Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Owh I am super busy!! ("Yelah sangat!!!!!"; kata Melinda dan Mr H dalam hati :p)

Past few days, I kept getting writing halfway and ended up i deleted what was written to the new entry.

Now, i take a deep breath again and start writing.
Caiyok, Nuurill!!! :)

Remember that i mentioned about how beautiful was Irma's wedding before?
Here we go the karangan bergambar.

Majlis Akad Nikah
(09 April 2010 - Dewan Perdana Felda - 9.30 am)


Let's start with the mini-pelamin and hantarans..

Mini Pelamin and deco by OnnAziz (In-House).

Yer, that's my Little Man with a pink rose on his hand. Terus terpilih jadi model pelamin.
That moment, he'ss busy exploring the microphone too.

The hantarans
Black and white for HER. Home made.
White bird's cage with English flowers for HIM by Zaifie Zainal.

Irma was a day earlier detected with positive dengue. Walaupun dalam menahan kesakitan, she was so ayu and sweet on that day. Afie, her husband, maintain macho.

This picas were taken by my mobile camera. I love every details of her akad nikah's dress. Love her sanggul tinggi too!! :) .. And her english handflower.. OWH!! gorgeous!!

Dress tailored by TERESA Fashion Boutique, Kelana Jaya
Bride's Accessories and hand-flower bouquet by Zaifie Zainal
Make up and hairdo by Munie Ahmad

Alhamdulillah, with a Lafaz, Irma's officially a wifey.
Good job, Afie!! There you go your most special tip top birthday present ok!! :)

Beautiful couple, enough said. :)

There were small merenjis event after refreshment. Oman, me and my hubby were given a chance to be the perenjis.

See my hubby's face when her sister salam him. You both x habes-habes ok!! :)

That's my son who was keen to merenjis his Aunty Cun. Xlama lepas tu he started to crank because he's sleepy. :)

The both families photos. Bride's families in maroon and groom's families in silver.

Oh, wait!! why Oman was not wearing maroon??
Kesian dia ok.!!Some miss-communication. We thought his baju dah ditempah by his grandpapa together with the other boys' baju. Rupanya belum. Nasib baik ada baju ala-ala the theme color. I think that's why he's sleeping during the group photo. Dia tension. Ahaks! :)

We were dispersed from DPF around 12.30pm.

Majlis Malam Berinai
(09 April 2010 - Home@Sungai Long -8 .30 pm)


Garden Pelamin by Zaifie Zainal. Lovely!! :)

Actually we haven't set any theme for that night. However, it came last minute to me and my hubby's mind that why not 3 of us appeared ala-ala Bollywood. Haha. Main reason was that Irma's dress for her Malam Berinai was so the Bolly. Serius meletops!!

Dress tailored by TERESA Fashion Boutique, Kelana Jaya
Mini pelamin, Make up and hairdo by Zaifie Zainal

Told ya!!! Again, Teresa Fashion Boutique did their marvelous job!! Oh! Not me! Mine one i just grabbed from a store at Kelana Jaya 2 hours before the event. Kuang kuang Kuang.

Wondering how my Little Man looked a like on that night??
Here, presenting..... Oman KHAN! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Oman's outfits were grabbed at the same store i went in K.Jaya. The smallest i can found for him. He at first didn't like the 'selendang' i put on his shoulder. After that, he was like, "Whateverla Momma!!!" Hahaha.

Dadda refused his picture to be taken. Since he's wearing not really Bolly costume. He couldn't find anything met his eyes at that shop so ended up he just wearing anything that can be ala-ala Bolly from the wardrobe.

My parents reached Sg. Long from Perak that night. Tapi by the time diorang sampai, Oman Khan dah pun ZzzzZZZzzzz. Shian Tukbah ngan Opah Oman xpat nak main dengan cucunda tershayang.

We also had the karaoke session. The best part was the groom, Afie, dedicated a song, Beautiful Irma (as in Beautiful Maria) to his beloved wife. :)

Group picture is always the most fun part. Above were pics of us; Irma herself, cousins and x ketinggalan my sister.

The brides and the proud parents :)

Wedding Reception
(10 April 2010 - Dewan Perdana Felda -8 .00 pm)

Being the hosts, we were there as early as 6.00pm. Oman was sleeping soundly. He was not feeling well with his temperature at 38 degrees.

