Friday, October 29, 2010

FROM CAIRO with LOVE (Cycle 3)

Everyday, my routine in Cairo was almost the same.

7.30pm: ZzzzZZZZzzzzz. Yes, I skipped dinner most of the days.
(I was following Malaysia sleeping time. 7.30pm Cairo = 1.30am KL)

1.30am: Woke up freshly.
(1.30am Cairo = 7.30am Malaysia, kalau kat Malaysia dah Subuh gajah dah ni)

6.30am: Gym time!! (pengakuan, i pergi sekali jer. Hahaha)

Poyo sungguh makcik tu. :p
but Seriously, the gym in Fairmont Hotel's damn fantastic!!

Nile River view from 23rd Floor of the hotel. Cantik!

9.00am: Meeting

1.00pm-2.00pm: Lunch time. Call Malaysia. (Mahal! kat sana, 3 kali phone i kene barred! :P)

7.00pm: Meeting end

Hehehe. 7 days meeting (Tuesday to Monday). The same routine again and again except for Saturday night, Telecom Egypt did organize a cruise dinner along the Nile River. Ade belly dance lagi you!! :) And alhamdulillah i managed to visit The Pyramids and The Sphinx on my last day in Cairo. Amazing! In my next entry, i'm gonna blog about Nile Cruise and Pyramids experience kay.

So, back to my 'interesting' again and again routine in Cairo, :P, giler boring tahap gaban sebenonyer!! and because of that lah, i was cam-whoring every morning before i went to the meeting. Kekekeke. Sungguhla takde keje, kan.

Lemme share with all of you, some examples of what a Lady with Hijab to wear, if you have to attend a 'Businessmen Casual Meeting'. You may or you may not like my look here. :)

(p/s: I ni bukan image consultant and jauh sekali fashionista. Saja suka-suka je ni tau!!)

So, if you think, i was going to the meeting with wearing a formal suit, carrying a suitcase everyday, tet!! you know the answer already. As long i don't wear any jeans and baju yg menjolok mata Mr Chairman, it is acceptable. :)

For me, the pants that make a lot of difference. As i always choose long blouse/shirt for my top, i could wear Khaki or Select pants to make my look casually formal for meeting. The same type of blouse/shirt, i could wear them with jeans/leggings to make my look causally casual for outdoors or outing. Itulah simple formula Nuurill pakai. Senang, bukan? :)

Oh lupa, shoes could reflect much difference too. But since i dun have a lot of choice there, (Takkan nak bawak semua kasut yang kat rumah tu kot kan) so, i made this arrangement, a pair of heals for meeting, a pair of palm shoes for whatever else. :)

Ready to visit the Pyramid.

Selepas bergelar ibu, my BtotheOtotheNtotheTtotheOtotheT semakin lebar. So, i love to wear inner t-shirt if my top is little bit singkat. Kalau x, i akan kureng confident sikit. :p

Ready to go back home!! :)

Alhamdulillah, i have safely arrived tanah air on Wednesday, 4.00 pm. I'm so happy to be home with my love ones. :)

Kemain lagi tau Tuan Kecik ni!! :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is a special entry to a girl who her name is Melinda.

You know in our life, there are these days that we would really looking forward too, and remember it for the rest of our life?

It is now happened to her. She just celebrated her birthday on last 21st Oct, and today, is her Engagement Day. What a complete package of happiness this could be!!!

Bersaksikan Sungai Nil yang terbentang luas in front of my eyes, I'm praying from far that everything's gonna be smooth and graceful for her.
All her hardwork she's gone through for today, she will worth it.
Insya Allah.

and she definitely gonna look fabulous!!

How i wish i could witness it today, watching her happy smiles.
I owe you big time, bebeh!

