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Imagine that you're a fifty years old lady, having a mom-daughter's day out with your twenties daughter and suddenly both of you bumped with her friends and....

Friend 1: Babe!!!
Your daughter: Hi girls!! Tak sangka jumpa you ols!! Please meet my mom.
Friend 2: em geeee!! your mom??? You both look like sisters!!
Friend 1: Hello Aunty!! you look so young tau!
You: Eh xdela u ols ni saje je taww.. aunty dah 50 tawww (walaupun bebudak tu x tanya :P. Pastu tersipu-sipu sambil betul muncung tudung/main-main rambut/kuis-kuis tanah.)

Heeeeeee... that's the real feeling! I think when people say you look younger than your age is actually one of the biggest complement for a woman. Kan?

But not everyone is lucky to have forever young-looking skin by default. At some point, please admit that you need some help from technology too... Like I do!

Recently, I was invited by Nuffnang to an event with Neutrogena® at Ciao Ristorante, KL. It's an official launch of its new age-fighting skincare range product called,


As aging skin needs a skin deep solution, Neutrogena® is now making an inovative step forward with introducing Breakthrough Layer-by-Layer Technology that penetrates deep into THREE different skin layers for firmer and youthful-looking skin.

When i read through this brief introduction, i feel very excited. Macam tau-tau pulak ye yang i ni tengah cari age-fighting skincare. Ahem :)

With Nadia, who's also invited to the event, we reached the restaurant quite early. After registering ourselves at the registration counter, we were brought to a very nice setting corner where the refreshment is served. Hai, molek bebeno le.

Love the red and white setting!!

Yummy canap├ęs

At 8pm when all the invited bloggers have arrived, the event started with a warmth welcome speech from the Neutrogena® Regional R&D spokesperson, Mr Cash. He was then continued with his presentation on skin-aging, Neutrogena's innovation and ingredient efficacy.

To be honest, I am quite impressed to see a man knowing so much about woman skin.

Now lemme be the next Mr Cash. :p

The outermost of our skin is called Epidermis and the inner is called Dermis. Epidermis ni nipis, manakala dermis pula tebal. There are 2 types of dermis; papillary and reticular. (eh terasa macam cikgu bio pulak)

Now, let's see the difference between young skin and aged skin.

Young skin: skin that is firmed and elastic

Kulit yang muda adalah kulit yang anjal dan bounce back nyer cepat kalau ditekan ke dalam. Cuba tekan kulit anda sekarang. :)

Aged skin: skin that is wrinkled and sagging

When your skin is dry, looking dull, wrinkled and rough, that's the signs that your skin needs more attention. At one point of time, if nothing is done, your skin will start loosing its elasticity and resilience. Bear in mind that this is the most critical component of aging.

When aging makes appearance at epidermis, it will increase skin dehydration. Furthermore, the rate of your skin cell renewal will be slower than before. As for dermis, aging will reduce structural protein (collagen and elastin) and flattening the dermal epidural junction.

Ok i takut!!

I tak takut tua you, tapi i takut kalau umur i 40 nanti, kulit i dah macam 60. My son's friends may mistakenly think that i am his grandmother. *Pengsan

Untuk itu, Neutrogena® is now providing a comprehensive solution with Advanced Age-Fighting Complex to act on three different skin layers. So each skin layer is strengthened. Visible aging signs are minimized and skin glows with youthful vibrancy.

Cemana tu?

Lepas ni nak jadikan blackberry sebagai ulam harian, boleh? :)

Takde inject-inject tau. Selain dari vitamin B3, Neutrogena® telah menggabungkan penggunaan bahan-bahan semula jadi for effective anti aging combination. The advance age-fighting complex are;

1) Renews top layer:
Vitamin B3 firms skin and smoothes fine lines for youthful vibrancy.

2) Replenishes middle layer:
Moisture-locking Southernwood Extract hydrates for suppleness.

3) Repairs bottom layer:Antioxidant Dill and Blackberry Extracts help restore lost elastin and strengthen skin’s structure.

Dan hasilnya Ten Tenenggggggggg...

You can see your skin texture improvement after 8 weeks of usage. Wau!!

This was when Mr Cash performing skin elasticity test to Cosmocrazewoman
She has a superb skin! :)

Listening to Mr Cash explanation.
I dunno what condition my skin is :(
(Tula sapa suruh tanak volunteer! pfftt!)

