Friday, April 27, 2012


Someone very very close to me has been bugging me out for the last three days. She's going to be on a date with a guy for the first time in her life.

Aww! =D

"On what issues should we talk about?"

"If he asked me for lunch, who should pay? Bayar sendiri-sendiri kan?"

"Oh no! I'm afraid I will end up looking at my plate for 2 hours because i do not know what to talk"

"Can i cancel the date last minutes?"


Yes! she is very nervous and shy.

Like a pro, i told her..

"Just relax my dear. When the actual things come, you will be reacting just naturally with the flow. Don't be surprise if you'll find the story of his neighbor becomes very interesting. Then you might start to let him know about your neighbor too. Or maybe your cat. I suggest you text him this before your date.
"Hi. This is just a gentle reminder. Please do expect to see a weird lady sitting in front of you on our date".

And She thanked me with this, "Mengong la mu nih!!!!".


I continued, "Most importantly, just be yourself okay. Don't be over reacting or be someone else who is not you. You will end up doing the worst thing than u ever imagine"

And she laughed, "HAHAHAHA. Macam kamu kan??"


About 10 years ago, i had my first date ever in my life. Before that xpernahla keluar berdua pun dengan any guy. So, memang nervous. :P

Place: Burger King, KLCC. (Not only i experienced a date, but also the first time i tasted Burger King :))

Everything went so well, until we sit and start eating our burgers.

Actually, these are the ways i eat any burgers;

Step 1 - The top seed bun
Step 2 -  The juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and onion, etc 
Step 3 - The beef
Step 4 - The bottom bun

Trust me, i draw burger here

 I paused for a while and heard some voices told me;
"Dun be fool by showing him the real way you eat burger. Eat like a normal people, please".

I listened to the voice, grabbed the whole burger and brought them to my mouth.

The moment i bit it....

The beef and all whatever tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and onions jumped between the two bun and made double bounce, flying low and rest peacefully in HIS tray.

For the next 2 minutes, i didn't look up figuring out what to do next.
On the first date, i show my real self already..:P

"Lenkali makan jelah satu-satu. Xpe, xyah malu", kata si dia.

Huwaaaaaaaa... serius merah padam masa tu. =P

Penat control ayu tau!!! 

Mujurla after that, he still want to date me, love me and take me as her wife..

So the moral of the story, just be yourself, dearies.
Kalau ada jodoh, no matter how clumsy you are on your first date, he will still like you.

But, if xde jodoh, dun be so sad. Do not blame youself. Allah knows best, right? Move on and Insya Allah, you'll find the right one sooner or later. :)




  1. hahhaa..nuurill!!!U are so funny ler macikkk!!camane lah boleh terbang semua tuh..I think Armi terus jatuh cinta lepas tgk u makan burger kut hehehe!!

    Mine was at Pantai Lido, JB..I rase I did not take makan berat pun..control babe!!wakakakaka ;)

    moral of the story first date jgn makan burger ye adik2..;)

  2. Homaigod Kakak!!! Sangat memalukan ok tak??!! *tepuk dahi*

    But then, sure that will be the sweetest way to always remember ur first date kan?! =)

  3. hehehehhe.. that's soo funny laa kak nuurill.
    It really reminds me off my first day.. hmm, makes me think of writing it on my blog too. Cause yeah.. its funny too. Lagi laa.. blind date ok :p

  4. Fidza:
    sweet and a little bit sour kot! :)

    Orang clumsy pot pot macam I je kot yang terbangkan isi burger masa first date. haha. Malu gil okeh! Mujurlah i diterima seadanya. Walaupun sampai sekarang kena bahan. Hahaahah :)

  5. Odah:
    Yes, have to admit that those memories are too sweet. Sekali sekala rasa nak terjun bangunan sebab malu pun ada. Haha. setiap kali makan burger mesti teringat. :P

  6. Shaza:
    It was indeed funny to me and can never be forgotten because itulah kali pertama i date with a guy in my life, and i ter show myself A LOT. hahaha.:P
    Yours one mesti lagi interesting. Share lah u!! :)

  7. hehe suke... suke... citer first date nie... buat kita tersenyum panjang!!!nadey ni lama dah tak bermesra2 dgn dunia blogging nie... baru skrg nak bukak2 balik... tgk2 blog kawan... ;-)

    (sblm ni kene block kat ofis takleh bukak sbnrnyer... skrg dah tuko g unifi, dia tak block plk... hehe)

  8. Eh nuurill, farah makan burger camtuh gak!! Menikmati setiap lapisan of the burger.. Hahaha.. Barulah sedap kan?

    Anyway, kisah anda memang sweet.. And yup, u're indeed right. We should show the real us on the 1st date.. :)

  9. Hello Nadey!!! :)
    TUla lama tak dengar berita Nadey hihihi.

    Nadey punya first date dengan Encik suami mesti laaagi sweet kan? X silap Nuurill bukan Nadey start kenal dengan dia time kita jadi komiti Taaruf Week kan? Ahem ! Ahem! :)

  10. Farah!! Marilah kita berpeluk-pelukkan sebab style makan kita sama. hahaha.

    p/s:Jedi tau tak Farah makan burger camtu? ade insiden daging burger terbang tak? ahahaha.

  11. nuurill.... sungguhlaaaa... org bertaaruf... kitorg pun bertaaruf sama!!! hahahaha 1st date... sama2 buat banner utk taaruf week...!!! hehe

    (semua org pun tahu ek??? kekekekek) ;-)

  12. Nadey sayang, sampai Kak Saie pun tau tau! ahahahaha. But indeed Taaruf Week memang such a sweet memory kan? Kat Nadey confirm-confirmla lagi sweet kan? hik hik.. lagi kagum, korang maintain the relationship sampai berfamily dah ha sekarang. Alhamdulillah!! :)



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