Masa raya dulu i dah mintak maaf xdapat dtg E-day u kan? eh? :p

Oh my, DIVA dah bertunang!!!! hehehehehe
wajib tunjuk dekat i nanti all the photos ok!

p/s: *all Pictures below are grabbed from her fb. She had her Pre-Engagement shoot at FotoFanartic studio*

Me and her. Congratulations, darling!!!

Oman pun turut turun padang nak jumpa Aunty Melinda and Uncle Wandi

You, smile macam ni tau depan bakal mak mertua :)

comel! :)

The whole team (Wandi, Mel, Oman, Armi, Me and Mr H)

To Wandi and Melinda,
Both of you are so sweet together, match made from heaven.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

FROM CAIRO with LOVE (Cycle 2)

Salam peeps.

Ya habibi Ya Maulana :)

Well, i dun have much update after two days being here in Cairo.
I haven't got the chance to walk or jog along Nile river yet, but i heard from other delegates that it is not advisable to do that. They said it's very dusty outside.

Nile river. View from the meeting room

Nile River. View from my breakfast table.

Last night, Encik Mukhtar and i went to the nearest shopping complex (yahoo!!!) to check what we could have for dinner. And yes people, we have the most delicious International food, KFC!! Kikikiki.

Encik Mukhtar was really looking for Nasi (dia x boleh x makan nasi), while i was hoping the miracle to meet with any Chinese or Oriental restaurant here. Harapan tinggal harapan, yang ada cuma kebab, pizza, KFC, McD. :) Just to share with you, i'm not a fan of Arabian food. Kalau x, memang dah enjoy dah makan. hihi.

i x shop apa-apa yer.. serius nak suh En. Mukhtar balik hotel dulu sebab segan nak masuk keluar kedai mcm orang gila nanti. But Encik Mukhtar not allowed me to walk alone. Tapi dia x offerla pulak nak teman. maka terpaksala pendamkan hasrat murni i tu. "Toksahlah Nuurill, nanti awak hilang, susah saya nak jawab.".. Encik Mukhtar ni baik, macam ayah-ayah je. Xpe, i'm gonna get Maghda or Rania or Ola from Telecom Egypt to accompany me nanti. :)

It's true that you could feel outside there that wind's flowing with kind of tiny pieces of dust or sand maybe. After a while, i started to rub my eyes. Sakit! Hmm.. i wonder, even it 's very dusty outside there, but the Egyptian ladies' skin still superbly flawless.
Xpe, cuba tengok after a week here, kulit i jadi flawless and cerah macam diorang ke x. :D

My target today is to visit the gym. They said it's cool. X rugi achik bawak sport shoes. Yey! The gym is located at 23rd floor and the view of Nile rive is much much better up there. I'm gonna bring along my camera, fore sure. OK correction, not my camera, but my father in law's. When he heard that i'd be going to Egypt (terbayang piramid), terus dia offered camera dia sebab my camera dah ala-ala kurun zaman batu dulu. Hihi.

Meeting Day 1. Gadis bunga.

Meeting Day 2. Gadis biru

p/s: nampak sangat i sangapkan? keje amik gamba sendiri. Haih.

Yesterday, hubby told me that Oman's having 38.5 temperature. :( pity baby. I wish i was there with him. Hubby cakap he might be missing his momma. I tried to have a video call with him last night but not sure what's the reason, i couldn't get through it. Nak video chat pun x dapat because rumah my pil ade problem sket with internet connection. Urhhhh.. dugaan. Xpela, voice call pun jadila kan. Hubby told me that Oman macam tercari-cari my face dekat that phone. Owh sedih!!

What i did, i mmsed his dadda my pic's smiling (takkan nak tunjuk gambar i nangis kat Oman kan) and i received this;
"Dah tunjuk. Dia pegang gamba by sambil "K^rhGe9EUel=uXmFr" dalam process nak tido".

I know Oman would love to tell me something. I miss u too, dear. Hang on there, ok. You're strong Little man, kan?

Moga Oman cepat baik. Amin.