It's time to introduce to you the full range of Neutrogena® Ageless.

The full range of Neutrogena Ageless

Members of the family are;
1. Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream (50ml/RM69.90) - It provides targeted care to three layers of the skin.

2. The cleanser (100ml/RM34.90) - removes skin's impurities while maintaining its moisture barrier

3. Tonic water lotion (150ml/RM34.90) - to hydrate and recharge skin

4. The essence (30ml/RM89.90) - powerfully reduce signs of aging and firms cellular structures layer-by-layer

5. SPF 20 PA++ lotion (40ml/RM69.90) - to fight aging even during outdoors

6. Eye cream (15g/RM69.90) - restores skin's elasticity around delicate eye area.

Very comprehensive range and affordable!! :)

After the presentation, it's time for Bloggers to try out and review the product range guided by Neutrogena® Beauty Assistance (sambil tu sempat makan lagi sekali :P)

Yang kiri tu, Zuriey and yang kanan tu Kak Ina. Dua-dua ni happening.
Blogger tegar lagi you! :)

Masing-masing sibuk nak cuba.
(Credit to madam for this photo. Awak cantik! :))

I am sure all of you would like to know what's the correct step of using the range of Neutrogena® Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming range. It's simple!

Day usage

Night usage

1. Anti-wrinkle & Firming Cleanser
2. Anti-wrinkle & Firming Tonic water Lotion
3. Anti-wrinkle & Firming Essence
4. Anti-wrinkle & Firming Lotion SPF 20 PA++
5. Anti-wrinkle & Firming Eye Cream

Same steps but to replace no. 4 with the powerful Neutrogena® Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream!! :)

First thing first, the cleanser

Ni Nadia yang comel tengah bau the Tonic water lotion!

We both really love the smell of Ageless range. Serious wangi okeh!
According to our BA, Ivy, it comes from the blackberry ingredient.

Trying out the Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream.
Ultra-Soft! I like!

Excited nak cuba Eye Cream. Almaklumla keadaan mataku dah kritikal. :)

Never skip the eye cream because the eye area is most vulnerable to aging signs. Noted!

As usual, when the event is about to end, photoshoot session would take place;

You guys rock! :)

With a very friendly Nuffnang hottie, Anne Cheah. :)


A TV host, Maryjune Tan, has exclaimed her testimonial on this product;

"Before i used the Neutrogena® Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming cream, I thought it sounded too good to be true. But i have used many Neutrogena® products and they never disappoint, so i decided to give it a try. The result is amazing! Within a short time of application, the fine lines were gone replaced by a soft, glowing complexion. I even find myself secretly touching my own face sometimes just to feel how smooth it is!"

Bestnya dengar perkataan glowing tu kan!!?? :)

For a powerful, complete and comprehensive age-fighting products, Neutrogena® Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming range could be grabbed in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide. Plus, it's affordable!!

For Further information, click here.

So, what are you waiting for? :)

Kawan seperkeretaan. hehehehe :)

- TQ Nuffnang and Neutrogena® team for such experience given to me.

Gifts from them;
- Make up/ toiletries bag
- Neutrogena® Ageless Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream (Xsabar nak cuba!)
- Pendrive (comel giler!)

- So happy to see all other bloggers who attended this event. If i am missing your link, do lemme know k!



  1. Awak.. cantik wedges awak tuh!!
    hahaha.. itu yg saya nampak...
    Btw, nnt if dah pakai eye cream die.. bagi review ok.. i'm looking for eye cream as well.. dah tak tahan tgk mataku yg super horror..

  2. Semakin Chantiquee la nanti Nurill, BTW that Marc Jacob bag really chic on you hehe

  3. Wedges Nuurill mmg cantek Anne..I loike too..but kalau Nadia pakai,sure pegang dnding aje takut jatuhs!! ;)

  4. Babe, dah 2 minggu pakai nanti kita gossip hasilnya over lunch eh. ;)

  5. Please...please let me know the result...hahaha.

    Ye lah kan...I pon nak lah jadik macam makcik tu...Nampak muda..glowing...sentiasa..Lagipun bila I jenjalan dgn ingat kita sebaya aje..hahaha.

  6. i nak tau ape yg your mom pakai !


    beshnyer g tpt tuh dear...
    nnt share the result jgk !!

