart shirt with tie, hair band and shoes where the little ones could captured it as something great for their childhood memories including the parents too.

We were asked to select any favorite Trudy and Teddy 's apparels and accessories to match over within the value of RM300 and dressed up our own model. The model was then had to parade according to the route given. The best model will be judged by the parade skills and 70% overall image.

I looked at my model. Nahh!! He was still in a deep sleep. Since Oman was just around 30 minutes in lala land, the possibility of him to wake up and cooperate was 0.1. I approached one of the committee and told her that my model might not be able to parade. She went like this, "u can look around first, mem. There's a lot to see. You pick the one you like and later when he woke up u could dressed him up"

She was true! There's a lot to pick. I didn't know where to start. Rambang mata you! I walked around and around until i saw this smart shirt with tie and a jacket on top of it. For God sake they're so smart! oh did i tell you that the color of the jacket is Grey? Very hard to find a jacket in this particular color designed for a kid. Quickly i grabbed them and looked for a matching short, stoking and shoes.

When the MC announced that the time left for the model to get ready is less than 30 minutes, me and hubby decided to wake Oman up. Dalam hati berdoa yang Oman takkan moody. Well he was really unhappy at the beginning. "Oman tanak bukak seluar, Oman nak pakai baju ni je". The committees smiled when they heard Oman cried like that. Thank god there were snacks and orange juice at one of the corner so i used them to bribe Oman.

Oman looked really like a college boy top to toe. Unfortunately, the total value of my picks were more than rm300 so i had to sacrificed the shoes and replaced it with belt. I didn't want to change the other wardrobe that looked so cool on my model. (xpelah, banyak pe model kaki ayam je atas pentas) :p

"Next, please give a round applause to contestant no. 7, Roman Anaqhi".

Oman and i walked side by side on the runway.

Aik? Oman asked me to carry him upon approaching the stage.
Momma: Oman, look up and smile, please??
Oman: I don't want all this glamorous life, ma

The Little Best Dresser would won the prize worth RM500 and it belonged to Submerryn's son, Ethan. You could check this talented boy in his mom's blog here. Congratulations Ethan! :)

Let's enjoy for some photo snapped during the event. I have only a small collection. The rest are grabbed from Nadia. Thank you, dear! :)

Mommynadia's family!

momma Oman, Oman, Adam and Mommy Adam.

Oman and The Adorable boy, 'Edem Maikel' :) (macam dah nak sekolah sangat dah)


Instagramed version of Oman.

Trudy and Teddy was so generous that they didn't let us go back with empty hands. We received a bag with some cute souvenirs;

2011 calendar, tissue cover and DIY set.


Tada!!!! Syok sangat-sangat!! It's worth RM300!! :)

Before i end up my entry, I would really love to share with all of you every page of the calendar by Trudy and Teddy. Oh my the babies are so adorable and their featured apparels are super beautiful!!

Dear parents, if you are looking for something different and gorgeous for your kids to wear, kindly visit Trudy and Teddy stores nearest to you now! For further information kindly check Trudy & Teddy website at http://trudynteddy.com. You could also visit and like their facebook account here.

Now let me mention about the price. You should see and feel their product by yourself, then you know that they are very reasonable and worth to buy!! :)

Well, It was really an enjoyable Tea Party with Trudy and Teddy that afternoon. TQ again to Nuffnang. I'd really love to come back.

Dear Oman,
You'll always be my Little Best Dresser!



  1. Nuuril, Trudy & Teddy's outfits memang sangat memikat hati.The girls punya gown and skirts lagi comel-comel. Selalu singgah kat that compartment kalau jalan-jalan mall, tapi, singgah je la. Tak beli pon.Mahal..Tak mampu den! Mungkin bila ada big event that requires Fatin to dress up very nicely, then Mama Fatin consider untuk beli sepasang..
    *bukan kedekut..jimat.. Hehehe..*

  2. Hi, I'm so so so so sorry tak bertegur that day. Was so busy jadi paparazzi and making sure da anaks tak buat hal that i have no time to mingle. Hope to see you again in some other events but I must admit, this Trudy & Teddy is BEST! :)

  3. Aww so sweet the last pic! :)
    Oman mmg stylo la..dressing Oman sll up to date..maklumlah dh momma dia pon a fashionista kn? bleyla aunty refer utk Zafri nti. boy apparels ni aunty masih lom get use lg..hihi.

    Nway mmg superb la bju2 fr Teddy & Trudy. bju Oman tu pon i likee..;)tgk bju girls pon rambang izu kt London ni..hihi..

  4. omaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn.... sangat ensem begitu!!!!!!

    nuurill ngan armi sangat sweet dan sherashi... suka gambar korang berdua yang tak ikut tema tu.... hehehe

  5. good job babe..great entry!