Alhamdulillah, while i'm writing this, i received an update from my hubby. He said Oman is getting better now. My mil's maid and sil are taking care of him. Oman dah buddy buddy dengan Cik Is (how he called my mil's maid). Siap boleh duduk atas riba lagi. Oh!!! i feel so relief. Senang hati momma, darling.

Okay. Til i write again, i wish everyone's happy and have a great day. Let's appreciate the loves among us because when you're apart and far away, you have to bear with the biggest pain in the world, which is, MISSING THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Little Man.

Little and Big Man.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FROM CAIRO with LOVE (Cycle 1)

Salam and Hi,

Sunrise. View from my room this morning.

Syukur, i have safely arrived Cairo on 6.30pm(17/10/10) local time here.
When i gave a call to my hubby hoping that Oman was still awaken, everyone has actually been sleeping in Malaysia. It's 12.30am(18/10/10). Malaysia is 6 hours ahead Cairo.

Both flights from KL to Dubai and Dubai to Cairo were good and fine. Alhamdulillah.
Here some Sneak Peek on my first travel day.

It's Dubai from the above....

Subhanallah. It's my first time tengok padang pasir di Tanah Arab

Sand Ocean

Reaching the airport. Macam lukisan kan?

I didn't snap many pictures at the Airport. I'm gonna do it next week cause i'll be transiting Dubai again during my flight back to Kl. But i always remember to snap my pic in the toilet at the airport, remember? Hahah.

Pakai heals naik plane?? Inilah akibatnya kalau luggage x susun betul-betul and kasut ni dah x muat to fit in the bag. I had to exchange it with my palm shoe sebab palm shoe kurus and muat masuk bag.Tanak buat dah. Lenguh giler kaki!!

Traffic in Cairo was super heavy during peak hour. Elok sangatlah timing dengan i sampai. But the drivers here, Gulp!! If in Malaysia, the Mats Rempits are the motorcyclist, but here, the cars, the vans, the buses, their driving skill are dangerous. Masuk simpang laju je takyah signal. Selagi boleh cilok, 3 lanes road becomes 5 lanes road, on the highway. Phew!

When i reached the hotel's lobby, everything turned out to be very positive. The warmth welcoming, the smiles, made me feel reluctant if i NOT giving them any tips. Sudahnya, i gave one of them, who helped me to show every single function in my room, USD5.00. Serious i sebenarnya cukup x mahir bab berapa nak bagi tips ni. Ok ke x tu ek?.. huhu

It's more than 12 hours journey and i was totally tired and hungered when i reach hotel room.
I ordered In-Room dining service but failed to appreciate the taste because my migrain was so strong and all i could do was only to lay under the comforter, and forced myself to sleep. But before that i was able to hide my 3.8/4 remaining pasta in the dustbin before the hotel's guy came to pick that beautiful dining table with a rose on it .
Kesian you! penat mamat tu setting baik nyer table tu untuk i. Siap ada napkin, bunga ros bagai. I terpaksa buat-buat macam i makan habis licin.

Owh! lemme show you my room which i'm going to buddy buddy with for 8 days here in Fairmont Nile City Hotel. (sebelah jer dengan Sungai Nil. Kalau sempat i gi snap snap sungai tu ek nanti)

If i were late to the meeting, salahkan katil tu!! :P

I lupa lagi bawak kompas!! *ketuk kepala*. seb baik kat sini ade petunjuk kiblah..
and tu dia toilet!! Kalau Kidd ngan Oman ada mesti boleh main Bacak Baacaaak time berendam dalam bathtub.. sebab i can see my bed from the toilet. Sobbing.

When i'm away from my 2 boyfriends, i always bring along something that i can kiss and hug before and when i sleep alone. This time, i bring this;

Teka tu siapa?
Itulah dadda Oman masa masih lagi anak kecil. But he looked like sebijik Oman sekarang.
So, this is just great. 1 picture of 2 people who is always in my heart.
Miss you guys too much!
Jangan Noti-noti esp Dadda. Ahaks!!


