Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FROM CAIRO with LOVE (Cycle 4 - Finale)

This gonna be the end chapter of my Cairo's book. Hope you guys like it.


Meeting was ended earlier that day. Everyone was looking forward to have a dinner on Nile River's cruise. Me? of course!! I think almost 20 times i said thank you to my colleague in Telecom Egypt for hosting such wonderful dining. Hihi.

Lemme introduce some of my sweet friends there in Cairo;

Pic No. 1 from left: Maghda, Rodhwa, Me and Rania.
Owh mereka sangat cantik! :)

All of them are working for Submarine Cable in TE. Actually i was surprised that in TE, there are a lot of ladies into Submarine profession. I was so happy. Ade geng pompuan. Yey!! :)

The named of the Restaurant is Khulkhal. It's an arabic restaurant inside Nile Maxim that will take you cruising along Nile River. The food, Not a very horey to me since i dun really fancy arabic food but.. the experience to be on cruise.. pergh!! amazing!!.

Say hello to Nile Maxim. :)
Those are some of the delegates from South East Asia, Middle East and Western Europe.

My plate was not yet emptied but i just couldn't help myself to join some of them who had already left the table went to the balcony to witness such magnificent view of Nile River. Lampu-lampu indah berkerlipan sepanjang tebing sungai. You could also see so many more exclusive cruises along the river. Ade antara hotel yang 5 stars above tu, siap ada cruise diorang sendiri tau!! kerlass!

Posing at Maxim's balcony

I have a question here.

Selain ingin melihat kehebatan Pyramid yang sungguh luarbiasa, menikmati keindahan Sungai Nil yang menakjubkan, Egyptian food yang enak, shopping, u all rasa, why ramai pelancong suka pergi Egypt???

hehehehee... some of you guys already have the answer!! I can see u're smiling there!!! :D

WHAT I"M GONNA SHOW YOU, THEY ARE TOTALLY CLASSIFIED (eh, dah macam transformer pulak). If you're under 18, please seek your parents' permission before click to view it.

Her name is Leila. She presented to us The Belly Dance. Peewit!!

(I am so sorry. For some reason , the audio is lost in middle of the way. It could be happened when i transferred the video from .mov to .avi. Takpe, layan je la ek.)

OK. Dah boleh tutup mulut dah semua!!! :D

Kagum bukan? Malam tu kan, mesti semua atuk2, pakcik2, abang2 wished that Leila akan menjelma dalam mimpi and gelek2 lagi. Hahahaha.

Maghda told me that Egyptian girls even a little one, they could move their belly by default!! :)
I tried it out when i got back to my room but, i was more looked like a person who had just been hit by electric shock!! LOL.


My prayer was answered when Encik Mukhtar and two other delegates from Mumbai agreed to visit the Pyramids on our last day in Cairo. Since all of us have the same flight to catch up by 6.30 pm to Dubai, we had enough time in the morning to do that. Yeeha!

There are 3 main pyramids at Giza and of course the great Sphinx yang famous itu. Meh check kat bawah ni;

Actually there are hundred of pyramids in Egypt but the main that menjadi tumpuan pelancung sedunia are the one in Giza Complex. They are Pyramid of Khufu (Father, the oldest and largest), Khafre (Son, 2nd largest) and Menkaure (Grandson).

Seriously, when people asked me what is the purpose of the Pyramids, i have no definite answer to tell even i have seen them with my own eyes. What i know is that long time ago, they kept the king (Firaun lah tu) and queen mummies in there together with the whole harta karun. But now, all the mummies have no longer in there. There are all kept in Egyptian Museum (xsempat pegi. :()

Pyramid Khufu is huge, so huge, melambangkan kekuatan raja pada ketika itu and i kept thinking how people at that time built this one of the oldest wonder in the world. It was great if i could bring myself in. Unfortunately, by the time we bought the ticket, they said we could only spend time outside the Pyramids since they're already a lot of people in there. Sigh..

Some people explained on what makes the Great Pyramid of Giza so unique? It is the only one to have a magnificent grand gallery in its ascending system. The purpose of this gallery still remains a mystery. ooo.. spooky. Disebabkan x dapat masuk, i tried to search the picture inside the Pyramid from google and found this;

It's time for more pictures. Enjoy! :)

At the Pyramid of Khufu

Sangat huge! Tinggi macam gunung.

