Wednesday, June 22, 2011


..I am neither a great cook nor a trusted food tester.
That's why i always judge "everything tasty" about my cooking.

By the way, I've been cooking since i was Eleven years old.
I started my lesson with how to boil rice and make fried egg.
There were few times my boiled rice turned out to be porridge (I blamed my index finger. I thought i had measured it right). My mom would shake her head and start telling the same story again and again about at her 9 years old cooking skill. She already cooked rendang for her family. Then, ayam masak lemak. Not to forget asam pedas. :)

My mom 'forced' me to be with her in the kitchen whenever she's cooking. I did all the potong sayur- potong bawang- blender cili- bersih ikan&ayam part and then watched her cooking. My most favorite part was to stir whatever step by step ingredients my mom tossed into the pan. I felt like a chef. There's one time i stirred the prawns obsessively until 3 of them jumped high and fall on the floor. Silly me :p

One of the important kitchen manner that my mom thought me was NOT to wait to clean up our cooking place (especially the sink) until we finished our work. As example, while waiting for soup to boil, I could wash the dirty plates or keep the balance of the ingredients into the fridge. If not, one day, this could be happen;

(You should try reading the article on The Culinary Coward. It's resourceful and hilarious :D)

Mom is my kitchen Guru, until now, kalau follow resipi kat internet, in the end i would still call my mom to validate the resepi :p

I think I haven't cook for my mom since i got married..pffft.. mana taknya,every time balik kampung or when my mom comes to visit us in Shah Alam, she will cook for us. If all her 5 children plus son-in-law and daughter-in-law around, she will try her best to cook everybody's favourite menu. Aaaaaaaaaa...

On the day my mom and my dad reached home from a holiday in Beijing, which was 2 weeks ago, both of them were looking so exhausted. At 11am my mom still laid on the sofa watching her favourite series, Cinta Melody, that she'd missed for a week. No sign of visiting the kitchen. Haha.

So i chose to cook that day. Nervous sangat cause kat dalam rumah ramai pengkritik macam Adlin Aman Ramli tu. :P

What did i cook?

X pernah dibuat orang.

Hambik. 3 out of 4 menu are from fish. haha.

Siakap Asam Steam

Siakap Sweet Sour

Fried Bawal Kecil (sampai berlobang ko!) :P

Petola tumis air + telur + fishball

They wasn't bad at all!!! *cough*.
Pengkritik semua kata OK including my mom. :)

Pssst: My mom only tasted my cooking at 3pm after she finished watching Cinta Melody Marathon. Boleh x?


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear Dadda,

Momma says today is a Father's Day. We are so sorry that we didn't buy a present for you. Momma says she broke this month. But just now three of us had the sweetest supper together. She prepared the most delicious Milo 3-in-1 dengan penuh kasih sayang. She put extra creamer. Hope you like it.

Last year i made my own special card for you, remember? It is valid for this year too. I forgot to mention it in the card :p

Dadda, I just want to let you know that you are the coolest dad in the entire universe. You're my idole, you're my man. May i wish that you don't have to go to work everyday, so that i could play with you all the times?


Momma says she would like to dedicate her Father's Day wishes to her beloved abah and abah in law.

Tukbah, momma is a very sensitive girl with anything related to a father. That's why when she saw Amitha Bachan's playing a sad dad in the TV she immediately switched the channel. She said AB just look like you. She just couldn't help to see you crying.

GPapa, your love and support towards your kids are totally amazing. Momma is so thankful to be one of them. She's so a lucky girl.

All we she wants is that both of you to live longer, to stay stronger and healthier. Amin.

She would like to share a very powerful and inspirational video.

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers in the world. And to you who has lost your father, Al-Fatihah. No matter where our fathers' are, his love will remain in heart forever.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dadda plays futsal on every Friday night.
Seronok tau ikut Dadda!

3 weeks ago, momma and I followed Dadda to Ferro.
I met with uncle Tep, Tuk Sol, Tuk Ya, Uncle Peah, Uncle mmm.. the rest i still couldn't remember well. What to do, so many uncles.

I brought along my MU mini ball. Before Dadda entered the court to play with his friends, Dadda played with me first at one of the empty court. Momma wanted to join but i said "No. Momma tecik lagi!!". I loved to see when she rolled her eyes.

