Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Oman was 4 months old when my mama first discovered him busy cooing to my ASTRO Remote Controller. Up to one level, he pitched his voice super high with his eyes buntang looking to that thing. There were few times he laughed happily to it, like the remote telling him jokes. Hahahaha.. ape-ape jelah Oman oi!. Though now any type of remotes would make him lingering over, still the one for ASTRO he likes the most. :)

Oman is also so in love with watches. Especially the steel strap type like his dadda's worn. Everytime when Dadda gave him a hold, that would be the first thing that caught his eyes. He would try as hard as possible to seize it.

Ade lagi. Oman akan ketawa kegirangan when we put him on our laps and let him drive the car. Kunon-kunon jela. Keta x jalan pon. :P So, it has been a compulsory daily routine, either me or Dadda, whoever fetches him from MakYah's house to let him drive olok-olok in the car for few minutes. Siap kene buat bunyi keta lagi tau. He will definitely gives his sweetest smiles to all.

Handphone. Currently this is his most favorite 'toy'. Macam pandai guna jek. Adoiiii... high maintenance sungguh.:P When he's crying, just show him your handphone, he will automatically stop and grab it. Pastu senyum. Chet. But that will not working at all times la kan, :P. Kalau dah too sleepy or hungry, bagila apa pun, x layan punya. Hehe.

Percaya x Oman dah ada his own handphone? Taraaa!!

Hehehehehe. Actually this is a sample phone. Displaynya tipu but all the buttons boleh ditekan-tekan. It was a gift from Gpapa. Mana Gpapa dapat? Hihihi.. that one have to ask Gpapa. Kemain lagi tau cik Oman ni.

HAIP !!!!

Hmmm.. kadang-kadang momma and dadda headache jugak coz his interests to gadgets ni lead him to unhygienic habit -> masuk mulut. Sometimes this Little Man bijak + noti + cute, when we attended him, he behaved super well by just checking the gadget politely, then after berjaya mendapat kepercayaan momma and dadda di atas sikap baiknya itu, bila kami tinggal dia kejap je... dah ke dalam mulut peginya. Oman..Oman :)

Pulak tu, now he got new skill, bila his gadget/toy/anything he thinks he own it kene rampas, he will made his hek-hek loud and louder, sambil buat memek muka 'puss in boots'. Confirmla Dadda and Momma ni melt yang Oi!! :D

So, maknanya kenelah sentiasa perhatikan dia. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm in happy mood. Weeeeee!!! The first e-mail i read this morning was from my colleague, he told me that, our trip to Submarine Cable Station Kuala Muda, Penang that supposed to start this Wednesday is prorogued to an unconfirmed date. Put aside when is the new date, i am greatly grateful that i get back my 3 days Ramadhan to spend them with hubby and son tercenta. Insya Allah. Alhamdulillah. :)

Now, i'm smiling. Teringat kejadian pagi tadi. Ngok Ngek sungguh momma.

Oman was hek-hek for milk milk time. I bf him until he continued back his sleep. I gave a glanse to my mobile. Dalam hati; "3.15am. Owh, still early for sahur". ZZZzzzzzZZZZ.

After a while, I felt someone's rubbing my cheeks. Confirm Encik Little man nih. "why shayang, u still hungry??" Oman gave a wide smile to me. "ala comeiiinyerrrrr", i hugged him sambil checked my mobile again. "What!!!!! 5.29am??? Uish, nasib baik Oman kejut momma. Huhu".

I kissed him then terus melompat bagai juara ke dapur. Eh, before that of course i kejut Dadda Oman to attend him.

Mujurla me and my hubby malam tadi decided to just sahur buah kurma and Gardenia's butterscotch with hot nescafe. So, masih sempatla. Oman was there joining us dengan perasaan bangga dapat mengejutkan his dadda and momma sahur. Thank you sayang!!!! :)

moral of the story:
After you set the alarm, make sure you double check the time. Xde maknenye kalau semangat nak bangun sahur at 5.00 am, but your alarm was set to 5.00 'pm'. Nak sahur ke nak bebuka?????? :P wakakaakakaka.

The life saver of Dadda and Momma, Ustaz Roman Anaqhi.
"Renung-renungkan, dan selamat beramal!!"