Ok. Got to go. Meeting is to be started today and i have to make my self efficient, ready and focus. Ganti Boss kot!!!


Friday, October 8, 2010



Di pagi yang hening itu, alarm henponku menjerit-jeriti tepat pukul 6.00 pagi. Lantas aku memaksa diriku bangun walaupun rasa macam nak je tarik selimut semula. Azamku, nak sampai awal ke tempat kerja hari ni. Nak dapat kan parking free. Hari-hari bayar rm7.00 cepat kopak purse saya tau. Maka targetnya 6.45 pagi aku seharusnya sudah mula bergerak rumah. Nak isi minyak lagi. Haishhh..

Sambil mengeliat ke kiri dan ke kanan, aku sempat menjenguk lelaki kecilku yang sedang enak dibuat mimpi di dalam cotnya. Lelaki besar seakan tersedar tatkala aku turun dari katil, mungkin sebab tahap gegaran katil yang agak kuat.

Aku dengan terpisat-pisat ke bilik sebelah. Sambil berdendang lagu Beyonce, "To the left, to the left" eh, ternyanyi sikit pulak, aku memulakan aktiviti mengiron baju kerja suamiku. Stock baju yang siap digosok pada hujung minggu sudah kehabisan. Kesian.

Selesai menggosok, aku terus bersiram. Suka betul aku mandi menggunakan sabun Lifebuoy kaler biru tu. Wangi dan segar.

Sebelum aku menunaikan solat Subuh, aku mengejut suamiku dengan memanggil namanya. "5 minit", jawabnya ringkas. Itu adalah jawapan standard yang memberi makna selepas aku selesai bersolat silalah kejutkan dia kembali.

Selepas memanjatkan doa ke HAdrat Ilahi, aku pun kembali mengejutkan suamiku dengan menyentuh lembut tangannya. Tak boleh jadi dengan melihat tahap keliatan yang ditunjukkan itu, aku pun menggoncang badannya sambil membuat ayat sedih; "Kidd, bangunla. Nanti lambat. Bi nak cepat hari ni" Eh macam x sedih langsung bunyinya.

Setiap pagi, kebiasaannya suami ku yang akan menghantar Oman ke rumah pengasuh. Aku lebih senang hati jika kami keluar dari rumah pada waktu yang sama so that aku dapat memastikan yang mereka berdua cukup lengkap segala keperluan. Jangan ada yang tertinggal apa-apa. Jadi, jika mereka berdua lambat bangun, aku pun akan jadi lambat. X syoklah kan.

Jam menunjukkan pukul 6.30 pagi. Suami ku telahpun berada di dalam washroom. Aku pula mula menyediakan keperluan Oman di rumah pengasuh untuk hari itu. Baju harian 2 pasang, baju tidur sepasang, tuala, toiletries, medical kit, 2 botol susu dan 1 bekas air gambar zirafah. Cukup!

Tot Tet Tot Tet, jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 6.55 pagi. Alamak, lambat lagi. Dek kerana nak jugak mendapatkan parking free pada hari itu, aku meminta izin suami untuk bergerak dahulu ke tempat kerja. Suami kata "ok. Dun worry Bi. Kidd boleh handle Oman". Dekat sepuluh kali suami mendengar rintihan hatiku untuk sampai awal ke office, heran jugak dia dengan tahap semangat membara aku yang macam budak PLKN itu.

Setelah selesai sessi salam tangan, cium tangan & pipi, bagi salam dan cakap ailebiu kami anak beranak, aku pun memulakan perjalanan ke Petronas terdekat dengan rumahku. Minyak dah fuel warning kot. Kalau tak nak kena maki hamun dengan pemandu lain dek keta habis minyak mati dekat tengah federal highway, baik isi.

Setelah minyak 97 ku isi rm50, aku pun memandu ke arah bulatan berhampiran untuk membuat pusingan U. Sambil itu, aku mendengar stesen Radio kegemaranku, Fly FM.

