Tuesday, August 13, 2013




Yesterday Oman has reached another milestone. After 4 years and a half, he is now volunteer to sit at the back passenger seat in the car.  Before that no matter how not comfortable it was, like his feet so long to fit in, he would still wanna sit on my lap.

He said, "I am a big boy now momma"

I didn't realize, i feel sad more than i feel happy. Hihi

Actually I miss him sitting on my lap (padahal baru sehari) :P

I know he miss me too....

Last night he was so tired and sleepy but he just sit straight refused to lay. I invited him to sit in front, few second after that... he's already in la la land... :)

I looked at his face..


Would you please don't grow up so fast?

Suddenly tengah feeling-feeling..  (this last paragraph is not being mentioned in instagram)


Yeah.. momma rela Oman.
Just now you ate 5pcs of boiled white eggs...
Definitely you passed the most beautiful aroma of the gas..

Yeah momma tetap rela..

Oman ni!!!!! potongla !!!!

:)  :D
p/s: Tau. Tau.. dah lama tak update blog. I just have no reason.. haih.. *lari tutup muka....

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