Ramai pelancong!! Spot me?

That's the entrance to enter the Khufu. Ade Pak Guard kat situ. But the original entrance is the one on top of it. Can you see it?

I was wondering cemanala diorang angkat batu-batu ni dulu. Sangat WOW!!

Now i'm at the back of the Khufu. It's time to visit the 2nd one, The Khafre.

At the Pyramid of Khafre



The Khafre

Few poses before we left Khafre for The Sphinx. Owh we skipped The Menkaure as our tour guide said it 's just the same as the rest. Lagipun hari dah makin panas. Alasan.

Next, we went to visit The Sphinx. What's he? The Sphinx has the body of a lion and the face of a man. It is a giant limestone sculpture in the Giza Plateau. The Sphinx was put in front of a pharoh's pyramid (The Khafre) to protect the pharoh's ka. (The ka is the spirit of the pharoh, and the body must remain intact for the ka to recognize its body). Ni kepercayaan diorang la ni.

The Sphinx

Hidung dia dah lama tercedera. Might be due to weathering and erosin.

Sphinx the protector!!

We are in front of The Sphinx, The Menkaure (yang nampak jauh tu) and The Khafre.

Nadine, i sent this kiss on behalf of you. Teeehehehe. :)

Owh, it has come to an end. I am so thankful to Allah that i'd been given this chance to come to Egypt and experience living here even for few days only. I will keep my memory in Cairo forever. Muahs!!



  1. Subhanallah, Nile river is even more beautiful at nite! With the lights, having dinner inside the cruise, awwwh, so romantic! BESTNYER!!

    OMG, gracefulnya Leila! Kalau I buat sure excess baggage bergegaran mcm earth quake. muahaha! Eh, did you know belly dance is the "in" thing now? Many of my Chinese colleagues took up belly dance classes, they said it's a good exercise for the tummy.

    Wow, besarnya pyramid! Amazed sungguh dgn org dulu2 kan, without today's technology they can built such a gigantic monumen. You yg tgk with your own eyes lagi la kan. Ini 7 wonders of the world no. berapa ni you dh pegi ni you? Yg I tau 2 la after the great wall. BESTNYER!!

    Ok, yg ni hampir buat I pengsan ok. Awwwh Mea, you really did it???!!! Hahahaha! Nape tak cakap last Sunday?! If I knew, surely I give u one big warm hug aritu tau! Babe, it was so so sweet of you! Sexy flying kiss lagi. Nasib Mr. Sphinx tak melted. Kalau tak, bkn takat hidung je x nampak, tinggal leher je I rasa sbb melted. Hihi. Thanks a lot, mmuahs, mmuahs to you!! :)

  2. Oh awak.. kalau sekali pandang.. awak mcam minah arab gak wak.. tp bila bukak mulat.. sure fail sbb bahasa lain yg keluar.. hehehhe.. sungguh pretty ok the ladies tuh..

    Oh my, besar sungguh the pyramids! mesti terpegun kan 1st time tgk.. i would be.. hehe

  3. wow!!!!! really... really wow!!!!!! dan yang paling wow adalah belly dancing dancing!!!!!! haahahahahaha....

  4. nih ler kerja "kusyuk" you yer.

    No wonder they say u look like arabic...sbb if i tak kenal u..
    i ingt u satu geng ngn maghda tuh..

    they are all pretty ladies ;)

    dinner dlm cruise tuh owh so pretty n romantic ok ~

  5. Babe..I pon selalu gak gi Pyramid. Mmg betol kat Pyramid tu byk harta karun..yang menghisap RM ku..huhuhu.

    Apa-apapon..Alhamdulillah U selamat sampai dan selamat pulang ke pangkuan keluarga tercinta!.

    Suka sgt.

  6. Nadine, memang sangat romantik to have dinner on Nile cruise!! Kalau bersama orang tersayang laaagi best!! :) Sungai Nil sangat sangat hebat. Subhanallah!

    Hahaha.. mmg thumbs up la dekat leila tu. Xkelip mata ok i tengok. Itu i, kalau the other men? hahaha. Owh, i know you. Dekat True Fitness pun ada tau. kemain lagi diorang gelek. I did buy the belt for belly dance tau you. Buat kenangan. Mana tau i join belly danc class ke one day kan. Hahaha.