Tiba-tiba di tengah-tengah bulatan itu...
(bunyi Jeng Jeng Jeng macam dalam cerita P.Ramlee)

Aku terdengar bunyi Hon yang kuat. Saat ku menoleh ke kanan, aku dapat melihat jelas Puan Nabira ku bergesel dengan Encik Iswara di sebelah kananku. Kedengaran bunyi brek yang kuat. Kami menjadi kembar siam buat berapa meter jaraknya. Dan pabila kereta ku terlepas dari keretanya, aku hampir pengsan melihat pintu co-pilot kereta itu kemek teruk. Masih mampu mengawal keretaku dari terbabas atau terbalik, lalu aku memberhentikan keretaku di bahu jalan. Dan aku bingung sebingung bingungnya......

Apa yang bermain di fikiranku tatkala itu;
1. Call Kidd sekarang
2. Aku tidak berdarah atau cedera di mana-mana. Alhamdulillah aku masih hidup.
3. Encik Iswara itu kemek teruk, bagaimana pemandunya. Aku takut!!
3. Kalau Encik Iswara itu dah kemek sebegitu, Nabira pun mesti sama. Ok now i'm really dead!!

Dalam kebingungan dan menggeletar yang melampau itu, aku masih mampu menoleh ke arah Encik Iswara yang juga berhenti di bahu jalan. Namun aku seakan-akan lemah x mampu nak turun dari kereta melihat keadaan pemandunya. Sejurus selepas itu, ku lihat seorang lelaki agak dalam lingkungan pertengahan 40-an keluar dari kereta itu menuju ke arah ku. Dia tidak apa-apa. Alhamdulillah!

"Cik ni nak pegi mana sebenarnya? Saya dah bagi signal kiri tadi nak terus. Cik kalau nak ke kanan kenela bagi signal kanan sebab Cik duduk lane tengah" suara yang agak keras pada mulanya kembali reda setelah melihat aku yang macam mayat. Aku menggeletar! Aku tanpa berpikiran panjang terus memohon maaf seolah-olah aku memang bersalah 100%. Aku punya tahap trauma dah kira tahap PHD lah masa tu. Badan sejuk habis. Dan aku memang x boleh nak ingat apa sebenarnya yang terjadi... sigh..

Tiba-tiba muncul kereta suamiku di simpang bulatan. Suami dan anakku baru keluar dari kawasan perumahan kami. Aku masih ingat muka terperanjat suamiku melihat kejadian itu. Suami lantas memberhentikan kenderaan di seberang jalan, dengan mendukung Oman, dia mendapatku. Aku masih diam dan pucat lesi. Aku yakin, suami memang tahu bahawa aku dalam kebingungan, maka sessi berdikusi, cari jalan penyelesaian semua di take over olehnya. Yang aku ralat, aku x mampu menceritakan kejadian sebenar kerana aku masih bingung dengan bagaimana ianya boleh terjadi.

Tiada saksi lain sewaktu kejadian. Yang pasti, dari keadaan kereta , memang jelas aku yang melanggar lelaki itu. Nasib puan Nabira agak baik. Hanya sedikit lekuk di bahagian tepi pintu driver. Kuat jugak Puan Nabira. Kami berjanji untuk berjumpa kembali dengan lelaki itu setelah masing-masing selesai menguruskan urusan cuti kecemasan.

Disebabkan dua kereta, aku terpaksa jugak drive Puan Nabira balik ke rumah. Encik Armi memantau perjalananku. Sumpah, aku rasa seperti dah xnak memandu lagi selepas itu. Dalam perjalanan yang singkat itu, aku sempat pulak menelefon beberapa kawan baikku di ofis untuk memaklumkan yang aku terlibat dalam kemalangan dan perlu EL. Then, aku mula menangis. Tak pernah aku bingung macam tu sekali. Adakah aku terhantuk?