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Announcing, the arrival of


Congrats Kidd!


22 August 2009 : 5.24 am : SAHUR : 1st RAMADHAN

I woke up at 4.30 am today. Though i was still heavy-eyed, i refused to sleep.
I smelled nice aroma... hmmm..

"Oh wait!!! "Who's cooking at this time?? Something's rare...
and why momma's trying hard to put me back to sleep?"

5.00 am, I saw Nanny came in to my room.
"Armi, wake up!" and then she walked away... but i still could hear her voice; "Irma, Adik.. wake up!!"
This one, softer; "Abah.. ooo Abah.. jom!"

Armi?? Owh.. That's dadda's name. But Dadda was still sleeping. I tried waking his up by scratching his back, I failed.
Then i saw momma; "Kidd, Kidd... meh sahur", sambil goyang-goyangkan dadda's leg. He woke up with smiles and kissed me.

No. No. I need to know what's going on.
Now my eyes wide-opened. Gpapa held me and momma brought along the Bumbo.
We headed down to the kitchen.

It's so wierd to see all of them eating at this hour.
I someone would explain to me why??
"Come on!! i can't just sit here and look at you guys having fun!!"

"Oman xmo tido ye? Oman pun nak sahur jugak? It's Ramadhan Little Man.
You are going to see us eating like this sebulan tau" ; yeah.. momma started it.

All right! :) whatever they are, i was happy enough to know the name of the occasion.

One of my colleague, Suhana Ani, forwarded to me the link to QuranFlash.
Would like to share with all.
Kindly click on the image below.


To all world's Muslimin and Muslimat, Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarrak from Armi, Nuurill and Oman.
To Oman, Ramadhan means a lot more to dadda and momma, as now we have you memeriahkan majlis.

Semoga Ibadah kita diberkati, Aamin.
Selamat beramal semua.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This year, abah turns 59 years old.
He's now a retiree, but he's still active doing this and that, like mama said 'xreti duduk diam'.

My mama was kind of envy for the theory that abah's now so relax, no need to think about work, everyday is holiday (sepatutnyalah) :P But, it turns out that my abah yang lagi busy dari mama yang still teaching tu. After Subh prayer, jogging seround dekat padang terbang, then pegi kebun. Petang-petang pulak, with his friends maintaining their leech pond. Few times, he invited me to check his leeches.. hehe.. terpaksa achik menolaknya sebab tatuuuuutttttt!!! mama yang tulang belakang abah pun belum penah tgk lagi. kekekeekek.

That's my abah. Selagi ada tenaga, selagi tulah dia akan buat macam-macam. Sometimes, while everyone's watching tv, we heard ketang-ketung from the back of our house. Ade je yang abah akan baiki. Tetiba kang dah je ade pondok kat belakang rumah. Hehe. Tetiba kang, reban ayam dah direnovate. Hehehehe.

I think abah's experiences working over 30 years in FELDA before, contribute a lot to his current activeness. Yes Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan, i have grown up in FELDA and i never feel shame of it. Abah managed one of the estate. Best tau sebenarnya, budak-budak bandar pegi Sunway Lagoon, abah pulak bawak kitorang pegi 'sawit lagoon'. Hahahaa. Dah cukup happy dah. Kadang-kadang, petang lepas sekolah agama, abah bawak kami naik motor pegi melawat ladang getah peneroka2, pegi tengok lembu, pegi jumpa peneroka2. Mase tu kami glamer dengan panggilan 'anak-anak aunty & uncle'. Owh, i miss those times a lot!!

Some people, when they heard FELDA, they cried, 'eeeeeuuuuuu!!!!', almaklumla pendalaman. Some will start to imagine budak-budak rosak akhlakla, mat rempitla. Memang ada pun sebenonyer. I still remember ade sorang makcik ni datang nangis2 dekat rumah kami minta tolong abah jangan bagi Polis tangkap anak sulung dia sebab dadah. His son masa tu baru 15 tau. Kesian sangat tgk makcik tu. Suami dah xde, son dia tulah yg hari-hari tolong dia menoreh getah. Dia ada 6 anak lagi nak tanggung. Tapi nak buat macamana, that's actually the only way to help his son. Sebelum keadaan jadi lebih teruk lagi. Nangis-nangis makcik tu. Huhu.

