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You alls, have you heard about Atopic Dermatitis?

*bunyi cengkerik*

What about Eczema?

Ha! They are the same.

It is a skin condition that causes itchy inflammation of the skin. Eczema most often affects infants and young children while in certain instances, it may persist into adulthood or first show up in later life. Few factors resulting eczema is genetic and also environmental such as dry skin, long hot bath or showers, stress, sweating, rapid changes in temperature, low humidity, solvents, cleaners, soap or detergents, wool or man-made fabrics or clothing, dust or sand, cigarette smoke, living in the city where pollution is high, etc. Certain food such as eggs,milk, fish, soy or wheat can be the factors too.

I should really thanks Nuffnang& Stiefel (a GSK Company) for inviting me to a workshop that educate me a lot about this skin disease, and recommend what best suitable solution for it. Not only I gained knowledge for myself, I am now can share it will all of you out there.

Hosted in Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the event titled PHYSIOGEL HYPOALLERGENIC Bloggers Workshop started with a very interesting presentation of the Dry Skin, Atopic Dermatitis and The Importance of a Healthier Lipid Barrier by an experienced Pediatric Dermatologist, Dr Leong Kin Fon, from Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL).

Allow me to summarize some important points from his presentations using the method of Q&A Concept.

What is Eczema?
Dr Leong answered it with some photos of children who affected with eczema.

I can feel their uncomfortableness. Itch, dry, Pain.

Is Eczema is a serious disease?
Eczema has some degrees of severity. It could be mild, very severe or in between mild and severe. The common thing between mild and severe eczema is its itchy and causes discomfort. However, how are they impacting the people's personality can be vastly different. The person who gets eczema occasionally at only some part of the body might different experience to the one had full-body eczema.

Can Eczema be cured?
In most cases, its clear up over time. There are children who their eczema seems to go away of their own accord as they grow out of it. However, some are still require treatment throughout their life. Anyway, It could surely be prevented & managed.


Any recommended medication/product/lotion/cream for Eczema?
Even-though steroids are available with fast impact for this disease (of course The compulsory rule is to work with trained dermatologist) however, it may bring greater side effect. No No No for babies. There are many good moisturizes can be found in the market at patient's preference.

Dr Leong has came out with an individualized recipe accordingly.

"Choose the one that designed for Eczema"

Thank you Dr Leong for you very nice and knowledgeable presentation. He is very humorous too! :)

Few days before i attended this workshop i did perform some small research for myself, and found out many people who have used Physiogel give their very positive feedbacks on this product.

They said;
- It is moist and last for hours than other cream
- It doesn't feel sticky
- Faster healing
- It is lighter and easier to apply all through the body
- Recommended by many pediatrician and dermatologist
- This products also can be use at all ages.

That's what exactly what explained in the second presentation on The Physiogel Difference : Repair, Rehydrate and Revitalise by Ms Florence Chan, the Senior Product Manager of Dermatology Unit, OTC range, Stiefel.

"Unlike most conventional moisturizers that provide temporary hydration, Physiogel relieves dryness, rehydrat skin by locking in moisture for up to three days and revitalizes skin to keep it healthy"

The range of Physiogel product is a combination of hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic features that represents a suitable solution for people who experience eczema or dry skin problem.

Let me introduce the family of Physiogel;

Cleanser :
Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap free cleanser that cleanses, soothes, and soften without drying the skin.

Cream & Lotion:
Hypoallergenic moisturizing cream & lotion that provide physiological lipids in DMS technology, a structure similar to skin, hence revitalizing and repairing dry skin.

Shower Cream:
Mild hypoallergenic shower crea, specially formulated for gentle daily cleansing of dry & sensitive skin.

The price ranges for these products are from RM18 to RM60 each. I think they are affordable!

For those who are interested, kindly check them at your major nearby pharmacies such as Guardian, Watsons and Caring.... Now! :)

"Moisturizing is One Thing, Repairing Is Another"

Thanks again to Nuffnang and Stiefel for invited me to this event.

I've got my skin a test.

Ms Vinnie from Cosmocrazewoman

With Madammondoq .
(Madam, Confirm pipi i lagi tembam. haha!)

This is Charmaine from In Piscean's Heart

Yours Truly

All of us. :)

Specially framed for us.


Double Ehem. Haha.
This is Darren from Nuffnang


Before i checked out, once again,

"Moisturizing is one thing, repairing Is Another"

Try Physiogel, today.
Who knows you'll find the right one you looking for




  1. thanks a lot for sharing. I mmg ada eczema. may be I should try those products :)

  2. Great info dear,I ws looking for a product to replace sebamed since ryan start to show mild eczema now.Doc said sebamed only can moisturize skin,but not cure d eczema.Can give try.Sesuai fir baby tak product ni?

    And jeles tu bergambar dgn Abg Darren.Tak aciiii!! :)

  3. sumayyah pengguna cleanser pisiojel.... paed suruh.... budak itu adalah kawan karib eczema....

  4. i know that term, yeay. hehe. Cd ada eczema since 2 months old lagi. Fariq pun sama. And our Hadif had not been exempted as well. Never heard of this product lagi. Nanti nak try la :). Usually kami pakai esemtan or sebamed.

  5. tq for sharing... mana boley beli eh? retail pharmacy ada tak?

  6. Hi Reenee:
    Dun mention. Sharing is caring kan? Kalau it works for you, i pun happy. :) Perhaps lepas u try you boleh buat review pulak. hihi

    Jangan jelesssss tau!! ahahahaha. Semua orang kot amik gambar dengan dia. ahahaha.

    Oman pun guna SebaMed. Cuma so far xde pulak tanda tanda Oman Eczema. Anyway, Nanti you dah try this product for Ryan, share with me how is it ok. :)

  7. Fidza:
    Oh yeke? sounds like this product mmg sesuai dengan Sumayyah. Good good. :)

    Owh.. Che' Dee mesti dah expert ni handling Eczema kan? Anyway, since product ni boleh guna at every age, elok jugak kalau Che' Dee cuba kan. Senang satu family pakai satu product :)

  8. aku.mamalia.wanita:
    Hi dear :) yeap kebanyakkan farmasi ada jual this product. Good luck! :)

  9. Very Informative Post,Thanks For Knowledge Sharing
    Eczema Free Forever - No cream, no lotion or pills. This is a well-researched guide that will give you the best holistic solution to your eczema.

  10. owh menarik!!! nadey mmg pengidap eczema... hahaha... bolehlaa try pas ni kan... tgh peknen ni.. lagi kulit dry jer... esp kat perut yg tgh stretching tu!!! ;-)

  11. Dear Anon,
    Thank you very much for dropping by my blog and leave a comment. I also really appreciate the link you shared about eczema. :)

  12. Nadey:
    Owh yeke? Hopefully product ni bagus untuk Nadey. If Nadey try and then see any improvements or anything to share, lemme know k. :)

  13. Saya kena gatal-gatal yang teramat sangat di muka kerana menggunakan produk whitening dari jenama terkenal Amerika yang amatlah mahalnya. Beberapa minggu saya menderita tergaru-garu dah macam tak ada penawarnya. Saya cuba gunakan physiogel cream, dan gatal-gatal hilang, kulit muka saya lebih lembut dari sebelumnya. Saya tambah lagi beli cleanser dan syampoo pulak. Rasanya so far the best skin care product. Saya dah malas nak layan branded skin care yang belum tentu terbukti keberkesanannya.

  14. good sharing dear :)

    first time i tau ade krim gini :(

  15. Saved as a favorite, I really like your website!
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