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Salam semua,

(Amaran utama: super loongggg entry ini ada lebih dari 40 gambar!!)


On last 2nd to 6th of Syawal this year, we spent them by visiting Hong Kong, a city that filled with the exotic and the exciting.

Terpanggil :)

The Departure

Everything had been planned few months before the trip. Kelepuk kelepak kelepuk kelepak, waktu yang dinanti telah tiba. We were departed to HK via Air Asia with these following details;

Date : 31 August – 4 September 2011
No of person : 7 adult, 1 child and 1 infant
Package : 5 Day Traversing Hong Kong by Air Asia
Hotel : Kimberly Hotel, Hongkong
Agent: TraverseAsia Sdn Bhd

Note 1: BM, Formula or baby food are allowed to be on board. They are allowed in quantities greater than three ounces, and don't need to be packed in the zip-top bag. You may need to declare these items for inspection at the security checkpoint.

Masa i lalu security checkpoint, i did show to the officer what were in Oman's diaper bag. Tenang sikit hati. Alhamdulillah, memang everything such his formula, air dalam termos, air tak dalam termos pun lepas. Smile!

We had a very smooth departure (except masa dekat LCCT i terlejepuk jatuh macam nangka depan orang ramai. Sudahla tak mau ku cerita lagi :p). Encik Oman masuk-masuk 'EROPLEN MERAH' je terus nak terlelap. Aman tenteram kehidupan sewaktu take off. Eheh.

Dalam kiraan 10, Oman sudah pun ke La La Land. :)

Dia ni pemalu orangnya... konon. :p

This is the super cute Jiba!!

Sepanjang penerbangan, my hubby dok melayan lagu jer. I pulak melayan perasaan. heh.

I Miss You by Incubus

Oman woke up from his deep sleep after 2.5 hours flying. He was then enjoyed the In-flight meals, Chicken Satay which had been pre-booked upon our ticket confirmation. To let him enjoy the remaining hours before we reached the destination, I fulfilled his request to fold as many as i could the simple origami boats by using....

Angpau Raya!

Ampunkanlah anak bujang i ni, kot kot antara angpau terbabit adalah yang u ols bagi kat dia. Heh. :)

We safely landed Hong Kong International Airport at 8.35 pm after 3hrs 50mins flying. It's really a huge airport consists of Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Skypier.

Hallamak i dah lupa which Terminal AK 078 was landed at, but yang pasti dalam that Terminal, we were required to take the Automated People Mover (APM) atau definisinya driverless electric train system, to be transported between the terminals.

Sampey doh kami.
Inilah pasangan anak2 yang telah berkahwin. The two in the middle are my biras and my sil.

As soon as we settled with the Immigration, Baggage Reclaim and Custom process, we were then met and greeted by the travel agency representative at the arriving hall. By airport coach, we were transferred to the Kimberly Hotel for check-in.

Jiba and her mama in the Airport coach.
Jiba dah letih la Aunty Nuurill.

At the hotel, there were three rooms assigned for our family members. The first one for mama and abah, The second one for Armi, Oman and I, and the last one for Irma, her husband, Jiba and adik. Eh?? Adik sekali satu bilik dengan diorang? Aah, Irma rela berkorban sebab dia pe-od. *wink*

Before we went to bed, Armi, Ima, Afie and Adik went for a mini sightseeing around the hotel and also to find some water bottles and tidbits from the nearest convenience store.

Note 2:
Most hotels in HK don't compliment mineral water bottles. To purchase, the one in the convenience store
is much cheaper from what the hotel's charged you.

Our tactics was to buy only few water bottles from 7e, then we boiled much much water everyday to top-up when they're finished. Lagi satu kegunaan bottle itu adalah untuk bekalan toilet2 sepanjang di HK. Almakelumla kat dalam sana mana ade water supply. :)

After having a nice breakfast provided by the hotel, at the hotel entrance, we waited for the bus that would take us to our first tourist destination in Hong Kong, iaitu Disneyland!!

"Yey!!", kata Oman. Actually what he most excited at, was to ride the bus. Kagum ya amat engko!!!

Banyak bas melepak kat area hotel. Oman suka. :)

While waiting for the bus

In front of Kimberly Hotel

Ahah!! the blue bus belonged to us.

On the way to Disneyland, Oman was amused by many buses on the road. Ade merah, ade biru, ade hijau, ade pink. Memang bas lah yang menjadi pujaan hati dia kat Hong Kong. :)

Alalalaalala.. Jiba manja dengan Gpapa.