    Yes dear, Pyramid the 2nd one. The first one was Great Wall. Alhamdulillah. Mana tau lepas ni i dapat pergi taman tergantung babylon pulak kan. Xtaula ade lagi ke x. I heard it's no longer listed among the wonders. But Pyramids mmg sangat2 amazing. Guna technology tenaga 4 kerat jer. Wau!!!

    Hahahaha. I saja nak buat surprise kat you. Siap dapat kiss kan lagi tau! :) Mr Sphinx punya compound x boleh stepped in so, i dapat tgk from it's wall je. Kalau x, i siap pelukkan dia untuk you tau. hihi.

  7. Hahahaha.. kalau saya bukak mulut, terus diorang tau Arab celup. Arabic language pun ade banyak dialek wak. Egyptian Arabic lain sket bunyinya, Algerian pun lain, ala2 macam dialek kita kat malaysia nila, bahasa kelantan, nogoghi, :)

    Mula2 saya nampak Pyramid tu, masa tu dalam 1km lagi nak sampai.Pun saya dah excited x hengat wak. Xde kontrol2 de. hahahaha. Mmg saya sgt2 terpegun. Macam x caya dah sampai Pyramid pun ada. :)

  8. Fidza:
    belly dancing memang sangat WOW. Kalau tengok depan mata sampai lupa nak tutup mulut. hahahah :P

    I cakap i khusyuk tu sebelum lunch kan? hahaha

    EH you, they are pretty ladies tu termasuk i la kan? HAHAHA. Sebab you x tulis "okaylah" pun.

    Dinner dalam cruise mmg romantik. Jom ajak mr H nak? eh perluke ber romantikana dengan dia? hahaha

  9. wawa:
    HAHAHA. Pyramid yang tuh memang! Jenis hisap duit tu. hehehe. Ramai orang sama je dengan Pyramid kat Giza tuh ha. :P

    Thank you dear. Syukur i dah selamat sampai. Horey! :)

  10. mcm bukan asal org malaysia je, mcm minah arab la... yg last pict tu, kalau takde mat salleh baju hitam tu gambar mesti cun! mcm kiss sphinx..

  11. U memang stylo lar..minah arab pun kalah lar...

  12. salam.

    kak nuuril!!! jeles tau!!! hehehe neena suka tgk rania tu!!! cantik!!! =) name pun sedap!!! mula2 duk pk eh, kak nuuril dah bergambar dgn ratu rania!!! hehehe.waktu mula2 tgk gambr entry akak ni terasa mcm tgk cite dora the explorer.really enjoy =)suka ayat ~can u see it?~ meh neena jwb: yes, i can!!! =)
    kak, dancing tu fuyo!!! mmg x leh blah.skrg gak neena nak g beli hola hoop utk dptkan pinggang yg ramping mcm tu!!! =)

  13. oh my, ure so, so lucky to have landed ur feet in Egypt! u looked astho u had a great time there which got me thinking, TM Global nak orang lagi tak? I nak apply! :P

    babe, bila i tgk gamba2 u dkt those ladies over there, i tengok muka lebeh kurang je sebab u pon ala arab2 sket kan. kalau kata u org local sana pon, org bole percaya tau! hehe.

    and oh my, check this out! u mentioned, I tried it out when i got back to my room but, i was more looked like a person who had just been hit by electric shock!! LOL.

    HAHAHAHA. I CANNOT imagine how u were in ur room! hahahaha. misti comels je! did u try to attempt it one more time when ure in the room alone with Armi once u get back? :P

    and another thing, the pyramids tu, i think they were not built by humans. if im not mistaken, those pyramids were built by genies. not sure how true this is, tapi kalau tak silap i lah. gotta check with ustazs/ustazahs for that. :)

  14. betul lah Nuurill..u pun mcm org Arab dah..skali pandang same jer muka..kalau dua kali pun..yer jgak sama!hahaha..

    huihh seksi gila si Leila tu..mmg nganga mulut pakcik2 kat sane agaknye..
    tp babe mmg lentok betul lah..
    hahaha..u balik try ke Nuurill..so cute!

    neway syiok nye u dah sampai sane..
    betullah TM nak pakai org lagi tak..nak apply ni ;)

  15. bestnya dapat pergi jumpa Mr Sphinx and pyramid. Jelous ni. Cd mmg dari kecil angan2 nak pergi jalan2 tgk pyramid and the forbidden city tau. sampai skang pun still simpan angan2 tu. I really hope so dapat pergi satu hari nanti. kat History Channel and National Geographic tu kalau ada cerita pasal pyramid mesti tak miss. hehe.

