Monday, May 7, 2012


At one fine afternoon, we went to visit the Publika at Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Heard about it before?

You have to witness this place yourself than you know how cool it is!! :)

"Here, art is lived, not displayed"

Very true

I didn't get much chance to walk a big tour or to take many photos the other day, but for sure i will come back here again at some other time. Perhaps when more shops are opened.


Sape minat Zleqha angkat tangan? :)

Pssttt: Ted baker's iphone4/4s casing available here. Tengtetengggg :)

Wondermilk. The one in Uptown Damansara is so hard to find the parking. Here is bigger and parking hassle free. :)


In BritishIndia Homes (Pop Up Stall). Meriah kedai ni u ols! :)


Before we went back, we brought Oman to the little playground of The Publika...

...I REPEAT AGAIN THE SENTENCE.... (The real one)

 Before we went back, we we forced by Oman to bring him  to the little playground of The Publika...


There are a lot of nice setting Restaurants too!!!
Nanti we all datang lagi k

Much apology for the low quality of the photos taken above. Taken via mobile phone on my right hand while my kus-semangat-tulang-berat son on my left hand.




  1. wow!!! lamanyer dah tak berjalan ke area belah2 damansara nun... semenjak berpindah ke kejang... jauhnyerrr nak pegi!!! tapi tpt itu sgt menarik!!! ;-) plus en. acit skrg nie dah tak sukeee nak pegi jalan saje2 unless adelaa benda nak dicarik... :P

  2. I love publika! especially BIG... :) duduk situ sorang2 makan caesar salad sambil baca buku. awesome!!! :D

  3. Wooww! Huge place! Hope I have opportunity to visit it someday :)
    The desk design are awesome.. So cute

    I am inviting you to visit my blog, gorgeous Mama :*

    Thank you

  4. Nadey ku sayang:
    Encik Acit kan Architecture kan dulu? Mesti dia suka punya Publika tu tau!! :)

    Salad BIG mmg ohsem kan!!!!! :) I pernah try yang dekat Bangsar Village punya. Tapi kalau nak cool mmg kene makan salad la... kalau order ayam, pizza, salad lagi, cake penuh meja sambil baca buku.. hmmmm.. xde maknanya!! :)

  5. Annisa Mulia:
    You have a very nice name, dearie :)
    i visited your blog just now. Wow!!
    Perhaps one day when you visited Publika, you can take a lot of photos there too :).

  6. Che' dee: Sila Sila. Eh wajib tau! :)

  7. Zleqha dah ada boutique in KL? kalau pegi sana cuci mata je kot. the price tu tak terbeli i...blum mampu :)

    thanks for introducing us a new mall. blehla masuk our list to visit lepas intermark..hihi :)

  8. saya suka zleqha..tapi saya tak mampu nak beli ;( hihihihi...

    Nice place babe, good review..I is tak sabar nak ajak Mr Hubby pergi!!!

  9. 10 kali tak pernah sampai.... kurun ke berapalah laki ku nak bawak... isk.. isk.. isk...

  10. Publika ni besar sangat la.... get lost easily hahaha

  11. Yeahh.. Publika memang best.. not so crowded, my son love to run around when we were there.. its 5 mins from my house.. are u staying nearby too?

  12. Nadine & Nadia:
    Hakak pun tak mampu u ols! Mampu tengok je lah. hihihi. Banyak lagi shops menarik kat PUblika babes. U all should pay a visit one day :)

    Hik Hik. Encik Hafiz ni.. sekali sekala bagi can la please! :) Mungkin Fidza kene kenyit mata seploh kali kot. hik hik

  13. Mama Rayqal:
    Betul! My son pun berlari-lari kat dalam tu. Luas kan. :) I didn't say nearby dear. I stay in Shah Alam. But i dun mind to visit this place often sebab it's a very nice one. :)

  14. Charmaine: Pretty lady like you is ok to get lost. Many guys will offer to help! ahahaha :)

  15. nice review !
    dulu i pernah sesat sbb nk cr solaris mount kiara tapi jumpa this solaris dutamas dulu....

    so bila i masuk this repulika (or solaris dutamas) , mmg i kagum dgn keuinikkanya..heheheh



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