The journey from the hotel to Disneyland took approximately 40 minutes driving. Awal kot kitorang sampai. 10.30 am, just nice dengan opening hour Disneyland.

Parking space pun masih banyak kosong.

Not in the photo: Adik

The girls :)

The on in red is my fil.
Yang si Oman tu pulak, baru belajar nak buat Peace cemana. Heee :)

Em geee Nanny Oman is so gorgeous!!
Dahla gorgeous, baik hati pulak tu. ihik :)

These two couples kalau direquest amik gamba berdua mesti malu-malu.
Mama je la Tapi. Wit wit! :)

Afie, Jiba and Ima. Diorang ni comel jek! :)

Dadda and Oman pun comeRL. :)

A little information about Disneyland Hong Kong, it consists of 4 main parks which are;

1. Main Street, USA
2. FantasyLand
3. AdventureLand
4. TomorrowLand

In the Main street, U.S.A, there are Art of Animation, Animation Academy, Main street vehicles, Disneyland Rail Road and City Hall as it places of attraction. There is also musical entertainment on this street. Macam ala-ala pancaragam gitu. Buildings kat sini pulak oh sungguhla cantik-cantik kalau nak bergambar. Kids, you may also wanna meet with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Chip&Dale on this street! :)

Gilir-gilir jaga cucu :)

Yang old-fashioned vehicle ni bas juga tau Oman. 10km/h.

Nice 20th Century American town design shops at the Main Street.

Moving on, we entered the girls' heaven (boys pun kot), FantasyLand.

Cucu-cucu bersama Gpapa and Nanny

Sebab mak budak sebok nak posing. haha.

The attractions here are Sleeping Beauty Castle, Sword in the stone, Snow White Grotto, The Many adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Cinderella Carousel, Fantasy Garden, FantasyLand Train Station, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Mickey Philharmagic (3D), It's a small World, Mad Hatter Tea Cup and The Golden Mickey Theater. As for the cartoon character, you might meet with Tinker Bell, Sleeping Bauty Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Woody, Jessie and Winnie The Pooh.

Oman and momma before we watched Mickey Philharmagic (3D).
Masa ni Oman okay, tapi rupanya bila dah masuk dalam tu, dia takut gelap (eh!. macam Momma dia).
Terus spoil mood dia sepanjang hari. Alerrrrrr.

love this photo

After the 3D show finished, we both sit on that bench while watching Ima, Afie and Jiba yang tengah rode Dumbo The Flying Elephant. Oman langsung tak nak naik sebab seriau. Momma Dadda pun ikut sama dia tak bagi naik. Haiya :)

"Oman Takowt la Momma".

But fortunately after a little pujukan dan penipuan *gelak jahat*, we managed to 'force' him to ride Mad Hatter Tea Cup.


Oman pening-pening lalat lepas ride the Tea Cup. :P

Sungguhpun demikian, tak lama lepas tu dia tetap nak eksen;

"Tadi kan, Oman terror naik cup pusing-pusing Tu!!".

Padahal drama dia sebelum naik tu ??? :P

It's already the lunch time for the kids. Jiba to have her baby food while Oman to have telur rebus dua bijik.

Nanny memang rajin :)

Note 3:
Harapan untuk mencari makanan HALAL di sini memangla tipis ya amat. Oleh itu, sila plan elok-elok bekalan makanan anda. Sungguh pun begitu, at some of the cafe on Main Street U.S.A,
ada yang jual cake, muffin or waffle. There's a fast food restaurant selling fish and chips also.

At 12.30pm, we moved to the next show at The Golden Mickey Theater. We were performed by the musical show honoring favorite Disney film such as Beauty and The Best, Toy Story, Mulan and beauty and The Beast.

Note 4:
Most Show in Disneyland HK were performed in Cantonese. Even there are English subtitles provided, feel dia dah kureng sikit jadiknya :(

At 3.30 pm, we all walked back to the Main Street Area.

Ce teka Kitorang tengok apa? :)

Waaa!!! It's the Disney Character's Parade!!
GPapa sungguh berminat nampaknya. :)

I think Oman only enjoyed watching the show for the first 3 minutes only. After that dia ZzzzZZZZzzz. =D

During the show, i suddenly realized that many of the Disney Character's i didn't recognize, or i know the cartoon name but i didn't know it was by Disney, which make me realized that i wasn't really a cartoon fan at my childhood. Entah ko paham ke tak paham aku pun tak paham ni ha. =D

Note 5:
For your time planning, please take note on the 3 most awaited performance show time in Disneyland HK.