    Oman mmg sgt hensem that afternoon, I love Oman jacket,trudy n teddy writing on top of that jacket mmg cantek kan..really suit wit him..
    boleh lah Adam sewa u??tapi confuse,muat ke ngan Adam yg bambam tu ;)

    I dah ada satu suit yg sempat usha for Ryan that day. We have wed to attend..cant wait to visit TnT back!

    kalau TnT ada kat Parkson SP belakang umah..mesti lagik syiok hehehe ;)

  6. so cute la oman...suka sgt tgk dia..bestnye dpt attend that event..i mmg suka that brand..look so classic and smart..

  7. hai... wah.. tak sangka nama di sebut walaupun tak bertegur sapa...

    masing2 pun sibuk layan anak..hehehe.. tak per, next time kalu jumpa lagi harus bertegur sapa...

    salam kenal dari sumijelly


  8. wah...wah...wah......! Baaaabeeeee..........harus tgk website ni n shopping........

    eeeeee femes tau dpt invitation nuff ni...tehehe.

  9. yeaaah...suker T&T nye apparel... my dotter 1st T&T was a white panties from my fren...comeyyy sgt2...n from that day i start to adore the outfit...mmg RM juling2 gak...but berbaloi...owhh oman...anda sungguh comeyy... - MyRas

  10. Awak.. boleh kasi pinjam itu calendar yg penuh dgn babies and toddlers yg comel2?? nak menatap hari2 supaya terberkenan.. mana tau skali keluar putih melepak and mata biru.. huu huu..

  11. Farah:
    Memang memikat hati!! tengok ajelah yg gown polka dot coklat tu, adoii.. mmg geram tgk!! Tahun ni bolehla belikan kat Fatin buat baju raya. *wink*wink* =D

    Totally understand, dear!! Hik Hik we were all busy with our models. Haha. Hope to see you again next time. Yess yess T&T is the best :)

  12. Izu:
    Izu duduk kat UK tuh mesti laaaaaaagi banyak pilihan kan. And i think UK website banyak tunjuk contoh how to dress up their kids. Oh my comellest la Zafri nanti. :)

    T&T mmg best best design dia. Nuurill dah jatuh hati!! :). TQ Aunty Izu.

    Hik hik. TQ Aunty Fidza. Oman macam budak nerd kat college kan? :)

    Muahahahahaha. Nuurill dok google pastel color ade yg warna warni jugak. tetiba kitorang je yang terang benderang. Yang lain very earthy. Xperla, at least ade yang suka. Fidza la tu!! :)

  13. Nadia:
    Oh my!! Ryan gonna wear suit? peewit!! mesti sangat sangat cute nanti. and Adam could wear back baju budak college dia tu! Awww.. mesti dua-dua encem nanti. :) Kalau nak pakai Oman punya boleh je.. tapi takut Adam xleh button nanti. Ahahaha.

    Fuhh.. lega babe i berjaya jugak post bout this. Selagi x post rasa x sedap aje. Ngeh Ngeh!

  14. whitelily:
    Tq dear. I think baju-baju kat situ mmg semua cantik-cantik, pakaila kat mana-mana kids mmg akan nampak comel sangat kan! hihi.

    Hi dear. I nampak u mmg busy that day. I pun! Almaklumla model baru bangun tido. hihi. Next time jumpa dah boleh Hi Hi dah kan? Take care :)

  15. wawa:
    I xdela glamer mana pon.. tapi thank to Thara sebab bagi chance kat i rasa glemer. hihihihi :)
    U jangan x shopping tau!! I tengah imagine Ananna macam girl yg pakai gown tu..dengan rambut dia yg cantik.. alamak.. cair aunty!! :)

    Tq dear. I'm agree with you. Mmg all the apparels are adorable!! I think the price match the design and quality. Ade duit lebih mmg harus angkut! :)

  16. Awakku:
    Ni serius nih!! I will give you that calendar!! :) Actually saya dapat 2 hari tu. xtaula kalau mmg dia bagi semua orang 2. So, camna nak pass ni? mmg comel2 wak. Saya yg x pregnant pun dok tengok hari-hari. Ahahahaha :)

  17. wah.. tak sempat i tegur u time ni lah.. sibuk melayan karenah my son jek.. hehe..

  18. Tahniah Oman, macam college boy kan?? So cute

  19. 1 word,so..CUTE!

    semua2 lah,baik baju2 TnT,Oman dan parents oman (especially momma nye lah kan)..hehe..comel je n lawa,sy pulak yg geram.mmg oman nampak mcm college boy yg tgh convo.hikhik..

    eh,yg last tu akak dpt goodies tu,skali dgn baju yg oman pakai for runaway skali ye?maigod,u so lucky :)

  20. madammondoq: Isokay you!! I think all of us mommies were very busy that day. I pun x tegur ramai. Segan pun iye. But next time dah boleh senggol-senggolan. Haha.

    TQ Nurman!! Yes!! He was looking like a boy on his first registration day at college. (minus the dukung part). Kah Kah.

  21. Ninie:
    waaa... satu package CUTE lah ni ek? ahahaha.

    Yes Ninie!! Bertuah sungguh we all hari tu. Baju tu mmg Oman dapat sekali. Rasa macam x percaya je. Serious design dia best. The jacket, Even If Oman not wearing it with full set, he can always top in on any casual shirt too. :)



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