Friday, September 6, 2013



What would happened if Dadda could not make to an event with us?


The night before, Momma would do her psychological speech to me before I sleep.

"Oman, esok Dadda tak dapat ikut kita tau. Oman be good boy ok. Kene dengar cakap Momma. Tokleh noti-noti. Oman takmo Momma report kat Dadda kan?"

Hambooooi.. Hugutan sangat!


Momma: "Okay ni baju Oman pakai esok ok"

"Ala... nape Saya tak boleh pakai baju tido pegi kenduri? Saya nak pakai Baju tido je"
(Yeah. lately I love to adress myself as "Saya" to everyone)

"Mane ade orang pegi kenduri pakai baju tido. Ala pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee la Oman. Nanti Dadda marah nanti. Haaaaaaaaaa hayok... " (Hugutan lagi).

"OK boleh. Saya setuju. Tapi esok saya ada request"

Apa dia?

"Esok saya bagi tau"

Kerlasss kan? :)
Momma surrendered.
But at least I had  agreed to NOT wear pajamas to the wedding. :P


Momma would set a very Sound-so-nice-and-smooth-plan and presented in to Dadda.

"Kidd dun worry ok. I can handle this. I'll make sure everything will be in place. I would moved early to fill in the petrol and reload my smart tag. For sure lah latest by 1.00 pm we would already be there"

What happened always was;
The plan delayed by 2 hours and she did all marathon running in the house.  *Peace sign

In the car;

Me: Momma ini request saya. (I made air spellings to her)

Momma: I can't get it. Just tell me la. No need to eja-eja like that. I have to focus my driving.

Me: Watch this.. (I still made air spellings to her. This time more fast. Just to tease her)

Momma: Okla.. since you don't want to just tell me, I assume you are not serious with it. Nak ke tak? (Hugutan lagi)

Me: Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... Mesti la Saya nak.. (Then i spelled them loudly).
"M T P R K N D Y"

Momma: ha? What's that.

Me: Eeeeeeeeeeesssshhhhhhhhhh.... Toys r us la...

Momma laughed. Dunno what so funny about it. Ish.

Usually i won and got what I want.
But before that, Momma would do another long speech like;

"To buy something, must have money, then to have money, we need to work. Belajar rajin-rajin and have good job. But We can't expect every time we need to be rewarded"

"OK momma".

Everytime..... like that.

At one wedding, I had made Momma agreed to let me wear socks to the wedding. Wear socks on hands. Cool right? Everybody told Momma that I looked so cute. See mom, i made us famous. :P

 She never got herself ready on time. Haih. 

By looking at her expressions, I think she texted Dadda to let him how 'successful' her plan was. Hahahah.

Saya ;D


  1. hahahaha... comel sangat dua beranak nih....

  2. hihi babe!! we are on the same boat. if ian wants something i will get him. tapi lectures pasal earning his own keeps tetap ada. hahaha!!!! dah tu, member taste tinggi nak pakai ferrari. harus la kan. parents dia x mampu nak kasi. hihihi!!!



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