Monday, April 9, 2012

D-U-C-K or D-U-C-R ?

Oman and I had some spell and learn activity.

We chosed a picture, tried to spell the word that shown underneath, and matched the letter pieces with the spellings.

We're so proud that we formed a very dedicated and understanding team.

Shake hand.

But not with this one word.

Momma: Ok next Is duck. Oman, how to spell duck?

Oman: (looking at the spelling beliw the pic) D-U-C-R.

Momma: Haip. The last letter was wrong. Try again.

Oman: D-U-C-R

Momma: Salah dear. It should be D-U-C-K.

Oman: Betulla. D-U-C-R. Momma ni x tengok betul-betul ke?

Momma: (Ewah kemahin :p)
..and i looked at the spelling..

pfffttt... how on earth the font 'K' they use for 3-5 years old kids learning game is like that!!!

If i were Oman, I would get confuse too!!

How to explain to my son now??

Asarehe betulla.


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  1. great activity it!!
    And Oman dah recognize alphabet??great!

    yelah kan..nak explain pun susah..same goes to the lift with 1,2,3,3A bla bla bla..later at school nanti diorang sebut 3A instead of 4 baru tahu..
    Its fact that 4 is exist, why need to deny..takpaham!!;(
    Tension sb umah I lift**pid!

    Apapun just tell Oman salah print kut ;)

  2. Oman da pandai eja laaa.. siap betolkan momma dia lg..
    hehe.. :p

  3. haha. memang asarehe betulla. hehe.

  4. hahahahahha.... oman memang bijak.... meh sayang sket... xoxo

  5. Clever Oman, berkerawang K nya, really confusing

  6. bestnya! beli kat mana tu? nak beli juga la tuk hadif. cd baru je belikan hadif wood block alphabet, alhamdulilah berkesan juga la within these 2 days. tengok dah kenal la aphabet sikit2. kalau dah terer cam oman nanti, nak beli yg ni pula la.

    i agree with u k tu nampak cam r. pening juga tu. huhu.

  7. hahhaah jawab momma jawab... ;P zura pon sllu pening nak jwb questions zaim... masak memikirkan jawapan dia.. last last kene le carik bukti2 lain... siap google thru internet to prove... hahaah.. anyway happy learning oman ;)

  8. Nadia:
    Hahahahaha... aah ek.. kdg2 mmg susah nak explain such why there is 3A or 3b.. erk! Anyway i like your suggestion ,, cakap jer wrong printing. Esok2 dah besar diorang paham sendiri la kot. Haha :)

    Thanks Aunty Shza. Semenjak dia dah recognize A to Z, mmg rajin tul mengeja. Nampak je alphabets mesti eja. :)

  9. Anis:
    Tau takpe.. memang asarehe kan?? :)

    Aunty Fidza:
    Sayang banyak-banyak k. Oman suka! :)

  10. Nurman:
    That's why i meant. Untuk budak-budak macam belum pandai kot nak berkeraqang-kerawang. hihi :)

  11. Che' Dee:
    Other that the confusion between K and R, this learning cards memang bagus :) It's from ELC and Nuurill rasa kat Mothercare or Toy's r us ada. Yang Oman punya ni dapat masa Birthday dia. :)

  12. Zura:
    X jawab pon lagi. Tapi bila dia tengok kat TV eja DUCK, kat internet eja DUCK.. dia angguk je la. Haha

  13. Salam! Oh hai, I finally found your blog! :) Nice blog. Keep it up! I am putting you up in my list. Hehe.

  14. YunaYuni, I am putting up you in my list also, dear. In fact I'm reading your blog now. hihi :)



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