I cried when Dadda left me with momma and entered the other court. Momma hold me tight but i managed to run away. I wanted to join those guys. Not cool man play with woman. :p But I hate it when i failed to make myself get through the net entrance. and Why they designed it so complicated? Smelly some more!

I cried harder when i saw momma laughed at me. Then she came towards me with her standard "alalalalalala" and consoled me with a bottle of mineral water. She held me into her arms and led me to sit on the bench.

X puas hati betul x leh masuk main sama Dadda tau!!.

After a while i felt really tired of crying. Okaylah, I have to admit that momma's very good in comforting me. She distracted me with some songs and stories of airplane. She kept used those tricks every time i feel upset. I'll make sure the next time she will fail. *Evil laugh*

Dah ok dah.

I think momma knew that i was boring so she asked if i wanted to play a game.

momma: Oman, would you like to a play a game?
Oman: Game ape ney?
momma: Okay, Oman nampak x those empty bottle and can? Ala yang bersepah-sepah tu?
Oman: *nodding
momma: Okay now, Oman jalan terus, Oman amik bottle tu, and masukkan dalam gol.
Oman: Heh?
momma: Tu tong sampah hijau tu. Konon-konon gol nak?
Oman: Nak!! (i was actually aiming that thing called tong sampah earlier, but momma says it's dirty when i tried to open it)
momma: ok Go!!

See that empty bottle?

I grabbed it with my hand

..and threw it into the green dustbin. Goal!!

I asked momma if i could repeat this game with the other empty can, she said yes. I jumped happily.

See! No more empty bottle and can. Double Scored!!

I asked momma again if i could try to play with the other dustbin. I saw many! Momma said, "No. Enough. Meh basuh tangan. Game ni wajib basuh tangan after". Being a boy who is allergic to the word "No" from momma, i quickly looked for another bottle or can to score.

Ahah! i saw it right there!!

..and i scored it into the other dustbin!

(Momma must got nothing to do that's why she kept snapping photo around)

I wished i could scored more but momma already chased me to wash my hands. I saw Dadda was walking towards us so i ran and hid behind him. hihi. Then I heard momma said, "Oh best basuh tangan. I'm gonna do it alone. Rugi sapa x ikut". Xboleh jadi nih! I couldn't miss anything 'best'. So nak tak nak i followed her and washed my hand in the toilet.

Well i guessed u know in there we had another quarrel cause i didn't want to stop playing with water. Momma in the end having head ache. Love ya mom!! :)

It's time to go back. I'll be missing you Mr Dustbin.

Hmm.. I am so looking forward to follow Dadda last night but momma was not feeling well. I just stayed with her with less pressure given to her. "Xbaik tau noti-noti bila momma sakit. " nasihat Dadda. Yes i was good. I just asked her to repeat The Barney Dancing & Singing DVD 7 times before i finally sleeping.

Ok. Time to get ready to go back to Sungai Long. Nanny is waiting for me. See ya!

.mommaholicSuri's son.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Masa mula-mula menyedari hati ku telah cair dengan dia, i was totally freaked out.
Seriuskah dia?
Boleh percaya ke ni?

Masa dah mula berchenta, pun stil takut jugak.
Setiakah dia?

Masa dia proposed nak berumahtangga, still takut-takut lagi.
Dia tanya napa still takut. I jawab manalah tahu kan.
Kalau tiba-tiba ditinggalkan, I frust menonggeng nanti cemana?

Masa dia dah sah jadi suami, i dah x takut.
Dia cakap dia akan hold my hands forever.
Ala macam old English married couple yang lomantik tu.

Moga kami kekal saaaaampai akhit hayat. Amin!
Moga kita semua panjang umur, murah rezeki. Amin!
Nanti dah tua dah banyak cucu cemana la ek kami? (kalau dia x pegang tangan I lagi.. siap!)

Sharing is caring omputeh kata.
I percaya suami isteri perlu saling berkongsi-mongsi banyak perkara untuk memastikan yang love kita tu evergreennnnnn.

Berkongsi hidup tu dah pasti....
berkongsi kegembiraan, berkongsi masalah, berkongsi kereta, berkongsi almari, berkongsi macam-macam lah...

Like my parents, saaaaaaangat sweeettt!!!
Diorang berkongsi apa tau? Tengok bawah ni;

Berkongsi sofa. Alaaaaaaahaaaaiii!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Husband and I really love dressing up our son. Specially when there's an event to attend. Matching top to matching pant to matching shoe. When Oman looks smart and comfortable, it makes us feel great and wonderful. Mulala gamba dia je yang penuh dalam henpon. :)

I believe all parents do have the same feeling ya? Of course subject to how you look at it, necessity and ability.