Sampai di rumah, aku ingat Encik suami akan memarahi ku. Aku redha. Tapi aku sangat terharu bila suami mendakapku memberi semangat. Suami cuba menenangkan aku. Bila ditanya kenapa menangis, aku lagi menangis. Sebak seh. Sepanjang aku memandu sendirian, inilah kali kedua aku terlibat dalam kemalangan. Kali pertama sewaktu darjah 3. Aku memandu basikal. Tapi itu, aku dilanggar. Ini aku yang melanggar. Sob Sob. Oman memandangku dengan tersengih. EH budak ni, xper dia kecik lagi, xtau apa-apa.

Selepas menghantar Oman ke rumah pengasuh, suami meminta aku menemaninya ke office untuk mengambil beberapa dokumen. Suami kata dia akan menemaniku sepanjang hari. Owh terharu lagi. Dalam perjalanan, kami telah membuat beberapa panggilan penting terhadap mereka yang arif dalam bidang kemalangan dan legal, untuk mendapat nasihat tentang cara terbaik menyelesaikan peristiwa itu. Perlukah report polis, atau selesai cara baik?

Melalui peneranganku yang tidak berapa terang, dan memang nampak jelas aku yang pelanggar, maka kami dinasihati untuk menyelesaikan cara itu tanpa membuat report. Satu pintu Iswara kalau rosak, harganya paling maksimum is rm4oo, maka menggaru kepalalah kami.

Kami berjumpa kembali dengan lelaki itu yang kami panggil abang di kawasan membaiki kereta di Taman Raja Muda Shah Alam. Abang tu kata, dekat situ memang terkenal dengan bengkel membaiki kenderaan yang terlibat dengan kemalangan dan harganya berpatutan. Tapi yang membuatkan aku rasa nak kembali pengsan ialah kerana bukan 1 pintu yang kemek tapi 2. Pintu di bahagian penumpang belakang co-pilot jugak remuk. Mak datuk double weh nak kene bayar.

Dipendekkan cerita, aku bersyukur segala urusan kami dipermudahkan. Total keseluruhan yang aku loss is rm500 tidaklah double seperti yang aku bayangkan. Walaupun sebenarnya rm500 tu memang nangis ah nak keluarkan kan, aku bersyukur sangat sebab segalanya dah selesai. Abang tu pun orangnya cool. Baik & percaya dengan kami. Yerla dapat rm500 mmgla baik. Eh xbaik cakap macam tu tau, Nuurill. Dalam hatiku sedih sebab dia terpaksa pinjam kereta lain sebarang dua hari sementara tunggu keretanya dibaiki.

Setelah itu. Kami pulang ke rumah dan Encik suami memaksa aku tidur untuk berehatkan minda yang bingung. Dua hari pening-pening loya tapi bukan mengandung yer.

Selepas sehari, aku mula boleh berfikir dengan lebih waras.. ku fikir-fikir apa sebenarnya yang berlaku sewaktu kejadian.. Meh ku lukis;

Inilah kedudukan kami sebelum kejadian.He was at the most right lane and I was at the middle lane. His position was really a BLIND SPOT to me. I absolutely couldn't notice his car was just next to me but bit behind.

So he wanted to go straight (12 o'clock) while i was doing U-Turn at middle lane. I nak pegi pukul 6. Dia cakap dia dah bagi signal kiri but again, i x nampak sebab terlalu dekat. Huhu. He said i didn't give any signal to go right. He was true i didn't sebab i x tau kene bagi signal if we nak stay in the roundabout. Akibatnya;

My car terus bang dia kat bahagian co-pilot and belakang co-pilot. Sedihnyer!!...

I rasa abang tu pun salah jugakla... sebab, if he wanted to go straight or 12 o'clock, why he at first stayed at the most right lane? Dudukla kat kiri sekali ke kan. Hmmmmmm.... disebabkan kebingungan i hari tu, i x voice out kan pun pendapat i tu.

