Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dadda plays futsal on every Friday night.
Seronok tau ikut Dadda!

3 weeks ago, momma and I followed Dadda to Ferro.
I met with uncle Tep, Tuk Sol, Tuk Ya, Uncle Peah, Uncle mmm.. the rest i still couldn't remember well. What to do, so many uncles.

I brought along my MU mini ball. Before Dadda entered the court to play with his friends, Dadda played with me first at one of the empty court. Momma wanted to join but i said "No. Momma tecik lagi!!". I loved to see when she rolled her eyes.

I cried when Dadda left me with momma and entered the other court. Momma hold me tight but i managed to run away. I wanted to join those guys. Not cool man play with woman. :p But I hate it when i failed to make myself get through the net entrance. and Why they designed it so complicated? Smelly some more!

I cried harder when i saw momma laughed at me. Then she came towards me with her standard "alalalalalala" and consoled me with a bottle of mineral water. She held me into her arms and led me to sit on the bench.

X puas hati betul x leh masuk main sama Dadda tau!!.

After a while i felt really tired of crying. Okaylah, I have to admit that momma's very good in comforting me. She distracted me with some songs and stories of airplane. She kept used those tricks every time i feel upset. I'll make sure the next time she will fail. *Evil laugh*

Dah ok dah.

I think momma knew that i was boring so she asked if i wanted to play a game.

momma: Oman, would you like to a play a game?
Oman: Game ape ney?
momma: Okay, Oman nampak x those empty bottle and can? Ala yang bersepah-sepah tu?
Oman: *nodding
momma: Okay now, Oman jalan terus, Oman amik bottle tu, and masukkan dalam gol.
Oman: Heh?
momma: Tu tong sampah hijau tu. Konon-konon gol nak?
Oman: Nak!! (i was actually aiming that thing called tong sampah earlier, but momma says it's dirty when i tried to open it)
momma: ok Go!!

See that empty bottle?

I grabbed it with my hand

..and threw it into the green dustbin. Goal!!

I asked momma if i could repeat this game with the other empty can, she said yes. I jumped happily.

See! No more empty bottle and can. Double Scored!!

I asked momma again if i could try to play with the other dustbin. I saw many! Momma said, "No. Enough. Meh basuh tangan. Game ni wajib basuh tangan after". Being a boy who is allergic to the word "No" from momma, i quickly looked for another bottle or can to score.

Ahah! i saw it right there!!

..and i scored it into the other dustbin!

(Momma must got nothing to do that's why she kept snapping photo around)

I wished i could scored more but momma already chased me to wash my hands. I saw Dadda was walking towards us so i ran and hid behind him. hihi. Then I heard momma said, "Oh best basuh tangan. I'm gonna do it alone. Rugi sapa x ikut". Xboleh jadi nih! I couldn't miss anything 'best'. So nak tak nak i followed her and washed my hand in the toilet.

Well i guessed u know in there we had another quarrel cause i didn't want to stop playing with water. Momma in the end having head ache. Love ya mom!! :)

It's time to go back. I'll be missing you Mr Dustbin.

Hmm.. I am so looking forward to follow Dadda last night but momma was not feeling well. I just stayed with her with less pressure given to her. "Xbaik tau noti-noti bila momma sakit. " nasihat Dadda. Yes i was good. I just asked her to repeat The Barney Dancing & Singing DVD 7 times before i finally sleeping.

Ok. Time to get ready to go back to Sungai Long. Nanny is waiting for me. See ya!

.mommaholicSuri's son.


  1. hahaha... love this entry.... sweet!!!!

    oman, sumayyah pon suka kerja kutip sampah dan buang dlm tong sampah.... korang boleh join mns lah... hehehe

  2. alolo...cian tecik lagi,tp semangat berkobar eh?hehe..hahaha,repeat the barney's song 7 times?sabo jelah..hihi

  3. erm...i think i should ask oman for verification la...
    asik puji mommy dia jer..

    oman oh oman...why are u so adorable??? i wonder how oman will react bila jumpe eirsa... (puppy love mode) hehehehe

  4. Ala cian Oman nak main ball xde geng ek..Oman ajakla Faaz, Faaz pun main ball sorang2 kat dlm house compound je la tapi..Mommy Faaz dh takleh angkat kaki nak tendang, Daddy Faaz plak outstation..

  5. 1. terror betul Oman tulis blog. Untie shuka...

    2. Oman pon pandai aje amik hati Momma...siap2 puji lebih2...


  6. pandainya oman berblogging... comel je momma oman layan oman kan?

  7. Fidza:
    Fidza, mns tu ape? Pueh pikir. haha.Oooo.. Sumayyah rajin kutip and buang sampah jugak ek? Baguih anak dara Encik hafiz ni, dah besar mesti rajin mengemas tolong mama dia :)

    Cemanala x jadi tujuh kali repeat Barney tu. Asal dia nak terlelap aje dah, Barney tu pun habis, terus dia suruh start balik. Lepas tu process dia nak tido pun start balik. Memang menguji minda :)

  8. Mel:
    Oman puji ikhlas. I tau. HAHA. Tapi tiap kali kalau u tanya dia sapa-sapa lady or momma dia yang cantik, mesti dia pilih sapa-sapa tu. Pandaikan dia jaga hati sapa-sapa tu? I tau dia x ikhlas. HAHA.

    Oman kalau jumpa Eirsa i rasa Eirsa yang rileks Oman yang malu-malu. Hari tu camtula jumpa sorang girl ni, duk nyorok belakang i. Armi kata, Oman pemalu macam dia. :P

  9. Nadine: ololo.. Ciannya Faaz yer? Faaz xde geng nak main. Xpe, lagi setahun Faaz terus ade 2 gang nak main sama-sama hari-hari tau! :) xpun, Faaz ikut nana dia gi main golf. ihihihi.

    1. Oman mmg terror tulis blog. Especially bila dia tengah tido. :P

    2. Pujian Oman tu Ikhtas Auntie. Okla Oman ngaku, nak collect points sebenonyer :)

  10. Juju:
    Nak layan Oman mmg memerlukan kekreatifan + kesabaran maksima tau. Akal dia banyak. Almaklumla pusar 3. haha.



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