Recently i got to know a LOCAL brand which their kids apparels' design are totally brilliant! I repeat, local brand.

I fell in love at first sight. It's Trudy & Teddy, an expression of a mother's love for her baby.

Trudy & Teddy has many selections of outfits suitable for basic daily wear, special occasions and accessories for your babies, toddlers, boys and girls.

(Photos from Trudy & Teddy website)

I see loves all around. I feel so much pleasure going through it's website. A round of applause to the designer.

What I really adore is its European style which displays modernity, at the same time the pastel color they used keeps these apparels look timeless and elegant. They're looking so damn comfortable.

Imagine your little sweetheart in one of the outfits now! :)

The one or i should actually say the person to be thanked for introducing me to Trudy & Teddy is Thara from Nuffnang. I'd been so lucky to be invited to a Tea Party with Trudy & Teddy at Parkson Alamanda. You know i love you, Thara and Nuffnang! =D

"The dress code for this event is of "earthy" theme. As such, you are highly encouraged to wear anything from pastel colors that will match your kid(s) during the fashion show." Most of the guest were wearing brown and beige based but we appeared to be a bit colorful. Salah konsepkah? haha.

Where's Oman?? ZzzzzZZZZZZ in the stoller.

It's my first time attending an event by NuffNang. I was a bit shy and nervous. When i reached Trudy & Teddy section, i saw mommaNadia and family. I quickly approached them. Gosh baby Ryan is so cute sleeping in his daddy's arm!! :)

Guest started to come and I couldn't help my eyes from scanning around. I love the interior of this section. Three words; neat, graceful and English!

The tentative of Tea Party with Trudy and Teddy.
Kindly click on the picture for larger Image.

Me and mommyNadia registered our attendance at the registration counter. In the list, we could see the other invited bloggers like The Pink Stilettos,Irin Putri,Ceeramoon, madammondoq, Sumijelly and Submerryn. Wow!! all of them are the famous ones.

The most exciting part of this event was a contest called Dress Up Beautifully with Trudy and Teddy. It's a special occasion where the boys and girls can take turn dressing up in pretty dresses, coat, smart shirt with tie, hair band and shoes where the little ones could captured it as something great for their childhood memories including the parents too.

We were asked to select any favorite Trudy and Teddy 's apparels and accessories to match over within the value of RM300 and dressed up our own model. The model was then had to parade according to the route given. The best model will be judged by the parade skills and 70% overall image.

I looked at my model. Nahh!! He was still in a deep sleep. Since Oman was just around 30 minutes in lala land, the possibility of him to wake up and cooperate was 0.1. I approached one of the committee and told her that my model might not be able to parade. She went like this, "u can look around first, mem. There's a lot to see. You pick the one you like and later when he woke up u could dressed him up"

She was true! There's a lot to pick. I didn't know where to start. Rambang mata you! I walked around and around until i saw this smart shirt with tie and a jacket on top of it. For God sake they're so smart! oh did i tell you that the color of the jacket is Grey? Very hard to find a jacket in this particular color designed for a kid. Quickly i grabbed them and looked for a matching short, stoking and shoes.

When the MC announced that the time left for the model to get ready is less than 30 minutes, me and hubby decided to wake Oman up. Dalam hati berdoa yang Oman takkan moody. Well he was really unhappy at the beginning. "Oman tanak bukak seluar, Oman nak pakai baju ni je". The committees smiled when they heard Oman cried like that. Thank god there were snacks and orange juice at one of the corner so i used them to bribe Oman.

Oman looked really like a college boy top to toe. Unfortunately, the total value of my picks were more than rm300 so i had to sacrificed the shoes and replaced it with belt. I didn't want to change the other wardrobe that looked so cool on my model. (xpelah, banyak pe model kaki ayam je atas pentas) :p

"Next, please give a round applause to contestant no. 7, Roman Anaqhi".

Oman and i walked side by side on the runway.

Aik? Oman asked me to carry him upon approaching the stage.
Momma: Oman, look up and smile, please??
Oman: I don't want all this glamorous life, ma

The Little Best Dresser would won the prize worth RM500 and it belonged to Submerryn's son, Ethan. You could check this talented boy in his mom's blog here. Congratulations Ethan! :)

Let's enjoy for some photo snapped during the event. I have only a small collection. The rest are grabbed from Nadia. Thank you, dear! :)

Mommynadia's family!

momma Oman, Oman, Adam and Mommy Adam.