But not everyone from there yang ketinggalan. There're a lot of them who are now succeed in the fields. Maybe adela kut 1,2 yang xmo mengaku or lupa. But not me, i am very proud to call myself "Anak FELDA" :) Wah!!! semangat Merdeka Sungguh. Hihi

Oh Oh.. berbalik pada citer abah yang rajin. Since abah retired, he has a new hobby. For me, it is such an interesting hobby. I am so amazed with what he's been doing at his leisure.

Presenting, newspaper products made 100% by my abah. Managed to captured them masa last week balik kampung. :) Kreatifkan? Abah told us that he's thinking of making 'dulang2 hantaran' from the same sources untuk my bro wedding end of this year. Rasa terharu sangat.

Hmm.. Ramadhan dah dekat. Teringat pulak masa kecik-kecik, abah woke US up for sahur after he prepared everything on the table. 'us' di ditu termasuk my mama ye. hehehehe. Abah sangat rajin tolong isteri. Baju sekolah anak-anak dulu pun, abah yang ironkan. Untungnya mama. Saaayang abah!!!!!

Encik Mohd Armi kalau baca ni sure tercabar punya. Kidd mesti berkobar-kobar gak nak masakkan sahur untuk Bi ngan Oman kan?? :P

Ok per Kidd... later, when Oman dah besar, when he has his own blog, he is for sure blogging about how fortunate is he & his momma to have a dadda like you. Baik Kidd buat. Kekekekeek

Monday, August 17, 2009


Little Man with Abah Chik (before we moved) and Abah Ngah (on the way to Sitiawan)

1.30pm sharp, 5 of us (Momma, Dadda, Oman, Abah Chik & Ngah) reached the home. Mamalang and Opah dah tunggu dekat pintu dengan penuh senyuman sampai ke telinga. Nak kidnap Oman lah tu!! Hehehe.

The lunch was ready on the dining table. The aromas were wahlau!! Kebetulan, pokok Dragon TukBah tengah berbuah lebat. Banyak yang masak pulak tu. TukBah dengan rajinnya served kami dengan fresh Dragon Fruit Juice yang TukBah buat sendiri. Sedap!!! :)

"Oman, this is for you" wah, Opah gave something to him. That something made him smile.. sambil kaki mengayuh-ngayuh xsaba to explore it.

TQ to Opah and Tukbah for the exciting gift. Seriously best!!!! :) - i sipi-spily joined Oman in the pool. However, due to heavy screamed from my dad "jangan yong!!! Pecah kang!!" made me realized how 'small' am i..kekekekeek

That night, Opah treated all of us yummylicious 'Bakau D'Muara' seafood. Ada, Siakap Steam, Sweet Sour Geruk-Geruk, Pari bakar, Sotong Goreng Tepung, Kailan Ikan Masin, & Telur Bistik. TQ ma, next kami pulak belanja k. :)

That night all the boys conquered the TV until like 3am watching EPL. Lantakla labu. Momma and Oman xlarat nak join, we both zzzzZZZzzzz dulu.

We wish we had more days in Sitiawan. Uhuk Uhuk... but masa sungguh mencemburui. Chewah! On Sunday, we didn't go anywhere. My abah, mama and siblings pun memenuhi masa mereka dengan main-main dengan Encik Little Man yang menawan hati itu sebelum we made a move by 5.30 pm.

Kacut hijau tu Mamalang hadiahkan. TQ mamalang!!! :)

On the way back, Oman was sleeping half way. Kepenatan lah tu. :)
We reached home at 9pm and apalagi.. All the eyes were glued to the TV watching MU-Birmingham. Horey!!

Me and hubby watched the game til 1am. Lepas MU, tgk Liverpool-Tottenham pulerr. Oman dah lama selamat bermimpi indah. Hasilnya, pagi ni, semua bangun lambat gi keje. Adoiiii... :)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, it's 1:32am now.
I'm waiting for my hubby.
Kidd pegi Wira Tangkis.
Kejap lagi sampaila tu.