  16. tha first thing that came across my head,, u look like egyptian lady as well..serious,,mcm sepupu-sepapat gitu with TE ladies tuh..;p

    thanks for sharing the pictures nuurill..;)

  17. Wowweeeeeeeeee...Pyramid ! One of the most fantastic archaeological sites on earth. I wish I can be there one day nanti (harapanla kalau dok jaga POR..hehe)

    Woii...nak jugak kenen I yer ? Romantic dinner kat KL pon tak lepas, byk la nak dinner kat Sg Nile.

    Anyway, patut la I rasa ada gegaran kecik kat KL ari tu, u try belly dancing ke ?

    Kalau Miss M (bkn gelaran sebenar) buat belly dancing ? Harus amaran tsunami dikeluarkan di seluruh pelusuk negara...hehehe

  18. As:
    Hihi. Aw tq dear for the compliment. I ni ada 20% je kot rupa arab, kalau compare hidung i dengan hidung diorang confirm i fail! haha. :)
    tula, abang salleh baju hitam tu kacau pulak. kalau x dah jadi dah drama i! hihi.

    Little Tots Journey:
    minah arab pun kalah ek? hihihi. Owh like 10x. Kembang idong i sekejap tau!! :) Kat Eqypt ramai jugak yang stylo tau u. I xsempat pulak nak snap gambar diorang. :)

  19. Salam Neena:
    Neena dah pergi India Cochin belum ni? jalan jeles ngan akak. Neena pun nak jalan2kan x lama lagi? hihi :)

    Owh, Rania. Yes she is pretty dear. Dan bergaya. Tinggi pulak tu!! hihi. Nama-nama diorang kat sana sedap2 dan penuh makna. Sesuai dengan rupa2 diorang yg sungguh cun melecun itu! :)

    Neena lah satu2nya yang jawab soalan akak "can you seeit, too" tau! syabas diucapkan :)Akak actually nak tulis lagi panjang in detail pasal journey akak, tapi x laratla neena. Tu pun dah berjela2 sungguh akak rasa. hihi

    Belly dance tu? ok good! Neena pergi belajar nanti akak berguru ngan neena kay. Akak dah try x jadi, sakit pinggang lagi adela. LOL. :D

  20. Thara:
    Babe, selepas 8 hari migrain hari-hari lepas balik meeting, harusla i excited bila dapat pergi jalan-jalan. Ahaks! :) TM Global kalau dapat tau orang macam you nak join Thara, mesti diorang nak punya. :)

    babe, memang ade ramai jugak orang kat sana, esp hotel's people thought i was from there too. Tu yang depa bantai cakap Arab dengan i. Kekekeke. Luckily all of them could speak English. So, when i said, i'm not speaking Arabic, otomatic diorang cakap English ngan i. Siap mintak maaf lagi. Bagus sunnguh!

    I have no strength yet to perform belly dance to Armi.I takut dia pengsan jer x pun meluat. HAHA! The other day, i pakaila yang tali pinggang kecing2 tu kan and made same move in front of Oman and Armi, Oman tgk pelik je, yang Armi bantai gelak. Ciss! :)

    Owh, about the Pyramid, they really were not built by human being? oooo...spooky. Best jugak buat kajian nih! nanti i tanya kawan2 i kat Egypt tu kot2la the real story they knows kan. :)


  21. wooooooo!!! the belly dance....terpesona u...bole la praktis kat rmh ni..btmbh ramping la pinggang kita nti ye...


