Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Men: What should we have for dinner?
Women: Whatever..
Men: Why don't we have Mexican?
Women: No not Mexican, the last time I got pimples on my face
Men: Alright, why don't we have Szechwan cuisine
Women: Yesterday we ate Szechwan , today too?
Men: Hmm..... I suggest we have seafood
Women: Seafood is not good, I got diarrhea
Men: Then what do you suggest?
Women : Whatever..

Men: So what should we do now?
Women: Anything
Men: How about watching a movie? It's been a long time
Women: Watching movie is no good, it's a waste of time
Men: How about we go for bowling, or some exercises?
Women: Exercise on such a hot day?
Men: Then find a cafe and have a drink
Women: I am off caffeine
Men: Then what do you suggest?
Women: Anything

(You decide)
Men: Then do we just go home?
Women: You decide
Men: Let's take the bus, I will accompany you
Women: The bus is dirty and crowded.
Men: OK; we will take a cab
Women: Not worth it... For such a short distance
Men: All right, then we can walk. We can enjoy the weather
Women: I am hungry, can't walk.
Men: Then what do you suggest?
Women: You decide
Men: Let's have dinner first?
Women: Whatever...
Men: What shall we eat?
Women: You decide

Men: At what time do I have to call you?
Women: Any time as u wish
Men: But last time when I call u in the morning u didn't pick up?
Women: I was sleeping.
Men: OK; when I try to call you around 11 am u didn't pick up?
Women: I was shopping with my mother
Men: So, when I try to call you around 2-3 u didn't pick up?
Women: I was tired and relaxing.
Men: Then what about 5 PM?
Women: I was watching a cartoon.
Men: So, then why didn't you pick u phone in the night?
Women: I was studying
Men: Ok then tell me which time is the most convenience time for you to talk
Women: Anytime.

Us...Back in October 2008 (Oman was ~6 months there in my belly)

Kidd: Bi nak lauk ape? Bi gi cop tempat. Kidd beratur. Panjang ni queue.

Bebi: Ape-ape ajelah, Kidd. Line Clear semua sedap.

Kidd: (Tengah duduk) Ok ni Bi punya.

Bebi: Thank you laling!! (sambil memandang makanan)
Eh, Laaaaa... napa x amik sotong??? sob sob..

Kidd: Tadi cakap ape-ape je. Meh Kidd gi beratur balik
(Senyum paksa sebab wife tengah pregnant :P).

Bebi: Yeyeye!!! Thank you again, Laling. (Sambil pegang perut)
Oman mesti saaaaayang sangat kat Dadda dia. Hihi

Kidd: (Jelir lidah). Seb baik pregnant. kalau x, confirm x layan.

Bebi: Hahahahahahaa

Mudah-mudahan kita sepakat selamanya ek kidd. Aamin..ILEBIU!!! :)


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ni-no-ni-No-Ni-no-ni-No-Ni-no.... (eh ninonino Ambulankan? :p)

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, bukan fire engine yang besar padam api tu tau... but this one;

The original design of Step 2 Fire Engine

This is one of the kids services you could enjoy in One Utama Shopping Center, Bandar Utama. Baby strollers are also available. Wajibla semua budak-budak meronta-ronta nak, kan? Termasukla anak bujang i yang melentik-lentik badannya bila kita kata "NO". :p

Well, it was on last Sunday, (on Father's Day) we had our breakfast earlier at FAM, Kelana Jaya, then we came to One Utama for groceries hunting.

We were at the Ground Floor, Highstreet, when Oman who was sitting peacefully inside his stroller suddenly jumped out and ran to the customer service center. (Sabo jekla. X sampai sepuloh minit bertenang, dah momma kene main kejar-kejar tau).

His eyes were glittering when he saw those fire engines like smiling at him. At that time, dah x main dah stroller dia tu. Pujuk punya pujuk dia xmau jugak berganjak from that area. Maka, kenelah dadda and momma mengalah jugak. Simpan jelah balik nampaknya his stroller tu dalam boot kereta.

The process to use this fire engine service can be done as follows;

Rules and regulation
Are you a ONECARD member? if you are, then you can use this privilege for free of charge. On the other hand, nonmember needs to pay RM3 for the first 3 hours and RM1 for the sequence hours of usage.

