Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've been composing this entry since 6 days ago. Masa sungguh mencemburui daku tau. I tried to stay up after the boys sleeping but after one paragraph, i knocked my head on my laptop.

Now i write again. Oman tengah asyik dengan Si Upin Ipin tu ha. Peluang nih! :)

This kind of diary entry is about my participation as an invited guest to "Create Memories with Mum" event organized by Her World Magazine in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical (GSK) for MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) HPV Vaccination Programme for Teens which was held in Janda Baik, Pahang.


24th September 2011

5.30 am
Bagun Pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, terus mandi.

Tapi tak sebenarnya.
Bangun-bangun aje i pergi try baju. Serius rasa dah lama sungguh tak pakai T-shirt nak gi outing. :P Kot-kotla tak muat, terpaksa pulak amik masa untuk cari baju lain kan.

7.05 am
I drove Mdm Nabira to pick Nadia and Nadine at Nadia's house. Then the three of us headed to Blu Inc Media Office in Petaling Jaya. Nadine as the co-pilot did a very good job showing the right way supaya we all tak sesat barat. Syukur.

7.45 am
The first person i saw after i parked my car was Kak Ina. It was really nice to meet her again since Neutrogena's Event. I'm sure Kak Ina pun seronok jumpa I semula (Kan kak Ina, kan?). *kelip-kelip mata*. Tak lama lepas tu, more arrival of the bloggers & participants. Bermulalah adegan berkenalan sesama bloggers & amik-amik gambo. Teheeeeeeee.

From Left: Kak Ina, Nadia, Nadine, Empunya diri, Lady Noe

From Left: Merryn, Kak Ina, Madam, Nadia dan Asyik-asyik si dia ni.
Yang comei tengah duduk seluar pink tu pulak Ceera.

8.30 am
The bus finally arrived. The feeling was exactly like going for a school trip to Tugu Negara... Contohnya :). I was seated next to a very sweet secondary school girl, Sharifah. She joined this programs with all her sisters coming along. So nice and adventurous of them.

Excited weh! :)

Sharifah is such a sweet girl.
She's 14 and I am doubled +2 her age. T_T

Cik kak berdua ni all the way bersembang dalam bas. hihi.

Approaching Janda Baik. Even though the road after highway was little bit challenging dengan jalan yang x berapa nak luas and berbukit-bukit, I really love the tranquility of this place. Sejuk je mata memandang. Memang Allah nak bagi supaya kami lebih menikmati keindahan alam, the bus dropped us quite a way from Aman Rimba Resort , that required us to walk beramai-ramai. Almost 10 minutes walking, we were accompanied by endless natural tropical beauty and beautiful river stream sound. Indah!

lenggang mak limah


Udah sampey.

Upacara breakfast. Enough said. Everybody were hungry so kami makan dengan bersungguh-sungguh.

The program started with the welcoming speech and briefing from the organizer. Then, as indicated in the itinerary, the first activity would be the treasure hunt. All of us were divided into a few group following the hand ribbon color that distributed to us. Mine was Grey!! :)

Yang mana? Yang paling kurang cerah tu lah :)

Briefing session

Everyone was very committed. Good job!

Most of the participants were mothers and daughters. Suiting the title of this program, could really see that memories were sweetly created between them. They helped each other, they ran together and they laughed.

Imagining me with my mama running together, i think my abah would feel very proud of her wife who have been 30+ years avoiding herself to jog even once. :p

Report duty: Dear hubby, cemana anak kita kat rumah? jangan lupa bla bla..

12.20 pm
The next activity was to listen to a talk about Protecting against Cervical Cancer Together by Dr. Yap Moy Juan, the Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, The Fetal Medicine & Gynecology Center, PJ.

Hepp!! I bukan tengah check fb notification or tweeting tau.
I tengah salin notes. Percaya, please. :)

To give an earlier idea and understanding to all, the objective of this talk was to educate mothers and daughters on the risk of cervical cancer and how it can be prevented.

Meh i share apa yang i salin (kindly pardon the way i wrote my notes. Entah lintang pukang, entah ayat rojak-rojak. Almaklumla writing while listening :p)

1. Malaysia, cervical cancer: 3rd highest in Malaysia

Number 1 is Breast Cancer, and number 2 is Colorectal cancer. Worlwidely, every two minutes a woman dies of Cervical Cancer. Ok i takut! :(

2. What is the cervix and cervical cancer ni sebenarnya?

Sapa tau angkat tangan? Honestly kalau ditanya before i went to this program, i akan jatuh tangan sebab i mmg tak sure part mana sebenarnya adalah cervix. Tapi sekarang i know already. Dia macam ni, Cervix ni sebenarnya located at where the womb joining vagina.

