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Being in Awana Genting Highland for 3 days and 2 nights program with my good-oh-satu-kepala-office-friends, it was such a happening and hilarious experience. These people always had something in their mind that whenever they opened their mouth or made any move, i fall out of my chair laughing :)

The programs were mainly focusing on our business targets, achievements and action plans. Yes we gave our full attention but "It's now time for refreshment" was the subject that excited us the most. :P

She was my roommate.
I was rolling on my bed because of her killing move.

Now you know why we were so looking forward to take 5.

To add more umph of this program, we were all been showered with the spirit of warrior. "The war is not yet over" was the slogan throughout the days.

On the second day of the program, all the warriors were sent for battle with complete set of protection outfits and guns. Hik Hik. It's Paint Ball tournament!! I was asking myself whether i were still able to run fast before someone shot me. :P

The middle heroine tweeted about her first time experience with paintball.
Kemahen! :P

Top: As always, I received the greatest support from Mel. Lap ya!!
Bottom: Not bad i could still give that Peace pose even though my heart was beating really fast. That marker/gun was heavy!!

We won the first battle. In the middle of the game, someone from the opponent opened his mask after got a shot. Batal! Please remember that the mask must be on wherever you're in the playing area. Once you taken it off, the game will be declared over and your team are out!

A few minutes after the second game started, I got a shot right on my right eyes. Mask i mean. Phew! It happened so fast before i managed to hide myself at any bunker. I could hear the dissaponting "Alaaaaaa" from my supporters. Supporters = Mel + Atie + Hasrul + Sepul. Haha.

Top: Ready for battle.
Bottom: Gugurnya seorang wirawati (lah sangat)

I knew i was playing out of strategy, haha, but It was really fun to play paintball for the first time ever!!Few of my friends were lebam-lebam at some parts of their body kissed by the bullets. Xpela kan, Kenangan kot!!

Later in the evening was the most awaited event of the three days program. They named it "The Warrior's Night". We had actually informed by the organizer that everyone's encouraged (sepatutnya compulsory) to wear any warriors outfit.

I always love to participate if any theme were set at the event that i'm going to attend but at the same time, i'm afraid that i'd be the only one who obeys it. Ter Overdress ke kan. Gulp!
But when i know that my Melinda has some plan on her mind too for that night, ahah! then i revealed mine.

That night, we had Xena The warrior princess, Mrs Pocahontas, The Egyptian Queen, The Samurai, some of them in army's pants and put double black line on their face, also there were a few gangs in full military uniforms. Cool eit!

It's even more cool when suddenly someone from Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka walked in the limelight. (Background music: Who's that girl... lalalala lalalalalalala..)

Me as Tun Teja (Puke now!! haha)

Someone told me that Tun Teja wasn't a warrior herself but a wife to Hang Tuah. So i immediately changed my name to Tun fatimah. Haha. Not sure how i came out with this Pahlawan Melayu idea. The Baju Melayu was borrowed from my brother in law, the sarong for selendang borrowed from my mil and the Keris borrowed from my bil. Keris 's not in the picture because i left it on the table in Sungai Long. Clumsy me!!

Our Warrior's outfit.
and i couldn't think of any other pose..

The Male & Female Best Dress winner.
Seriously they deserved to win. Congrats!! :)

It was really a happening event!! We had yummy BBQ dinner, wonderful performances and karaoke competition.

My team and the prizes!

We enjoyed that night especially the one in purple T-shirt. Ahaks.

Budak-budak nakal.

On the third day which was the last day of the program, i think everyone had been missing home. Beside the excitement of coming back to kiss and hug my Oman, i received another good news that my sister in law, Irma was already admitted to SDMC to deliver her first baby.

I safely arrived home, took my little boy into my arms, went to SDMC and few hours later, Irma delivered a very beautiful princess!! Alhamdulillah.

Fuhh Finally i can really post this entry after been drafting about 3 months. Nice!
Most of the photos in this entry are the courtesy of Hasrul. Thank you so much, Dude!

In the next entry, i'm gonna write about Trudy and Teddy Tea Party. This is my first event specially invited by NuffNang. Yeeha! A friend of mine, mommyNadia has posted about this in her blog. Go check it now kay. :)

Here a sneak peek for my next entry,

Oman and Momma on Runway???



  1. hikhik..good promo here..tQtQ ;)

    btw,I was just enoying ur entry from top to the final paragraph and suddenly u wrote, Irma getting birth??
    then u said 3 months entry..hehehehe..takpe babe as long we able to post it kan!
    thats more important!

    I pun dah lama teringin nak main paintball,smp skrang tkde cahnce lagik..mesti best kan!
    all the gals mmg hawt!

    cepat cepat,tak sabar nk bc ur next entry!

  2. wow,kak nurill..comel sgt tu dlm suit paintball.tapi tun fatimah pun cool.cuma slack takde keris je.hihi..

    And oman and momma on the fab lane?wowzzes!

    p/s kenapa few faces di'blur'kan?tak mendapat keizinan ke?

  3. whoaa... nuurill.... kena tembak kat mata itu satu perkara yg sangat ngeri..

    tak sabar nak tengok momma oman dan oman ber catwalk...

  4. U still want to blog about Awana...Ingatkan dah lupa...hahaha.

    I agreed with you, it was a very2 fun outing eventho I have to be the Supir.

    For sure, beside team-building at Melaka this will be another sweet memory while we in GND.

  5. I baca dari atas samapai bawah....yang bawah juga menarik perhatian...sila story dgn cepat...x sbr ni..

  6. Nadia: I tengah mengarang entry next ni. *cross finger* :)

    Main Paint Ball mmg exciting babe. Tapi i mmg berdebar-debar macam nak gi perang betul je rasa. Sebab kene pegang gun kot. ahaks.

    Ninie: Masa 2nd game tu Mask akak bergoyang-goyang macam nak tercabut. Hahaha. mmg comel je rasa. Macam robot pun ade dah ha!

    Tang muka yg akak blurkan tu, akak xsure diizinkan tunjuk ke tidak. Some of them are big bosses. Eventho mmg semua sporting, akak risau kalau diorang x prefer tunjukkan muka diorang. hihi

    p/s: tunggu next entry pasal fab lane tu ek. Aww! :)

  7. Fidza: catwalk lah sangat nyer ha. hehehehe. Nuurill tengah drafting next entry ni. Adoyai gigih ni ha! :)

    Abahwafi: Ala you kira okla jadi Supir. Seb baik kat Awana you, kalau kat Golok ke program kita tu? U patut rasa lebih seronok sebab kitorangkan sentiasa hiburkan hati you. hihihi. :)

    Yes you're right. Kat Melaka dulu pun best. Tapi masa tu i malu-malu anak kucing lagi. Sekarang kucing pun malu tengok i. Haha

  8. Wawa: i tengah type laju-laju ni. Baru tajuk. Ahaks. Tunggu ek babe! :)



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