Friday, June 3, 2011


Oh wow!!!
It's been more than a week since my last wordless post in this blog! pfffttt. I wish i could have more time, more energy, more skill and creativity to live this blog. :( With my current condition, i'm afraid that i'll loose my passion towards blogging world forever *exaggerating*.

I have skipped a lot of your entries my dear blogger friends . Not good. Not good. Deeply sorry.

I need more time, please. I hardly find a time to blog in the office like before. From assisting all around to specifically assigned to a project, i am now in the process of fast catching a lot thing from project management to technical and commercial acknowledgment of this project. Thank God i have some space this afternoon. I postpone my plan to complete those KPI thingy to some other days. Main factor is because the whole member in my team are not around. Two of them are in Canada and another one is on leave. So, i don't really feel like committing sin now. Lalalala.

When i got back home, i dedicate all my time to a small boss. Very demanding i tell you. Now the moment i reach home after work, i MUST first hug and kiss him before entering the door. If i forget, he will follow me behind my back with his sulky face and deep breathing. Muka ganas tapi dalam hati ade taman bai. That's him. If after 2 minutes i still do nothing, then he starts his drama berjujuran air mata. Hihi.

He gives a different treatment to his Dadda. He waits for Dadda with a bunch of keys in his hands. A key to something he couldn't currently live without.

Introducing "Ven Biru", who is now Oman best buddy in the world.

Commercial name: Mr Cumbi

This video shows the day when Mr Cumbi officially becomes our family member.

Every evening we must bring him riding Ven Biru. He has his own route to go. We could just took him on Ven Biru to a small tour in our residential area but then we must bear the very loud unsatisfactory cries he would create. Very powerful this boss.

"Momma, how could you!!"

To this little boss, at least bring him on Cumbi to the nearest Petronas, buy some sweets or milk and go back . That's already make him happy. :)

I can't describe how much Oman obsessed with this Ven Biru. He couldn't even sleep at night without kissing him. He asked me once, "Momma, ven biru tido xyah shelimut ker?". He never asked me or his dadda if we both have blanket to sleep with at night. Not fair! :P

Not enough with Ven Biru, this boss needs us to play with him one after another games until he goes to bed which is at midnight. Sometimes later than that. If he close his eyes doesn't really mean he's sleeping. Few times i thought he was, then i moved to my bed, he immediately opened one of his eyes and the process of putting him to bed would be back to Zero. Mencabar, bukan?

By the time Oman has really in lala land, my energy bar has approaching 0%. How to blog like this la? That's why I need more enery.

For some bloggers, to write an entry is just like a piece of peanut. Not me. It took me more than a day to produce one. I have zillions story in my head but when it come to write it, i'm just like me when i was in Form 5 that i had to stay back after school for Kelas Pemulihan Sejarah. Seriously, I need more skill and creativity.

However, someone said this to me, "if you have passion, you can push yourself more than what you think you could do. Simply with passion, you fall in love. When you love, you will do everything for it"

I know, i have that passion :)
I will keep on writing. Insya Allah. Cayok!!!

p/s: Owh i forget to let you know that, even though my little boss is so demanding, he never fail to gave that smile whenever we make him happy. How could I resist that most amazing smile from him!! :)


  1. Tolong kirim salam kat si baju belang. From Eirsa, si baju kelawar.

  2. nurillllll, kami pun mmg in love ngan van biru macam tu la! fariq pun planning nak beli camgtu.

  3. nuurill, that part about passion I totally agree, which is why now i'm playing the keyboard so x ingat dunia sampai dah jarang sgt berblogging heheheh!!

  4. pekup mulut...mana you dapat van antik ni???

  5. I think i saw the same van (but diff color) kat highway last saturday. tak sangka u have one too !

    sporting gila FIL you join basuh2 the sweet la...!

    persoalannya...bila u nak bawak g ofis? haha

  6. Si baju kelawar, Aunty dah sampaikan salam awak. Oman kat awak. Oman tanya bila awak nak pakai kaftan dress pulak? :)

    Che' Dee: Combi mmg pujaan kitorang. Xbyk dah kat jalan. Kalau dapat safari pun best!! yg tu lagi lama. hihi. Nanti kalau u all ada ven biruleh kita convoi!! :)

  7. K. Nana Betul!! kalau dah suka, mmg mengadap tu je lah kan. K. Nana main la keyboard, pastu record, pastu post! :)

    Nurman: cari punya cari jumpa. Cat balik tu. :)

  8. Cik Mel,
    My Fil mmg semangat dengan Ven Biru tu! Lagi bila anak2 and cucu suka, worth the investment.

    I bukan tanak bawak gi opis. I takut gear 1 xmasuk masuk jer. Haha. Manual Beb!!

  9. smlm odw back from alamanda,nmpk van ni kat hway..n my hubby pun bukak lah citer pasal fanatic people to this exoctic van..
    tak sangka u guys pun owned this exotic van..hehehe..chummel lah mr cumbi! ;)

    I pun tak sempat skrang u nak rajin2 update blog..balik drp cuti ni keje belambak!
    I guess we will not lose the passion into blogging if I we have more time kan ;)balik rumah tobat dah tak dan nk buka lappy..sibuk wit 2 boys!

    caiyyok dear..ur entry selalunye mmg sgt creative, tak yah risau..

  10. comelnye ven biru Oman tuh.. :)
    nanti auntie nak tumpang naik la, bole ?? heheheh...

  11. whoaaaa...comelnye van biru... aunty pun suke... oman nak tak bawak aunty jenjalan? hihihi...

    nuril beli siap ke ven tu or buat blk sume interior n cat? nmpk cantikkkkk sgt... sukeee!!

  12. kak nurill,sy pon suka van itu!!! nanti bolehla join UK VW vans.last year pernah tgk VW vans gathering kat Newquay best! padanlah incek oman jatuh centa..Combi mmg cool!

    p/s perasan jugak lately ramai yg demotivated nak menulis,termasuklah diriku ini.kenapa eh?aiyoo takleh jadi kan..marilah kita kejar itu 'passion' :p

  13. Nadia:
    Ven ni mmg chumel + unik. Hihi. Dengan bunyi dia, dengan veterannya, skrg ni kalau petang2 kitoarng jalan-jalan bawak Cumbi, sure ade yang tanya-tanya. Hihi.Maybe sebab nampak pelik kot.

    It's really really exciting catching up with you the other day masa Trudy and Teddy Tea Party tu. Adam sangat comel hokeh!! :) Dun forget the picas ya!

  14. Ibuhana: Boleh, Aunty! Ven Biru tu saaangat luas kat seat belakang. Siap boleh letak tilam nak tido. hihi :)

    Zura: Kami pun suka!! Ven Biru tu masa beli mmg x macam yg dilihat skrg. Kami cat baru, ade tambah2 performance sikit. Itu pun macam ade lagi yg nak diimprove. Kalau nak naik mehla datang Shah Alam k! :)

  15. Ninie: mari! mari! Kalau tengok gambar2 macam banyak je tau yg nak diblog, tapi tula.. nak start tulis tu.. adeh!! :)

    Waaaa... kat sana mesti lagi cool kan persatuan VW. Kat sini ade jugak tapi kitorang x ready nak join konvoi lagi. :P

  16. Oman cgt cute la cenyum gitu..cair aunty, momma apatah lg ye hihi

    Nway, samala izu pon Nuurill..smakin hr smakin bz, smacam ssh plak nk update blk blog. hopefully kita still punyai free time utk blogging k. tk care!



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