3. Agent of cancer : HPV human papilloma virus

4. Not sexual desease. jgn pulak nak salahkan hubby.

Maksud i, kalau tetiba kita ditakdirkan menghidapi penyakit ini dan yakin gaya hidup kita sexually safe, jangan terus melulu berburuk sangka dan salahkan hubby. This virus could be everywhere. Under the bed-sheet, bawah katil, dalam toilet, etc.
Some women have a greater chance of getting cervix cancer if they:
  • Have HPV and it doesn’t go away
  • Have HIV or AIDS
  • Smoke
5. Is cervical cancer preventable??

The answer is Yes.
For girls below 20 years old, there is 3 stage of HPV vaccination.
For ladies above 20 years old, again, do you Papsmear test.

6. Regular check up (Papsmear)

Every woman is encourage to perform their annual Papsmear test. Janganla cingelat Tau!!. It's for our own good. Dengan test inilah kita boleh tau how's the condition di bawah sana. The Pap test looks for changes in the cervix that might lead to cancer. If cancer does occur, the Pap test can find it early when it is easier to treat.

According to Dr Yap, if the first two consecutive paps negative, than you could perform the third test after 3 years.

7. 14-19 age

This is the target group for Medical Association (MMA) Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Programme. With this, two or three doses of vaccination will be provided at an access price while the third dose will be provided free of charge to encourage dosing compliance and ensure optimal efficacy.

Dr Yap Moy Juan introduced and interviewed Mrs Victoria Victor, ibu prihatin yang telah pun membawa her daughter, Pamela Victor to be protected by HPV vaccinations. She's a lucky girl. Huge round applause to both of them.

Yang ini kene ingat tau;
This vaccination is expected to significantly reduce the lifetime risk of cervical cancer, alongside screening and a healthy lifestyle.

8. RM466 for two doses of vaccination.

Payment for these vaccinations can be made in two equal installments of RM233 upon the administration of the first and second dose of the vaccine. The third dose is FOC.

9. 1800 22 8688

Dial this number to obtain the list of MMA HPV Vaccination Programme participating clinics.

10. Website

To obtain more information, log on to;

I feel very fortunate to attend such awareness talk like this. Then i share this with you all because i care. *Pelok beramai-ramai*


1.30 pm
Lunch and Prayer and salin2 baju.

2.30 pm

It's the time for Demo and Trial session by Origin Skincare.

A brief introduction about Origin; Its products are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils by using a combination of renewal resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.

Introducing origin Plantscription anti-aging serum.
Many American lady gives their positive feedback towards this product.

By applying the right technique of firming and lifting massage, this product will help to reduce wrinkle and your skin will appear younger than your age!

Of Course I'm going to share with you that right techniques :)

Caranya adalah bermula dari bawah muka ke bahagian atas dahi.

Kurang jelas ker?
Jangan hampa. Origin dengan baiknya telah share below guidelines with us;

Very helpful kan?. I loike! :)

We did take the skin age vs life age exam.

Kulit LadyNoe (the most right) paling cemerlang.
Serius her skin memang perfectly flawless. Macam bayi. Nasib baik bukan bayi, kalau tak i dah ciom. :P

3.30 pm

The program continued with Victoria Jackson, THE "NO MAKEUP" MAKEUP Demo. A very pretty, down to earth girl was selected as the model.

Akaq memang semangat dek. Duduk atas lantai depan sekali :)

Sweet kan?? Sweet sangat-sangat adik ni :)

Here are some tips that i managed to jot down during the VJ Demo;

Foundation - Apply it from top, press to the skin and bring it down. Then up to down again and again.

Blusher - Put on smile so your cheek will coming out, blush the cheek and bring it a bit upper your cheek.

Eye Shadow - To blend it with you eye skin, use your finger. Use darker color tone to apply behind the eye lid by using tapping technique.

Curler - To wear before applying mascara. Important!

Mascara - Zig Zag application. Left and right.

Lipstic - apply gloss after lipstick

Victoria Jackson make up range

Wait. Who is Victoria Jackson ni sebenarnya? For those who may not know, she is actually a celebrated make up artist for more than fifteen years, featured and quoted in Sephora's make up book, and host of many successful infomercials, has perfected her "no makeup - makeup" looks for the who's who of Hollywood.

According to VJ, the real power of make up is When you look better, you feel better, and when you feel better, you can change your life.

I second you, VJ. :)

Want to know more about Victoria Jackson Malaysia? You can LIKE its Facebook page HERE.