Your kid must be at least 90cm tall or 2 years old. They have the wall ruler so that u can measure your kid's height before registration.

Oman is not yet reach 90 cm tall, he's not 2 years old too. Tapi Dadda Oman duk kenyit-kenyit mata sket dekat awek counter tu, terus she kata 'boleh'.. eceh! xdela.. Hahaha. Dadda was like pujuk-pujuk that girl , "bolehla dik, bolehla dik", then the girl said; "kalau Encik confident, no hal".
Berbunga-bunga hati Oman dengar 'ok' tu tau!!! (i assumela because he smiles sampai ke telinga. hihi)

The Procedure
First of all, register your kid's details such as full name, age, parent's name and contact number in the form provided at the counter. (Mind you, on weekend, queue kat counter tu panjang. datang awal is better)

Upon registration, deposit of RM50 is required to ensure that your kid would not quietly bring back home the fire engine. HAHA.

The customer service officer will hand to you the copy of the form/receipt (Simpan baik-baik tauu. Masa nak return kene tunjuk)

Then, the fire engine is ready for your kid to ride it!!!!

(Memang kebanyakan budak akan excited sangat duduk dalam tu. Cuma kejap atau lama jerla. Macam En. Oman, agak lama gakla he enjoyed sitting inside. Lepas tu, dia dah mula main panjat-panjat dah.. adehhhh!!)

"Aaaaaaaa....mimpiku jadi nyata", kata Oman berdrama

Vovom! Vovom! Bising tul mulut dia tau :)

See his position now? this was after sometime, he started to did... see below.

Yes. Dia keluar masuk sesuka hati. Dadda layankan jek. :)

We met Armi's parents and siblings at Italiannies for Father's Day lunch after mini groceries shopping . (Masa ni teringat betul kat my abah. huhu. I ailebiu abah. Nanti balik sana k.yung belanja baek punya k!!. :) )

When our lunch about to finish, my little Oman pun dah sleepy sangat-sangat. Mulala dia mengamok. :p Oman selalunya would have morning nap tapi sebab dah seronok sangat dengan fire engine dia tu, langsung lupa nak tidur.

So, we decided to disperse right after that, as this budak oledi hek hek. :)

Owh... missing his pokok kelapak!! :)

Haip! It's not finished yet. :)

Upon return of the fire engine, you just go to the same counter and show the receipt passed to you earlier on.

For ONECARD member, your deposit RM50 is returned to you immediately.

For nonmember, the officer will first calculate the rental fee (as i mentioned above, RM3 for the first 3 hours and RM1 for the sequence hours of usage) and then return to you the balance (RM50 - rental fee).

9.30pm is the latest call for the fire engine to be returned. I think if beyond that, you deposit is considered burn!!

Hope this will help you to enjoy the Kids service in One Utama. Lepas ni, xyah bawak stroller pun xpe. (i xsure la pulak rental for stroller berapa.. upssss)

p/s: sapa yang suka shopping jangan risau, at the back side of the fire angine, there is a space to store/hang your plastic or paperbag. :P

Chau si Chi... :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Oman's hair was first time cut to bold when he was at 47th days.


After. Botak licin kepala Oman :)

Since then, we never allow any cutter to approach Oman's hair. Me and my hubby both love to keep his hair long. Everytime i tie his hair, i kept telling him, he's my Takeshi Kaneshiro. Kuang Kuang Kuang. :)

Pokok kelapak style. :)

Oman's becoming more active nowadays. He's sweating a lot. Lepas tu, his hair jadi kelam kabut taww. Hihi. So, few suggestions came out about his hair from concerned parties;
1) potong pendek terus
2) Just trim the kerekot-kerekot part bagi sama
3) Botakkan

I chose none of the above. Ahaks!

Yesterday evening, Dadda brought us to his favourite salon (GDO Hair Salon) at Subang Parade. Ade amoi yang pandai cut his hair kat situ.

On the way to the salon, Dadda came out with this; "Jom la Bi, we trim his hair nak". Gulp! Dup Dap Dup Dap dalam hati i... "nanti tumbuh balik yang lebih elok. Trim bagi sama je".