  22. Che' Dee:
    Insya Allah satu hari nanti, ada rezki Che' Dee nak pegi. Macam forbidden city tu dekat Beijing kan. Dah dekat dah tu dengan Malaysia. Tu pun kagum jugak kalau dapat pegi tengok. Forbidden City dengan Pyramid, dua2 Nuurill kagum sangat, cemanala orang dulu dok buat bangunan tu. Sangat2 amazing! moga2 Che'Dee berkesempatan pergi tengok Pyramid and Forbidden City satu hari nanti. Aamin! :)

    No problem,dear. I x sempat nak upload kat fb lagi. Busy, kononnya. :p
    U, when i was in Beijing last year, Maghda was there too. So, everytime both of us took a walk kat sana, ramai orang tanya kitorang ni siblings ke? hihi, harusla i kembang hidongkan!! :) hahaha

  23. HAsrul, dekat Hawaii xde Pyramid ek? HAHAHAHAHA. Saje yek usik you. Xperla you, you jaga POR dapat gi HAWAII ok!! kat sana ade belly dance jugakkan? :P

    Tapi Pyramid mmg sangat takjub you. Kalau u pergi sekali mesti bertambah best. I leh jadi model gambar batu dan pasir kat sana.:) U kan suka amik gambar. hihi

    Kita romantik dinner kat Pak Latip sudah. Lampu kat situ dah ala-ala malam kan. Subang Mel lagi berkelip2 ok! HAHA

    Ha, mulala tu nak kutuk. MEl, u tengok!! U tengok!! ni yang buat i nak tarik balik segala pujian kita kat dia nih. :D

    hahaha.. How's Bangkok dude? Take care k. :)

  24. Nadia:
    Hahahaha. Tiga kali tengok? i fail tang hidung lah you. X cukup mencapai tahap piawaian mancung diorang. Pulak tu kulit diorang, Pergh.. xyah tepek foundation pun. Dah mmg tulus mulus. hihi :)

    Leila mmg sangat seksi!! tergezut gakla i. Patutla diorang ni SUKA sangat pegi naik cruise tu. hihih. Dia mmg cantikla x hengat. Face and Body. :) aah, i did try you, confirm x jadi. HAHAHAHAHA

    Waaa... kalau ada vacancies nanti, i bagi tau kat semua orang k. Kalau u all ade kat sini, bertambah meriah hidup i!! :)

    tulah! that day i tengok kat True Fitness ada class ni. kemain lagi diorang gelek. Perut flat ok!! :)

  25. Subhanallah, cantiknya pemandangan nile river fr the cruise..cantik2 jgk ladies ats cruise tu..Nuurill pn dh mcm org Arab dh..klu org tk knl sure org igt Nuurill fr middle east! :)

    Wah pyramid, one of the seven wonders!! teruja tgk ni!! besar kn Masya Allah, mmg wonder mcm mn la org dulu2 buat kn..impress sgt!

    Nway, mst sgt bmakna kn trip biz Nuurill kalini...so lucky you dear! :)

    p.s suka jgk tgk video belly dancer tu..haha.

  26. Hihi. gaya pakai tudung mcm tu nampak mcm Arab sikit kot Izu :)

    itula, sangat terpegun. Sungguh miracle binaan pyramid tu kan.

    p/s: Hahaha.. high 5, Izu!! :)

  27. big WOW...masya'Allah...lucky u for having such experience...eh, where were u in the picas...? u n others look alike laa... ;)

  28. owww Ras, you're so sweet. hihi. ALhamdulillah, this is the bright side of my job. :)

  29. Charque, sy panggil awak nuuril mulai sekrg ek...

    Cuba awak check salasilah..sy rs awak mmg ade gen arabla..

    Mcm mn plak dark side of your job?

  30. Salam Shamsul.. ala, panggil je charque. Tu kan nama glamer kita masa sekolah. ehehehe

    Dah check dah dengan abah banyak kali, abah kata xde. keturunan pattani tu adela sikit2.. eh pattani la pulak.. :)

    Dark side of my job? hmmm.. if any traveling mommies being asked with this question, for sure the answer would be the same. Leaving the family is the major. It needs a lot of strength and patience. However, setiap ketentuan tu mesti ada hikmahnya kan. I take this as a challenge. Moga Allah melindungi my family sepanjang ketiadaan ku. Amin.

    Setiap kerja ade pro and cons nyer. I'm trying to adapt new things, and being positive. :)



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