Immediately after i got ready with my modern kurong, make up and scarf, Oman woke up and cried out loud looking for me. He was so not in the mood, cranky, manja. Nak pakaikan tux dia pun punyalah payah. He refused to wear it. Puas pujuk. He just wanted me to hold him.

Therefore, bermulalah episode drama swasta. He didn't want anybody else, Momma must be very near to his eyes. Hilang je mulalah dia nangis kuat-kuat.. hehe..... urgh!! I didn't got any chance to snap even a perfect picture of him wearing that tux. Sedih btol.!!Mujurla my sister and Ayong got some pics of him to share with me.

My Takeshi Kaneshiro :)

Oman with Dadda :)

Oman with Momma

Budak Manja!!! :)

The kemuncak of the even began with MC announcing the arrival of the bride and groom. Everyone's so looking forward to meet the king and queen of the night.

The dais by OnnAziz (In-House)

The Flower girls and Page Boys who came down the aisle ushering the bride and groom to the beautiful dais.

All white.

Dress tailored by TERESA Fashion Boutique, Kelana Jaya
White Tux by Wollenshop Vincent Tailor, Amcorp Mall
Accessories and handflower bouquet by Zaifie Zainal
Make up and hairdo by Heri (Indonesian Make-up Artist)

One of our special guest was Uncle Nash who has been my father in law's good buddy since they were teenagers. Uncle Nash presented us 2 songs and wah lau, his voice was still lemak and powerful ok!!

Almost 4 years ago, the same uncle Nash was also performing few songs during my wedding reception.

While everyone's listening to the songs that soothed the ears, Oman was being introduced by Grandpapa to the guests. He was fine with it as long as i was there in front of him. Ish Ish!

It's a sketsa time when Kak Intan, our MC that night (also the same MC we had during my wedding), called upon our names; Armi, Amri, Nuurill and the latest in the family, Oman to reveal who's the real Irma to everyone. Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Armi: Irma ni rajin memasak, sopan santun, berbudi bahasa...
untung betul sapa dapat dia.. heheheheeheh... (x habis2 nak usik adik dia tau!!)

Alhamdulillah, the event went successfully though banyak betul halangan especially dari segi kesihatan tuan rumah. My Irma is now a wife to Afie. Syukur. :)



p/s: macam panjang bebeno le puler.. hehe

**********The End**********


  1. Love It....so sweet..sian Oman ek..demam plak dia

  2. After reading this lengthy entry..one thing to say describe about everything is...

    STUNNING! :)

    what a wonderful wedding..

    p.s: *clap!*clap! sbb mea berjaya akhirnya published this post. hihi..

  3. Kenduri 3 hari 3 malam yea wak! heheh.. Alhamdulillah everything went well despite the pengantin tak sihat.. and later oman pun tak sihat..

    Cantik2 betul baju Irma ok.. she so can be a fashion designer/fashion consultant ke.. die design sendirikan baju2 die?

    Btw, sy suka tgk baju awak masa recdeption.. the color is very2 soft.. cantik!!

  4. great wedding.. congrats to Irma n hubby!! and oman look so handsome in his tux!

  5. Oh..wow!

    Teringat my wedding 10 years ago....tehehe..

  6. Kak nurill,

    wedding sgt meriah n oman sangat cute dgn baju bollywood dia.my gosh..terlalu cute tau..hihi.

    p/s semua2 pun canteks.well done! Congrats to both pengantin too. :)

  7. wow such wonderful wedding..proud of Irma,walaupun sakit tp still can gv a wonderful shots!

    ur lil man pun commey sungguh..with the punjab and tux..really adore ur mr takeshi!

    baju Irma cantik..flower,pelamin..everything perfect!

    and u too dear..gojes!

  8. wonderful n great wedding! all of you sangat cantik, handsome n menawan. such a perfect wedding (",).

  9. omg the wedding is so so so breathtaking! from akad, to majlis berinai, to wedding reception -- very classy!

    and i especially LOVE irma's white dress! sangat gorgeous!

    oh and i must not forget to tell u that u look beautiful yourself on that night too! what about sharing with us an entry of YOUR wedding? misti meletop punye dulu kan! :D

  10. Wow, mmg stunning!
    the bride was so gorgeous in the wedding dresses...i really admire the dresses so muchh...heee...