Hmmmm... Ok, I agreed.
(Dalam hati i, what!!!! did u just say OK??? are you out of your mind?? jangan ngada-ngada nak nangis nanti ek!!)

I dunno why i said ok. Punyala i mempertahankan rambut dia selama 14 months. Ikutkan, memang actually no big deal pun. Macamla rambut Oman x boleh tumbuh balikkan. Drama tau! :p

In GDO, Oman was attended by a pretty hairdresser.
HE managed to sit quietly on the chair.

When the lady started to cut his hair. Oman called me, "Momma..". He wasn't really happy. I grabbed his hand sambil nyanyi lagu Lady Gaga. Oman pelik + scared kot. Yerla, the first time his hair being cut dulu he was still a little babykan. Dia x pernah ingat pon. Huhu.

We both nervous! Dadda who was sitting at the other side kept asking me; "OK x bi? ok x?" Everything was fine. That lady pun good in handling Oman. She made animals sound too. :)
(Towards the end tu Oman dah start nak turun-turun but masa tu dah almost done. Nasib baik! Phew!)

The moment i saw Oman's hair dropped cut by cut, I suddenly became emotional. I nampak rambut dia macam pendek sangat dah. :(

For quite a time after this, there will be no more sepit rambut, no more pokok kelapak, no more tocang, like always i did to his hair.

Uuuuuuuu. Sedih wwooo!! Tears about to came out from my eyes, i quickly wiped them. I told myself, not a big deal, no big deal.

Tara!!! Rambut baru Oman.

When we reached home, i straightly took Oman to the washroom, shampooed his hair, wash his body. Takut miang. Sedih kembali menjelma sebab masa syampu his hair, i dah tak boleh main rambut dia, buat tajam-tajam macam ni;

Satu ketika dahulu...

This morning, the first thing i did when i woke up was looking at my son who was still sleeping soundly... sambil berdoa, cepatla rambut Oman panjang semula!!! Aamin. :)

"Ambut! Ambut!", sambil comb his hair

Clean cut. Barula boy. hihi. Tomei jugakkan?

Owh!! Just in case you are looking for a proper kids salon kan, i found this place named

Click on the picture to check on the website.
(if i'm not mistaken, a mommy blogger did blog about this place too few times ago. Hmm was that you, Nadine, or Anne? hihi.. ingat-ingat lupala puler..)

Located in Great Eastern Mall & Solaris Mont Kiara, Seriously, tempat ni macam best jerr for kids.

Quoted from the homepage;

"Cheeky Monkey Cuts is an EXCLUSIVE CHILDREN'S HAIR SALON & SPA aimed to please ALL the family, but especially the kids. From YOUNG CHILDREN to GRAND PARENTS you will receive Hair services that you will undoubtedly enjoy from the experience of visiting us. With special children's seats to novelty car chairs we will have every baby, toddler and child seated comfortably to enjoy not just a hair cut and wash, but also entertainment through a video of their choice with our LCD screens stationed at their seat. They can even sit and do some drawing and painting while they cut their hair- whatever they like! "

"We use an organic range of hair products specially produced for children. We also carry a large range of body products just for the kids. We’ve not forgotten the mums too, as we do carry a range of products for expecting mummies too"

Among the services that they offered are;

BABY CUTS (New Born – 2 years old) RM25.00

CHEEKY CUTS (3 – 6 years old) RM29.00

MONKEY CUTS (7 – 12 years old) RM35.00

YOUNG HAIRCUT (13 - 16 years old) RM40.00

JUST A FRINGE Start at RM10.00

WASH & BLOW-DRY Start at RM12.00





An ambiance of excitement. Budak2 musti suka!! (Picture grabbed from Cheeky Monkey Cuts page)
I found their contact no. on facebook: 03-6204 9277

One day, when Oman needs his next hair trim, maybe I'll bring him here. Macam best! :)


Monday, June 21, 2010

ART ATTACK!! : Father's Day Special

Last year, Oman was no idea at all why he and momma did this.
He still didn't get it this year. Hihi

I know it's too early for him to understand what's that for.
That's why i was the one who was excited terlebih than the son. :p

Anyway, we're really having fun this time.
It was simple but memorable.
It's a new exposure for Oman too.

We both together created a handmade card.
It's more like a booklet.
It's 16 colorful pages consisting of Oman's finger print, foot print and drawings.