After the parade, we followed mama to visit the souvenirs shops along the Main Street U.S.A. Mama is a very generous lady tau. Selain untuk sedara mara, besan-besan dan anak2 buah, kalau boleh kat semua anak murid dia pun dia nak belikan fridge magnet :)

with my lovely mother in law.

Kan Oman dah tido.. Masa untuk berdua-dua ang :)

Bila dah selesai shopping souvenirs, we then decided to make the next visit to the AdventureLand. On this land, you could enjoy The Jungle River Cruise, Rafts and Tarzan's Treehouse, Liki Tikis and Festival of The Lion King.

Kesudahannya we had to passed them all since both babies were still asleep (Padahal Mak ayah atuk nenek pakcik makcik semua pun dah ngantuk. :))

Fine! I dengan Ima memang tak behave. :P

Comel x?

Sebab adik rajin amik gambar, maka elokla suruh adik amik gamba banyak-banyak. heh! :p

Dia suka camera. Saya suka air coke. :p

Moving to TomorrowLand, masa ni anak-anak pun dah bangun. Dah petang pun. Earlier we stopped for a coffee and waffle break at one of the coffee house on the Main Street U.S.A.

At TomorrowLand, agaknya Oman dah cukup tidur, he agreed to play with two more rides which were Orbitron and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (yang ni macam main tembak-tembak robot la).

The Orbitron. Source by Google.

Momma and dadda slamber!! :)

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster.
Photo grabbed at

More attractions that could be found here such as Stitch Encounter, Space Mountain (Yang ni para dewasa yang naik termasuk I yang 'berani'), UFO Zone, and Autopia. Sambil jalan-jalan kat sini, you may meet with Buzz Lightyear and Stitch. :).

As for the street performance, we met with these guys;

They performed some rhythm by beating the trash can. Cool!! :)

To be honest, we feel that one day is more than enough to visit Disneyland HK. To wait for Tinkerbell Castle Illumination and Disney In The Starts Fireworks, we were kind of having 2 hours more to go. Masa ni dah rasa macam nak naik teksi balik hotel sendiri jer. Tapi kesian pulak kat pak Cik bas nanti.

In future, we wish that the park management will add more interesting rides for more attractions, contohnya the rides yang macam kat Universal Studio or Disneyland LA.

Tapi takpe. Afterall, Kami bersyukur sangat-sangat dapat menjejakkan kaki ke sini bersama keluarga. Alhamdulillah :)

Cantik lampu.

Masa ni dah tak tahan kaki. So masing-masing duduk-duduk ajerla kat sepanjang Main Street.

Tapi Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan, the moment Fireworks dah start, PERGGHHH!!! Best bangat sih!! For the first time in my life, i tengok fireworks performance depan mata. Kagum sangat!

Ala kalau setakat yang jiran-jiran letup2 time Deepavali tu, tak kiralah kan. :p

Teramat ya amat cantik!!!! :)

To all, if you would like to know more about Disneyland Hong Kong, you can visit it's official homepage HERE. Semua information ada. :)

But wait, before i end my writing, here i would like to thank this person sebab bagi kebenaran i curi gambar-gambar fb dia to be uploaded in this entry.

Ish Ish comei sungguh dia ni.
Berbudi pekerti lagi pandai tangkap gambar and amik video pulak tu.
Adik Ipaq sapa lah ni??

Sapa-sapa berminat kat dia... untuk photo or video graphy aje kay!! :P

boleh check here;

Selesai dulu kot for my first entry of Hong Kong. There will be one more after this. Tunggu tau!




  1. panjang ya amat!! tapi enjoyed the pictures!

  2. Bestnya oman bkn saje pg mkn angin ngan momma n dadda tp dgn gpapa n nenny skali ye! Ada kazen yg comelest itu jgk hihi meriah! Nuurill izu dgr jgk klu pg belah2 sana mmg pyh sket cr mknn halal ek. Mst susah cr nasi kan? Izu mmg tak bley klu tk mkn nasi! Hee.

    Nway, sukala tgk gmbr oman 'takut' tu eei comel taw! N agreed the fireworks mmg cantik! :)


    (comment kena pendek sbb posting ni gila panjang...hahaha...tapi saya enjoy)

  4. Hi k.nuril, bestnya..nk gi HK gak la nnt...k.nuril i adore la baju k.nuril pkai (ofkos la adore dgn org nya skali..hehe)..sgt2 match dgn jeans n shawl k.nuril..k.nuril beli kat ne ek?

