Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trudy & Teddy Boutique Opening in Pavi - by Oman

8 May 2012.

When I woke up that morning, i saw a white shirt, grey pants and socks neatly laid on the bed next to me. I knew if momma arranged my apparels like that, means we have an occasion to attend.

Then I called her. She came, kissed my forehead an...
 "Quick, Quick, we are late!"

In a few minutes, i was all refreshed and dressed.

"Kita nak pegi kenduri ke Momma?". (Amboi, asal dress up jer kenduri :p).
Momma told me that we're going to Pavilion,
"Yes dear, ade kenduri dekat rumah Trudy & Teddy".

Arriving Pavilion, we walked to the Center Court and took the lift near the Dome Cafe up to the 5th Floor. When the lift door opened, we walked further to the right where i saw a lot of people gathered at a very beautiful boutique.

"Ha, ni lah rumah Trudy & Teddy, Oman. Rumah ni rumah baru tau!. Dalam rumah ni ada jual baaaanyak baju2 Oman and Zyva", momma told me so.

Wow! It's really a beautiful house of Trudy and Teddy here!!
I gave myself a tour with momma.

Here we go...



Hey!! suddenly I realized that the shirt, pants and socks i wore that day has the same brand as the apparels inside here!!. It has the Trudy and Teddy writings :)

Me in Trudy and Teddy shirt, pants and socks :)

 Not long after that, momma carried me out for the official opening ceremony of Trudy and Teddy's House. I saw few kids very handsome and pretty in T&T apparels line up for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Look at them!!  Very the European look. :)

I remember now.
Actually last year, i did attend a Tea Party by Trudy and Teddy in Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya. 

And it was really a big surprised to my momma, when one of the T&T's ambassador, the beautiful Zara, her mom recognized me. oh wow! She noticed that my hair has grown longer than the last event. 

Zara. She's beautiful. :)
Me in T&T - 2011.
Later on, Momma asked me what would i want from this 'house'.?
I said i want a shoe. So i chose one.

 It happened that the one i wanted selling very fast (Its too cute, that's why!!)  and my size was no longer available, so i changed my mind to get myself a cap.


Tadaa! :)

Mom also got me a belt with the assistance from T&T personnel. Owh! they were very helpful and friendly. I was the one who's too shy especially with the ladies. Even when momma asked me to be in the photos with her friends, i refused.

Aunt Nadine twinnies sangat cute. Sangat Geram!!!!! :)
Aunt Nadia  with his son, Ryan. Pun geram!! Pipi Dia!! :)
and  Look at me???... ahahaha.. Dadda says the shyness to ladies coming from him.  
(Yelah tu! Momma slaps her forehead many times already :P)

Mommy bloggers. 
From Left: My momma, Pinkertonic, Gorgeous Thara from Nuffnang, MommyNadia, Merryn, and Sumijelly

On behalf of my momma, i really would like to extend her great feeling about Trudy and Teddy to all mommies out there. 

Each piece of Trudy & Teddy apparel is beautifully finished and harmonizes with detailed embellishments. The design is very clean cut and neat. The material is very soft and comfy. The color and style is very modern classy. Come and check Trudy and Teddy Boutique in Pavilion and you'll experience a new fashion arena for the kids. You gonna love it! :)

and Last but not least, momma & I would like to thank Nuffnang and Trudy and Teddy for this invitation.

p/s: T&T, we will come back later. I still want that shoes. :)


Thursday, May 17, 2012



You alls, have you heard about Atopic Dermatitis?

*bunyi cengkerik*

What about Eczema?

Ha! They are the same.

It is a skin condition that causes itchy inflammation of the skin. Eczema most often affects infants and young children while in certain instances, it may persist into adulthood or first show up in later life. Few factors resulting eczema is genetic and also environmental such as dry skin, long hot bath or showers, stress, sweating, rapid changes in temperature, low humidity, solvents, cleaners, soap or detergents, wool or man-made fabrics or clothing, dust or sand, cigarette smoke, living in the city where pollution is high, etc. Certain food such as eggs,milk, fish, soy or wheat can be the factors too.

I should really thanks Nuffnang& Stiefel (a GSK Company) for inviting me to a workshop that educate me a lot about this skin disease, and recommend what best suitable solution for it. Not only I gained knowledge for myself, I am now can share it will all of you out there.

Hosted in Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the event titled PHYSIOGEL HYPOALLERGENIC Bloggers Workshop started with a very interesting presentation of the Dry Skin, Atopic Dermatitis and The Importance of a Healthier Lipid Barrier by an experienced Pediatric Dermatologist, Dr Leong Kin Fon, from Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL).

Allow me to summarize some important points from his presentations using the method of Q&A Concept.

What is Eczema?
Dr Leong answered it with some photos of children who affected with eczema.

I can feel their uncomfortableness. Itch, dry, Pain.

Is Eczema is a serious disease?
Eczema has some degrees of severity. It could be mild, very severe or in between mild and severe. The common thing between mild and severe eczema is its itchy and causes discomfort. However, how are they impacting the people's personality can be vastly different. The person who gets eczema occasionally at only some part of the body might different experience to the one had full-body eczema.

Can Eczema be cured?
In most cases, its clear up over time. There are children who their eczema seems to go away of their own accord as they grow out of it. However, some are still require treatment throughout their life. Anyway, It could surely be prevented & managed.