Frankly, to get his finger and foot print was quite hard.
He was tickled when i painted red color to his palm.
He refused to stamped it on the sugar paper.
Hahhahaha. So i let him threw his creativity his way.

Enough on papers, he painted my palm with black. He painted his croc too.
Then, he painted the floor.
Creative, right? Tehehehe.

Owh, i was being 'creative' too.
Before the project started, I designed our own drawing aprons by using plastic bags.
Fast and easy at no cost! :P

We have some picas to share here.
Unforgettable!! :)

The aprons

The process

The main Artist

The booklet Card

Oman my dear, the card we created, we dedicated it to your Dadda, honey.
It's a kind of thought from us that represents our countless love to him.

The everlasting love, the ultimate bonding of the Father and kids is celebrated on a day called, Father's Day.

Father tu Dadda la tau, Oman. (Takut dia confuse :P)

The son

The Father. Happy Father's Day, Dadda! :)

To my Kidd, my abah, my abah in law, also all father's in the world and hereafter, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. Thank you very much for being a father. Many many loves return to all of you.

-XOXO, MommaholicSuri-

Friday, June 18, 2010


Semenjak i menjadi ibu ni, tambahan Oman pula tengah ligat and needs a lot of attention, everything has to be move and run so fast.
Kadang-kadang nak wee-wee pun kene postpone tau!! (jangan yer peeps, xbaik. nanti kene batu karang)
Apetah lagi nak mengulit diri sendiri atau memanjakan diri.

Apekah kaitannya dengan tajuk entry di atas? :p

Well, i couldn't remember when my last time using a purse to keep my IDs, cards, coins, cash.. bla-bla.. It must have been a few months.. I found it took a lot of my precious time to keep my stuffs properly and beautifully in a purse. Especially when i do shopping or when i want to pay the toll. Since i do a lot of travelling too, everytime before leaving, i need to segregate which cards to bring, which not to, contohnya macam ISETAN card, HERO card, Clinic card semua tu, x perlo kot nak bawakkan?:P i rasa macam complicated sangat dah nak dibuat (i je kot yang rasa macam ni). So, when i messed up like that, my purse jadi gemuk dan buruk. Haha.

Semenjak itu, i prefer to use a wristlet instead. Senang je, bukak zip or button semua i campak and sumbat dalam tu. Additonal mark, wristlet purse ade tangkai, i boleh pegang sambil pusing-pusing. Alangkah indahnya. Hahaha :) Cuma, the dark side is, confirm my stuff dalam tu disorganize gila-gila.. which for me is still boleh terima, 1 compartment je kot kan, cari musti jumpa punya.

But if i use a purse yang cantik jelita, tapi sampai nak nangis cari ic x jumpa sebab terselit kat compartment yang banyak? It will consume much of time!!

OK. OK.I realize that i yang kene jadi organize so things would be all easier kan? Tapi, xperla.. i tetap memilih wristlet. :)

This is my loyal one. A gift from someone who visited Aussie and bought this there for me last year. The size is perfect! i can even keep my car key, lip gloss inside it together with other important stuff. Seronok bukan? Hihi.

Uhuk uhuk.. after few months of aggressive usage by me (nampak sangat i suka pusing-pusingkan tali dia??). The skin started to worn out. Sedihnya!!!

So, i'm thinking of getting myself a new one. A new long wristlet purse. Menarik bukan??? hehehehe...

Peeps, It's DREAMING time, again!!!!!!! :)

Bila dreaming, kita ignore the price, kan? HAHAHA (gelak jahat)

I browsed here and there. I bumped into few that merobek-robek hati i tau.


Sangat suka yg design kat atas ni!!!

Crazy!!! Marc Jacobs drove me crazy ok. They got super nice wristlets!!. Dahla Sling bag dia pun cantik!! I didn't check each price. I takut i keciwa. hahahaha.

Nice too!! :)

Coach got a lot of wristlets too. Silalah yer Puan Puan.

There are a lot of design out there ikut kemampuan masing-masing. Pilihla yer.

Alright alright.. Nanti kita dream dream lagi k.
I have to go. (Nak check blog u all plak :))
Have a good weekend, peeps.