  5. .
    I x tawu nak comment apa. hehe.But going to Disneyworld is in my wishlist. hehehe..

    I really love when it comes to family trip.


  6. thanks for the pics..sbb jannah tak sempat nak bace ape yg nuurill cite..adni dah tekuek kuek kat atas katil :)

  7. Seronoknye!!mujur at last ada masuk mr cameraman, sian.asyik dia tukang tangkap gambar :)

    Wish i have chance tp visit HK n Disneyland too!!

  8. I said to hubby "Papa, Bie dah lama tak pergi negara orang putih, (reminiscing my travelling years to US and Oz)."

    "Papa lagi langsung tak pernah pergi"

    "Ok, we should go to Gold Coast then.."

    Sekian cerita pendek I. Hahahaha...

    I miss travelling! How is it going to be with my kidS? ;)

    Seronok betul tengok you guys had so much fun!

  9. aNis:
    Panjang kan? Tula!! sebab tu lepas cerita pasal Disneyland kene paused dulu. kalau laaagi panjang. Tak kuase. :P

    Memang meriah darling!!! Complete semua family members Armi ada. Seronok sangat! :) About the food,kat Disneyland tu mmg agak payah. Price pun expensive sket kan. Tapi, dekat area hotel we all, area Kowloon, diorang kata ade a few jugak halal restaurant sebab dekat dengan Muslim community, cuma kitorang jela yang tak sempat nak venture semua. :)

    Thanks Aunty Izu. Gmabar Oman tu jadi macam tu sebab uncle adik guna lense ape ntah. hahaha. Lupe pulak ha.

  10. Wawa:
    memang padat dan jitu komen you tau!!!!!!! =D

    Hi dear. Hong Kong cantik sangat!! Pegi jangan tak pegi. Shopping best wo! hihi :)

    By the way, Baju merah and Baju purple dalam pics entry ni, dua-dua akak grabbed from Sepanjang trip kat Hk ni, mmg 3/5 hari travel, I pakai baju thePopLook. Suka sangat-sangat. Cuba Ashikin check website thePopLook, banyak pilihan :)

  11. Shaza:
    Comment en Armi, Disneyland L.A lagi menarik, tapi kalau dapat datang yang HK pun dah kira okay dah kan :) U kenyit-kenyit mata je dengan En. Shahir. hik hik

    Dah beranak tiga macam tu lah kan? Tengok gambar jelah harapan. :) Takpe takpe, lenkali En Tomi cuti Jannah suruh dia bacakan. ahahaha

  12. Nadia:
    Amin!! One day, babe. Ntah ntah u siap visit Disneyland LA/ Paris lagi. :)

    Jadi photographer mmg gambar tak banyak tapi, mujur ade kak ipar cam i. :P ahahaha

  13. Ahsuez:
    Ntah nyer.. papa tak pernah pun pergi lagi negara omputeh ok. Tapi at least Papa pernah pergi negara orang tak berapa putihla (Bandung).. ahahahaha.. i pulak buatkan ayat baru ek? :P

    Su, Gold Coast memang best!! I rasa kalau u pergi with anak-ANAK & hubby je, :), kira berempat lah kan, peluang you untuk naik ride berdua dengan hubby sambil pelok takut ke.. memang takde. :P so, kalau dapat ade family member yang lain ikut, time korang nak beradventure together2 adela yang tolong tengok-tengokkan the babies. Itu la kelebihan ketaklebihannya. Apa pun, sila pergi next year. I tumpang excited!!! :)

  14. wow... bestnyee!!!!!!!!

    photo pertama, sumayyah tengok dan tanya "kawan mama dengan sape tu?"

    fidza jawab, "kawan mama dgn anak bujang dia... say hi to oman"

    sumayyah cakap "hai oman!!!!!"


  15. bestnyaaaaaaaaa. aunty jeles. tp mana gambar mickey mouse?

  16. Fidza:
    Ala... comeinya aunty bayangkan Sumayyah cakap macam tu. Nanti Aunty suruh Oman cakap hai balik kat Sumayyah k. Korang video call nak? ahahaha :)

    Che' Dee:
    hahahaha. Memang kitorang tak tangkap gambar dengan any of the Disney characters pun Che' dee. Satu reason dia sebab beratur panjang. Kitorang sanggup je kalau Oman insist. Ini dia pun macam x pandai appreciate sangat lagi. Tapi, cuba kalau Upin Ipin, rasanya dia ke depan dulu. haha :)

  17. tengok gambar pun dah teruja apatah lagi pergi kat sana besttttt

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.



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