    And Nuurill, you look great too!:)) Oman tu handsome sgt pki tux..geram tgk dh mmg mcm lil Takeshi Kaneshiro ikat rmbt mcm tu...hehehe...so cute!!

    Lastly, congrats again to the newlyweds...mmg salute la sakit2 pon stil maintain jer.:)

  11. lovely lovely and true mmg stunning!
    suke sgt semua2... especially oman tu pakai tux.. ensem bgt.. ade toncet lak tu.. heheh cute!

  12. Nurman, Yes he was having fever that day. The nest day i went to Guilin, terus dia demam panas 40 degrees.. lagi sian. huhuhuhu

    Hehehehe.. TQ Nadine. Berkat semangat u la nih i berjaya jugak finished kan this entry :)

  13. 3 hari 3 malam x dapatlah awakku. 2 hari satu malam pon semua dah demam-demam. huhuhu. But Alhamdulillag sangat, those events went well. :)

    Baju Irma mmg gojas2 wak. And it's a BIG YES, she can be a fashion designer/consultant. She's really talented!! :) She got the ideas from few magazines and sharing them with me and mama. Hasilnya, wah lau!!

    I like the color of my baju during reception too wak! :) Tapi punyala susah nak cari kaler tu. Lining for the lace are thai silk tu wak. Mula2 saya xmo, ingat nak cari kain lining lembut sikit. Tapi x jumpa kaler tu. Last2 guna jugak the silk. :)

  14. TQ Sophie. Puas gak i nak pakaikan tux dia tu. Nak kene berperang dulu. haha.

    TQ Wawa. Eh, you've been married for 10 years!! wau!! so, this year gonna be 1 dekad la kan? peewit!!! :)

    Hi Ninie, TQ very much.
    Memang kiut giler bila dia pakai that bolly outfit tau. Saje je i curl curl kan rambut dia. hahahaha.

  15. Oh Nadia, it's so sweet of you. TQ dear.

    Encik Takeshi tu cukup liat tau nak pakai tux dia malam tu. Adeke dia nak pakai baju romper dia je. hahaha. Pueh momma nak memujuk eh. :)

    Alhamdulillah, semuanya berjalan lancar though ade prob sket dengan kesihatan. Irma mmg a strong girl. Sykur, semuanya berbaloi-baloi. Ahaks!! :)

  16. Owh..Che' Dee ni so sweet la. :)


    Thara dear, my wedding biase-biase aje. X meletops sangat. hahaha. Nantila, 1 hari maybe i'll blog about it. hahaha.. nak jugak tuh.

    Well, Irma's white dress to mmg sangat adorable. Paling cantik the beads tau. Meriah! :)

    Hik hik.. i pun dipuji ke? So sweet of you, dear. TQ. I tompang make up from Herry yang make up Irma tu. hahahaha.

  17. TQ Izu. Alhamdulillah. The wedding went well as per planned. :).

    Ramai yg suka dresses irma. Lepas ni sapa suka boleh sewa. hehehehe.

    Nuurill mmg suka bangat ikat rambut si Oman tu. Dah minta Takeshi, konon2 Oman tulah Takeshinyer. Ahaks.


    TQ Zura. You're lovely too!! :)
    Zaim dgn Aariz dah ade tux lom? Mesti hencem bangat jugak!! :)

  18. wahh..gojes sgt2...teringan zaman muda2 dahulu....Gambar awak amik pun cantik2 lah nurill....comel nye oman...

  19. TQ so much Azura. :)
    I pun teringat zaman i kahwin dulu. Aww,....rindu nak pakai baju pengantin. Hahaha
    I x amik banyak gambar dear.. Banyak yg i posted tu from many sources. Hihi.

  20. baju pengantin baru the boom laahh! baju pengantin lama pulak tetap the vasss tauu. hehe :)

    suka sgt ur red and another one dress tu..

    ** merah one is it raw silk?

  21. Hi Alena,
    Owh tq for all the compliments. It's very sweet of you tau!! I sempat tengok your blog and your wedding pics.. sangatlah gojas ok!! hehe.

    Oh.. baju merah tu, yes..the material is raw silk. Bangkok mali.. hehehehe

    Take care! :)



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