Any recommended medication/product/lotion/cream for Eczema?
Even-though steroids are available with fast impact for this disease (of course The compulsory rule is to work with trained dermatologist) however, it may bring greater side effect. No No No for babies. There are many good moisturizes can be found in the market at patient's preference.

Dr Leong has came out with an individualized recipe accordingly.

"Choose the one that designed for Eczema"

Thank you Dr Leong for you very nice and knowledgeable presentation. He is very humorous too! :)

Few days before i attended this workshop i did perform some small research for myself, and found out many people who have used Physiogel give their very positive feedbacks on this product.

They said;
- It is moist and last for hours than other cream
- It doesn't feel sticky
- Faster healing
- It is lighter and easier to apply all through the body
- Recommended by many pediatrician and dermatologist
- This products also can be use at all ages.

That's what exactly what explained in the second presentation on The Physiogel Difference : Repair, Rehydrate and Revitalise by Ms Florence Chan, the Senior Product Manager of Dermatology Unit, OTC range, Stiefel.

"Unlike most conventional moisturizers that provide temporary hydration, Physiogel relieves dryness, rehydrat skin by locking in moisture for up to three days and revitalizes skin to keep it healthy"

The range of Physiogel product is a combination of hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic features that represents a suitable solution for people who experience eczema or dry skin problem.

Let me introduce the family of Physiogel;

Cleanser :
Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap free cleanser that cleanses, soothes, and soften without drying the skin.

Cream & Lotion:
Hypoallergenic moisturizing cream & lotion that provide physiological lipids in DMS technology, a structure similar to skin, hence revitalizing and repairing dry skin.

Shower Cream:
Mild hypoallergenic shower crea, specially formulated for gentle daily cleansing of dry & sensitive skin.

The price ranges for these products are from RM18 to RM60 each. I think they are affordable!

For those who are interested, kindly check them at your major nearby pharmacies such as Guardian, Watsons and Caring.... Now! :)

"Moisturizing is One Thing, Repairing Is Another"

Thanks again to Nuffnang and Stiefel for invited me to this event.

I've got my skin a test.

Ms Vinnie from Cosmocrazewoman

With Madammondoq .
(Madam, Confirm pipi i lagi tembam. haha!)

This is Charmaine from In Piscean's Heart

Yours Truly

All of us. :)

Specially framed for us.


Double Ehem. Haha.
This is Darren from Nuffnang


Before i checked out, once again,

"Moisturizing is one thing, repairing Is Another"

Try Physiogel, today.
Who knows you'll find the right one you looking for



Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Hello semua! :)

Today's entry will start with a question.

what's your choice for laptop bag?

As for myself, i love backpack the most!

(Walaupun banyak shoulder bag yang malatops di pasaran sekarang and yes, even i wear Baju Kurung at most of my office days, i still prefer backpack. :))

Reason being;

My laptop is not Macbook Air neither Sony Vaio yang comei lote tu. :) It's heavy. Very heavy.

If i wear shoulder strap bag, after 5 minutes, I found that my one shoulder will be lower than the other one. Haha.

Since i am considered a frequent traveler, i prefer my two shoulder to be balance so that i could use one of my hand to push or pull the huge luggage bag.

The mentioned lady =P

The backpack laptop bag that I'm using now has been in service since 3 years ago, and today, i could see some part of it started to get worn out.

Maybe it's time to look for a new one. Maybe.

So, i just googgling around and found few websites that offers interesting leather backpacks. Hakak suka!! :)

First, The brand name is : Piel Leather. Some of the collections are;

I know this look a little bit masculine, but i like the design. :)

Too many eye-catching designs from various type of leather bags!! You may view them at its website HERE.

Moving on, I found another brand called DUDU, but no website. The design is not so bad.

but maybe it's too shiny kot.

Then i found the one from the Tuscany Leather, specifically one model named BANGKOK. Oh wow it's super gorgeous!!!

If the price is RM190, i probably had considered and made my order already. but unfortunately.. it's EURO!!! hik hik.. I have to think 8 times until get tired and forget bout it. :P

Look at how plain, yet simple but charm it is;

The inner design is so cool! :)

(Harga dia lepas ticket pergi Bangkok via Airasia, kan?)

If you all know a place in Klang Valley who sells nice backpacks, unique design, leather would be good! do let me know k. I dun mind to pay a visit.

See you again! :)


Monday, May 7, 2012


At one fine afternoon, we went to visit the Publika at Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Heard about it before?

You have to witness this place yourself than you know how cool it is!! :)

"Here, art is lived, not displayed"

Very true

I didn't get much chance to walk a big tour or to take many photos the other day, but for sure i will come back here again at some other time. Perhaps when more shops are opened.


Sape minat Zleqha angkat tangan? :)

Pssttt: Ted baker's iphone4/4s casing available here. Tengtetengggg :)

Wondermilk. The one in Uptown Damansara is so hard to find the parking. Here is bigger and parking hassle free. :)


In BritishIndia Homes (Pop Up Stall). Meriah kedai ni u ols! :)


Before we went back, we brought Oman to the little playground of The Publika...

...I REPEAT AGAIN THE SENTENCE.... (The real one)

 Before we went back, we we forced by Oman to bring him  to the little playground of The Publika...


There are a lot of nice setting Restaurants too!!!
Nanti we all datang lagi k

Much apology for the low quality of the photos taken above. Taken via mobile phone on my right hand while my kus-semangat-tulang-berat son on my left hand.




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