4.30 pm

We were divided into two groups. I was in the same group with Nadia, Nadine, Shila Shower, Farah & Lady Noe to try out ourselves the Origin Skincare Product range.

Kemahen mommy mommy ni tau! :)

Cik Kak ni lagi kemahen.

But this is what i love about my G11 camera. I can twist it sesuka hati untuk dijadikan cermin, at the same time i snap my own photos. Sakan!! :p

I think i looked bit younger after trying Origin Plantscription anti-aging product. kan? ;)

5.15 pm

Make up time!! We were very fortunate that we'd been given the chance to try Victoria Jacson Make Up range too!!.

"Saya nak yang sweet sweet jer ek", request diriku.

In progress.

me with Puan Lady Noe.

Me with Lady Noe and Nadia. :)

While waiting for other participants to try out VJ, some of us took that gap to fulfilled our favorite activity which was, photo-shoot session!! =D

Ceeramon yang jelita. Seriously macam anak dara! :)

Sapa bloggers dalam gambar-gambar ni?
Viruspadu, Kak Ina KL, Ceeramoon, Madammondoq, Mommy Nadia, Lady Noe, Shila Shower, Nadine, FoxyFarah and Yours Truly :)

Merryn, you kat mana masa ni?????

5.45 pm
Closing and price giving ceremony took place. The Yellow ribbon team won the first place for the treasure hunt. Kemain happy lagi masing-masing dapat hadiah best.

I kan grey team, remember? We all memenangi tempat kedua....last. Ngeh Ngeh. Okay la tu, kan? We received from Her World their limited edition stamp. Cantek tau. TQ Her World!!

Before we went back, we received another goodie bag from Her World. Yes! Yes!


Acara wajib sebelum bersurai dah tentu photoshoot beramai-ramai kan?


Hello Home! =D

It was really such a memorable event to me. Love the ambiance, love the participants and love the food. Bravo to the whole organizing team.

On my personal note, i would like to encourage everyone, my fellow ladies and sisters, get yourself checked and give your love ones the best protection over cervical cancer. Live healthier and happier. Insya Allah!

Last but not least, Peluk Nuffnang!! :)



  1. syabbas betti *betul ke eja nye,konon nk ckp Hindustan!!*
    great entry and nice pictures as usual!!

    btw,I terimagine masa u lenggang mak limah tu,u tarik bag stewardess,mcmana la ek??hehehe ;)

    anyway,thanks alot for the ride..hope nuffnang panggil kita berevent lagik..I loike!!

  2. finally.. kelaur jugak this entry!! nice and good review dear!!!

  3. Finally! Berjaya jugak u siapkan ur entry. Padanla lama sgt, panjang n padat dgn info..nicely done :)

    Thanks eh dear jadi our driver that day. merasa i naik pn Nabira you, duk dpn lagik..hihi

    And as I said before, many thanks for sharing your photos with me. Your my saver! Lepas ni kalau pegi event lagi I akan pastikan I tak malas ambil gambar/suruh org snapkan...huhu

  4. wow...seronoknya.... dapat jumpa mak mak orang dan adik adik... part paling best makeup makeup itu dan juga try try origins itu.... :)

  5. Nadia:
    U!!!! jangan imagine!! hahahaha.. i rasa kalaula i betul2 bawak beg stewardess that day kan, binatang2 lam hutan tu semua akan terkejut dan beramai2 gelakkan I.

    Amin. I pun hope will receive more invitation from Nuffnang. hik hik. :)

  6. madam:
    Ya Allah madam. Lambut sungguh I ni. :( Harap-harap lepas ni xdela macam ni lagi ha. Rasa macam tertinggal keretapi 18 hari :)

  7. Nadine:
    Darling, memang lambat sungguh i publish ni tau. Malam tadi i pulun habis-habisan. Alhamdulillah berjaya jugak. Phew!! :)

    No worries about the photos dear. Tukar-tukar gambar ni best!! Sebab kat camera orang lainla yg banyak gamba candid kita kan? hihihi :)

  8. Fidza:
    Betul Betul Betul tu Fidza!! Best sangat-sangat. Masa tulah nak tenyeh muka bagai!! ahaahaha :)

  9. bestnya!

    btw nuril, if u dont mind, boleh share mane u beli inner (bj) yg labuh tu eh?

  10. mrssyediz:

    Hi dear,
    Ade dua tempat i pernah beli. Dekat ZARA dengan TOPSHOP. For inner, i cari yang kain dia tak tebal sangat :)

  11. akhirnya dapat gak baca N3 kamu tu..syabas Nuril



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