Saturday, August 24, 2013



I need more tops!!
walaupun lemari tu sebenarnya ada je baju!! :P

This is really a serious issue with me nowadays.

"Ala.. All the blouse I have right now, i need to wear them with inner. So leceh. I need something that i can easily wear. No need inner inner bagai"

"Ala.. I need more blouses , that looking nice for me to wear when I'm outing with you. Like chiffon ke kan. Those I have I worn them many many times already"


Furthermore, someone sitting in front of me in the office (u know who you are. hahaha) is very very efficient in informing me the latest or beautiful outfits available at online.

Very hard to resist..

Similarly to shawls.

I realized I kept becoming a grumpy lady whenever I wanted to hang the shawls. But i did not realize that I still kept buying them online.

Another serious issue is, whenever i felt like to filter those who are unused anymore to give to somebody else or to throw if its broken, i failed. 

"Owh, this one I can wear with this baju. Very the matching"

I keep them back and then i forget.



Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Salam and hello to all.

Yes I am in Tokyo now. Konichiwa! :)

This is my third trip to Tokyo and the same excitement i feel as the first one. Tokyo has always been among my favorite place to visit. The culture, the people, the foods, the streets and many more.

I'll be in Tokyo until this Sunday and then will take the Shinkansen to further north, to Sendai, Miyagi. My duty in Sendai is until next Tuesday, I will then take the Sinkansen again to Tokyo to fly back to Kuala Lumpur.

See you soon Kidd and Oman! :)

Well I just got back from a quite a long walk hunting for dinner. Quite starving because my last meal was Yesterday evening when i had early dinner with my husband at home before departed to Tokyo.

It's currently summer in Tokyo and they said July/August would be the hottest month in here. But i think the heat is still bearable. Let's wait for few more days. 

Some selected snapshots I took with my iphone just now.

I wish to snap more photos of Tokyo in coming days. Meeting starts tomorrow by the way, so I better not to put my hope up high... but I can focus to at least take vain photos. Boo.. hahaha.

Before I type-off, I want to show-off  share (:P) the new family members of my blouses who i bought them in Kuala Lumpur that I think is so much inspired by this Tokyo trip. Seriously i fell in love with the design and colors.

Til i write again k. Please Take care, everyone. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm not going to write about the car Opel.

It's a fabric.

It's hardly seen nowadays. I didn't see anybody wearing Opel material for  Aidilfitri this year. Chiffon, cotton, lace, crepe, batik are those on top of the list.

It was a different situation six to seven years ago. (at least to me. not sure about others)
I even had Opel for my wedding hantaran and it became my first Eid dress after becoming a wife.

 (Eid 2007. Amboi kurus nampak!! pffttfffppt)

Even my mom really loved Opel earlier than that years. I still remember she bought for myself, herself and my two sisters the same design of Opel fabric but in different colors.

She told me that; "Glemer kain ni Yong. Ada satu kedai je kat Bahau ni ha jual. Puas mama cari". Hahaahahaha. Yeah we did feel the glamorous. 

But mama forgot to tell that this type of material cannot be washed  using the washing machine. Her eldest daughter was super hardworking washed all the bajus after raya in it.  It's too late already. Mama was pissed off and she told me, "Pegi open house besok, kamu dengan adik-adik pakai je la baju ni balik. Tak kira. Takde la mama nak buat baju baru de".

So when the office of my dad host the Open House that year,  we went with an enhancement of Opel material we called it 'Opel Berbulu'. 


I still have now an Opel dress 'Kebarung' in my collection and today I'm wearing it to the office. It really triggers the nostalgia of celebrating Eid few years ago when i was still not married, and during my first year as a wife.

 Today :)

Who still has an Opel today in their dress collection? hands up please.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013




Yesterday Oman has reached another milestone. After 4 years and a half, he is now volunteer to sit at the back passenger seat in the car.  Before that no matter how not comfortable it was, like his feet so long to fit in, he would still wanna sit on my lap.

He said, "I am a big boy now momma"

I didn't realize, i feel sad more than i feel happy. Hihi

Actually I miss him sitting on my lap (padahal baru sehari) :P

I know he miss me too....

Last night he was so tired and sleepy but he just sit straight refused to lay. I invited him to sit in front, few second after that... he's already in la la land... :)

I looked at his face..


Would you please don't grow up so fast?

Suddenly tengah feeling-feeling..  (this last paragraph is not being mentioned in instagram)


Yeah.. momma rela Oman.
Just now you ate 5pcs of boiled white eggs...
Definitely you passed the most beautiful aroma of the gas..

Yeah momma tetap rela..

Oman ni!!!!! potongla !!!!

:)  :D
p/s: Tau. Tau.. dah lama tak update blog. I just have no reason.. haih.. *lari tutup muka....


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