Oman and The Adorable boy, 'Edem Maikel' :) (macam dah nak sekolah sangat dah)


Instagramed version of Oman.

Trudy and Teddy was so generous that they didn't let us go back with empty hands. We received a bag with some cute souvenirs;

2011 calendar, tissue cover and DIY set.


Tada!!!! Syok sangat-sangat!! It's worth RM300!! :)

Before i end up my entry, I would really love to share with all of you every page of the calendar by Trudy and Teddy. Oh my the babies are so adorable and their featured apparels are super beautiful!!

Dear parents, if you are looking for something different and gorgeous for your kids to wear, kindly visit Trudy and Teddy stores nearest to you now! For further information kindly check Trudy & Teddy website at You could also visit and like their facebook account here.

Now let me mention about the price. You should see and feel their product by yourself, then you know that they are very reasonable and worth to buy!! :)

Well, It was really an enjoyable Tea Party with Trudy and Teddy that afternoon. TQ again to Nuffnang. I'd really love to come back.

Dear Oman,
You'll always be my Little Best Dresser!


Friday, June 10, 2011


Being in Awana Genting Highland for 3 days and 2 nights program with my good-oh-satu-kepala-office-friends, it was such a happening and hilarious experience. These people always had something in their mind that whenever they opened their mouth or made any move, i fall out of my chair laughing :)

The programs were mainly focusing on our business targets, achievements and action plans. Yes we gave our full attention but "It's now time for refreshment" was the subject that excited us the most. :P

She was my roommate.
I was rolling on my bed because of her killing move.

Now you know why we were so looking forward to take 5.

To add more umph of this program, we were all been showered with the spirit of warrior. "The war is not yet over" was the slogan throughout the days.

On the second day of the program, all the warriors were sent for battle with complete set of protection outfits and guns. Hik Hik. It's Paint Ball tournament!! I was asking myself whether i were still able to run fast before someone shot me. :P

The middle heroine tweeted about her first time experience with paintball.
Kemahen! :P

Top: As always, I received the greatest support from Mel. Lap ya!!
Bottom: Not bad i could still give that Peace pose even though my heart was beating really fast. That marker/gun was heavy!!

We won the first battle. In the middle of the game, someone from the opponent opened his mask after got a shot. Batal! Please remember that the mask must be on wherever you're in the playing area. Once you taken it off, the game will be declared over and your team are out!

A few minutes after the second game started, I got a shot right on my right eyes. Mask i mean. Phew! It happened so fast before i managed to hide myself at any bunker. I could hear the dissaponting "Alaaaaaa" from my supporters. Supporters = Mel + Atie + Hasrul + Sepul. Haha.

Top: Ready for battle.
Bottom: Gugurnya seorang wirawati (lah sangat)

I knew i was playing out of strategy, haha, but It was really fun to play paintball for the first time ever!!Few of my friends were lebam-lebam at some parts of their body kissed by the bullets. Xpela kan, Kenangan kot!!

Later in the evening was the most awaited event of the three days program. They named it "The Warrior's Night". We had actually informed by the organizer that everyone's encouraged (sepatutnya compulsory) to wear any warriors outfit.

I always love to participate if any theme were set at the event that i'm going to attend but at the same time, i'm afraid that i'd be the only one who obeys it. Ter Overdress ke kan. Gulp!
But when i know that my Melinda has some plan on her mind too for that night, ahah! then i revealed mine.

That night, we had Xena The warrior princess, Mrs Pocahontas, The Egyptian Queen, The Samurai, some of them in army's pants and put double black line on their face, also there were a few gangs in full military uniforms. Cool eit!

It's even more cool when suddenly someone from Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka walked in the limelight. (Background music: Who's that girl... lalalala lalalalalalala..)

Me as Tun Teja (Puke now!! haha)

Someone told me that Tun Teja wasn't a warrior herself but a wife to Hang Tuah. So i immediately changed my name to Tun fatimah. Haha. Not sure how i came out with this Pahlawan Melayu idea. The Baju Melayu was borrowed from my brother in law, the sarong for selendang borrowed from my mil and the Keris borrowed from my bil. Keris 's not in the picture because i left it on the table in Sungai Long. Clumsy me!!