-XOXO, mommaholicSuri-

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Aabat dan Vom Vom"

This is a story about a young boy who's currently obsessed with 2 things;
1. Sejadah
2. Motorbike

This is based on a true story as brief by his momma in her previous entry.
A story with pictures. A lot of pictures. :)

On last sunny Friday morning, he was in a mosque in Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan attending his dadda's cousin's solemnization ceremony. While everyone was so khusyuk listening to the ceremony, this xreti duduk diam boy noticed something more exciting to do.

He saw a lot of sejadah on the cabinet at one corner of the mosque!!!
This boy quickly made his 'puss-in-boot' face to momma.
Softly, he grabbed momma's finger and directed her to where he found the sejadahs.
One by one, his momma ( i repeat, his momma) had to arrange the sejadahs in soff like this;

Watch carefully the color arrangement of the sejadahs. From left: Red, Blue and silver.

He was so excited to see them and forced momma to follow him back to the cabinet for the 4th sejadah. (Masa ni orang-orang masjid dah mula jeling-jeling manja dekat momma). What momma did that she secretly grabbed the grey-colored sejadah and hided it behind her back while following Oman to complete his mission.

Once they both reached the cabinet, momma slowly put the grey sejadah on the cabinet and took a different color.
"Momma ni slowla", dalam hati the son. He took the sejadah from momma's hand and ran to the soff. Sesampai di tempat kejadian;

He was panicked when he saw only 2 sejadahs were there. Then he made his 'cembeng' face sambil sempat lagi he worked hard membentang that 4th sejadah (terbalik kiblatla tapi..hahahaha).

After that, that boy became very tired and cried campur geram cause momma didn't want to assist him anymore. :P

To pujuk him (sebenarnya semua orang dah buat shh! shh! kat kami sebab lafaz akad dah nak mula.. upps!), his momma had to carried him outside of the mosque. (Kalau x, ade yang kene baling ngan sejadah pulak ngan pengantin lelaki kang. hihi).

Rupanya, there was another excitement waited for the boy outside of the mosque. Tara!!!

Yesla! There were 3 motor kapcai and he was in the middle of them! :)

He didn't want momma to hold his hand even his finger. Eksen sungguh kan dia?? hehe. Then that boy terus merapati Encik Moto No. 1.

They get to know each other very well until momma saw the parang inside Encik Moto No.1's basket. Uuuuuuuuu... seram!! Momma got to divert Oman's attention to Encik Moto No. 2 pulak.

Momma: "Oman, look there.. another 1. Uuuu... VOM! VOM!" (kalau u all jadi Oman, u ter convince x?..pasti tidak bukan?.. hahaha.. tapi Oman terconvince jer..:P)

Ni la Encik Moto No.2.

The boy having his own sweet time with EM No.2 until he made another VOM! VOM! when he remembered there's another EM waiting :)

The boy was then approaching Encik Moto No.3 with love. Dibelai-belainya moto itu. (xpaham sungguh momma :p)

Mesra Moto sungguh kan budak ini? :)

Enough outside, his momma dah x larat nak duduk luar (panas masa nih..peluk menitik-nitik). His momma brought him inside dengan paksaan. :)

Oman memberontak secara beriman. Bagaimana yer?
he chose to perform solat. :)

duduk antara dua sujud.
(Eh, excuse me young man, kiblat awak terbalik yer..)

Time ni semua orang terrbahak-bahak ok. He was so cute to the max ok!!!

That boy bukan heran pun orang gelak-gelakkan dia.
He might feel x best solat alone. He started to call his dadda to join him. Hid dadda was so busied taking the photos of the brides so his uncle terpaksa merelakan diri solat dengan that boy sebelum masuk waktu semayang Jumaat. :)

"Aaaaaaaaabat!!".. he was showing how to Aabat to his 'Adek' :)

The next victim was his Gpapa. He got his Gpapa's hand and dragged him to perform Aabat.

Gpapa showed the boy how to sujud in right way. Bersungguh-sungguh he tried ok. haha.

Well oh well... i hope that when this boy grows up as a good man (Aamin!), he would read this sweet entry and keep it tight in his mind as kenang-kenangan. Hihi. That boy is my boy, Oman. :)

-XOXO, mommaholicSuri-


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