  7. bestnya entry ni. set2 dia pun menarik la. jgn lupa update the result tau :).

  8. Awakku Anne:
    Nampak je awak kan? hihihi. wedges tu beli kat HK wak. Mula-mula memang x confident langsung nak pakai, tapi memang comfortable & stable tak hengat! So now, dah jadi kasut fav saya :)

    Saya pun bahagian mata sangat horror wak. Hari tu tak dapat eye cream dia tapi saya plan memang nak beli and cuba. I'll let you know how k :)

  9. Nurman:
    hihi kemain lagi ejaan Chantiquee you!!

    I Memang currently in love with that bag, you. Armi pun cakap design dia 'so Nuurill'. haha. Nape ntah.

    Saje je tau!!! Nampak je tinggi macam tu wedges tu nadia. tapi nanti cuba Nadia pakai, stable you!! jom jom pakai wedges!! :)

  10. Ahsuez:
    Will do babe. Nanti dah cukup 2 minggu i try out the cream, kita gossip kat Latip kay. haha.

    U dah memang nampak muda dah!!! :) Tapi part glowing tu memang best kalau dapat.

  11. Mel: I pun nak tau apa yang my mom pakai!!! x puas hati sungguh bila kulit dia lagi glowing dari i. haha. Ntah ntah dia dah cuba dulu product ni tak? :)

    Tempat tu mmg cosy babe. Parking keta pun banyak. I tak tengok menu dia. Kalau u nak cuba Italian food, bolehla datang sini cuba. :)

  12. Che' Dee: Set dia memang nampak menarik kan, Che' dee. Tambahan pulak warna merah. :) Nanti Nuurill dah cuba, Nuurill let Che' Dee know k :)

  13. nuuril, nanti jgn lupa bg review eye cream!!!!!

  14. hello buddy,
    don't worry .
    the online department store for skin creams
    there are alots of products to rid skin problems and other dieseases on your face that product are
    it really helpful for you.

  15. Yeah..
    The wedges look soo good on you.. :

  16. Fidza: ok dear. Nuurill kene beli dulu sebab diorang x bagi sample eye cream. Nanti dah beli, and try, will let u know k :)

    HD Wallpapers: TQvm :)

  17. Shaza:
    eh!! we're talking about the cream here!! ahahahaha. Thanks babe. I'm in love with it now. It gives me some height and confidence :P

  18. hehe.. cos muka saya mmg da terok da xleh nak watpe da. Thats why tgk wedges kak nuurill je. hehe :')
    I plak ade satu dua je flats. I can never walk in flats. hehe..
    Seb baik Shahir tu tinggi 'sikit'. hehe..
    Confirm lepas ni kak nuurill byk collection pumps laa, wedges laa, etc.Pastu buat review pasal kasut. Ok, saya da merapu. bye :)

  19. akhirnya keluar gak N3 jumpa korang berdua kat sini

  20. yess... keluar pun!! nice and good review!! keep it up!!

  21. Sronok baca ur review pasal this event. Neutrogena is a good brand, my mom been using it since her working days. Harus I suh dia baca entry you ni tau, mana tau dia nak change her range plak kan. Boleh I tumpang sekaki..Hihi..

  22. Shaza:

    I love shoes too!! Nanti kita sama-sama buat review kasut pulak k! =D
    p/s: skin you tak teruklah babe. I tengok Gojas jer!! :)

    Kak Ina:

    Akhirnya kan? hahahaha. Saya akan berusaha untuk mempercepatkan setiap entry review lepas ni. Kene Ghajin macam akak!! :) Nice to know you too, akan. Memang akak ni sporting sangat2!! :)

  23. Madam:
    TQ dear. Bangga i hokeh you comment kat page i!! :) Ni lagi satu contoh terbaik untuk blogger yang rajin dan bagus. Salute you! :)

    Waaa!! your mom pakai Neutrogena ker? good good. Cubalah u sempaikan kat dia bout this Ageless range. My personal opinion memang ok. Lembut, x melekit and wangi. :) You pun boleh try sama. I pun!! hehehehe

  24. dpt yg last tuh paling besh. chantek begnyer...

  25. akuzle:
    Betul! cantik dan luas!! Boleh sumbat banyak benda. Beg favorite tu sekarang. Hihi :)

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