Our Warrior's outfit.
and i couldn't think of any other pose..

The Male & Female Best Dress winner.
Seriously they deserved to win. Congrats!! :)

It was really a happening event!! We had yummy BBQ dinner, wonderful performances and karaoke competition.

My team and the prizes!

We enjoyed that night especially the one in purple T-shirt. Ahaks.

Budak-budak nakal.

On the third day which was the last day of the program, i think everyone had been missing home. Beside the excitement of coming back to kiss and hug my Oman, i received another good news that my sister in law, Irma was already admitted to SDMC to deliver her first baby.

I safely arrived home, took my little boy into my arms, went to SDMC and few hours later, Irma delivered a very beautiful princess!! Alhamdulillah.

Fuhh Finally i can really post this entry after been drafting about 3 months. Nice!
Most of the photos in this entry are the courtesy of Hasrul. Thank you so much, Dude!

In the next entry, i'm gonna write about Trudy and Teddy Tea Party. This is my first event specially invited by NuffNang. Yeeha! A friend of mine, mommyNadia has posted about this in her blog. Go check it now kay. :)

Here a sneak peek for my next entry,

Oman and Momma on Runway???


Friday, June 3, 2011


Oh wow!!!
It's been more than a week since my last wordless post in this blog! pfffttt. I wish i could have more time, more energy, more skill and creativity to live this blog. :( With my current condition, i'm afraid that i'll loose my passion towards blogging world forever *exaggerating*.

I have skipped a lot of your entries my dear blogger friends . Not good. Not good. Deeply sorry.

I need more time, please. I hardly find a time to blog in the office like before. From assisting all around to specifically assigned to a project, i am now in the process of fast catching a lot thing from project management to technical and commercial acknowledgment of this project. Thank God i have some space this afternoon. I postpone my plan to complete those KPI thingy to some other days. Main factor is because the whole member in my team are not around. Two of them are in Canada and another one is on leave. So, i don't really feel like committing sin now. Lalalala.

When i got back home, i dedicate all my time to a small boss. Very demanding i tell you. Now the moment i reach home after work, i MUST first hug and kiss him before entering the door. If i forget, he will follow me behind my back with his sulky face and deep breathing. Muka ganas tapi dalam hati ade taman bai. That's him. If after 2 minutes i still do nothing, then he starts his drama berjujuran air mata. Hihi.

He gives a different treatment to his Dadda. He waits for Dadda with a bunch of keys in his hands. A key to something he couldn't currently live without.

Introducing "Ven Biru", who is now Oman best buddy in the world.

Commercial name: Mr Cumbi

This video shows the day when Mr Cumbi officially becomes our family member.

Every evening we must bring him riding Ven Biru. He has his own route to go. We could just took him on Ven Biru to a small tour in our residential area but then we must bear the very loud unsatisfactory cries he would create. Very powerful this boss.

"Momma, how could you!!"

To this little boss, at least bring him on Cumbi to the nearest Petronas, buy some sweets or milk and go back . That's already make him happy. :)

I can't describe how much Oman obsessed with this Ven Biru. He couldn't even sleep at night without kissing him. He asked me once, "Momma, ven biru tido xyah shelimut ker?". He never asked me or his dadda if we both have blanket to sleep with at night. Not fair! :P

Not enough with Ven Biru, this boss needs us to play with him one after another games until he goes to bed which is at midnight. Sometimes later than that. If he close his eyes doesn't really mean he's sleeping. Few times i thought he was, then i moved to my bed, he immediately opened one of his eyes and the process of putting him to bed would be back to Zero. Mencabar, bukan?

By the time Oman has really in lala land, my energy bar has approaching 0%. How to blog like this la? That's why I need more enery.

For some bloggers, to write an entry is just like a piece of peanut. Not me. It took me more than a day to produce one. I have zillions story in my head but when it come to write it, i'm just like me when i was in Form 5 that i had to stay back after school for Kelas Pemulihan Sejarah. Seriously, I need more skill and creativity.

However, someone said this to me, "if you have passion, you can push yourself more than what you think you could do. Simply with passion, you fall in love. When you love, you will do everything for it"

I know, i have that passion :)
I will keep on writing. Insya Allah. Cayok!!!

p/s: Owh i forget to let you know that, even though my little boss is so demanding, he never fail to gave that smile whenever we make him happy. How could I resist that most amazing smile from him!! :)


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