Anyway xperla, yang penting everything has been settled and i really learn something. I have to be extra careful especially dekat roundabout. Tambahan dekat Shah Alam ni memang banyak roundabout and people in Shah Alam ni tak pandai pandu perlahan tau! So, Giving signal is very very important to alert the other drivers.

I'm so grateful that ianya x melibatkan kecederaan samada to me or him and one more thing yang buat i rasa bertambah bersyukur is that Oman was not with me at that time. Jangan bayangkan!! Huhu.

To everyone who has called, met, sms and message me at fb about the accident. Ramai yang concern dan bagi kata-kata semangat. , TQ so much to all. Appreciate sangat. *Peluk* (tiru Su)

TO Encik suami, ailebiu!!. :)
Yerlah, nanti bi gi mandi air bunga kaktus untuk pulihkan semangat yer.
Encik suami xbaik tau usik saya macam ni, "Tula, nak sangat gi keje awal sangat, langsung x pegi". Amboi, biase dia!!. Babab kang! (Tiru Su lagi :))

To the parents, thank you so much for the help and everything. Sob Sob. Sayang semua!

To Oman anak momma, semoga hayat momma panjang so that momma boleh tengok Oman membesar dengan baik, dapat jadi your best buddy ever. Huhu.

Akhir kata, Berhati-hati memandu yer semua. Ingatlah orang yang tersayang.
Semoga kita semua sentiasa di bawah lindungaNya. Amin!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Day by day, how we are so thankful with the best gift God has sent to us, "Roman Anaqhi".
Syukur Alhamdulillah. Our life is more cheerful, meaningful and at the same time, we are trying our best to raise him to become a good and respectful man. Amin!

How fast the times fly as i could still remember his first cry just right after i delivered him 1 year, 7 months and 25 days ago.

To date, Little Roman Anaqhi has grown up very well, cheeky, manja and active x hengat. Oman x berapa nak friendly to unfamiliar faces especially adults. Kalau kids tu okay lagi. He loves to talk too. During his last Pediatrician's visit a week ago, Oman's weight was 11.5kg and height was 87cm. "He's very tall", kata Doc Mardziah. :)

Owh my, he is so a possessive boy that he will not let others play with his toys. Yang x tahan tu, toy orang lain pun he considered as his. Haip!! Biase dia taww. I told him many times, "Sharing is Caring, Oman".. dia buat Dek je.. hehehe. Issokay, i'm gonna keep reminding him that until he understand it one day.

Oman Sangat protective to momma and dadda ownership too! Malah Over-protective :P

Whenever he sees that i'm using his Dadda's laptop or vice versa, he'd immediately shout "Daddanyer!.. Daddanyer! or Mommanyer Mommanyer!" until you return it back to the correct owner. If not, dia akan bersedih dan menjerit-jerit di situ. haish..comel sungguh!

Momma would never get the chance to wear Dadda's slipper anymore. The moment he saw i'm wearing that red crocs.. again, he'd make the tunjuk perasaan mengalahkan Reformasi. Hihi. Owh why would i wear Armi's slipper? Sometimes, when i want to water the plants or take something from the car, i'm more comfortable to just 'loan' my hubby's slipper (i dun really have a proper 'house' slipper :P).. but that little police would give tazkirah to me like i just did kesalahan juvana tau.. hahahahahaah.

Recently, we went out for a birthday celebrate of a good friend of Armi, Tiffi at HRC KL. While everyone was assembled at the lobby of Concord Hotel before surprising the Birthday Boy, Oman suddenly shouted, "Dadda bag.. Dadda bag". Haha.. He was actually pointed to Uncle Shahir's camera bag that just look like his Dadda's bag. Ya Allah, terpaksalah Dadda tolong hangkut beg Uncle Shahir ke sini dan sana selepas itu sebab budak kecik tu nak Dadda dia jugak bawak beg yang dia 'yakin' Dadda nyer :)

Same goes to mine. Nobody can help to carry my handbag no matter what. Including his Dadda. It's Momma and only Momma forever. Yolah!

