Friday, March 22, 2013



Last week Friday, many were surprised when I posted a photo of Oman lying on the hospital bed with this caption;

"Alhamdulillah. After operation this morning. He's fine now. Oman strong boy. Saaaaaaaaayang Oman".

I started to receive a lot of comments from Facebook, Instagram and personal messages asking what happened to Oman, and wishing him for a speedy recovery. On behalf of my family, I would like to express our deepest thanks for all the concerns, prayers and thoughtful  wishes.

Frankly, this still a big surprise to myself and my husband. Especially when I was the first person who saw an abnormal swollen area behind Oman's left knee... and  i was really hoping it's just due to mosquito bite. Hep!! Biasa tau nyamuk ni! *sambil cekak penggang.

Me: What do you think?

Husband: Hmmmm...

Me: I know you gonna say it looks like mosquito bite, kan?

Husband: No its not......  It looks like a misplace bone.

Me: What!! that's so scary okeh!! We are so going to the clinic.. now! 

We brought Oman to see a doctor. 

The moment she saw it, performed some physical checking, she was then immediately recommending for Oman to be referred to an Orthopedic specialist.

(It sounds like Oman has no issue seeing doctor, right? Wrong! Kene bribe bagai okeh. I made story that after checking, the doc  would give him some sweets. :P Eh rupanya betul, she gave him 2 packets of ribena-gummy bear. Phew!) 

Just to share about Oman's condition, he's perfectly fine except that swollen thing behind his knee. He walked , run, jumped, sat like normal. He didn't feel any pain. He also made joke about his leg.

One day he woke up, ran to me and.. "momma, i found another "bengkak" (swollen).. so big and hard ", and he showed his KNEE to me. T_T, and he ran away, laughing... haih la Oman. ;P

The next day, husband and I took leave to bring Oman to see Dr Abang Askandar Kamell Bassrull. He's one of a known Orthopedic surgeon from KPJ Shah Alam Specialist Hospital. With a small battling in the beginning to get Encik Oman cooperation, Dr Askandar diagnosed Oman to have Ganglion Cyst, where this type of cyst commonly occurs between bone joints. 

According to Dr, this cyst would be getting bigger and bigger in time. Since it's grown just right in between Oman's knee bones, it will cause discomfort to  his movement sooner or later. To remove this cyst was a better choice as after the operation, Dr would perform analysis to the tissues to confirm whether its cancerous or not......... paused..... (its the scariest part of all).

15 March 2013, was the day Oman undergone the operation. 


We reached the hospital at 7.30am. Oman was very quite.... I think he knew whats gonna happen. We did pep-talking to him few times about today, and he didn't like it. We did not know what to expect...

We were assigned a ward room. We used half an hour waiting time to make Oman felt comfortable and easy. Hmmm.. not that easy..

 Counseling Session with Doctor Momma. 
Together in this session was Doctor Dadda and Doctor G.Papa.

When the real doctor came, Doc Askandar, elok pulak Oman bagi kerjasama .. ????.. 

Hihi. I think Oman loved the way Dr Askandar called his name and used drawing to approach him.  He told Oman to let him see the swollen area again and he would draw a straight line there.  (Actually doc would like to draw the line where he would perform the cut). 

"Only 1 parent  is allowed to accompany the child in the operation theater until General anesthesia (GA) is performed", explained the doc. 

I wanted to do it. 
My husband allowed me so. 
He and my father in law sent us down up to the waiting area. 

Dadda kissed Oman's forehead... he didn't kiss me ... :P... but giving me a big pat on my shoulder. 

In the OT hall, when only himself and his mom surrounded by strangers who worn all blue (i had to wear their uniform and shoes too), Oman's becoming more uncomfortable. Like he knew it, he looked at my eyes, 

Oman: I don't want this..
Momma: Ok Oman. I don't want this too. Let's go back and eat KFC..

Dush! Dush! only crazy momma would say like that. 

I held his hand firmly. Told him not to worry cause I'd be there with him all the time.  I'd not release his hand. 

Note: Patience or patience's guardian need to be aware of the repetition of questions and answers, agreement, signatures .. with different kind of doctors before you were pushed to the OT room.

Oman nearly jumped out of the bed when they started pushing it. His body was shaking. Pity my boy. He pulled my body very closed to him. 

In the OT room, not only Oman, I myself also felt nervous with the room condition.. The apparatus, the lights..
(even I had experienced appendix surgery in the same room 5 years ago). 

It's time for the GA Procedures. 
Oman started to cry when the anesthetist asked him to lie down. The nurses tried to pujuk him to play with the balloon connected to the GA Machine. 

The more he cried! 

Oman hates balloon.... 

After a while, Oman still didn't wanna lay down.. one of the nurse whispered this  to me;

"Puan, usually for the case like this, we have to 'force' the kid by holding his head, hand, body and leg. We cannot wait", softly.

"I think so. He hates balloon.... We didn't have anything else interested to him. I agree."

Calmly. I told Oman. "Oman tidur k. Momma jaga Oman"..

After that..I nodded to the nurses.. 

That moment still fresh in my mind.
 Oman's crying helplessly. momma!..momma!... out loud. I could see his tears... and slowly.. he closed his eyes...

My time was up. I couldn't stay there. I was then sent by the OT staff to the waiting area to join my Husband and father in law. Before i left the OT room, the doctor told me to just be calm. Insya Allah everything will be alright.

(eh tak.. tak.. mana ada I nangis) :)

Dengan machonya, I opened the waiting room's door with a big smile. 

Husband: Eh Done already? So soon!

Me: No lah. Oman is  now in a deep sleep. The operation just started. and to be ended in 1 hour time.

Husband: How was Oman just now?

Me: ...................