Nothing much on TV.
Little Man is now sleeping.
Hehehehehe.. Sungguh seronok tgk him sleeping. SANGAT LASAK OK!!!!!

He's changing his pose every seconds.
and what am i doing since 1:32am???
Capturing every of his moves sambil geleng kepala.
Dalam hati; "Confirm macam Dadda!!" :p






Next, i'm planning to snapped Dadda pulak masa dia tido lasak nanti. But memikirkan later sure kene tido luar kalo post his sensation plus sexy ZzzzzzZZ pics... Cancel lah! :P

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Oman woke up in the morning with smiles. He's ready to bath. Galak sungguh Little Man :p

Upsi!!! Momma!!! Malu la Oman!!!

So then, we went to DSH to meet Oman's paed. It's time for his 3rd Dose of Triple Antigen + 3rd Dose of Hep B Vaccines. UUUUUU.. momma yang seram

Amik mood while waiting for his turn.

Alhamdulillah.. Oman's hek-hek just for a second. After that he chilled and sang his german song. Hahaha.. Owh Owh.. Oman's weighing 7.3 kg now. Huhu he lost 0.2 kg from last week. Dr. Mardziah kata not to worry, when he started his solid food, he'll be cathing up. Aamin. Or, Oman ni baby yang slim.. ikut momma and dadda dia. Dush! dush! tumbuk diri sendiri sebab x sedar diri.. wakakaka..ok back to reality now. Oman's height is 70 cm tall. Panjang jugak Little Man nih.

Next, we stopped at Cake Sense Cafe at TTDI Jaya for bread break. Wah! lunch makan roti je? Hehehe dietnyerrr.. actually momma and dadda simpan perut coz lepas tu ade makan-makan kat rumah Azmi&Syu in Bangi. :P

Chilling on the cafe's couch. Oman kene enjet kat peha kiri.

We moved from Azmi's house around 6 pm. Badan Oman masa ni dah start suam-suam. Alhamdulillah dia x meragam. We then shoot to Sungai Long. GPapa, Nanny, Moyang, uncle & aunty Oman dah x saba nak jumpa dia. Hihi.

Next was family agenda. After Maghrib, We had family dinner at Secret Recipe and for dessert, Gpapa treated us with Musang King Durians which the stall located in Bangi. Yum! Yum! Memang total ah durian tuh!!!!

Suka buat muka pelik bila kene mamam PCM :)


Alhamdulillah, Oman's temp that morning dah x high sangat. But we still monitored him closely sebab takut-takut naik balik. So, momma and dadda decided just to hang on at home with Oman. No outing yerrr. After breakfast goreng Cempedak, Gpapa, Nanny and Aunty Irma went out for a secret mission. Wah! Kemain lagi.

While Oman taking his am nap, momma and dadda battling for "Who has the biggest brain?". Who won? Ala.. Dadda menang naseb jerr :P

Guessed what Gpapa & Nanny secret mission??? They went to Toys 'R' Us KLCC bought them above as the gifts for Oman's 6 months old which fell on the next day (Yesterday). Though the toys designed for babies 12 years old, Oman seemed layaaaaaan!!!! :P

As the days ended, everyone was ready to had family dinner in Monte's Cafe, Bangsar Shopping Center. Oh yess... steaks here are superb.. so does the pasta, and the cheesy garlic escargot with garlic bread yang menjilat jari jemari... yum yum.. TQ abah for the fantastic dinner!!! :)

Yo! Yo! I'm the little man!! :)

Dadda was really looking forward to watch Charity Shield, we reached Shah Alam at 10 pm, so just nice!! Hehe. Oman was joining his dadda for the first half of the match but surrendered during the break. Xlama lepas tu momma pun ikut jejak langkah Oman. Shian Dadda watched it alone til the game ended. It were penalties and Chelsea Won.. Nahh!!! it's just the beginning MU.. dun worry :P

So that's how our quality weekend spent. A lot more to share. Especially on his 1st day of mamaming solid food on his 6th months old birthday. I wish i could update that soon. Been busy lately with life. Wah!! yek yek jek. :)

Next weekend, three of us akan balik ke kampung momma di Sitiawan pulak. We're really looking forward to. Yeeha!!!

Daaaaaa :)


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