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Hello semua! :)

Today's entry will start with a question.

what's your choice for laptop bag?

As for myself, i love backpack the most!

(Walaupun banyak shoulder bag yang malatops di pasaran sekarang and yes, even i wear Baju Kurung at most of my office days, i still prefer backpack. :))

Reason being;

My laptop is not Macbook Air neither Sony Vaio yang comei lote tu. :) It's heavy. Very heavy.

If i wear shoulder strap bag, after 5 minutes, I found that my one shoulder will be lower than the other one. Haha.

Since i am considered a frequent traveler, i prefer my two shoulder to be balance so that i could use one of my hand to push or pull the huge luggage bag.

The mentioned lady =P

The backpack laptop bag that I'm using now has been in service since 3 years ago, and today, i could see some part of it started to get worn out.

Maybe it's time to look for a new one. Maybe.

So, i just googgling around and found few websites that offers interesting leather backpacks. Hakak suka!! :)

First, The brand name is : Piel Leather. Some of the collections are;

I know this look a little bit masculine, but i like the design. :)

Too many eye-catching designs from various type of leather bags!! You may view them at its website HERE.

Moving on, I found another brand called DUDU, but no website. The design is not so bad.

but maybe it's too shiny kot.

Then i found the one from the Tuscany Leather, specifically one model named BANGKOK. Oh wow it's super gorgeous!!!

If the price is RM190, i probably had considered and made my order already. but unfortunately.. it's EURO!!! hik hik.. I have to think 8 times until get tired and forget bout it. :P

Look at how plain, yet simple but charm it is;

The inner design is so cool! :)

(Harga dia lepas ticket pergi Bangkok via Airasia, kan?)

If you all know a place in Klang Valley who sells nice backpacks, unique design, leather would be good! do let me know k. I dun mind to pay a visit.

See you again! :)



  1. Nuurill, i like to use backpacks too! Kt uni izu bley kira student pompuan yg pki backpacks. Most of them so stylish with their gojes hbags! *maluu* ;D

    Masa nk kawen pon izu mtk backpack jgk tau but i know family both sides tak setuju. Haha. Hisham kata dh kawen pki la hbag..dia tkt org igt izu adik dia nti ada org nk ngurat. Adake??! Hahahaaa but now pon izu suka pki sling bag. Senang mat tk cicir..maklumlah nk pgg ank lg knhehe..

    Nway all the bags in the pics are nice! :)

  2. owh I suka your blog post! hehe..
    I am looking for a leather bag too. For laptop mmg i selalu guna yg backpack. I just loveeee leather. Macam rasa coolness. haha. Tapi sampai la ni x jumpe2 lagi. hahaha. Last2 sumbat dalam handbag jugak! huhu.

  3. hello !!! dapat juga jumpa blog u... earlier i carik2 mommyholick je..may be i terlupa word 'seris' tu.. hohoho...

    so psl bagpack cuba try cari kat lowyat..may b ada yg leather punya?

  4. me too use bagpack. hehe. senang n cepat nak ke mana2 pun. nak kejar hadif pun senang. haha.

    eh cd pun berkenan la the last leather bagpack tu. berpinar2 mata ni menengok luar dalam luar dalam. huhu.

  5. beb...yg pic 1 tuh a big no no k...

    tapi i love yang bangkok tuh!
    the color pon gorg ok..

    I love the leather ideas...slalu nampak yang tipikal backpack tuh kan...

  6. babe, i suka sgt squarish backpack for lappie. esp yg elegent looking! I only had it once, masa time single dulu, fr samsonite. suka sgt2. lepas yg tu worn out, try carik yg elegent looking tapi x jumpa yg berkenan.

    fadzil plak x suka i pakai yg squarish, he said nmpk sgt bag laptop, xleh camouflage. Dia minat yg sporty punye, i tak suka.

    last2 sampai skang dah 2 kali tukar laptop bag x beli pun. pakai yg free punye fadzil dpt from his company. ugly, and bulky to me, but redha dlm terpaksa. hehehe..

    babe, i suka la tgk those squarish lappie bag in leather. sgt2 smart. surely it will look good on u. nnti sudah rembat satu post the photo eh? :)

  7. Cantik... kaler dia pun cantik.. suka.. ;)

  8. Cantik... kaler dia pun cantik.. suka.. ;)

  9. Izu dear:
    Hihihi.. Izu kan kihut mihut.. mestila Hisham risau orang lain ngorat Izu :)
    Nuurill memang pergi kerja tak bawak handbag pun. Backpack tulah Nuurill sumbat semuanya. hihihi.
    Tula sekarang dah macam kena cari backpack baru. Yang sekarang ni macam dah nak uzur. huhu.


  10. Shaza:
    For me, pakai backpack mmg nampak cool. Tambah-tambah lagi yang leather kan? :) Susah nak cari backpack yang betul-betul menawan hati ni. Kalau terjumpa roger-roger k! :)

    Thank you for your suggestion, dear. Cuma i jarang tul gi low yat tu. Time belajar dulu selalu. hik hik. Tapi mana tau kan. Kot kot ada. Nanti i riki riki. :)

  11. Che' Dee, kan??? :)
    Beg tu macam memanggil manggil je okeh. Tapi harga dia tu..hmmmmm.. kene pikir 80 kali. ahahaha. :)
    betul, pakai backpack senang nak ke mana-mana. Kerja anak pun senang. Tapi still pancit jugakla Nuurill. ahahaha.

    ahahahaaha.. Al, napa you x approve picture no. 1 tuh? Didn't i look garang sikit pakai beg macam tu? :P

    Tapi kan... i mmg lagi suka yang Bangkok tuh. Serius style!! Cuma fund jer x cukup. haha.

  12. nadine dear,
    xtaula I akan rembat yang BANGKOK tu ke tak. Ikutkan hari nak aje! Tapi, Armi kata try cari locally dulu, yang I boleh try and see the design with my own eyes. I pikir2 betul jugak. Cuma di manakah? huhuhu.

    Samala kita babe. Beg laptop i pakai sekarang yang complimented masa my mil beli her laptop. Can do lah. I pakai jer sampaila dah nak worn out ha. haha

  13. Nurul Akmal:
    Kan? I pun sukaaaaaa sangat! :)



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