Husband: Did he cried?


Husband: Are you crying?

Me: (sambil tekup muka)..

(Yes.. Yes.. I cried) Sebak wo sebenarnya. Tapi kejap je. :)

After 45 minutes, we came back to the waiting area. The nurse approached us. She told that the operation had finished. (Tuhan je tau betapa tak sabarnya nak tunggu Oman)

Husband: I go first ok?

Me: OK sure. Jangan lama-lama k.. :P (Padahal tadi punyalah i yang lama kat dalam tu)

8 minutes is like 8 hours ok!!!..

Husband came out and told me that Oman still unconscious, his eyes still closed but he's crying. When i heard that, i ran inside to get him. 

Yes he's crying.. he sounded so sad.  I call his name few times and he opened his eyes. I did not know where came all the energy, but this boy was so strong. He saw me and he immediately sat wanting me to hug him. The nurse advised him to lay back on the bed. They afraid Oman would fall or vomit.

It took a while for me to calm him. But he still didn't want to lay on the bed. Akibatnya...

Baru Oman nak baring.

Syukur the cyst had been removed. I think we've made the right decision. 

Doc told us he's shocked to find out that  that the size of the cyst was triple to what was visible from the outside. Its like 3 pcs of black grapes and they were grown deep between the two bones. Insya Allah, all the cyst and roots were removed and not to recur again. Amin.

Doc also informed us that Oman might feel a little bit more painful because the cut is quite long and deep.Nevertheless, kids healing process usually faster than adult. 

Looking at the sample tissue of the cyst before it was sent to the lab for further analysis.

Closer view. 1/3 of the actual size.
Its round in shape with liquid inside. 
Doc had taken the jelly out.

Watching Disney Cartoon while having his first 'meal' after more than 12 hours fasting.

One thing that makes me amazed, Oman has skipped the painkiller for few days (masya Allah dia ni susah sangat nak makan ubat), but Subhanallah he can handle the pain. No shows of painful expression at all until today. 

I have been on leave since Monday to take care of my son. Bibikless.
(Bibik balik kampung sambut cucu sulung dia. She's a grandmother now. Tahniah bibik! :)). Alhamdulillah, Oman can now stand and walk pace by pace. I feel half relief..

We gonna meet Dr Askandar again today, for him to open the plaster of Oman's leg, and to let us know the result of the tissues' analysis. I pray day and night It will be alright, nothing more serious than just a normal cyst. Ya Tuhan.. kabulkanlah.. 

Please pray for Oman too, dearies..

To Hospital again........ Hmmmm... not so favorable to Oman. Will there be any drama  between him and the doctor? We hope not!  :)

Til then.



  1. Ya Allah kesian Oman. Mujur Nuurill dpt kesan swollen tu awal sblom dia jd lebih besar lg kan..aww, kesian baca part dia nangis nak kene GA tu, i definitely feel you dear. Mudah2an it's a normal cyst, amin!! Take care Nuurill, kiss Oman for me k, he's a very strong boy! :)

    1. Salam Izu. TQVM.
      Anak -Anak Izu pun strong jugak, and Ummi diorang lagi strong sebab able to control all the emergncy situations dekat negara orang. Take care to Izu and family.

  2. Rasa nak nangis k.nana baca, can't imagine me in this situation ;( so strong nuurill and oman, k.nana doa for u guys ok. Hugs.

  3. owh oman.... get well soon... recover cepat cepat... boleh main bola...

    1. TQ Aunty Fidza. Oman sekarang sibuk main badminton hari-hari. Bola sepak belum lagi. Seriau agaknya. :)

  4. Sis,

    Saya yang baca ni pun boleh menangis, tak dapat bayangkan kalau saya dalam situasi itu....apa2pun, get well soon Oman, be a 'naughty' kid again and you too sister, take care ya....insyaAllah Semuanya dipermudahkan...amin....

    Rabbi Yassir....

    1. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.
      TQ dear for the Dua'.

      Masa sakit pun dia duk 'noty' jugak. hihi.

  5. MasyaAllah.Oman was so strong kakak!!!if aunty lah at ur momma's place, for sure aunty will cried badly dear oman.but ur momma and u were very strong.
    Kakak,i cried when i read the situation in OT.yaAllah,kuatnya u akk sbb still bole hug oman.klu i lah,i rse dh same naik ngn anak dah nangisnye.hehe..
    To oman:aunty fara doakan oman speedy recover n back 2 normal.amin:)

    1. Salam Fara.
      Trust me, sometimes we'll be a very strong person at the situation that we never expected it to be. Allah Maha Adil. Dia bagi setiap Ibu kekuatan demi anak-anak. Insya Allah.

      Terima kasih Farah. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

  6. Kak nurill,terkejut baca post ni. Insyallah,kami doakan semoga takde apa2 yang merisaukan.Amin..Semoga cepat baik ye Oman.Gud boy oman. Auntie baca ni pun nak nangis tau.

    nanti hapdet lagi ya.take care.hugs*

    1. Salam Ninie,
      Terima kasih ye doakan kami.
      Alhamdulillah semuanya baik sekarang. Syukur. :)

  7. sedihhh!
    get well soon oman!

  8. Assalam Nuuril,

    U made me cry and laugh at the same time reading ur post! Hehehe.. Alhamdulillah, Oman is ok now.Good job Oman! What a strong boy u are.. :)

    1. Salam Farah. Rupanya tak reply lagi comment Farah ni. Thanks a lot for your doa. Looking at his activeness now macam tak caya je budak tu pernah drama surgery kat hospital. hihi.

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    1. Dear Mr Kavin, I feel so honored. Thank you for recognizing my blog and your compliment. May you have a very successful career ahead :)

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