Itu belum his own shoes and clothes... momma jer yang boleh lipat kain baju dia tawwwww. Bagus betul anak bujang i ni. Dadda leh duk goyang kaki je tengok. Saspek sungguh! Eleh momma taula, you all berdua mesti dah pakat semua ni dari dulu kan. Patutla suka guy's talk u too!. Macam ni ar kan. Xpe xpe. Hinsss :P

Kalau nak jalan-jalan, he only wants to ride 'Dadda Car' jer. Momma car x pandang tau! Kawan baik sungguh dia dengan Encik Swift tuh. Everyday, Dadda must took him around with that car at least pergi Petronas yg sejengkal tu pun jadilah. I think most of children nowadays like that la kan. Almaklumla both parents are working. Early morning, sending him to Babysitter's house, then late evening fetching him. He grows up in the car. Kikiki.

Uish... Oman punya tahap jeles, tertinggi gitew!. Momma and Dadda xleh bersentuhan langsung depan dia. Kalah pegawai JAIS tau Oman ni. Hihihih... if with others lagila kan. Oman mana leh tengok if his momma or dadda hold or play with any other babies or kids di luar sana. No No No. Haih Oman.. kalau ade adik later, cemanalah kan?? :P

Kadang-kadang we just let him cry and express his anger, until he slows it down and realizes himself that tunjuk perasaannya itu tidak molek malah tidak encem. Haha. And then he'd come to us and manja-manja. Biasela budak kecik, 10 minit lepas tu, dia lupa dah.. :)

Hihihihihihih... that's lil bit how wonderful our lives are.
We fight together, we laugh together...
Moga ianya berterusan selamanya.

Oman is a HUGE Amanah from God to us. Insya Allah, kami akan jaga amanah ini sebaik mungkin. Amin!

"Parenthood is two ways learning progress... we teach our kids, we learn from them too".

Yeah.. that dimple dapat from Dadda. I dun have any. ciss! :)

While singing "If you happy and you know it you say Hooray"

"Okay, Mac and Cheese for you" :)


Momma, Oman and Dadda

Note: Those are the photos taken on Tiffi's Bithday Celebration in HRC Kuala Lumpur, 1st Oct 2010. Credit to Shahir Omar, he's the photographer. Thank you to Liyana too for inviting us for that such great celebration. :)


Friday, October 1, 2010


Ewah.. tajuk entry ni dah macam Filem pulak kan.

Last week on 22nd September 2010, My department, GND, organized an Open Office AidilFitri which located in our own office.

What i would like to share here is how in this office i am occupied with super loyal lawak senget sporting buddies that make me laugh and cry (sbb terlebih gelak) every working day. We do many activities together especially activity makan-makan, meluah perasaan, debate, mengula (ups!), tukar-tukar webpage yang menarik (haip webpage yang baik je taw..ahaks!) , gossip... macam-macam ada! :)

Calon-calonnya adalah... Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!

Check it HERE


I never been an MC for any events before so when my name was chosen to be the MC for that event, mak datok.. nervousnyer mengalahkan orang amik SPM. hehehe. But i took the challenge posititvely, berkat tips dari Encik Armi yang dah baaaanyak kali jadi emcee, and yang paling tersentuh was that i have the greatest support from my good buddies yang siap karangkan the script lagi i. Dengan Pantun-pantun lagi tau!! :) TQ to Maz, Sue, Mel, K.Marina, Atie and Encik H hensem di atas budi baik u all. You guys rock!!

Reherseal. Kalah AIM. :)


To Cik Melinda sayang, you memang baik hati bagi i link blog you taww. Kalau ade anugerah untuk Diva Gorgeous berjiwa Rakyat, i memang support u ah!!! :)




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